The Real History of Vaccine (Part 2): Moses and the Hebrews, How They Applied the Divine Curse-Cure Principle

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Gustave Dore’s Brazen Serpent

Today, the world teems with souls heaving and groaning from the chaos produced by the forces of darkness which have reinforced their ranks and unleashed their final, desperate salvo against God’s Creation. This time, human lives, animal and plant life and all of the Earth’s physical attributes will not be spared in Satan’s inglorious assault and hegemony. Nothing less than the destruction of the world will satisfy Satan. He caused and worked through the curse of corruption placed upon Creation by God; and all the ongoing environmental and human degradation merely continue his insidious ways. We can say that God allowed His Creation to decay so that He may ultimately destroy it, along with those who willfully destroy the Earth, at the final day. (Rev. 11:18)

Satan’s cohorts have remained busy destroying the processes and mechanisms that God had placed in Nature and which are now being coopted and taken over by the elite of this world, using inhuman and artificial means to lead people far away from God and in Satan’s clutches. From religion and morals to ideology and laws, from primary education to advance scientific and technological power, and from organic, human intelligence to unlimited, artificial intelligence, the evil drive to erase all vestiges of God’s Creation has all but made His originally-perfect and mighty works seem ineffective and powerless in the minds of so many. Satan has replaced God. Science has erased faith. Since the time humans again multiplied after the Great Flood, majority of those who have ruled blindly follow the dictates of Satan.

We know how criminal minds work; however, many have failed to decipher Satan’s modus operandi in many, if not all, of the major events in social, medical, scientific and political processes. In short, whereas the Promised Seed did indeed come to provide the cure for sin, suffering and death through undeniable proofs and solid evidences, the governments of this world have blindly refused to acknowledge the sovereignty of His revealed will in Creation. Humans instead turned God’s creatures into gods and, as a result, replaced God by the false god of this world — Satan. Let us review the lesson before the final reckoning comes; for Satan’s time is dangerously short.

Looking at it within the Curse-Cure Principle, we see how God called Moses to lead the Hebrew slaves out of Egypt. The curse of slavery upon the Hebrews in Egypt became a blessing or the cure from God when He used Moses, a former prince and now a leader of slaves, to break the power and pride of Pharaoh. Thus, God protected the slaves (people He had “cursed” to become slaves, in order to display His power through them) by sending plagues and death upon Egyptians (whom God was judging for their idolatry). So, the plagues visited Egypt but spared Goshen where the Hebrew slaves dwelt.

In the wilderness, the Hebrews became restless, as Moses tarried on the mountain with God to receive the laws, and then turned to idolatry by worshipping the golden calf of Egypt. Rejecting divine authority, some rebelled against God and chose Aaron, Moses’ older brother, to be their leader. The disgruntled people wholeheartedly agreed. To Joshua’s ears, the revelry they made sounded like war; but to Moses it was the sound of “sin in the camp”. In his anger, Moses destroyed the calf and fed it to the sinful people; and God sent a plague upon them. (Ex. 32) In this case, the idol became the literal “cure” and punishment upon the assembly for the purpose of purification through the removal of the cause — the curse of disobedience.

Further on, God sent poisonous vipers to attack the people when they grumbled because of the hard conditions in the desert. To save them from further death, Moses was told to build a pole with a bronze serpent on it so that anyone who looked toward it was healed. Again, the curse became the cure. (Numbers 21:4-9)

Fast-forward to the time of Hezekiah, some of the Israelites revived the brazen serpent of Moses and set it up on a high place where the people worshipped as an idol named Nehushtan, from Hebrew nahash, for serpent. King Hezekiah finally destroyed the image, along with many others in high places. (II Kings 18:4) We would think that that was the end of it. Not so.

