How to Wage War against Spiritual Powers – Part 10 (The Final Battle will be Fought on the Crucial Issue of True Worship)

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The present health crisis has redefined worship in ways we have not even imagined possible during the dark history of the early believers who went underground, literally, and met in catacombs during great persecutions by Roman emperors. Remember how the powers (whether visible and invisible) could not diminish the zeal and sacrifice of those disciples that eventually led to the official strategy being shifted from that of violent repression to tolerant acceptance, hypocritical recognition and, finally, deceptive institution of Christianity as the state religion? This, Emperor Constantine did by incorporating Mithraism, yes, all its ancient mysteries, feasts, rituals and beliefs, to eventually serve as the primary root of the present global Christianity and its many offshoot denominational varieties or branches. Yes, the so-called mainstream Christianity now represented by street-corner churches has its counterpart, invisible Deep Church, historically and organically. All this is completely and solely tied to the idea of WORSHIP, generally defined as an offering or tribute to deity by people united in actual assembly. Hence, people assemble today to worship, not fully aware that their faith-systems incorporate hidden meanings and symbolisms within their cherished beliefs and practices. (To know the true legacy of Constantine, please watch this revealing video.)

What many do not realize is that the superstructure for the last spiritual battle had been laid out in the past two millennia and is now poised to completely take over the whole world once the retooling of human bodies, minds and spirits is completed. Think Trans-humanism! The catacomb-like conditions now imposed through lockdowns is not so apparent or appalling to many, as virtual meetings and fellowship have taken over the public-worship paradigm. The general initial trauma experienced by church-goers so accustomed to worship in assemblies, gave way to a global sigh of relief via the artificial, unorganic “assemblies” of believers all over the world via Zoom, Messenger, Viber and other digital apps. Everything seems to be normal, especially with some concessions and the eventual return to face-to-face worship. The gradual acculturation to the intended, wicked ultimate order has begun, now that the experimental results show how tractable digitally-savvy sheep are. The wicked sorcerers who had planned all this must be exposed for their growing numbers of victims have no clue how they have been deceived.        

Yes, worship, as many define it (as essentially public, ritualistic, formal and shared) seemed unscathed and none-the-worse for everyone — and even for Yah, perhaps, Who many suppose had been as pleased and relieved with the innovations set up. The “victory of faith” and the integrity of the “body of Christ” remain, many may have thought. Adjusting to the new paradigm simply required everyone to become open to learning friendly and handy technology via a cellphone. What peace and joy indeed for many who still deeply miss the “old way” of worship. And nobody had to die for their faith, unlike the ancient martyrs who perished in the coliseums and on the cross. In fact, obeying protocols was one’s expression of duty, obedience and worship to the One Who “established the governments”. And they have verses to prove it is so. Two years after, the dead pile up, all due to an inevitable although 99.8% naturally or medically-preventable ailment that had killed even more before. And they died not because of their faith; on the contrary, many of them died from the supposed cure, and others because of pre-existing illness. And no official would openly claim any of those who died “protected” did so as a result of the “protection” program. The global, national and local health systems, yes, also the doctors, had convinced many that the government truly cared for the health and welfare of all people, and, thus, deserved respect and adherence by faithful believers. That, indeed, is the result of misdirected and mis-applied worship of the Creator Who had given us organic or natural immunity long before humans invented artificial immunity. (Please review past articles on this issue.)          

And so, no major revolt or uprising against the protocols happened as the accommodation granted “to worship Yah” led people and believers into complacency. A new habit had been formed. No popular religious leader or Christ-like rebel raised even a decent, token howl against the obvious violation of basic rights and the God-given freedom to choose organic and natural means to achieve immunity from disease-carrying microorganisms. (More and more are doing so now, but the MSM and Big Tech harass them or totally censor them out.) Not to mention, the inherent, spiritual birthright of every person to choose whom to believe, obey, follow and worship by one’s clear conscience without any government law or ordinance to prohibit or curtail. And that includes what one chooses to believe to be right and beneficial for one’s life: spirit, body, mind and soul. What the prophets said exactly as the Love or Worship we must offer to Yahuah, nothing less, nothing more. (Deut. 6:4-7)

