The Real History of Vaccine: Enoch and the Fallen Watchers (Part 1)

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Enoch ascends to Heaven where angels showed him many secrets (Marten de Vos, Antwerp, 1582-83)

2020 marked a crucial point in the history of a truly-interconnected world made up of layers of humanity in every nation, every community, every family and every individual soul standing at the crossroads of an impending era never before seen or heard since the Great Flood of Noah. Although not an intended, direct act of God but of humans imposing restrictions in response to an apparent seasonal virus, it, nevertheless, required God’s permission to make it happened as it did. For it is a well-known fact that the survival rate from the Covid-19 is so high that, in general — and in reality, if misdiagnosis and intentional inclusions are considered, duly counted and reported, it is no better or no worse than the normal flu cases in previous years. What made the difference in terms of response and perceived mortality count? It is a “mystery” or a “plot” worthy of a blockbuster film that may never happen because the ongoing real-time drama itself will outshine any production with a star-studded cast. In fact, the real drama happening behind-the-scene is more engaging, yet unappreciated by many. We wish to address and fully uncover it here.

A plague is neither a pleasurable task nor intended decree of God but a necessary judgment or curse upon deserving enemies and, at the same time, upon those whom He wishes to discipline or bless, based on circumstances and human acts throughout history. By that, we mean a plague or a sickness occurs because God has decided to destroy some people or to bless others accordingly. Thus, he sent 10 plagues upon Egypt to judge it and to set the Hebrews free. He sent vipers later on in the wilderness not to destroy the Hebrews but to discipline them and to teach them a great lesson in faith. On the other hand, God allowed Satan to test Job not because He wanted to judge or discipline Job but because He was teaching Satan a lesson. Likewise, when Satan tempted Christ, God was not judging or disciplining Christ but showing Satan that Christ, as Lord and Son of God, was capable of acting on His own to judge and to teach Satan certain truths. Finally, a “pandemic” or “plague” obviously designed to manipulate peoples, governments and their economic, political and social systems and to force them into submitting to a small, powerful group of global elites has nothing to do with blessing, judging or disciplining either believers or non-believers but a plain and simple act of sabotage orchestrated by no other than Satan whose ultimate design is to enslave humanity.  

An intricately-orchestrated and media-overhyped pandemic reeks of human origin, especially one that has led to senseless collateral deaths and the disproportionate suffering of millions of innocent people who clearly never should have suffered had the proper decisions been undertaken instead of irrelevant and unnecessary measures or precautions imposed which have led to more deaths and ill-effects than the damages expected from the virus itself. Nevertheless, aside from indirectly disciplining believers and judging non-believers though this plandemic, God already appears to be winning by gaining more and more people (whether believers or non-believers) who now clearly see through the ruse. Only those who are truly deceived or wicked cannot see or admit the obvious scam. It is no different from so many rigged elections that end up electing the wrong candidates and where majority of the people – and even nations — know how dishonest the process was but could not do anything about it. Or, it is like watching Christ being tempted by Satan and seeing some people actually putting their bets on Christ giving in to Satan’s wishes! (It is both incredible and shameful, to say the least.) Or, finally, to give it insanely uneven odds of 99.99999+ to almost zero: It is like being there before the Flood came and actually seeing ALL people, except for 8 souls, betting on a rainless world to continue as it had always done so since the beginning.    

And, whereas Noah’s call to follow God was heeded by no one but by him and his family, the present call to turn back to God has thousands and millions flocking toward His grace. Still, the sure Final Judgment that is coming, just like the Flood, is one that will include and affect all humans, whether we believe or we like it or not. Why we bring up the Flood now is more than appropriate — it is necessary and precedent-perfect. For so many reasons not well-known to many, even among believers, this is so.

The same issues remain today as in the ancient times. The whole humanity, except for Noah, was corrupted then. People were committing rebellion against God through murder and all kinds of evil deeds and bringing the whole Creation down with it that God felt utterly grieved and decided to destroy and renew the world — humans, animals and the entire geophysical environment. Hence, the Great Flood, which led to a Great Renewal of the Heavens and the Earth. Not to be outdone, the gods of this world have now come up with the Great Flob to launch their own Great Alter (not a Reset to a system set up by God but their own, a big monument or altar to their inglorious deeds and where they want to be worshipped in place of God).

