52 Weeks in the Ark with Noah and Family (WEEK 26) – Why Evolutionists Continue to Laugh at Noah’s Ark and Deny the Global Flood

Noah Being Laughed at by People (c/o Julian Panga)

“Then Yah said, ‘Let the waters abound with an abundance of living creatures, and let birds fly above the earth across the face of the firmament of the heavens.’ So Yah created great sea creatures and every living thing that moves, with which the waters abounded, according to their kind, and every winged bird according to its kind. And Yah saw that it was good. And Yah blessed them, saying, ‘Be fruitful and multiply, and fill the waters in the seas, and let birds multiply on the earth.’ So the evening and the morning were the fifth day.”

Gen. 1:20-23

WEEK 26 (20th to 26th of Cheshvan, the 8th Month, in the Hebrew Religious Calendar)

A huge percentage of biologists adheres to the principles and the viability of the Theory of Evolution. But did you know that Noah (not to mention King Solomon) was also a biologist, and a botanist, in particular? He was probably the first biologist who actually practiced identification, documentation and application of the medicinal and practical uses of various plants. Without doubt, Noah knew more about animals and plants than any other modern biologist, farmer, husbandman or doctor. How so? We will show and prove as we lay down the assumptions and conclusions of Evolution that sink into and drown in the depths of Divine Revelation.

Most colleges today teach Evolution as the scientifically-viable origin and development of Life on Earth through an eons-long process that supposedly continues to the present in spite of the lack of solid evidences. Yet, it was not that way a few centuries back. We can actually easily trace the path that this recent and sudden shift took into what is basically a humanistic view being promoted by the modern educational systems. We can even confidently claim that with the shift also came about a decrease in and the rejection of belief of Noah’s Great-Flood narrative, as well as of the whole biblical view, for that matter, even, and especially, among believers and within bible-believing organizations. It is not unusual then to find believers of Yahusha who accept Evolution as the only mechanism through which Elohim created or formed living creatures.

Evolution or Creation — or Both? (c/o Elon)

Why Noah’s Ark is Dangerous to Modern Science

Noah’s Ark poses the greatest obstacle to Evolution, as well as to Science, in general, as a field of inquiry into the origins of the Universe and Life. The intellectual fear that Noah’s “mythical” story creates among adherents of the “scientific” Theory of Evolution, although largely unrecognized or admitted, is nothing short of lethal and destructive. Let us enumerate the reasons why it is so:

  1. The story of Noah, next to the tales about Adam and Eve and their immediate family, contains the oldest-existing, first-person written-record of what apparently transpired more than 5 millennia ago upon the Earth and to all the inhabitants dwelling in it. Our series has so far shown some of the many aspects of this world’s spiritual, geological and cosmological origins and transformations. Whereas Science depends on unproven theories or speculations, the eyewitness accounts of Enoch, Methuselah, Lamech and Noah regarding the Creation and the Rebuilding of the Earth contain truths and realities that we can still observe and prove to be real and valid, and many of which can be supported by History, Culture, Anthropology and even Science per se, in general. In any court of law, the force of an eyewitness’ narrative and personal experience far outweighs hypothetical or speculative conclusions. We would have to lie to ourselves to dismiss Noah’s accounts, as many do.   
  2. While Science has definitely attained a highly-respectable position of scholastic credibility since its advent during the so-called Period of Enlightenment and through the Industrial Revolution, it has only been, at most, 3 centuries that humans gradually incorporated many fields of human concerns (from medicine to agriculture to manufacturing to business to architecture and engineering to information transfer) within its all-encompassing authority to “establish” universal truths. And Science and Technology today lead the way further to strengthen the supremacy of humanistic views and to eventually encroach upon spiritual realities. In the process, biblical truths (which have remained absolute truths since the beginning) have been sidelined and given no credence in many modern institutions. The process of bringing back Noah and his story proves to be counterintuitive and counterproductive to modern scientific principles. Although there are many points of agreements between the two areas, Science and Technology have all but diminished the appeal and influence that biblical truths have within many societies, particularly among the youth.
  3. The innocence and simplicity of Noah’s tale provide the perfect rebuttal to Science’s complex and esoteric principles which, in general, can only be understood and appreciated by the highly-trained and highly-educated individuals. The many impressive tools and systems Science utilizes can easily mesmerize the majority as to its reliability and truthfulness. And placed beside the seemingly childish, crude and superstitious ideas of biblical accounts, Science can almost always persuade the spiritually-unstable to go the way of the eyes and the minds, while negating the Revelations of Elohim and the Ruach (Spirit). In essence, the argument is between the Creator and the created, between the Source and the recipient, and, finally, between the Truth-Giver and the Deceiver.
  4. Evolution is the final arena where the Creator and the Destroyer will clash to the ultimate end. Obviously, for it is where Science had sought to wrest the human mind and confine it into a purely materialistic explanation of all things. It is where the Destroyer will establish its one-world-order government over humans who will be replaced by AI-robots which will be soul-less and mindless machines but will have super-intelligence. It is, in reality, totally counterintuitive and inconsistent to the Theory of Evolution itself, as it bypasses and merely co-opts biological processes and the Essence of Life itself through manipulation of atoms, genes, neurons, cells, organs and even living organisms. It is a new form of creation that will require the revision and even destruction of organic Nature and the whole of Creation to produce non-human and even inhuman life-forms. This justifies the present ideological push to eliminate the binary, gender-distinction between male and female into so many gender classes; thus, destroying and eliminating the Law of Reproduction inaugurated and propagated during Creation.
Yahuah Gave Noah Dominion over Animals (c/o Google)