The reason God may have allowed Moses to put up the brazen serpent was to lead the Hebrews to recognize the real source of all powers in the Universe. The 10 plagues should have been sufficient; however, their relapse to the golden calf proved it was not so. The slaves had long been accustomed to the worship of many gods, as their ancestors had done in Canaan where pagan idolatry ruled. Having also lived for 4 centuries in Egypt, many of those Hebrews must have participated in heathen rituals and practices. While Abraham, Isaac and Israel had found the one, true God, they were a minority among many tribal leaders in the surrounding lands. For in Egypt, the Hebrews had no law, no land of their own and no clear guidelines as to how to express worship other than to set up a rock altar in the field. Unlike the wealthy, powerful and sophisticated Egyptians who had majestic temples, noble priests and numerous gods, the Hebrews had a loose organic form of worship centered on one invisible God Who had not as yet fully revealed Himself to them.   

And while God began the process of revealing Himself to Moses on the mountain and showing His glory to the people through wondrous displays of His power, the Hebrews sinned. Egypt, to them, seemed to offer more security than Moses’ God. Ironically, they rejected God at that crucial moment of their transformation into becoming the chosen nation of God, a favored people who would receive a kingdom and a land of their own, full of wealth and prosperity. It seems that the brazen serpent was a compromise intended to be their Obedience 101 under Moses, their rightful leader whose word came from the only true powerful Healer. It was not the brazen serpent, not even Moses, but the truth that the God Who spoke and showed Himself to Moses was real and truly cared for them, confirming it in so many ways.

Jumping now to the Industrial Revolution, with modern science and modern medicine having replaced the once-organic and traditionally-recognized human immune system possessed by the ancient people through their natural lifestyle and diet, pharmacology and other medical procedures eventually became the newly-recognized approach to health and well-being. Along with this came the gradual degradation of the environment and the depletion of the former vital ecological balance that helped to sustain organic living of the ancient people in the beginning. And so, from the likes of Noah and Methuselah who lived to almost a thousand, we now have a much lowered average lifespan of 70 or so.

Sin, contrary to common belief, was not solely a personal moral weakness seen in the violation of laws apparently imposed on the early humans, such as Enoch and Noah, but also included a natural tendency to undergo physical decay or corruption. Meaning to say that when God said to Adam, “Cursed be the ground for your sake”, the forbidden food that he ate also led to the poisoning or corruption of the ground from which the food he will eat from then on would come. Simply said, each time he and Eve ate, they were constantly eating of the poison of the fruit (perhaps, in the form of an anti-gene that contained a degraded DNA program in plants). The Forbidden Fruit, perhaps not the tree itself, was probably cursed or biologically-defective even before it was eaten. However, the Tree of Life was not; because it fed on still uncorrupted ground. Eating the Fruit of the Tree of Life refreshed their bodies fully back to factory-setting. Good as new! But eating the Forbidden Fruit, or food from the ground, merely removed their hunger and satisfied their need for refreshing physical nourishment; but the eventual corruption of the ground led to gradual corruption of their bodies – thus, the process of aging began. For us today, the cells we inherited from our parents made us newly-born, healthy babies at the start; but, eventually, through the process of eating and living in a cursed world, we become sickly and finally die, unless something or someone kills us first.

The corruption that ultimately kills us, then, is two-faced; our spirits decay or die because of our own sins at the same time that our bodies age and then die. It seems the corrupted spirits (not their sin per se) of fallen Adam and Eve became the seed of life that they passed on to their children until now. And since there is a tendency for sin to multiply (more people, more sins), as in the time before the Flood, God found it necessary to renew or refresh the ground. Not to mention the human spirit. That rest and refreshing He gave through Noah (which means rest) was necessary because the corruption then was totally and irredeemably both spiritual and physical. In a literal sense, Heaven and Earth were under attack by the sins of fallen angels. This we will explain shortly. We only need to emphasize that compared to the pre-Flood era, the present level of corruption of the world could be even worse and may even be reaching unparalleled proportions that properly understanding what happened during the time of Noah will convince us how dire our present conditions are.  