The people then sinned because they were corrupted by a race of sub-humans who had taken control of the world. Unknown to many, things are no different today. To prove that, we must visit the time of Enoch, long before Noah was born and even during a time when no one had been born. God required Enoch to “travel through time” (be in the spirit, just like John the Apostle who was shown things about to come) in order to show Enoch things that occurred in the distant past and things that would happen in the distant future and way into the Final Judgment. So, we see that Enoch was even more comprehensive than John, although John also talked about times before the beginning and about the beginning, because Enoch provided details which have been hidden from the masses for millennia. (John 1:1-3; I John 1:1-4)

Enoch means “one who initiated” or a “pioneer”. He was the first official prophet, scribe and visionary after all. Not many know much about him because his book was declared unsuitable for public reading. In fact, certain religious authorities removed his book from the accepted books of the Bible, calling it apocryphal (”of doubtful origin”) along with others, whereas it had been commonly read during the time of the Israelites, the apostles and even the early disciples. Surprisingly, the removal of the book or its prohibition was done in line with of an ancient trick we now call “fake news” or fake media” aimed at suppressing the truth as part of social control-tactics. But Enoch was a real person, just like his great-grandson Noah. And so were his experiences, his accounts and, it follows, his book. The Lord and the apostles even quoted or referred to Enoch’s words and deeds.

There are 2 main reasons why the Book of Enoch was prohibited. First, those who decided were practitioners or, at least, believers and defenders of the forbidden secret arts. Second, they, therefore, thought it best to remove the divine record prohibiting those secrets in order to protect their lucrative trade and their vast influence. But Truth has caught up with them and their many descendants today. The unraveling of Truth and the exposure of lies, false teachings and deceptive means have intensified today as we see wickedness also increase more and more. The Truth and Grace from God will abound where the Deception and Corruption of Satan increase. Light shines much brighter in utter darkness.     

We will find out that all of God’s dealings with humans from that point on, that is, in terms of redeeming humans, will involve a principle that we must fully appreciate. It is this: The punishment for the sin is itself the cure itself. In the case of the Flood, the global flood that destroyed all life on land was also responsible for saving Noah and his family. We need not go any further and point out that Christ Himself took upon Himself all the sins of the world and crucified them, along with His sinless sacrifice of His body and life on Calvary. The One Who had no sin became the sin in order to redeem sinful and corrupted humanity. Remember: Only God can do that. However, we will show that Satan knew this all along and used the same principle for his own purposes to deceive millions throughout history.

We cite further prime examples of the principle, firstly, Eve and Adam. Eve first ate of the forbidden fruit, leading her to sin and death. Adam, in turn, ate after Eve offered him the fruit and, thus, also sinned and died. What cure did God provide for them? For Eve, He promised her own “seed” to come in order to destroy the devil and the work he had done and is still doing. The fruit that led her to sin carried the seed of death, which God had withheld from them by His grace and love. (Gen. 3:14-15) Hence, the cure for her sin and her offspring is the “Seed of Life” Who was coming through her own body to provide the salvation that humans needed in their fallen condition. As for Adam, his act of eating was a direct result of “eating with Eve”. They both connived with the serpent. Like Eve, he also needed a Savior to redeem him from death. However, as a punishment for his lack of wisdom and control for not obeying the command and, thereby, eating what he was neither entitled to nor worthy to receive, he had to begin tilling the soil in order to eat and survive. The food that led him to sin is the same cure or means for his temporary stay upon the Earth. Toiling and sweating to eke out food from the soil now became his and our burden just so we all could feed ourselves. And the same food, as the history of salvation will show, will also be responsible for his redemption; and that, also through the same “Bread of Life” that came from (or Who is the same One as) the “Seed of Life” to be born through Eve’s future descendant.

Everything in Creation and in God’s work is tied or connected to that Curse-Cure Principle. Only by this principle could God redeem His Creation. There were two vital trees in the Garden: the Tree of Life and the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil (or what we may call the Tree of Wisdom or, for some, the Tree of Death). Life and death were basic options given to humans in the beginning. The same options were given to angels in God’s courts. Angels know they are eternal. How about humans? Adam and Eve knew it. For God said, “On the day you eat of the fruit, you will surely die.” (Gen. 2:15-17) If they did not eat, they would remain alive and in God’s favor. However, there is a life that is also eternal but not favorable. The serpent offered that – not God. God offered perfect, blissful life in the Garden.  

