How to Wage War against Spiritual Powers – Part 9 (Why Divine Love is Abominable to Demons and Why they Promote Human Love Instead)

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The Greeks have several words for the simple English word LOVE. Divine or unconditional love is agape. Storge is familial love. Affectionate or Friendly love is philia. Romantic or erotic love is eros. Of course, English has its own varieties, apart from the phrases above. There is adore, which can be used for divinity, for a lover or for an object, such as a car, or a person, such as a famous singer. Or cherish, which is deep affection for a person, a moment in time, a family legacy or even an emotion itself, as in cherishing the love of a parent. Finally, venerate or worship, which is often directly to divinity, with some unworthy exceptions.         

What is human love? By human love, we refer to any feeling or emotion directed to a thing, a person or some intangible object other than divinity. It can include storge, philia, eros, including all the English words we mentioned and everything else in other languages that not according to agape or love of or for the Creator. It is love by a human for another human or a thing or any other created living or non-living thing. So, the love which scientists have for their theories, work or innovations is a form of human love. It can be good, neutral and innocent; it can also be corrupt, biased and evil.

Hence, when Yahusha said even the wicked know how to love their children and feed them good food and not stone, it simply means human love is organic or natural, and that almost all humans experience it. However, the love for one’s enemies is not considered natural, although it can be organic in the sense that Yah, Who is the epitome of love in its entirety or infiniteness, loves even those who oppose Him or rebel against Him.

The reason Satan fell from heavenly grace was because he did not want to worship or reciprocate the agape that Yah has for him as an archangel and as a rebellious creature. Like Yah’s patience for humans who continuously sin and His love for them which He showed through His Son’s sacrifice, His patience and love for Satan, as expressed through words and deeds of wrath and dissatisfaction, are so much like what He shows to humans. Is He giving a chance for some of the fallen angels and demons that torment us? And if so and if we are urged to love our enemies as Yah does to sinful angels and humans, are we also to love demons as equally as we love our enemies? Perhaps, it is one effective way to torment all our enemies – like “pouring coals on their heads”, as the gospel says. But how do we love demons? If they are reserved for hell, what use is there to feel love for them?

Perhaps, there is value in doing so. For if they are creatures of Yah like us, then, understanding them and their condition must demand knowing why they rebel in the first place. What keeps them from loving Yah and returning to His grace? What pushes them to tempt humans and to cause them to be also separated from divine grace? Why is agape so abominable to them? Is there an answer to this question at all? If so, we can discover how we can outwit them each time they tempt us. If not, then the eternal conflict between Yah and His rebel sons will remain a mystery to us all.

First of all, Satan’s initial task when Yahusha had come out publicly to start His ministry was to tempt Him in the desert. This already gives us an idea as to the level of awareness and intelligence Satan has. Some claim that Satan tempted Yahusha because he was testing whether this man was indeed the coming Messiah. But that falls flat on the face because the last temptation was, in fact, to cause Yahusha to kneel before him in worship. The agape that Satan could not feel and offer to Yah, he wanted to claim for himself in exchange for worldly rule. Sure, it could have been a wise move on the part of Satan to ascertain that Yahusha was genuine. But that was not the first time Satan was testing Yahusha. He had already tried to murder Him as an infant through Herod. Satan knew Scriptures because he was present in many of the events written there, as he was there when Yah had decided to send a Savior. Remember, Yah cursed him with a fatal blow on the head through the seed of Eve. But before that, Satan would bruise the Masshiach’s heel. How could Satan bruise His heel if He did not even know Yahusha as the Promised One? That will also prove that Satan knew Scriptures, for he often used it on humans and even on Yahusha. And how many false teachers and prophets handle the word with great expertise such that millions listen and obey them? Guess who teaches all these liars? They could not be that good and smart as we think they are. They are all graduates from the Synagogue of Satan. If you find out where it is located, then you will know how Satan operates today and who his minions are.

But humans are so blinded and so gullible. They think that graduating from the highest and most expensive colleges or universities assures them of wisdom and righteousness or that those who hold such high titles and advanced learning know exactly what they are saying. Eeeechhh!!! Wrong thought. Delete from you mind. The Synagogue of Satan (SoS) has branches all over the globe. We started this series with the various courses and degrees he had offered his graduates: alchemy, weaponry, astrology, drug-making, magical arts, hallucinations, signs and even beauty-enhancement. But there is more! Today, the SoS has rolled out its latest program. Fresh from the oven and smoking hot! It is something out of the film-editing rooms of Hollywood, and the trailers are making such a great wave, getting rave media reports, as well as the tiny, inconsequential protests from some believers who know what it really is. We refer to the Program on Trans-Humanism. It is just a fancy, techie word for Nephelism, that is, genetic manipulation of humans through the union of angelic-spirit-life and human-gene-program. But this time, apart from pure, angelic characteristics and organic, human biological traits, they now use demonic-spirit-energy and AI-enhanced-human-gene-program to produce Trans-Humans.

