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  • 1521-2021 (Part 5): Celebrating Points of View

    500 years make a rare milestone for a nation or the world; and for a planet that has been populated for only about 10 millennia or so, that calls for great celebration. But it depends on where you stand or whose point of view you take: the conqueror-victor’s or the conquered-victim’s. In a world history […]

  • The Real History of Vaccine (Part 2): Moses and the Hebrews, How They Applied the Divine Curse-Cure Principle

    Today, the world teems with souls heaving and groaning from the chaos produced by the forces of darkness which have reinforced their ranks and unleashed their final, desperate salvo against God’s Creation. This time, human lives, animal and plant life and all of the Earth’s physical attributes will not be spared in Satan’s inglorious assault […]

  • The Real History of Vaccine: Enoch and the Fallen Watchers (Part 1)

    2020 marked a crucial point in the history of a truly-interconnected world made up of layers of humanity in every nation, every community, every family and every individual soul standing at the crossroads of an impending era never before seen or heard since the Great Flood of Noah. Although not an intended, direct act of […]

  • 1521-2021 (Part 4): The Mess that Was 2020 – and What to Expect in the Near Future

    Being positive keeps us happy and healthy. Many achieve that by counting their blessings as they start or end each day. Still, part of attaining a realistic and proactive outlook requires facing and learning from our mistakes, from unexpected misadventures and from hurtful fall-outs. While it serves us great good to acknowledge our roles in […]

  • 1521-2021 (Part 3): The Kapuluan (Archipelago) with Many Ancient Secrets

        Have you ever wondered how this archipelago which Columbus and Magellan had both set out to “discover” has been historically and traditionally called Kapuluan (a chain or group of islands, archipelago), purportedly from the root word pulô (Tagalog word for island or islet)? But do we know where pulô or other words similar to […]