As it is, science has been used, no, coopted and weaponized, against those who have chosen the unpopular and now demonized right not to worship and obey the so-called god-science being sold as the new savior of the present world. So, you think what is happening is a simple physical-health problem? We have been deceived, turned around and manipulated to accept the official narrative, as Constantine had done to millions of people a long time ago and until now through his bequeathed Christianity. A perverted gospel of “Christ” (a fake Yahusha Masshiach) rules billions of people today, one which has been Satan’s instrument of world domination since Constantine and those who took over his throne. Books claim the Roman Empire fell or disappeared; not so, Roman domination through the same religion and global control remains. The magical arts being applied in science and in religion have proved effective and more so now that advance technology has removed many of the obstacles posed by people in-dwelt, moved and led by the Ruach (Spirit). Thus far, science and magic have used crude means to attack the human spirit. But not anymore. Enter Artificial Intelligence! Or what we must expose as Artificial Spirit or Implanted Evil Spirit.       

And so, for many, everything will return to normal, as long as the new, not-so-burdensome guidelines have been accepted and observed by all. No need to bring in uniformed enforcers, as yet. People will come around and see the futility of opposing the official narrative. Yes, even those who oppose the official narrative may just end up in mental institutions, although cremation is still the most efficient means today. Shocking? We are talking of the Death Master. Read again the history of world domination, especially the Age of Exploration, and try to tally the body count. Today’s daily-news counts will pale – no, fade — in comparison! A thing only kills because someone (through possessed humans) causes them to.         

Until we do away with our old, ineffective and false definition of worship, we will continue to fall prey to the deceptions of wicked spiritual beings and their human executors. We do not wish to judge or condemn how people worship, as it is a highly personal and solemn matter for them. Moreover, worship is tightly linked to a person’s entire life which includes those duties imposed by one’s religion. Yet, we must not forget what Yahusha said: True worship is in spirit and in truth. We need to review the real root of worship from the birth of humanity.    

Two prime trees stood in the Garden of Eden: the Tree of Life and the Tree of Death. If Adam and Eve ate the life-fruit, they would live. Obviously, as they were created in the image of Elohim and were eternal, not subject to death. All they needed to do was to eat any fruit and survive indefinitely. Eating the life-fruit, it seems, had no additive or special effect on already eternal beings. Much like drinking water after having drunk a glass of milk – which we do often to wash away the after-taste. Or like eating a pizza after eating steak.  

Some claim Adam and Eve did not eat the life-fruit prior to eating the death-fruit. They based this conclusion on Elohim’s statement that if they ate the life-fruit they would live forever, that is, they would be eternal sinners without salvation – like fallen angels. But that prohibition only came after the sin. What would have prevented them to eat the life-fruit when Elohim already told them to “eat of the fruits of the Garden”? Would they not have even tasted of the tree that stood “in the middle of the Garden”? The life that our parents had in the Garden was “good”, as Elohim declared plainly. Would He create something that is good and not want or wish it to last for Himself and for the created being itself? Why created anything at all in the first place? The Tree of Life was the Tree of Knowledge of Good as well. Humans knew and experienced life, goodness and everything else they had in Paradise.

Death, on the other hand, is knowing and experiencing good and bad, as Elohim said. Eating the death-fruit gave humans that knowledge and experience of evil as well. For uncorrupted life means knowing and experiencing only good. No in-between. Satan knows and desires no good, only bad. Humans were on the side of Yah before they sinned! Now they are in-between good and bad, and having attachment to both. We, like demons, now know and desire evil, even though we also know and desire also the good. This persistent battle between the two sides of the human character (carnal and spiritual), Paul talks about in Rom. 7:13-25.

Our spirit cannot die but it is too precious for Yah to surrender to Satan, hence the promised Savior. The body can be sacrificed and, indeed, Yahusha did so on the cross. Flesh is material and static, temporary and lifeless without spirit. Even if touched by bad, flesh remains alive through our spirit and precious to our Creator, as we all are for a short while. But Satan wants to claim our spirit as well, not just the body. He does this by diluting and diverting the focus of our worship, as we had discussed. Moreover, it seems the Earth was deemed by Elohim as a safe place for humans even if it is the prison of Satan and his demons. For who can question divine decree? Yah would never create another place in Heaven as prison for demons, would He? Thus, for that apparent reason, the Universe was created.

But why imprison fallen angels here on Earth? Why not Pluto as the ancients believed? The farther from the Sun, the safer for humans, perhaps! And perhaps, demons only use the underworld as their headquarters on Earth. This could also be the origin of the “myths” about aliens. So, it may mean there are other spirits remaining in outer space and that they are on their way here now for the final battle. Makes us also wonder if the space program is meant for the search of other habitable planets or merely to import such aliens. That is, using Earth-made conveyances and technology with the special participation of demonic power to allow “aliens” to survive on Earth.