In Part 1, we said the fallen angels directly brought about immorality, as well as physical corruption on humanity. Yes, our physical well-being is knitted closely to our spiritual well-being or our spiritual relationship with God! Because of sin, plagues and epidemics have visited the planet throughout the past and the present. Did the present so-called pandemic come “because of sin” or “through willful sin”? For it is clearly neither a pandemic nor a plague as it does not show the exact properties and effects of one. And there is a great possibility that it is, in fact, an intentional crisis. God uses others natural disasters to discipline humans; however, diseases can be easily manipulated by wicked humans to pursue nefarious objectives. Be careful then of those who come presenting themselves to be saviors through “great signs and wonders to deceive, if possible, even the elect.” (Matt. 24:24) For all you know, they could have caused the very problems they so proudly claim to eradicate for us.   

Vaccine became the cure-all offered by modern medicine from the time it was invented in 1796 by Dr. Edward Jenner, a British practitioner. He came upon the idea of injecting a child with the small pox virus from an infected cow and found that the boy did not contract the symptoms of the disease. Vaccine comes from the Latin word vacca, for cow. The medicine was eventually called vacuna (Spanish for vaccine). The sickness became the cure! That is modern medicine’s way of developing immunity. As a result, majority have forgotten that they have innate or natural immunity.  

Note that the reason Jenner came up with the idea was because he had heard a milkmaid boast that she would never get cow pox because she had it already. Meaning, one acquires organic defense through exposure to a virus and being healed naturally through one’s existing immunity. The unpopular approach taken by Sweden, which is called “herd immunity”, is based on this principle. Yet, the Scandinavian nation fared much better than many others which imposed lockdowns.  The body is designed to take a malicious organism – or a literal curse in physical form – and to use our built-in protective immune system to tame or destroy the ill-effects of that curse.

Jenner was essentially applying God’s natural and organic principle that allowed ancient people to live to almost a thousand or, at least, beyond a hundred or more. Scientists call perpetually-replicating genes as Methuselah genes, alluding to God’s legendary powers; yet, modern science prefers to give highest honors to Apollo through his son, Asclepius — or, is he perhaps, Amasras himself taking a more literarily-innocent persona from ancient Greek and Roman pop culture? The Greeks gave us science, philosophy and democracy; so why not include their medicine? The glory and wonders of Greece and the power and efficiency of Rome were recognized, then as now, as almost supernatural signs not attributable to mere humans but to gods who had indeed come to visit our frail human habitation in order to “save” and “empower” us. And so, we also feel safe today, as did the slaves in Egypt, being beholden to pagan gods and their magical priests for perpetuity. Forget God and Moses. Miracles and old magical arts are no match to modern, sophisticated “scientific” methods – or what Paul referred to as “so-called science”. (1 Tim. 6:20-21 KJV)      

We now conveniently say that God simply taught us to make use of modern science to apply the Curse-Cure Principle symbolized by the brazen serpent; that is, through medicine (and medicine alone) we can efficiently prevent sickness. Great, it seems so logical and innocent after all! A big score for science through human knowledge and expertise! For many scientists, whether God has a part in it or not is not an issue whatsoever. We all had measles or chicken pox as children. But a few did die; and for that reason, among others, the search for a vaccine for small pox and for every kind of viral infection began, including influenza. Yet, the past generations never had fear for flu. It came and went almost as often as a sore throat. Serious cases were almost always due to other comorbidities or accompanying systemic ailments.   

Statistically, for flu and its various strains of coronavirus, clinical findings prove that the survival rate is high, almost a hundred percent (99.5%) as proven in several countries during the early stages of Covid-19. Providing a vaccine that has 90% efficacy or less does not seem attractive at all, if natural immunity can be attained by those in low-risk groups. Perhaps, safe and time-proven vaccines can be required for those in the high-risk groups, such as the elderly. The way the protocols and restrictions are imposed, however, the consensus is that the cure is worse than the disease. Have we ever asked if this is consistent with God’s ways? Does He allow this at all? Of course not! But governments allow it. WHO, in fact, spearheads it. Why? We will provide the reasons just as if we were opening the wounds of a diseased mad cow.

