52 Weeks in the Ark with Noah and Family (WEEK 24) – Living in the Ruach Ha Kodesh

Imagining the Ruach Hovering over the Deep and during the Flood (c/o Ruth & Boaz)

“But the fruit of the Ruach is love, joy, peace, longsuffering, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, self-control. Against such there is no law. And those who are Masshiak’s have crucified the flesh with its passions and desires. If we live in the Ruach, let us also walk in the Ruach.”

Gal. 5:16-25

WEEK 24 (6th to 12th of Cheshvan, the 8th Month, in the Hebrew Religious Calendar)

We chronicled the beginnings of the Universe from Day 1 to Day 6 and how Elohim brought everything into existence. Also, we mentioned that before anything came into the Light, took form and was filled up with substance, Ruach Ha Kodesh was hovering or contemplating upon the face of the deep. Water was the primordial material from which Elohim formed everything else. Hence, if there were Ruach (Spirit), Water, Light and Time in the beginning, Life also came into existence by the will of Elohim. These 4 primary components of Creation sustain the Universe and all the things contained within it: Ruach, Water, Light, Time and Life. As the Ruach, Water and Blood serve as witnesses to the death and resurrection of Yahusha, these 4 components serve as witnesses to Creation. (1 John 5:1-8) And if we know we have them within us, nurture them and cherish them daily, our lives will abound,

Nothing can exist, whether it is a plant, an animal or human, without all these components existing and interacting properly. Not even inanimate or non-living things, such as rocks, comets, planets, moons and stars, although they may not contain any biological or conscious abilities to reproduce themselves. They just exist, the same way a living creature does; but without the necessary tools or mechanisms to “live” and interact with other “living beings” the way a papaya promotes the growth and sustains the health of a pig or of a human. Or the way a sheep would follow a shepherd; or the way a child depends on its mother for love and protection. Living — that is, existing and having the ability to “live with” other living beings — is both a complex and an intriguing process we often take for granted.

Diminishing the Goodness in this World

Humans are not just born as a result of the natural, biological process of reproduction – a mere product of the multiplication of a species. They exist because they serve the original purpose of Creation, which is to fill the Earth with Divine Goodness. All created things were “pleasant” or “good” in the beginning. And even when the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil was planted in the Garden, everything remained towb (also beautiful or agreeable). Creation, then, in the beginning existed as a pleasing and perfect workmanship consisting of living creatures interacting with each other and with their environment in a manner that promoted not only more goodness but also growth, harmony, fulfillment and progress. The non-existent evil which Elohim merely mentioned and described as the source of sin and death could only be attained through eating a spiritually-poisonous fruit. This may seem to many as a crude or childish way to treat beings formed in the likeness of the Divine Nature; however, the command gave the “living masters or stewards” of Creation a simple and clear lesson on how they must preserve the overall goodness of their own lives and their environment. And that divine requirement still remains today in spite of the seemingly abused freedom to live according to inordinate human passions.

In short, in the hands of the first humans rested the responsibility to interact with the Creator according to two kinds of acts: one that led to goodness and more goodness and another that led to the diminishing of goodness and farther loss of goodness in Creation. The result of the first would have magnified and spread the things Elohim planted in the Garden: more good plants, more clean animals and more righteous humans. A world that remained in “good condition” would have had a Paradise that covered entirely the surface of our planet and, perhaps, even other planets. On the other hand, the result of the second is what we now see and have in the present world. Many find it hard to believe and accept a perfect world once existed or could ever exist in a corrupted world we now live in. Such a vision or dream practically exists only in books and movies.

Good Seeds Make Good Harvests (c/o Odisha Seeds Portal)

Wanted: Good Seeds for the Kingdom

When Noah built the Ark, he knew exactly what the purpose was; and he must have felt privileged to be chosen as the “New Adam” who would father a new generation of “good seeds” in a “newly-made Earth” cleansed of “corrupt or evil seeds”. The very idea of a totally-depraved world where every thought of humans was continually evil so grieved Elohim that They decided to destroy all living things. The harmonious interaction of living beings had become so abhorrent to Elohim that a great refreshing had to be done. The Great Flood did that. The Ark, at Week 24, would serve to reproduce the good seeds (both “clean” and “unclean”) that it carried. For those who can appreciate what we have discussed so far, the mercy that the Creator granted Noah and those who joined him in the Ark would lead to a reprieve for future generations of humanity – a second chance at recovering the goodness that He had planted in the beginning.