Why Creation, Dominion and Reproduction Bear the Stamp of Divine Authority

Noah’s story perpetuates the basic principles of Creation, Dominion and Reproduction in their organic and spiritual essence and purity. Whereas Creation, as we had reviewed it, could only be possible through the might and wisdom of Elohim, the tinkering or evil-engineering of Nature and the human body to form other creatures can only come from rebellious angels who rejected their former glory in Heaven. Whereas Dominion was given to Adam and Even over all Creation in order to preserve and promote its pristine condition, it was stolen by the children of fallen angels and who now seek to ultimately subdue humans under their total control. Hence, whereas Reproduction was the only means to perpetuate the “clean” animals, plants and humans from the pure seed that had been given to Adam and Eve, other processes and mechanisms have been utilized by wicked followers of Satan through Science, Technology and newly-devised materialistic ideas and tools in order to create and reproduce a generations of beings that will be totally subservient to him alone and completely defiant of Yah and His Eternal Laws.

When we discussed the phenomenon of gigantic humans in ancient times, we did not just claim that being gigantic was not evil per se but that it was part of a Divine Process of growth and a consequence of so much goodness that existed in Creation. As Sequoia trees live to be thousands of years old and grow to be 200 feet or more, humans were, likewise, given the privilege to live old and grow tall like the trees and the many huge, living creatures on Earth. The curse upon the land also brought about the decay of the human condition and led to the early death of humans. From living to be a thousand to only 120 then to 80, humans have also lost the privilege to be “of renown” and “mighty”. Why should children of fallen angels alone be of great stature and supreme intelligence? Adam was the son of Yah, not of an angel. Was he endowed with genes that had less capability to produce super-intelligence, unlimited growth and perpetual life? Absolutely not! For so was Noah, who lived to be 950 years old and was a great believer, a great father, a great builder, a great husbandman, a great designer, a great farmer and a great healer of diseases. Talking about renown and might — Noah had it all! And only he had the courage, intelligence, qualifications and strength to defeat and destroy all of Yah’s enemies because He enabled him and his family.

The Ark was huge because its builders were also huge humans, not puny beings we have taken them to be. Moreover, the passengers were also huge animals even if they were a year-old or so at the beginning of the Flood. And they had huge appetites; hence, the food they had to carry and consume were also from huge plants that grew so tall and abundant that harvesting was not an issue for the Ark planners. If the rest of fallen humanity had plenty of food to feast upon in spite of Noah’s warnings to repent, so did Noah and his family, who planted and prepared for the Flood accordingly. Imagine the sizes of fruits and vegetables planted at least one year or even centuries prior to the Flood. Drying and cutting into pieces a taro root as huge as a buffalo that would feed so many animals in a week or so was an ordinary task for Noah and his sons. So with plantain bananas bigger that modern human thighs. This is not speculative, theorizing or dreaming but life-based truth. We pride ourselves of advances in Genetic Engineering when it was Elohim Who designed and made the DNA that can produce animals as huge as whales, elephants and mammoths, not to mention the fearsome leviathan Job wrote about. His curse upon the ground and upon humans made us dumber, smaller and weaker than humans were before the Fall.

Father of Uniformitarianism, James Hutton, Painting by R. Cosway (c/o NatGeo)

How Evolution Found its Bearings     

Did you realize that even Evolution evolved?        