The Israelites must have idolized Nehushtan (brazen serpent) as a god in order to seek cure from snakebites or some other ailments, in keeping with its historical powerful ability. Likewise, it would not be farfetched even today for people to revive or retain ancient beliefs and practices in their religious ceremonies. Think of Saturnalia, Mithraic rites and even a Babylonian mystery religion which John talks about in the final days. And this is exactly what we see happening today. Think of medicine as an extension of the ancient practice of pharmakeia (Greek for magic, sorcery and use of potions and drugs) developed and adapted into modern pharmacy and all its supposed across-the-counter prescriptions and on-the-table procedures meant to provide artificial immunity and lasting healing for the human body.

The modern practice of medicine owes it legitimacy to science as much as the theory of evolution owes its shaky foundation on Lyell’s Theory of Uniformitarianism. Having been given the eons and eons of time for the Earth to form through slow, uniform geologic changes, Darwin came up with the gradual development of organisms from simple to complex life-forms, including humans. And that is how God and His Creation lost the spotlight in the past two centuries or so of human development. Today, medicine has also sidestepped God and the gift of organic immunity He gave humans, thanks to the lucrative business which offers artificial immunity through vaccines and other drugs. If humans can do it alone, who needs God? Exactly what Stephen Hawking said when he concluded there is no need for a God in order for the Universe to exist.

Science, thanks to the fallen Watchers, has indeed become the default program for all human thinking today, for the individual, for the community and for the government. Whereas safe vaccines did prove effective in the past (while not disproving or removing the ability of the organic immunity of the body to defend itself, something research and history have amply proven all the while), the use of scare-tactics readily erases the valid doubts that many have on the efficacy of modern, crisis-ridden and corporate-profit-motivated vaccines. As kids, vaccines were given freely to schoolchildren. Today, they are as pricey and coveted as signature clothes or classy-restaurant meals.

This is not a matter of personal choice either. For the Hebrews in the desert, it was a choice between the Egyptian god, Apis, the golden calf or bull (vaca de oro), or the God of Moses. It was either to look at the brazen serpent and live, or die with the poison in your body. The vaccine (or what is actually the medicine of idolatry) is a mask that hides the true object of worship Who dwells in Heaven. Complete healing does not come from human-made tools. The real vaccine is faith, not Moses and the law, not the image of the serpent but obedience – to look up to the power of God and not to look down deep into the dark abyss where Satan and his fallen angels beckon. God was the power of the temporary serpent symbol in the desert. The curse is also the cure because God said so. However, today we fail to apply faith and to obey the simple common-sense principles of faith. How so?

Faith is the assurance of things hoped for and evidence of things not seen. (Heb. 11:1) The Hebrews lost faith in the desert. Many of us would have also. They merely needed visual proof that God could cure them. Hence, the brazen serpent. But proofs or signs are for the Jews and those who have faulty eyes or weak faith. The truly blessed people need not see but still believe deeply. To strengthen our eyes, we need to search the Scriptures which alone can open our minds. To strengthen our faith, we need to apply our faith. The milkmaid believed she would not contract cow pox. She was healthy and confident because of her faith. So, anyone who believes he or she is healthy and has immunity to overcome flu, as we have done so for centuries since Noah, does not need a vaccine. Christ healed those who believed He could heal them. (Matt. 9:27-31) If we believe God can heal us, will He not also do so today? And in the very same way He did before, minus devious and fallen satanic ways?

Consider the present medical statistics: 99.5% survival from Covid-19 is way much better than less than 70% survival from heavy smoking or 85% from diabetes and less than 88% from cancer. And yet, such ailments never received wide-scale impositions of protocols upon societies because the causes of those problems were industries that brought in so much money and their supposed cures made sure the industries were kept alive to do business. This pandemic, however, is of dubious origin and is poised on making unprecedented and gargantuan profits for Big Pharma. The golden cow also births golden calves! There’s mooo-lah in dem, mama! 

Perhaps, some have the compulsion to reach a 100% rate of survival. Only faith can give us that. Moses gave 100% protection from the Egyptian army. Christ gives 100% salvation from sin and death. What more do we need? But what faith has amounted to today is a matter of social decision, as in observing pagan religious rites and festivities. Or mere political decisions, as in voting for a candidate who approves abortion. Or, as in the present case, a mere medical decision: If it provides one a certain amount of protection from a fake and fearful pandemic, fine. Whatever protection is available, no matter how small, we should have it. But, there is no real assurance from this cursed world, to be blunt about it.