Sadly though, humanity has once again forfeited its chance to recover the former goodness Adam and Noah were blessed to savor. No matter how we might appreciate life today, with all its many pleasures, goodness and benefits, we pale in comparison to them in terms of the bountiful goodness our original parents experienced. We can properly say that the goodness we now experience today could not amount to half the goodness they once had. Unfortunately, the evil that we now experience today surpasses the evil they experienced, and more so in the coming days when that evil will rapidly grow as a result of the desperate and final attempt of Satan to claim total dominion over the world. Those who do not see the same pattern that transpired in Noah’s story being repeated today will also repeat and experience the same fate and destiny of those who drowned in the Flood.

The unbelievers wanted to live as well. They savored the goodness of Creation, as much as the believers did. The only difference is that those who drowned did not wish to live in Ruach. Elohim already said it: My Ruach will not dwell in humans. Those hybrid humans sired by fallen angels did not have Rauch in their hearts and lives. They did not only disobey Elohim; they did not seek to honor Them for the goodness they received and enjoyed as part of Creation. Demons do not have the goodness of Rauch because they are products of the rebellious angels who rejected Divine Truth and Authority. While they may have lived physically or biologically in their bodies, beings children of women; their ruach or spirit came from fallen angels who had given up their glorious estate as pure, divine beings.

Those fallen angels knew how the Universe was made. They knew how Ruach sustained Water, Light, Time and Life upon it. But they wanted to transform it according to their own image of wickedness or evil.  Hence, demons dwell in dry places far from the Light, Presence and Life of Yahuah. There is no goodness in and among these beings! To seek to be with them or to fall under their power brings death.

The Miraculous Birth of Noah (Highlighted) – Painting by James Tissot, ca. 1896-1902. at thejewishmuseum.org (c/o The Torah)

How One Lives in the Ruach

The First Book of Enoch tells the amazing account of Noah’s birth, which has been dismissed or neglected by teachers, although the ancient believers read and believed the writings of Enoch as being part of Torah and not as many today consider uninspired and “hidden” or apocryphal. The account shows how Noah was truly born of Ruach, just as the Earth was born of Ruach and through His mighty works of wonders. The inspiring story of the birth of Moses has been heralded in books, poems and movies. As great as Moses was and all his accomplishments, the story of Noah presents an even more astounding narrative that had led certain people to doubt its veracity and to classify it as not being real and, thus, had to be kept away from the eyes of the world. This disservice has brought about blindness to historical events that included the building of the Ark and the Great Flood. (1 Enoch CVI Fragments)

Noah lived a righteous life because he was born of Ruach and lived his whole life with Ruach.

Yahusha’s Miraculous Conception and Birth (c/o The Cripple Gate)

Parallelisms between Noah’s and Yahusha’s Birth

The birth of Noah has similarities with the birth of Yahusha, the Masshiak.

Now the birth of Jesus Christ was as follows: After His mother Mary was betrothed to Joseph, before they came together, she was found with child of the Holy Spirit.

Matt. 1:18

We all know the story of Yahusha, especially the time He was conceived and born of a young virgin. All throughout Yahusha’s life, Ruach manifested His Presence and power, as witnessed by hundreds and thousands of people who would later on spread the Good News about the Son of Yah Who came to Earth to save sinners. From His baptism to the moment Ruach Ha Kodesh departed from His body when He died on the cross, Yahusha lived in Ruach. Perhaps, when Ruach left Yahusa’s body, the two Divine Beings (Ruach Ha Kodesh and Yahusha Masshiak) visited Paradise or the Abode of the Holy Departed to present evidence of Their glory and Their accomplished deed, Yahusha  was living in and with Ruach Ha Kodesh. This is as much we can try to comprehend from Revelation; for we cannot fully understand what happened. We simply know that He was “conceived by Ruach”, grew up from childhood being “full of the Ruach”, was filled completely by Ruach at His baptism, and resurrected from death through the Ruach, and finally ascended to Heaven in the “power of Ruach”. Thus, Yahusha proclaimed His majestic reign and establishment of His glorious Kingdom through the pouring out of the Ruach upon the firstfruits on Pentecost Day.

And because of the works of Elohim, anyone can now live with the Ruach, if we follow the steps of Noah and Yahusha. Unless “one is born of water and of ruach, one cannot enter the Kingdom of Heaven”. (John 3:1-21) The two Divine Beings we recognize as the Ruach and the Son of the Divine Creator, Whom we collectively call Elohim, have manifested Themselves throughout the history of the Earth, from Creation to the Great Flood and to the present. The laws of Yah and the conditions for living in His Presence remain essentially the same in spite of certain rules laid down for the tribes, the families and the nations He had established to follow in order to honor His Presence, His Truth and His Kingdom. Today, His Kingdom exists as surely as it existed from the time of David to the time of the apostles. All these have been done with the participation of the Ever-Present and Ever-Living Ruach Ha Kodesh.

