Temple-to-TEMPLE Worship: Unboxing the New and Living Way – New book now out! Get your free eBook copy now!

So long have many devoted precious time in worship within their many “boxes” labeled as sects, denominations and fellowships and inside exquisite temples, ornate cathedrals, grand basilicas, monolithic churches, fancy chapels and plain assembly halls. Yet through all our vain expense and efforts, all that Yahuah simply desires is a humble soul and a faithful heart praying even in the stillness of one’s closet in order for Him to accept us.

We launch this new book that aims to finally unbox the New and Living Way that has long been hidden or neglected by many, as they go about observing their time-honored ways of meditation, devotion and worship of the Creator. As much as we want to let sleeping dogs lie and not disturb a hornet’s nest, as watchmen of the night, we must now rouse people from sleep and give warning of the gripping darkness that has now put a firm stranglehold on the well-being of our families, our communities and our nation, if not the whole world.

Until we push away the walls of our boxed-in existence, we will not see beyond the confines of our myopic views passed on by both well-meaning humans and wicked deceivers. It takes only a few moments to test our faith through the proper guidance of the revealed Word of Yah.

The promise of rest and refreshing is ours. Believe it and receive it finally. Today is the time. Manariwa!

How to download your free eBook copy:

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