This seems to be consistent with the sci-fi narrative that abounds everywhere, and which is now being confirmed and highly-vetted by people involved in such scientific research and development. For why the super-advanced technology and research being done that have no direct benefits to earthbound humans, thus, diverting so much money on space exploration? This has led to speculations and suspicions that indeed science serves these recognized beings as ancient, wicked potentates served and worshiped by those who pour money into bringing these “extraterrestials” to Earth. In short, science has become a religion run and financed by a group of people beholden ultimately to Satan. And if so, our battle is not against flesh and blood, for, in the end, we do deal with humans possessed by invisible powers using earthly tools and intelligence to confuse and to deceive us all.

Still not convinced? Wake up!!! Nothing is impossible even to demons who have hidden themselves from us through creating lies and deceptions through the millennia. Everything is possible, as Yah says. And more so now will Satan work overtime to use science to make people trust in it for their very lives. We worship whom we trust. Whether we worship money, power, fame, demon, Satan or Yah, we live and believe accordingly. The spiritual warfare rages because of that and will end because of our allegiances. Just look at how partisan politics turns our conversations and our relationships into a similar and no-less-engaged battle of allegiances.   

And so, Yah will surrender (or hand over, often with their consent) people who value science more than Him to Satan. For science has become Satan’s new magical power-tool that is accepted, respected and worshiped by so many. Doctors, innovators, inventors, engineers, programmers, builders, geneticists, physicists and biophysicists are finding ways to unravel earthly and universal secrets but hardly making a dent on the moral and spiritual condition of humans. On the contrary, science is used to remove or totally eliminate the role of the spirit through transforming humans (ultimately, through trans-humanism).  AI is the counterfeit spirit now being manufactured and mass-produced by Satan though demons and humans working closely together through an unprecedented alliance to oppose Yah and those who worship Him in spirit and in truth.

Impossible? Think again. The final battle is on. If you are still not aware, you have been watching too many movies, reading so many books, listening to too much music or playing so many games. The virtual world is a real world and it is full of evil. Demons are hiding in all dark, tiny corners and worm-eaten holes everywhere, all ready to entrap people with fascinating and entertaining past-times. Yes, we mean the cobweb-woven ether where they use realistic graphics and moving-living colors to mesmerize the innocent and the ignorant.

The final battle is not the one angels with engage in at the return of Yahusha because that will happen in Yah’s time and duration. It is the one we will go through when the great beast reigns and reveals himself as God of the world and imposing his will on all and causing us to eat more bad fruits, even force-feeding us straight into our bloodstream, until we become like him. In this great tribulation, we will have to remain steadfast in our faith and trust in Yah before He returns. That final battle may have already begun.

With every new innovation the science-sorcery of Satan introduces and decrees on nations, the closer the end of all things. Technology is fast-tracking the destruction of the world and humanity. Trans-humanism is the ultimate goal of Satan in order to remove worship from humans. No spirit, no truth, no worship. Through this series, we traced the transition from organic truth to the many corruptions introduced by demons through dark secrets arts, science, enlightenment, religion, evolution, communism, humanism, to trans-humanism. The new human creation will have filled up the great wrath of Yah and bring on a spiritual uprising of many believers who will and who must oppose Satan and his demons. The call begins today, now, not later. The war is engaged, has raged and is raging. If you are still not enraged by the ways of Yah’s enemies, you have no will to engage in battle.

In conclusion, knowing bad means we know how to disobey and to think on our own desires without regard to our Creator. That is what lack of true worship means. It is not merely missing the “worship service or assembly” or not “going to church”. Worship is the only main contested territory between Yah and Satan from the beginning of time. What happens in families, communities, governments, corporations, churches and in industries is that: a battle between cultures (from “cult”, meaning the worship of the things we treasure in our hearts). Traditions, in general, have taken over the sacred place of Yah in our hearts. Thus, the ongoing intense fight for turf within human souls, many of which have been fully subdued.

While assembly is good and beneficial, it is not worship. It is tradition but not life. Turning or equating it to worship has diverted precious time and resources from true, pure and undefiled life sacrifice. The jump from house-gathering to church-building assembly took centuries to happen. It had to start with some people organizing the believers into a formal entity and using public worship as the central purpose and motivation. The Apostles did not do that. What we read in their accounts were simple, spontaneous, fluid and organic acts of devotion we have now dressed up as the only and the main essence of worship.

