52 Weeks in the Ark with Noah and Family (WEEK 23) — 150 Days of the Flood and Counting . . . Till the End

Noah’s Ark and the Mountains of Ararat Erupting during the Great Flood (Acrylic Painting by vmr)

“The water receded steadily from the earth. At the end of the hundred and fifty days the water had gone down, and on the seventeenth day of the seventh month the ark came to rest on the mountains of Ararat.”

Gen. 8:3-4

WEEK 23 (29th to 5th of Cheshvan, the 8th Month, in the Hebrew Religious Calendar)

This Week 23, on the 2nd day, we mark the 150th day of Noah and his family inside the Ark. This is the day the waters “had gone down” from the Earth — perhaps, that moment when the mountain peaks broke through the surface since the Flood had started. Thus, for 5 months (minus 6 days of no rain and 40 days of rain — that is, 104 days; and bearing in mind that Noah was using a 360-day Calendar Year) the waters receded from the maximum height that it had reached after 40 days and 40 nights of raining and gushing from above and below and finally revealed the peaks. And 14 days after that, the Ark would land on the mountains of Ararat as the waters continued to recede.

We said that the Ark remained afloat on the surface of the Flood at about 3 kilometers from the surface of a smaller Earth with half the radius of the present Earth. Also, we theorized that the Earth began to expand the moment the waters receded, using the Earth-Expansion Theory’s mechanism we will describe more fully as we go. For now, we celebrate the beginning and the end of the Earth from a corrupted dwelling place overrun by wicked hybrid humans to a newly-cleansed home fit for Creation-made creatures and humans made by Elohim according to Their power, design and Divine Nature.

In Need of a More Creative Word

The Hebrew word for “create” or “shape” is bara, from which we can coin a word to precisely describe something, whether a living being, a nonliving thing, or a natural process, specific action or set of conditions that was designed, made and accomplished by Elohim during the 6 days of Creation. Creation-made and Genesis-formed are long and cumbersome adjectives. Organic and Genetic have multiple meanings and are quite inaccurate. We will use baral to mean “made or conceived in the beginning of Time”, or “as divinely and originally designed”. Thus, being male or female in all its spiritual, physical and psychological aspects is a baral trait or quality. Hence, “being human” is “not being a fallen angel or being a demon (hybrid human-angelic spirit)”. In short, anything that was created, designed, or transformed out of divinely-created matter or any living being, but which does not conform to Divine Nature and Yah’s authority, law or pattern is of the Devil and violates His Will.  

The Flood destroyed the hybrid beings living with baral humans in the days of Noah, whether hybrid plants, animals or humans. The only exception Elohim allowed were the not-purely baral or so-called “unclean” animals Noah brought into the Ark. We concluded that those single-paired Ark passengers were hybrid forms of the Creation-made or baral animals in the beginning; hence, they were not allowed to be eaten or offered as pleasing sacrifice since the time of Noah till Moses, and beyond.

150 days may have been enough to kill all those wicked non-baral creatures; but the cleansing would require a more thorough process before Noah could reclaim the Earth. The next 215 days will show us a form of “cleansing by fire” that pictures the coming final cleansing of the Earth after “Noah’s Days, Part 2” in the last day.

Beginning and End

This week is both a beginning and an end. The end of the Old Earth and the start of the making of the New Earth. While Elohim had made the Earth in the beginning, Noah helped rebuild the New Earth. Humans are not mere slaves but co-makers of Elohim. We have been given all things to have righteous dominion over — or to properly subdue — but not to subjugate, Creation, as the powerful and rich people have invariably done since ancient times. The fallen angels taught humans to subvert Creation. Our task now is to reclaim, refresh and remake the Earth according to the baral conditions set by the mighty power and will of Elohim Who enable us.

When Elohim planted seeds and formed animals and humans, humans were then tasked to assist and manage those created things and beings to multiply according to their baral nature – that is, as organic, original and pure as ever. It was both a physical and spiritual mandate. Today, the physical quality of Creation has been challenged and distorted again the way it was corrupted in the time of Noah by demons; while the spiritual character of Creation, especially that of humans, has been almost fully-coopted by the same demons for their sinister and destructive purposes. We talked about Egyptians worshiping heavenly bodies and building structures to honor them, as well as adoring pet animals which they pampered with luxurious attention. All that while treating humans as slaves unworthy of dignity and respect. We now live in the fight-to-the-finish round of this continuing, epic divine-battle against heavenly powers and principalities and their human puppets.

