1521 to 2021: 99 Points Disputing Impositions and Mandates against Beliefs, Rights and Liberties of People Worldwide

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We have reviewed the past 500 years since the most daring and successful expedition undertaken by Magellan’s Spanish fleet climaxed the Age of Exploration launched by the powerful European nations in the 16th century as they expanded their global empires through establishing more and more colonies within unexplored regions. We have also surveyed how the religious turmoil that disrupted that age and caused havoc among those competing nation-states played a big role in their colonization of once-thriving, independent nations in Asia, Africa and America. We would think that the era of exploration and colonization has ceased and has run its due course and built for us a developed or developing global environment of peace, justice and cooperation. Far from it.

Exploration and colonization remain today, although they have taken on various forms, some of them seemingly innocent or benevolent. Whereas, the cross and the sword once served to conquer people and wrest their wealth and sovereignty, today ideology (aside from the longstanding and traditional foundations of ancient cross-based doctrines and a full serving of new-age beliefs) and modern technology (serving global economic, political and military interests) have taken the forefront in maintaining the subservience of former colonial nations to the powerful nations. Nothing has changed; only the individuals holding the reigns and the riches. The rich remain rich and gain more wealth and power; the poor grow in number and suffering. Or as the John writes in Revelation: He who is unjust, let him be unjust still; he who is filthy, let him be filthy still; he who is righteous, let him be righteous still; he who is holy, let him be holy still. (Rev 22:11)

As expected and as prophesied, 2022 will usher in the final stages of the full restructuring of the global order now that the fallen angels have openly exposed themselves (the Word of God is creeping into the consciousness of more and more people, like it or not, and they are now clearly seeing satanic forces operating with impunity) after the successful power shift achieved by an elite, wealthy minority through a contrived medical crisis that effectively led to the surrender of nations and their leaders to the dictates of a hidden, shadowy cabal practicing occult practices passed down by those ancient fallen angels led by Satan, the Prince of Darkness.

To those who still see flashes of “Conspiracy Theory” in their minds: Wake up!

Satan is the father of science and sorcery (essentially, two magical powers bearing seemingly-distinct faces but which are twin devious tools used since the time of Enoch, Noah and Babylon). Theory and alchemy, technology and idolatry, materialism and humanism — these are all one and the same ancient secret knowledge now being applied in all phases of human experience. The delusion of science and the diversion of sorcery have worked effectively to sidetrack humans from established divine principles. Wicked, lying spirits have ceaselessly worked to win unsuspecting humans to this evil double-edged weapon of illusion employed by spirits bred in the image of rebellious Jannes and Jambres and ambitious Romulus and Remus. The refined, efficient techniques now enforced aim to establish a despotic, godless world government that will completely diffuse and defuse the universal reign of divine righteousness, truth and justice. Whereas many people depend wholly on attaining abundant life, these spirits count on death and, literally, count deaths.

We will expose how all this has been done and also provide the reasons why the present ordinances daily pounded in the media, nailed into our brains and enshrined within our communities have no legitimacy and efficacy to accomplish their purported goals. They are, in fact, contradictory to the laws and intents of Creation and the Divine Ruler, Lawgiver and Judge Who dwells in Heaven.


