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  • The Kingdom of God Exists in Perfection Because Christ Established It (The Fall of Human Kingdoms and the Rise of Religious Denominationalism in Prophecy)

    Introduction From the very time God planned to establish a Kingdom (Daniel’s prophecy) to the time that that Kingdom was established, we will review the fulfillment of a divine plan and a divine promise. This will help us see more clearly what was happening during the time that the Kingdom was  in preparation or in […]

  • What Technology Did Jesus Use?

    We can define technology as the knowledge or application of efficient machines, methods or techniques “to invent useful things or to solve problems”* — that is, apart from the use of natural or human facilities, such as that of muscle power or the senses minus any tools. Hence, breaking a branch using our hands, for […]

  • Money: The Root of All Security — and Insecurity

    My daily budget during the last couple of years in college was only fifteen pesos – ten or so for lunch, and five for fare. You can imagine the daily routine with that budget: home-to-school and in reverse. A student’s happiness – and security – was being with family, friends and books, in that order. […]

  • The Holy Spirit in Perspective

      The Holy Spirit in Creation “. . . the Spirit moved upon the face of the waters” (Gen. 1:2) We often imagine the Holy Spirit to be like a dove or a tongue of fire; however, these metaphors are New Testament pictures which we may have grossly misrepresented or misinterpreted. Consider these other possibilities: […]

  • Light = SpaceTime

      When God created light (even before He made the stars and planets, apparently), he also set time into existence. Along with time, space also came into existence. For our purposes then, let us use Light to mean Spacetime, because neither time nor space could exist without light. And, perhaps, vice versa. Could it be […]