In short, Satan is willfully obliterating agape in favor of purely human love that is enhanced through a godless, subhuman form of life that will be beholden to Satan’s bidding. What for? It is not merely for Satan’s satisfaction of finally gaining an agape-like adoration from his minions and corrupt creatures but also to build up an army that will face off with Yahusha and His hosts of angels when He returns. Yes, Satan somehow knows the plans of Yah and what is expected. John revealed much of it but kept some sealed, precisely to keep Satan guessing and wondering. If you watch end-time podcasts and follow Armageddon discussions, you know how may interpretations a single passage in Revelation are being offered, let alone for the rest of the biblical prophecies. Even this idea of trans-humanism may be seen as, and perhaps it is, another wrong turn in biblical interpretation.

But gleaning from the ancient history and the beginnings of how angels and humans fell, we can discern what has happened throughout the millennia and where it is headed in accordance to the revealed part of the future. Why would Yah allow Satan to know more than His servants regarding vital intel, more so at this time when the final reckoning is fast approaching? For He did promise that the seals to the remaining secrets will be opened at the right time. Whether He is doing it now or later on is no longer an issue, for the enemy himself is the one revealing his moves and showing exactly how he is preparing the world for the rule of the great beast. The rise and fall of kingdoms had been known and shown by Enoch, Ezekiel, Daniel. Yahusha, Peter and John in so many passages. Wars have come and gone and shown how they portray divine, universal drama foretold by prophets. Almost everything that happens today can be read and related to the word of prophecy, for nothing escapes the mind of Yah and those He calls to declare His truth. (1 Cor. 2:6-16)

Agape is the real enemy of Satan, not even Yah, for he has precisely no desire to love and honor Him. He only has fear and trembling before Him for he can never love Yah back as an angel — or as a trans-human. So, he keeps rebelling because he has found new ways to cause people to honor and serve him for his selfish ends instead of Yah. Ever wonder why politicians, businesspeople and even ecclesiastical heads from large parties, giant monopolies and mega-churches are so successful at their trade? They learn from the mentors of SoS, perhaps, the oldest, richest and most- attended seat-of-learning throughout history. Its graduation lines are endless. And it produces some of the best, most-awarded and most-well-respected world leaders in history. One of its first successful programs was the Age of Enlightenment when Satan used philosophy and science as the alternative world view to replace Divine Truth. Thus, evolution, humanism, liberalism and socialism became some of the post-modern offshoots of that movement that have been institutionalized by governments within their primary and college education curriculum.

And so, the seemingly limitless advancement of science and technology, coupled with the massive resurgence of demonic powers, is bringing about an entirely new form of ideological, sociological, political and economic world order that will hinge upon the application of the diabolical marriage of human biological traits and angelic spiritual energy. And all that founded on the rejection of agape and the exaltation of trans-human beings who may allow Satan to finally partake of the form of a human himself through this new, trans-human invention totally devoid of divine character. He will, thus, become the trans-human masshiach he has always wanted to be – an unprecedented union of human, material and angelic natures in one universally-powerful god to be worshipped by all.

Satan’s ultimate aim is to establish trans-human love as the be-all and end-all of all laws and principles in his New Creation to replace the agape-founded Creation made in the beginning. Under this dispensation, all the other forms of love will have been obliterated, if not replaced by their corresponding demonic counterparts. In that alternative reality, love will cease to exist for love is the very essence of divinity – Yah is Love. Every other form of affection, desire, goodwill and fellowship that distinct beings experience for one another emanates from the agape that brought about all things, as every living creature or physical component within an ecological system in Nature also relates with each other to form and sustain a balanced web of live. In Satan’s world, chaos and corruption are the only laws that apply. Whether the fiery wrath of Yah can quench or obliterate it or not, we cannot say. For the fire of divine judgment will never end.  

Impossible? Incredible? Who can believe such a narrative? Is this a demented view of modern science? Are we being deceived to buy a make-believe conspiracy plan? Is it a smokescreen for an entirely different move altogether? 

We will find out when we finish this series.

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