Before Darwin and other evolutionists could stand firm on their theory, they had to have the unlimited Time needed for species (or types of living organisms) to evolve from lower to more complex types. Given the less-than 6,000-year-or-so accepted biblical timetable from Creation to the 19th century before the Modern Era, they could not justify their theory until James Hutton, along with Charles Lyell’s own findings, first proposed the Theory of Uniformitarianism: “The past is the key to the present” and that “the mountains and oceans formed over a long period of time through gradual processes”. Before 1830, the prevailing theory of geologic transformation was through Catastrophism, which includes the biblical account of a global flood and the accompanying major cataclysms, such as volcanic eruptions and violent earthquakes.

Father of Evolution, Charles Darwin (c/o NatGeo)

When Charles Lyell published his Principles of Geology, he strengthened belief in Hutton’s earler hypothesis and eventually replaced Catastrophism as a viable process. Hence, when Charles Darwin publish On the Origin of Species in 1859, he had the shoulders of those 2 individuals, among others, to stand upon for his Theory of Evolution. Nevertheless, he was one of many who had considered Evolution as a viable process of biological development; Alfred Russell Wallace, a British biologist made his own independent findings simultaneously with Darwin. We see then a case of twin theories being born almost at the same time: one for the Evolution of the Earth’s Geology and another one for the Evolution of living organisms. Thus, when Hutton proposed that the formation of the seas and continents resulted from eons and eons of continuing cycles of weathering, deposition, sedimentation and consolidation of eroded rock materials, thus, disturbing the Earth’s crust and forming mountains and causing continents to drift apart, evolutionists finally had the sufficient Time they needed for the human species to evolve as well from simple organisms. The slow and imperceptible geologic process became a more acceptable and logical choice over the sudden and violent catastrophes within the Earth. Likewise, the slow, selective transformation of organisms from lower forms into more complex forms replaced the fixed, defined reproduction of kinds of plants and animals originally created by Elohim.

We have gone through a series of articles showing how the Earth came into existence and how geologic processes spoken and executed by Elohim produced the present conditions of our home-planet. We did not have to look for the Time to justify our conclusions; because Time, along with Water and Light, was there first in the beginning before there could exist any other created matter or being. Life itself could not exist without Light, Water and Time. However, Evolution must assume these things (Light, Water, Time and all the elements and organic materials) must first be present before Life can spontaneously begin. No, the “primordial soup of Life” must come into existence first and be hit by lightning or some energy-source in order for the “spark of life” to occur. Yes, some form of good luck or perfectly-timed conditions must allow Life to generate from pre-existing biological ingredients. The chances of that happening would have to be so infinitesimally-small that some have compared it to a wristwatch that has been disassembled into all its tiny parts and shaken together in a box so that somehow it will become a functioning watch again.

Darwin’s Drawings of Finches and their Apparent Speciation (c/o Google)

Species Connotes What We See as Diverse (or Intentionally-Diversified) Forms of Living Organisms

As we have seen, even Evolution evolved; but Truth will always be Truth. A narra or a cow will always be a narra or a cow. Reproduction will always be by cell division as dictated by the specific DNA program contained in any cell within a species or type of organism. The DNA code is fixed; but the DNA sequence will depend on the species, as specified by Elohim, not by accident or by “natural selection”. Creation allows adaptation within certain limits and conditions; but crossing of types or species will result in mutants or hybrids that defy Divine Laws and create “unclean” or “imperfect” species. This was so in the beginning; this is so still today.

The reason Elohim was so enraged as to bring the Great Flood was because the fallen angels taught their fallen, hybrid children to force-mix species (with the aid of sorcery or “ancient Science”) and produced monstrous creatures that were possessed by wicked spirits as well. When you talk of Biological Evolution, you must also talk of “Spiritual Evolution”. The abomination that caused the destruction of the ancient Earth of Noah was precisely the hybridization of humans, plants and animals into despicable species that brought great wickedness upon the Earth. And today, the fallen hybrids are back to complete their agenda upon the world. That is why they want to legally spread hybrid micro-organisms in many ways they can among humans and ultimately create hybrid-humans in order to achieve total dominion over Creation.

Check out the etymology of the word “species”: The word species is itself a late Middle English word derived from a Latin word “specere”, which means “to look”, “kind”, “appearance”, “form” (of something). Species, likewise, shares the same root word with “special” and “specialization”. The butterfly is a special insect; and so is a dragonfly. That is because they are different species. Elohim made them so from the start — special and good. The DNA program of a butterfly specifies (i.e., its species dictates!) opaque wings with intricately, colorful designs and of a triangular shape. On the other hand, the DNA program of the dragonfly specifies see-through wings shaped like helicopter blades (actually it is the other way around — choppers imitated the dragonfly wings). Speciation — or the specialization of cell functions within each form of organism — is allowed by the “Language or Code of Life” within the DNA, depending on the conditions that may promote certain limited variations within a species.