In the end, the only acceptable worship is a pure, living sacrifice, not formal worship which is arbitrary and often even meaningless or unnecessary because it has brought back the elitist priesthood Yah took away. Paul taught the idea of living body sacrifice because during his time, worship had completely revolved around temple offerings even after Yahusha had already offered the perfect sacrifice. Today, we repeat the admonition because church worship has taken over again as the focus of human devotion and has corrupted the simplicity of Yahusha.

And now that our days are an endless succession of monotonous days at home, many have somehow lost their anchor of life that give mooring and meaning to their weekly routine, the Sunday worship which Constantine inaugurated, not the one from Yahusha. Losing that form of formal worship has made many feel like empty creatures with half souls and broken spirits. So much the better, for it helped people realize life could be simpler, more spontaneous and more deeply engaged. Relationships began to flourish in ways we never knew before and devotion took other new directions as well.

While preachers plied their trade as before, more gained the initiative to learn more actively rather than being constantly being spoon-fed. The word spoke to them and they spoke the word back through their text messages or memes. They all prayed more instead of just listening to prayers and saying amen afterward. What Satan had intended for evil, Yah turned into an opportunity for learning and refreshing. But for believers fanatically glued to public worship, what Yah was actually doing did not reach their attention. As in the wilderness, they murmured and yearned for their old life of slavery. Satan did amass an army of rebels who have fortified their strongholds against the true worship that Yahusha delivered in order to set people free from the burdens imposed by wicked priests and rulers whose descendants continue to oppose His will and persecute Him.

Our goal today is to free ourselves from the power structures that take away the simplicity and freedom we can have in Yahusha. Freedom in spirit, simplicity in truth, accompanied by unstained love, fulfills the law. True worship is the only true weapon in this final battle against the wicked laws and blatant lies that drown us today. The drive to beautify, enhance or update liturgy, worship services or assemblies, as conceived, housed and performed within splendid and opulent basilicas, cathedrals, megaliths, and grand and even lowly churches, has nothing at all to do with true worship. These are, at best, distractions and, at worse, deceptions.

Surely, many will reject this testimony against public or formal worship as being arbitrary or useless, for many do not see its futility in achieving for the believer perfect love for Yah in spirit and in truth. LOVE and WORSHIP can only be organically sown and grown in real-life application, not manufactured through artificial and mass-produced means in schools, churches or virtual interactions. We are dust and though we will return to dust, serving Yah requires us to be molded by His loving, powerful hands right on the potter’s miry wheel of life’s hard realities made of swirling, dizzying, slippery, sweat-soaking and refining trials and experiences that allow Him to perfect our spiritual character. How we humbly adopt to His continuing and abiding touch of loving direction makes up our true devotion and service to Him.

Satan, on the other hand, wants nothing more than to riddle us with self-doubt and selfish-pride in order to keep us resisting Yah’s Spirit and Truth, hence, leading to our failure to offer an acceptable living sacrifice. Ask yourself, “Do I really need a church building, a priest, a pastor or an assembly to worship Yah?” Yahusha is the Head of the Body of which you are a part, He is the High Priest and the Good Shepherd in Heaven, and He is the Temple in New Jerusalem! For us today, eating the life-fruit simply means partaking of the Gospel of Yahusha, nothing more. It is what will nourish our bodies and spirits and keep us alive and, as promised, to become pleasing and to receive the eternal promise. The death-fruits that abound around us today are many. We, like Adam and Eve, can still die even if we have partaken of the Gospel. We worship and serve because we have the will and freedom to do so. Endurance is essential for the spiritual warrior. The vision of the Tree of Life and its healing and refreshing 12 fruits will sustain our faith and worship through the fight.

Armor of Yah (Eph. 6:10-20)

Armors of Yah are free for the taking. It takes a while to get used to it. But unless we put one on, we will never be ready for the fight which grows more intense each day. While people go about in their daily tasks, enemies keep busy sowing mischief. While many are lulled into merriment by demons sent to distract many, souls are slowly diverted away from the truth. Lies and deceptions will abound, along with lawlessness. Chaos such as we have not seen will prevail in many places. Our connection with Yahuah through fervent prayer will be our lifeline and our way to refuge during the dark moments in the raging storms unleashed by wicked spirits in many parts of the world.

Yet we shall prevail in the mighty name of Yahusha Masshiach!