Look clearly at where all this is coming from and you will see what history will reveal. Who has Nehushtan or Caduceus or the Brazen Serpent as its vaunted logo poised over the whole Earth? WHO?! No matter how you picture it, it is the same serpent of old that provided the healing to ancient peoples. Whether you are a Christian or not, seeing that symbol of authority and badge of legitimacy assures you that there is more to medicine and science than meets the eye. Moses knew what God was doing with the brazen serpent. Do we now? He knew it was a replica of his miraculous staff which he turned into a serpent. Egyptians worshipped animals, something the Hebrews could also relate to. But the principle was a vitally-crucial and deeply-important lesson to be learned by newly-born babes in the wilderness before God was going to inaugurate temporary, Mosaic kingdom-laws through a new nation, Israel. (A new and better Kingdom was still afar off, one we can now have and savor.) The fact that those Hebrews failed the 40-year sojourn in the desert proved they needed more time. Or, they simply did not deserve to enter the Promised Land. For only a few of the young were allowed to enter. Not even Moses made it.

If you feel it is your right and even duty to protect yourself with a vaccine, go ahead. But if you do not believe it to be part of the ancient plan to incorporate the world under the magisterium of the wicked rulers of the air using religion, ideology and with the enforcement by technology-enslaved human governments, then your vaccine-extended life may become a fleeting journey through the wilderness. You have manna, you have healing, and you have water, as well as no-wash-all-wear clothes. But you do not yet tread the land of milk and honey. You may have 40 years or so to wander some more in circles; but the final destination is nowhere near the final rest for your soul that God promised.

The martyrs knew they had 100% certainty of death in the lion’s mouth or the fire of persecution. But they had 100% assurance of faith in seeing God and His salvation. Covid-19 may seem like a dreaded disease to us; but, for those martyrs, the fangs of the lion would seem meeker than the bleeding vaccine needle of Asclepius or Amasras. Both are as vicious and deadly in their final result; but the lion will not infect with the world’s idolatry. The curse of the lion is a liberating release of death; but the curse of the present dispensation of wicked powers is full of abominations we will see unleashed before the return of Christ.

Satan’s Deadly Double-Curse

The warning has been made. Do not look at things at face value. Everything from Satan is a lie. Deception has never been as prevalent and effective than as it is now. Media and all their tools have been put to full use by the powers-that-be. As in ancient times, lying wonders from the ancient, dark secrets hidden today by wicked, fallen spirits within science, technology and medicine aim to mesmerize and victimize millions of souls.

Only the Spirit can help us see clearly. Read the Word while you still can.

All these are happening because of the pride of life and lust for wealth and power. Favorite baits of Satan to entice humans. Firstly, things have become business decisions. But in so doing, they also incorporate morality or ideology to turn things into a question of loyalty to human authority. Working together, business and religion now partner with corrupt governments to subdue populations using their branded Curse-Curse Principle. The second death is that: a double curse. You die first in the body then, next, in the spirit, far from the grace of God. And in violation of God’s will. And so, what people would like to simplify as a social, political, business or even religious question that is easily resolved by acceding to the authorities, believers must now turn it into a question of faith and present these facts and evidences as to what they are really up to and who they really are — not the people themselves but who they serve and obey. In reality, they serve wicked spirits who have once tormented Noah and his family before and after the Flood and continue to do so as God has allowed them to reveal themselves as they really are in our times. It takes much discernment; but not as much as before because knowledge has increased. One needs only to see, listen and ponder seriously. Be alert! Satan prowls like a lion. Or a serpent. Either way, he kills with violence the body and spirit.  

