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  • Faith is Being On-the-Point

    All forms of theology, religions, beliefs, churches or faith-systems revolve around a central point but never get, hit or stay on the real point. They all miss the point or miss the target. Here is why. The circle will not exist without the center point of that circle. The center is the origin, source or […]

  • READ or be DEAD!

    READ is a step AWAY from DEAD. To read is a command from God. Jesus said: Search the Scriptures, for in them you think or judge (from Greek “dokeite“) that you HAVE ETERNAL LIFE. (John 5:39) Read the writings! Search the Word of God! Or be truly DEAD! <div style=”width:100%;height:0;padding-bottom:32%;position:relative;”><iframe src=”” width=”100%” height=”100%” style=”position:absolute” frameBorder=”0″ […]

  • Worship as Established and Revealed for All Times and for Eternity (And why this is not “New Revelation”)

    Worship must be the most essential as well as the most important thing in life. If we define it as adoration, submission or obedience, then Adam and Eve fell because their worship took a wrong and disastrous turn. They sinned because they violated God’s command — they abhorred, not adored God and His word; they […]

  • Ang Alamat ng Maya-Maya at Lapu-Lapu

    Noong unang panahon nang napakasagana pa ang ating mga karagatan sa iba’t-ibang uri ng isda, may mag-amang namingwit habang sakay sa banka nang di kalayuan sa baybay. Habang naghihintay na may kumagat sa pain nila, biglang may nahuli ang ama na malaki at mapulang isda at ang anak nama’y nakahuli din ng isang malaki at […]

  • A Bird’s Only Song

    A bird sings its one song in the morning and every morning; Though it is but one boring chirp, it rings and rings for all to hear: DoROthy, DoRothy, DoRothy!!! or God WITH thee, God WITH thee, God WITH thee!!! A guileless native would hear it as Doh-WIT-dee, Doh-WIT-dee, Doh-WIT-dee!!! And leave it at that, […]