  1. Whereas, it is sin that essentially and ultimately causes and brings about suffering, sickness, death and corruption, not bacteria, viruses, or any other physical phenomena, which are merely agents of divine discipline as a consequence of the curse placed upon fallen humans;
  2. Whereas, the spiritual condition of humans is the primary concern of the Creator, not their physical, economic, social or cultural well-being, although He desires to favor humans with such blessings as well according to His grace;
  3. Whereas, in the beginning, Adam and Eve were naked before the Fall and, later on, wore animal hide outside of Eden, yet still lived up to 900 or so without the benefit of modern medicine we so value today and, therefore, have shown that in each of their descendants dwell not only the exquisite spirit of life given to them by their Creator but also the basic physiological facilities and potentials to adapt to various conditions of the environment;
  4. Whereas, like our first parents, we were designed to endure and survive the natural pains of giving birth and the hardships of eking out food from the ground, proving that we do share in their extraordinary physiological and spiritual gifts as potentially healthy, durable humans and as beloved children of the Creator;
  5. Whereas, Abel became the first murder victim at the hands of his brother Cain, who treacherously killed him out of envy and hatred, and that there are those today, as there have been so many in the past, who would not stop at killing hundreds or even thousands for whatever reasons or motivations, apart from envy and hatred, they alone can imagine and through means they alone can concoct with the use of modern technology, specifically bio-engineering;
  6. Whereas, King David declared we are “fearfully and wonderfully made” by Yah and our souls know it well, and that the full knowledge of the excellent design of Divine Power has, therefore, provided the infant, as any normal person can personally attest to with confidence, the ability to resist the thousands of microbes and viruses throughout its lifetime without the aid of artificial immunity to live and survive in the ancient past up to 950, 180, 120 or to 100 even until today;
  7. Whereas, Enoch wrote about how the fallen angels taught secret angelic arts that applied sorcery, incantation, magic, astrology, witchcraft, the use of hallucinogens from roots and plants, evil concoctions labeled as medications, and other forbidden knowledge, and that such knowledge has survived to the present as a result of the hiding or banning of Enoch’s book by those who practiced such dark secrets and have, therefore, succeeded in making such knowledge as innocent and eventually deemed as “scientific” and, therefore, acceptable, effective and harmless, for wicked angels have power to deceive and still continue to do so;
  8. Whereas, Christ and the Apostles possessed the abilities to heal various kinds of illnesses, as well as to raise the dead, and that, therefore, God has not only given us basic organic defenses through our immune system but also the spiritual access to the miraculous healing power of faith, which has been routinely taken out of the context of many fields of human study as of having no objective value or efficacy, particularly in science and medical practice, for the whole world is the domain of Satan and what passes for truth is often a lie;
  9. Whereas, the immune system has invariably shown that each individual has the capacity to withstand illnesses without medication or only using natural or organic means, such as getting enough sunlight, practicing suob (nebulizing), massage or breathing exercises, and along with the accompanying power of prayer by the patient as well as by other faithful believers, the validity of which have been proven by thousands of cases, including countless active and healthy centenarians who never or rarely stepped inside hospitals all their life;
  10. Whereas, spontaneous healing can occur, in spite of expert diagnosis that the patient has already passed the point of being helped by medication or treatment, for no reason other than the hidden power of the body and the spirit within to respond to stimuli beyond the awareness of modern medical science;
  11. Whereas, Yah, ultimately, holds the control of a person’s body, spirit, soul, mind, will and, it follows, even one’s health and overall well-being, and that He, likewise, has authority and ownership of all of those faculties, which He has given to no one except to the very person who received them by virtue of birthright, and that, therefore, no one can impinge upon that organic right without the proper consent of the person or the immediate family, and in consonance with one’s faith in and adherence to the laws of Yah;
  12. Whereas, the present so-called pandemic must, likewise, be presently and ultimately measured and judged according to the will and the wisdom of Yah, as well as by the divine principles already presented thus far pertaining to the well-being of the individual as being His sole province as Creator of the Universe and of all living beings, and that it behooves that the necessary, proper evaluation or measurement of the justice or injustice of such regulations, restrictions and requirements being imposed and which continue to affect the physiological, psychological, social, economic and spiritual condition of every citizen, must, therefore, involve Yah, whether the authorities believe in Him or not;
  13. Whereas, unbelief or even disdain for the reality and role of Yah in the present attack against individual rights through the opportunistic use of health reasons for imposing restrictions and requirements does not excuse any official from preventing any individual from enjoying his rights to follow his conscience and his beliefs, as long as he follows the basic general rules of limited social contacts, which again by themselves are somewhat arbitrary in the face of what have been mentioned and other valid reasons to be presented hereon;
  14. Whereas, the courts and authorized judges, being the accepted arbiters of truth and justice regarding any matter, not having made any public pronouncement with respect to any petition already filed or presented with respect to issues on human rights connected to the Covid-19 crisis, and have, therefore, like the other branches of government, willfully surrendered all their powers, rights and privileges to decide and to act on behalf of and in defense of the people to the officials of the Department of Health (DOH) and Inter-Agency Task Force (IATF), and other related assigned agencies, and must ultimately answer to Yah in their conscience and duly account for their deeds;
  15. Whereas, the various respective religious leaders of most denominations have not made any joint or notable public pronouncements as to the justice, the propriety, the validity or any contrary view regarding the restrictions and requirements connected to the health crisis and have, therefore, likewise acquiesced (and many have even endorsed the medical impositions) to the authorities’ decisions in spite of the fact that their most basic rights of assembly and public worship have been grossly curtailed and that their faith in the divine ability to protect people from any plague, as He had promised, has been duly compromised and even put to doubt, giving Yah’s enemies an opening to further curtail more of our spiritual rights, thus, making this crisis more than a health crisis but, in reality, an outright assault on life itself and against the authority of Yah over His people and His Creation;
  16. Whereas, the present Philippine government is derelict in its sworn duties to the people with respect to the health crisis and has, in fact, allowed health authorities to practically run the country on behalf of a global health organization that has clearly shown no serious desire to end the crisis by allowing people to decide and enjoy their rights and freedoms according to the proven principles of Yah we have presented, for the reason that it is using this crisis for other agenda other than that of health and that such agenda are even patently contrary to basic divine principles;
  17. Whereas, Moses raised the bronze serpent on the pole in the desert as a divinely-given tool to heal people bitten by poisonous serpents (Num. 21:4-9) and that that symbol was later on used by idolatrous Israelites as their god, Nehushtan, causing Hezekiah to destroy it (2 Kings 18:1-8) but that the same symbol would be coopted by ancient and modern pagans as the symbol of healing or medicine; and, in fact, the logo of WHO itself continues to confirm and magnify the fact that the actions and the essential character of this global organization are indeed inimical to the cause of Yah and His people, as doubtlessly exemplified by its abnormal and inhumane procedures in managing the present health crisis;
  18. Whereas, there is no other recourse for the believer to seek redress in this health crisis, neither from the government, nor health officials, nor judges, nor church authorities, nor mainstream media, nor any association or corporation, but to Yah alone and His irresistible might;