Can we truly see the depth of divine wisdom and the majesty of God’s deeds? Do we see the Gospel as mere religion or a set of rituals millions go through without keenly understanding the essence of God’s intentions for the individual – the daughter of Eve and the son of Adam?

Where now does the vaccine enter into the picture?

Well, we did not forget about the serpent. The Tempter and Deceiver in Paradise also had it coming. From a walking serpent that spoke with humans, the subtle snake became the embodiment of creeping wickedness and outright rebellion against the rule of God since that time. He was not the devil himself but allowed himself to be used as his tool. The punishment for the Father of Lies is destruction by the “Seed of Eve”, Who will crush the his head, although he will sting His heel or kill the promised Savior — a fulfilled prophecy. The principle once more applies: The power of death that Satan introduced into the world will also overcome the Seed but that He will overcome death and finally destroy death and Satan. The Seed’s death will bring Satan’s final destruction. The curse is the cure!

We are still in the throes of that battle between the Savior and the Serpent. Death has been made of no effect. The Savior has arisen from the grave and has reigned at the right side of the Father for two millennia. Unfortunately for humanity, death still works its pernicious power over multitudes. Murder, sickness, depravity, rebellion, promiscuity, war and hatred continue to create deep craters on the face of the planet already surrendered by millions of souls to Satan’s rule after they abandoned God’s decrees. Principalities and powers in the heavenly regions now control the strings of large and small kingdoms and governments, putting the lives of innocent, helpless masses in the darkness of ignorance and subservience to human ways. As in the days of Noah, the world is ripe for harvesting – whether only 8 or more souls remain. God, to be honest, has been harvesting since the time of the prophets who came after Noah.

What exactly happened since since ancient time will astound us, as Enoch reveals. Remember that Christ quoted the Book of Enoch in many instances, specifically such phrases as “in My Father’s house are many mansions”, “blessed are the meek” and “children of light”. Jude also quotes Enoch’s prophecy about Christ coming with “10,000 angels . . . to execute judgment”. Would it be right to call “doubtful” or apocryphal something that contains quote-worthy, ideas as far as the Lord and His disciples were concerned? Finally, we learn of Enoch first from Moses’ own testimony and, thus, certain details of his life and his deeds in Genesis 5:18-24. Whether one accepts the Book of Enoch, along with evidences from other books or not, is left to the reader. But as the Lord Himself said, 2 or 3 witnesses establish the truth about the matter. And we have here the testimony of Moses, Jude and the Lord Himself confirming Enoch and his writings and deeds. So, on that note, we go to the First Book of Enoch.

In Enoch 8:1-4, we read the following:

8:1   And Azaz’el taught the people the art of making swords and knives, and shields, and breastplates; and he showed to their chosen ones bracelets, decorations, shadowing of the eye with antimony, ornamentation, the beautifying of the eyelids, all kinds of precious stones, and all coloring tinctures and alchemy.

8:2   And there were many wicked ones and they committed adultery and erred, and all their conduct became corrupt.

8:3   Amasras taught incantation and the cutting of roots; and Armaros the resolving of incantations; and Baraqiyal astrology, and Kokarer’el the knowledge of the signs, and

Tam’el taught the seeing of the stars, and Asder’el taught the course of the moon as well as the deception of man.

8:4   And the people cried and their voice reached unto heaven.

The names mentioned above are those of the so-called Watchers or “children of angels” who were born of beautiful women who mated with angels in the days when people “began to multiply on the face of the Earth” before Noah was born. (Gen. 6:1-8). It was for those breed of sub-human giants (also called the Nephilim) that God decided to wipe the Earth clean in Noah’s time.