Hence, species comes from the word specere, meaning “to look”, that is, having the appearance of a type of organism that may be unique from the original form created by Elohim. Cain and Abel were humans and were perfect replications of Adam and Eve, biologically or physically. However, spiritually or psychologically, in their fallen state, they had now the capacity to be diversified in many ways: their diets, their behaviors, their preferences, their beliefs and their actions. The conditions in their environment allowed them to choose how they would become: to believe and please Yah or not. The hybrids spawned by demons were intentionally programmed or trained to believe and obey Satan; like robots, they had no total free will. Among animals and plants, their traits or specifications are obvious and can be easily distinguished through visual inspection. When evolutionists, therefore, began classifying types or species of animals and plants, the organisms had already developed diverse traits. That is, originally, there was only one type of cat or dog, which may no longer exist today. The lion and the tiger, in fact, came from one primeval type of cat; they only mutated and diversified. Same with the Siamese cat. Yet, they all remain cat-like: fang-toothed, wild, carnivorous predators that have eyes that can see in the dark. And even if they can be tamed, they will remain unclean or fierce in the eyes of Yah. Living with unclean or wild animals can cause their unpleasant traits to rub off on us.

Which is Clean or Unclean? Look into the Eyes (c/o Tyla)

The flesh of the goat is not the same as that of a dog’s flesh. Yes, both can be eaten; but Yah specified the dog meat as unclean. Why? This is where evolutionists and many people lose the connection. The fallen children of wicked angels who experimented with interbreeding of animals produced the hybrid, unclean species or breeds. Chimeras, or monstrous types of animals were specifically (through intentional speciation, that is) produced by wicked children of those fallen angels to create confusion and rebellion in Creation. A goat is vegetarian, just like Adam and Eve were. A tiger, a wild boar and a wolf may have been intended by the fallen humans to kill and eat other living creatures, including humans; that is, stories of ancient giants hunting humans for food must have involved these predators as their hunting animals to kill and bring the slain prey. Evolutionists have unknowingly fallen into this “unscientific” trap or got lost within the unrecognized, historical labyrinth. What they see now is what they believe to be what was allowed or allowable, given the DNA program. They speculate (that is, theorize or conclude) based on what they see within the specializations of certain species. Hence, they see or observe only the present but are so blind as to the genesis.

Faith is Required for Both Revelation and Scientific Theories  

Anyone without the intelligence of a scientist can have enough intelligence to stand in awe at Nature and say it has a wise and powerful Creator. Both will base their conclusions on observables phenomena; and both will stand by them through faith. Who is right and who is wrong is not for either of them to say, even if they vehemently claim and say so. In fact, all arguments on this matter stem from such common, equally-understandable attitude. The one who has the power to impose his or her belief will rule in a society that has placed the “badge of truth” upon such belief. In the modern world, Evolution gets the votes of almost all schools, thinkers and leaders. However, we only need one vote for the real Truth: that of Elohim, the Creator and Truth-Giver.

Noah got that vote and was commissioned to teach, preserve and propagate that Truth. It is also the Truth we hope to present and preserve as well. Nevertheless, it will not be us who will say we have the vote. In the end, it must be Elohim Who must utter the words, “Well done, good and faithful servant.” (Matt. 25:23) Nevertheless, what we believe does not come from a vacuum or from a faulty source or book. Noah, like his great-grandfather Enoch was a writer and recorded all that he saw and experienced in order to provide proof of what had happened since the beginning. Unless we believe Adam was the first son of Yah and that his descendants, including Noah, merely passed on their own knowledge and experiences and preserved them for our own use today, we would not be able to accept Adam and Noah as being our ancient, legitimate forefathers who knew and believed the same Truth we know and believe today. Like father, like children. Otherwise, one would become a bastard. Or worse, fatherless – which also connotes a rebellious soul. Who would want to be so?  