  1. Whereas, “pharmacy” historically derives from pharmakeia, which is the practice of sorcery, magic, hallucinatory-drug use and incantation, a legacy of the fallen angels who birthed the giants or Titans who were worshipped and served by the ancients, and now preserved and perpetuated by modern medicine under the banner of WHO’s rod of Asclepius (also called the Caduceus), Apollo’s son by her unfaithful lover, Coronis, showing pagan adherence to occult beliefs by so-called health experts, knowingly or unknowingly;
  2. Whereas, the Hippocratic Oath was, in fact, originally the official oath taken by the ancient physicians of the Greek god of healing, Apollo, but which has been adopted in essence as the ethical standard by modern physicians as their own oath, minus the invocation of Apollo’s name itself and other gods, making it a suspiciously underhanded way of still invoking pagan principles, if not the very spirit of the pagan idol, as also already mentioned in the patent revival of the Nehushtan symbol through the Caduceus or Apollo’s rod by WHO, no less;
  3. Whereas, the Nephilim or the race of sub-humans birthed by fallen angels, though dubbed as mythological or superstitious, actually provided the whole foundation of modern humanism and scientific practice which essentially disregard divine principles, such that millions of Christians have eventually accepted them as wholly moral or ethical pursuits but are mainly, to be honest, applications of those forbidden secrets of angels taught early on to humans;
  4. Whereas, many of the pagan religions we think only belong to the past and are irrelevant in our times, such as Mithraism, Diana worship, Wicham, Satanism and others, are, in fact, still active and hidden in some form or another and actively utilized by wealthy and powerful people who pursue their diabolical ends to maintain their rule and, thereby, would not stop at anything to achieve their nefarious goals, short of the destruction of all nations or the whole world;
  5. Whereas, many well-meaning people consider these occult-based arguments as conspiracy-theory-inspired and, therefore, irrelevant, as their minds have precisely been conditioned through a lifetime of indoctrination, whether through religious or in scientific teachings, to remain focused on what they have been taught, not having grasped the real and full historical narrative, as truth is conveniently hidden or twisted by the powers-that-be to precisely delude people;
  6. Whereas, most major religious groups and the academe, in general, are themselves unsuspecting fronts or even willing subjects of occultists and satanists running the whole global government that is now poised to take full control through their hidden or disguised political agenda;
  7. Whereas, the partnership of all godless, wicked people under the dictates of fallen angels ruling in heavenly places is now clearly visible through what many merely regard as “theorized conspiracy”, but is, in reality, an actual confluence of like-minded enemies of Yah who have always been bent on wresting power from His majesty, as foretold by the prophets of Yah;
  8. Whereas, it was precisely because of those sub-human race of Nephilim or giants practicing occult powers and knowledge and spreading corruption all over the world that led Yah to send the Great Flood and to destroy “all flesh”, except for Noah and all those with him in the Ark, that is, his family and the land creatures;
  9. Whereas, just like in the time of Noah and the overflowing wickedness of those children of fallen angels, the full resurgence of their descendants’ presence and influence today puts humanity once more in danger of divine wrath and judgment, unless we humbly return our allegiance to Yah and expose and resist the deeds of these wicked spirits in our times;

(To be continued with Science-based Arguments and others)