The world today is not ready for these spirits in the way the ancient people were. The prophets battled against real demons and monsters. Christ dealt with wicked legions of demons and even submitted to them for our sake. But their time has been called soon. Whether you believe or accept it or not, the Word has spoken. Behold, I am coming quickly. (Rev. 22:12-13) This was spoken 2,000 years ago. If a thousand years is like a day to God, then a lot could happen in 2 days for us also. For a decade from today will certainly be quicker than the whole of human history. And much is bound to happen from hereon. 2020 began the march. Or, to show how paganism still works, the Ides of March, which coincided with “the first full moon of the new year” in the ancient calendar and which the Romans celebrated through the settling of debts, is really a subtle way of honoring the god of war, Mars (the root of March) through the ushering in of the new year or, in this case, a New World Order. This “pandemic” was practically launched in March 2020. 2021 could well be the official declaration of these spirits to reveal themselves and their exact plans as their expected resurgence of their dark schemes is certain. We have shown what they do, who they are and what they really are in the eyes of God; we only need to see and hear them say it is so themselves. God has said it is so since the beginning of time. We merely echo His words. But His enemies’ plan to launch their final assault against His Kingdom has been long overdue as well. God will reveal the anti-Christ in our time; there have been many before. But the march toward the final days and through the Final Battle could begin soon, if it has not already done so. Be aware of it.

The life we have today hangs on our faith on God or our faith to the ruler of this world. Will we live today in the wilderness or in the Promised Land? Are we in God’s Kingdom or in Satan’s dominion? If you do not know the answer or assume you know, check if you are correct. Test, test and test! Do not be like others who rush their answers and solutions and jab them into people for profit. Or better still, test whether you already have the immunity (or FAITH, which is more important) that will allow you to come out victorious through all this period of reckoning.

Beware and beware of a rabid dog who knows no Master or Maker! His VIRUS is worse than his virus! If these articles seem very presumptuous and harsh on people you know so well or respect and hold in great deference because of their experience, expertise and integrity; there is only one response: No one can be more experienced, knowledgeable and holy than God. It is time to call people and their deeds as they really are. Christ called the Pharisees vipers, hypocrites, murderers and sons of the devil because their deeds and their means truly came from Satan, the Father of Lies, Unrighteousness and Depravity. (Matt. 23) But words could not put them to shame; not then, not now. They only sought further to kill Christ and did so, proving His words to be true and right.

Pretending the deeds and means of the rulers of this world are benevolent and truthful would make us hypocrites as well. The death Satan tries to prevent from happening is exactly what he plans to accomplish. As Eve and Adam grievously realized: You will not surely die! Today, those words are being echoed all over the world. You will not surely die! And this is the same half-truth sold in the Garden to our parents. Why? Because they are giving us 50%, 70% or even 90% chance of not dying! Thanks to modern science! Thanks to Asclepius and his tribe! Remember: Satan’s Curse-Curse Modus Operandi is a double-edged trap. They are actually saying: The alternative 50%, 30% or 10% chance of dying is not our fault; in fact, you cannot sue us in case you do. In short, they know – and we know – we will all die anyway; but they need our money before we do die. After that, it is not their concern if we survive the second death. Why? Because that is exactly what they gravely want to avoid from happening. Curse-Curse is the devil’s ultimate goal (for us to die physically and spiritually); but he pretends to be using Curse-Cure (we will physically but we can live for eternity) to confuse and deceive us. Remember: Each time Satan promises to give life, he is lying. The serpent is cunning; but we can still outwit him, but only through the Spirit of Truth.

If this is not sufficient to expose Satan – and we know it is not — go read God’s Word. It is still free and available. Unless or until Big Tech also prohibits it. Time is not running short for us. Only for Satan. We have eternity to live with God. But he only has time until time itself will wind down for him. Who would want to be with him? The simple and secure thing to do is to stop listening to the dictates of this world which is totally under his control. The Word, the Word, the Word of God is the only light and power of life and healing we need against this present worldly assault we undergo. Burn the golden calf! Burn the brazen serpent! Resist the roaring lion! Faith is our victory!

Trust in God through Yahusha, His Son and our Savior, Who reigns with Him in Heaven and Who is coming again to claim His Kingdom and to establish it in His glorious presence, along with the mighty, holy angels.

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