Noah is the perfect spoil for the Theory of Uniformitarianism and the Theory of Evolution. Noah did use the “science of his day”, such as choosing between male and female and, to a certain extent, between “clean” and “unclean” animals. He knew which was clean from the available records of Adam, perhaps, when he had named the originally-organic animals; but, he could have discerned which animal was pure or impure through their behavior and obedience to human authority (dominion). Adam did have that authority (just as Noah apparently did); that is why he was given the privilege to give names to animals. Yet, many today mistake obedience of animals or pets to be a sign of their authority over animals. Unclean animals have never given up their deceptive or unclean nature since the beginning. Like the serpent, they have retained their “subtlety”. They might behave like lovable, docile pets; however, it is only because we willfully behave like their unwitting slaves and not their real masters. The enemy has reserved his power to call these unclean animals to his army when the time comes. We cannot overemphasize the seriousness of this principle which many still do not take to heart. Remember the Egyptians.     

For those who believe Evolution is possible to a certain extent, it is worthwhile to note that the “spirit of Evolution” is the spirit of a fallen angel that enslaves the minds and souls of humans today. It captures humans to adhere to a lie. But more than that, it can creep into other aspects of our lives without our knowing it. Accepting the seductions of this “spirit” into its many dark paths to deceptions will lead us into much error, confusion and sin. The solution is to test every “spirit” (whether idea, teaching or living being) whether it is of Yah. (1 John 4:1-3) The battle for our souls and our minds grows more intense. Be alert at all times!  

Noah Understood and Obeyed Both Divine and Natural Laws (c/o Google)

What We Call Natural Laws are Divine Laws

A YouTube video (embedded below) presents a talk by an American biochemist who is a theist claiming that Evolution is a “tool of Creation”. That is, Yah allowed humans to evolve from lower organisms. But he is first to admit that we do not know how it actually happened. He sees purpose in Creation, unlike atheists; but, suggests that “evolution only relates to the biology . . . and the diversity of life”, but not to the origin of life. Thus, he essentially admits that Evolution gives “a Designer for Creation” — or more precisely, an Evolver of Life through the “long Time” it took for Life to supposedly form.

He further says that “accurate replication” is basic in Evolution, quoting Darwin who said that “variations useful for an organic being will give those who have them the best chance to be preserved in the struggle for life; from the strong principle of inheritance, these will tend to produce offspring similarly characterized”. (From Darwin’s Origins of Species) This conclusion rejects the primacy and supremacy of Reproduction as it was established during Creation. As we already said, Abel was an accurate replication of Adam and Eve. But his survival as a human and as a “son of Yah” like his father Adam depended on his being able to uphold the inheritance of faith in Yah in his life, not by any biological trait or process. Like the unclean animals, Cain also spread his own seed and lineage which eventually led to greater sins and curses upon the Earth.

Many today would call the Theory of Evolution an acceptable, if not an actual, “natural law”. The same thing goes for geologists with respect to Uniformitarianism. “Natural” refers to anything that we see in Nature or in Life, in general. It is neither made by humans nor formed accidentally or by pure chance. Evolution falls within the latter kind — human-made, even concocted from thin air; hence, it is “unnatural”. Moreover, it is not a law but a presumption. For in the end, all natural laws are Divine Laws. The Law of Gravitation, the the Law of Reproduction and Newton’s Laws of Mechanics are natural laws and Divine Laws. Each one of them explains real and replicable events in the Universe. They form part of the overall intelligent design, functions and processes of Creation and which influence the existence, properties and functions of other parts of the Universe, living or non-living.

In reality, the Ark represents a real and virtual vessel or container of the Divine Word and, therefore, Natural Laws as well. We have gone through many events that relate to the Great Flood and the accompanying harsh judgment of Yah against the Nephilim and their abominable deeds. From Physics to Biology to Meteorology to Cosmology to Genetics to Geology and, finally, to Spiritual Truths, we have covered how Yah gave vent to His creative and destructive powers during that momentous year that Noah and his family lived through. The very design of the Ark that Noah made came from Yah: the dimensions, the materials, the configuration and the purposes it served. Nothing came by chance; everything was envisioned, planned and executed for specific intentions. Even the timing and the end-results of the Flood were set according to an Eternal Plan we cannot fully comprehend for now. It is enough to say that Noah lived and believed the Designer and Maker of all things — whether the Universe or the Ark. Yes, Noah helped to finish the Ark for it was essentially for a human purpose but with a Divine End. In like manner, so must we all; that is, with respect to the Universe. we must also “build” in our own lives. Our organic, human bodies and lives are highly-specialized for special Divine purposes and ends, not different from those of Adam, Enoch, Noah, Moses and John. We belong to One Human Family formed by Elohim with One Destiny, that is, to be One with the Divine Nature from the Beginning to Eternity.

Creation brought us here. Evolution leads nowhere.

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