When Elohim declared the life of humans to be only 120 years, it was because they could not stand seeing Ruach dwelling in humans oppressed and enslaved by wicked beings born of the fallen angels. The wickedness we see today is nothing new in the eyesight of Yah. We should not be surprised then to see the rapid increase of evil people performing abominable deeds in our midst. The unending atrocious deeds the mainstream media continually herald on top of the roofs bring wealth to the people who promote the bad news while neglecting and sidelining the Good News of Salvation. Most of the “good news” they present — even their “best news” — hides their deep, sinister intentions. They lie and they kill openly; and people have no clue they are the target. The Evil News of Death is the work of the devil. The people who make money out of such work do not live in Ruach but do so by the will of the ruler of the world. We saw this clearly practiced and shamelessly promoted during the “pandemic” period. Even today, with so many deaths arising from the lies promoted during those dark years, the work of diverting people from the truth, whether eternal or scientific, continues.

Living Faith and Dead Religion

The dividing line between the good and the evil had been clearly defined early in the beginning and further elaborated through the works of the prophets and the apostles; and yet until now, so many do not recognize and appreciate the gravity of this ongoing real battle that they might attain and secure their own glorious place in the Kingdom of Yah. We need not wait to enter the pearly gates of Yerushalem to be convinced of its reality; for our faith already gives us assurance of its unseen beauty and majesty. Living in Ruach, likewise, is a reality so difficult for unbelievers to comprehend and accept for the same reason. To illustrate this spiritual blindness, we must go back to ancient Israel and show what it truly means.


David Dances like a “Base Fellow” as the Ark Entered Yerushalem (c/o fumcr.org)

Exodus 28:12-15 relates the time when King David danced before Yahuah and the whole city of Yerushalem when the Ark of the Covenant was finally brought into the City of David. He was wearing an ephod, a garment similar to what the Temple priests wore when they offered sacrifices to Yahuah. David wore what he believed was appropriate and then danced joyfully for Yah for all to see. However, his wife, Michal, thought David behaved like one of the “base fellows” and not as a dignified king. For David “uncovered” himself of his earthly honor and glory in honor of Yahuah and was respected by the people for his praise offering. While the holy priests wore their fancy robes while serving in the Temple, David gave a performance which would be remembered and imitated centuries in the future by his descendants. Unknown to many, he was prophesying the entry of Yahusha, the real Ark of the Covenant, into Yerushalem on His way to triumph against the enemies of Yah who had taken over the Temple and taught a false religion.

Yahusha Rides into Yerushalem on a Donkey and a Foal — the People Actually Laid Down Their Clothes on the Road (c/o Google)

Mark 11:1-11, as an unappreciated fulfillment of David’s prophecy, narrates the events when 2 of the apostles assigned to get a donkey and its foal put their clothes upon them (the donkey was where He sat and the foal was where He put His feet, as if sitting on a throne with a footstool) as He marched into the city. That could mean the apostles also took off their robes and wore only their tunics as they marched — as David had done before. And as for the cheering crowds of people, many laid their clothes as well on the road as their King rode by, dancing with glee, singing hosannas, waving palm leaves, and shouting triumphantly. They were all imitating David who had danced, “whirling and leaping” as the Ark approached the city. Yahusha’s turn to be naked in His offering to Abba would take on another form and bring about another mood. The disdain and hatred of the Pharisees and Scribes, reminiscent of Michal’s attitude, would lead to their murderous betrayal of Masshiak. Hence, like David and the people of Yerushalem, Yahusha and the welcoming crowds were led by Ruach to celebrate the fulfillment of a promise made a long time ago: to proclaim and to place David’s Son upon his throne.     

A similar scene will transpire on the last day. Resurrection Day, it seems, will replay what happened during the entry of the Ark of the Covenant and the entry of Yahusha into Yerushalem. All those who will resurrect will likewise be “naked” (taken off their old, former self) as they will be putting on the white robes reserved for them before they enter The Heavenly City of Yerushalem. The ephod that David wore and the righteousness that Yahusha put on by dying like a criminal, naked yet sinless on the cross, will finally be reenacted through all the redeemed shedding their earthly bodies and putting on their heavenly bodies which will be robed with eternal glory as their due reward. For the righteousness of Ruach we put on as reflected glory while we dwell on Earth to signify our citizenship in the Kingdom of Yah will be replaced by new shining, white robes formed out of our own righteous deeds, prepared and made by the angels for those whose names are written in the Book of Life.

Who among us will feel confident to stand before the King of Righteousness naked on Judgment Day? Only those who have shed off their sins and put on Ruach and His righteousness, living in Him and through Him. That is, when we finally know how to live like Adam and Havah who felt no guilt in the Garden, having been washed and redeemed by the blood of Yahusha through faith in Him, we will then live forever with Elohim Who are enthroned in New Yerushalem and worship Them face-to-face.