How Adam’s and Noah’s Calendar May Have Looked

Counting Days and Years

In our WEEK-9 article, we reviewed the various forms of measuring the passage of Time throughout history and in various cultures. We also established that Noah was using the 360-day year, 30-day month calendar before he entered and spent 365 days in the Ark, thus, ushering the new 365-day calendar now in use, with an additional day every 4 years. Today, we generally use the Gregorian Calendar based on the old Egyptian Solar Calendar, while the modern Jews still use the old Babylonian Lunar Calendar. However, we suggested another form of calendar based on the baral counting of the “times and the seasons” established during the 6-Day Creation Period. So, remember that we greet the coming “New Year 2024” using the Gregorian Calendar which begins its counting not based on the presumed “new year” of the New Earth Yah established His covenant with Noah on Iyar, the second month of the present Hebrew Calendar being used. This designation of months, borrowed from the Babylonians, was only later set by Moses when Yah commanded the Passover Meal on the night of the Hebrews’ freedom from Egyptian slavery. Apparently, that night became the Yah-given start of the year for the Hebrews on the 14th of Nisan or Abib. (Ex. 12:1-11; 13:1-10)

Why the discrepancy exists on which is the real first month is still a mystery we need to unravel. Noah and his family would come out of the Ark on the 27th day of Iyar, the second month, one year and 11 day after they had entered the previous year on the 16th of Iyar. All in all, they would stay 371 days in the Ark, 6 days without rain and 365 days with rain. (Gen. 8:13-14) Nisan falls around March to April in the Gregorian Calendar; while Iyar falls in April to May. If you wonder why the start of the year now begins during the winter months and not in spring, as the Yah had set and the Hebrews had observed, it is because the Solar Calendar begins when the Egyptian Sun God gradually appeared and dispelled the winter season. Hence, majority only imitate the pagan traditions of the Sun-worshipers till today. And yet, it is not really the case, if we think about it. January and February are even much colder than December, if we consider the occurrences of blizzards and the cold winds blowing southward from Siberia to Southeast Asia. As the Sun slowly appears higher on the northern hemisphere, the cold weather also peaks until it dispels by late February or early March, the supposed beginning of the year pronounced by Yah.

May Your Family Be Always Colorful, Bright and Peaceful!

Missing the True Beginning Leads to Missing the Real End

Winter Solstice is the time of year when the Earth begins to gradually tilt toward the Sun around December 22 to 23; that is why the ancient Romans had established the Feast of Saturnalia on December 17 as a tribute to their god, Saturn, and which was later on adopted to become Christmas Day on December 25 by Constantine in the 4th century. Ironically then, the coldest months of the year have become the most welcome and festive period of the year. This week-long, joyful season of eating, gift-giving and partying has become a way to counteract the northern hemisphere’s gloomy atmosphere during the “days of winter”. It is not uncommon then to see the twisted cultural phenomenon where tropical nations display a fat, jolly, red-robed Santa riding a sled laden with gifts atop mall roofs or tied to light posts. In Week 9, we also said the ancients dispelled the “end-of-year blues” (13 days for certain countries) brought by those “unlucky” or “evil” gloomy days through carousing, drinking and eating away with great merriment.

Considering the influence of the Western world on the rest of the world since the Era of Colonization, this tradition has all but transformed much of the world, with the exception of those who have retained their religious and cultural identities. For the many nations colonized by the West, the Gregorian Calendar has basically weaned away any influence Noah and his children may have had on the early human civilizations. Hence, just as the Babylonians, Egyptians, Mayans, Aztecs and Indian ancient civilizations’ use of the 360-day calendar had been forgotten and replaced through the unending lines of colonial rulers, Noah’s stamp on many of the ancient people’s history and culture has also been taken away. Only unbelievable myths of his epic story remain as minor artifacts of his triumphant deeds.

But it seems Yah Himself intended all of these things to happen when He, as we theorized and proved, added 5 more days to the year during the expansion of the Earth. This brought about a Babel-of-Tower-like confusion that led to the disuse of the once-common calendar which Adam passed on to his children up to Noah: the 360-day year calendar. Adding 5 days seemed not enough; they had to change the whole cycle to fit pagan beliefs as well. And so, here we are today, still counting days, months and years. Yet, we need to remind ourselves we now count the dwindling days in these troublesome “Noah’s Days, Part 2”. Either we refresh or make baral again our minds and our lives according to the lessons Noah taught, or we will disappear like the many unbaral souls that perished in the Flood.  

The Alpha and the Omega set the beginning, as we have chronicled lengthily to this point; and He will also set the end of things.