Note that those Watchers possessed secret knowledge of angels which they shared with humans, namely:

  1. Weapons of war, cosmetic and beauty enhancements, jewelry and alchemy (Azazel)
  2. Incantations or sorcery and magical and healing arts through making drugs and potions from roots (Amasras)
  3. Protection or negating effects of incantations or curses (Armaros)
  4. Astrology (Baraqiyal)
  5. Knowledge of signs or omens, that is, fortune-telling and the like (Kokarer’el)
  6. Astronomy, perhaps, as a pre-science and requisite for astrology (Tam’el)
  7. Observation of lunar motion in relation to occult knowledge used in deceiving or manipulating people, that is, hypnotism and psychic powers (Asder’el)

We will note that many of these, such as cosmetics and make-up, jewelry, drug-making and manufacture of arms, are now common artifacts and facets of modern life and are quite taken for granted, without us realizing how they all came to be. And perhaps, we may never admit to the reasons given as to why they were not meant to be known by humans from the beginning. Nevertheless, here are some reasons we now proffer and which, in essence, provide the proofs of how corrupt humans had become during Noah’s time and why God destroyed them:

  1. Weapons of war, along with the other craft here, had made humans murderers and in a constant state of utter violence and chaos, such that ”the wickedness of man was great in the earth, and that every intent of the thoughts of his heart was only evil continually”. (Gen 5:5)
  2. Sorcery, magic and artificial healing arts took away God’s vital part in the natural processes and organic immunity given within the human body through proper spiritual practice and discipline attained through a wholesome relationship with the Creator, as Noah exemplified. (Note that the Greek pharmakeia, from which pharmacy originates, means sorcery, magic and drug use.)
  3. Humans began to use forbidden occult powers to influence others, thereby, rejecting divine principles.
  4. People began to look at celestial bodies as deities capable of providing knowledge and guidance, again sidelining God and His truths. Today, their names remain in use and continue to influence human minds consciously and subconsciously.
  5. Humans sought to live their lives not by the guidance of God but by the movement of stars.
  6. They also sought guidance from other natural manifestations in their environment.
  7. Science, through proper measurement and observation of stars and other natural phenomena, began to dominate the focus of human actions and aspirations. Today, it is the main arbiter or driving force in most, if not all, of human activities.
  8. Psychic abilities and psychological discernment became tools for controlling people and the masses for selfish motives. The hidden and forbidden powers of the mind and soul have been in use for millennia in human societies, especially in cults and even in mainstream religion.

As we can see, while many of these are now well-respected institutions or state-of-the-art professions and income-engines for many humans, these were already well-understood and effective tools used by the ancient people who sparked the extreme wrath of God. Of particular interest for us now is #2 and how it is being effectively used by the descendants of the Nephilim to bring the world down to its knees.

We will further note that those fallen Watchers were eventually judged and sent down to Hades in the depths of the Earth, meaning, although their bodies may have died during the Flood, their evil spirits were imprisoned in Hades and from where they have been released to torment the Earth before the final judgment on all flesh and fallen angels. (2 Pet. 2:1-5; Rev. 20:1-3)

The fallen Watchers were giants sired by gods or angels and could very well be the basis for the fabled Titans or gargantuan beings so familiar in Greek and Roman mythology. In particular, Apollo catches our attention as the star among the gods, next to Zeus, his father. According to Wikipedia, Apollo was “a god of archery, music and dance, truth and prophecy, healing and diseases, the Sun and light, poetry, and more. (He is) one of the most important and complex of the Greek gods . . . and the twin brother of Artemis, goddess of the hunt”.

Apollo may have been a father of giants or Nephilim, in fact. Consider this story about him. He had an affair with a human Coronis whom he got pregnant (Remember, an angel or a son of god marrying a woman?). When he found out she committed adultery while she was pregnant, she had her slain by Artemis. In order to save his unborn son, Apollo performed caesarean-section surgery on the dead Coronis, giving birth to Asclepius (a figure of Amasras, the purveyor of healing arts and drugs), the father of medicine and whose scepter, a serpent on a staff, serves as the emblem for medicine and the logo of, who else, but WHO. Asclepius is well and alive as humans continue to give allegiance and honor to his name, his being and his powers through modern, sophisticated and more-effective healing techniques deeply-ingrained in the lives and institutions of the nations of the world. In short, what we see as expressly-forbidden knowledge and arts from fallen Watchers have become normal, along with many widely-accepted abnormal protocols fully-endorsed by almost all governments.

In short, WHO RULES THE WORLD./? It is both a statement and a question. But Who should rule the world? God or fallen angels? The answer decides your allegiance.

From here on, as we will see in the next part, the continuing story becomes even weirder and more occult that what is happening today will make many shudder at the hidden truths behind the apparent benign calls for public health and world security by most officials.    

(Painting above by Marten de Vos courtesy of www.google.com)