Tahak sa Paraiso

Listen to the Tahak sa Paraiso Theme Song below:

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Tahak stands for “Tahanan Ko ay Kalikasan” (Nature is My Home). It also means trek or traverse. Hence, the word emphasizes the idea of our journey through life. Such a process cannot be possible without a proper understanding or our role as intelligent users and responsible stewards of nature.

Tahak sa Paraiso, therefore, pictures our journey back to our first roots in the Garden of Eden when nature and humans were at their pristine and pure condition. The ideal or dream of experiencing Paradise on Earth can only be approximated in the midst of an environment that is governed by the sublime principles handed down to us by the teachers of our Creator. Far from establishing a non-secular or religious entity, Tahak sa Paraiso hopes to revive such principles in the care, conservation and even the development of the ecology that will integrate proper and essential application of all aspects of our spiritual, geological, biological and cultural resources.

In short, Tahak sa Paraiso seeks not to establish a club or an institution or to spark a movement composed of drop-outs of society, but to harness all possible potentials hidden within our common heritage as a people of God in an atmosphere of tolerance, freedom and cooperation. This we hope to achieve through educating the youth and establishing among all citizens a greater appreciation for all our physical and spiritual wealth.


To work with people in finding ways to attain a healthful, meaningful and productive life.


To encourage the youth and adults to appreciate, to preserve and to conserve nature.


  1. To conduct training programs with emphasis on learning lessons from nature and from other people.
  2. To encourage the youth to have a positive and fresh outlook in life and to lead them to become mature individuals and potential leaders.
  3. To develop creativity among members through music, arts, outdoors activities, crafts and inter-personal relationships.
  4. To involve as many people as possible in unity-building social and environmental projects.
  5. To impart spiritual values through innovative and dynamic means.