How to Wage War against Spiritual Powers – Part 5 (How to Free Ourselves from the Influence of Evil Spirits and Become More Effective Warriors)

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Yahusha driving out Satan (Detail from a bronze door, Piazza del Duomo, Pisa)

The power to command demons is as true and as real as our names being written in the Book of Life. Both come from Yah and are granted according to His will and our faith. If you are not sure your name is not written there, how can you have any power over demons and their evil deeds in your life? Powerful humans who rule unrighteously are controlled by demons. Yes, we must obey righteous laws. But unrighteous decrees are demonic and must be resisted (in spiritual ways) for Yah has given us that power by the Spirit. Yahusha already overcame the power of death and grants His authority over demons as reigning King in Heaven. Who will face off with demons on Earth? Only angels? Yet these demons attack us directly. Should we not also be ready and armed to defend ourselves? We do have the armory of Yah, unless we are naked, poor and blind because we do not believe. (Eph. 6:10-18; Rev. 3:14-19)

We have not fully defined what Power and Command signify and what practical applications they have in our lives, for it is generally assumed, and rightly so, that only Yah has the prerogative to use them, not us. Power means the “ability to do or act; capability of doing or accomplishing something” and can include physical, emotional, ideological or spiritual manifestations of that ability to produce corresponding changes in life. The power of a horse pulling a cart has eventually led us to the hundreds of equivalent “horsepower” propelling a race car. On the other hand, we feel strongly the immense emotional power of a beautiful piece of music even coming from tiny speakers. Or, consider the power that emanates from the authority of a respected leader, whether human or not, who can move people or nations to believe and act according to certain words or principles espoused.

While Command means “authority, control or order”, in a way, it can be synonymous to Power, from some of the examples given, such as a moving symphony or the teachings of a fiery preacher. And it does not even have to be soothing music, for wild music can compel people to become violent or do some other crazy things. For command need not be specific or direct, as in a mother telling a child to brush his teeth. It can be a mere stare or a smile that is so full of meaning that words are unnecessary. A wave of a hand or a single note from a bugle can cause a whole army to rush headlong into a bloody battle. While Power may be often invisible or not obvious, command shows itself through words, signs, sounds, feelings or ideas that simply await the right stimulus to be released to wield the hidden Power needed to accomplish certain goals through specific actions.

In short, gunpowder and words both possess different forms of Power that have different effects, but the applications of these 2 distinct things will also vary according to their use as determined by the one who has the Command over their use. A person can, therefore, order a manufacturer to make dynamite using gunpowder that traders sell to fishermen who will then use it to catch fish. The Power of words, as we see, is more than explosive, for they bring about many changes. The Power of things, therefore, is completely dependent on the Power of someone who has the Command as to how they are made, used and promoted to bring about changes, good or bad, in the world.

And so, this brings us to the time when Yah, by the Power of His Word and by the expression of His spoken Command, brought about the Universe into existence: Let there be light! And so on. How do we differentiate the Power and Command of Yah, in this case? Was it the Word or the Command that created all things? In like manner, what gave Power to His Command to Adam and Eve not to eat of the poisoned fruit? His being Divine? His being Creator? His being Father? His being Provider? Or His Love? All of those, apparently, for they obeyed in the beginning. And all those never disappeared or diminished when they disobeyed. His Power and Command remained still; but they were transformed into a disciplinary or corrective or saving Plan using the same Power and Command of His Word. By His Power and Command, they were cursed, they were driven out and eventually died. But He also provided a way of salvation through the Power and Command of His Word. It is no wonder Yahusha is called Logos or Word. His Word also has Power and Command. No, He is the very manifestation of Yah’s Power and Command in human form.

What did Yahusha give His disciples? The Power and Command over demons. That is, they could heal the sick, drive away demons and subdue their enemies through various manifestations of delegated Power and Command. How many today can claim they have the Power and Command to do the same things? If we are truly engaged in a spiritual war, are we fully trained, armed and determined to wage that war? Where and how do we get that training, in the first place?

The disciples got theirs by being, talking and living with Yahusha for 3 years. Do 14 years or so of schooling provide us with the same training? Or 2 years in a seminary or 5 months of Bible studies? Would 10 years attending church do? It all depends on the degree of Power and Command that Yah manifested in your life. If we merely sat and listened during Sunday worship-hour for 12 years and never took the effort to harness the true measure of His love and grace, we would be like riding on a weak and sickly horse that cannot travel for more than 2 miles. It all depends then on our input from His might and the output from our own might. If we buy 7 pieces of bread and 5 fishes to give to the poor, we can only feed a family or two with them. But if we had the Power and Command of Yah, we would be able to feed 4,000.

That is all fine and good, for Yahusha has the might to prove His supreme, spiritual Power and Command that we can never emulate. The impossible belongs to God. Yet, our faith can be like that of a mustard seed that can also do the impossible. Do we still do not see the point?

Consider Solomon. He observed Nature as God’s provisions and creation and served God for a while. He later sub-served Nature by using it as a means to satisfy only his needs (vanity) and ended up unserving God. As the first scientist, artist, entrepreneur and corporate executive, he amassed wealth and pleasures to satisfy his worldly desires; and he applied his knowledge to unserve (enslave) people in order to preserve his vanity. Solomon tried to do the impossible according to his own ways. He eventually regretted everything he had done. Before he died, Solomon made his peace with God. (Eccl. 12:9-14)

The rich people and nations today merely follow Solomon’s steps in using Nature, science, art, enterprise and corporations to pursue their ungodly agenda and by doing their own wonderful and impossible things using wicked, spiritual power. Like Solomon, they oppress and enslave people. But unlike Solomon, they resort to murder. Before they kill more people, God will wage a final war against this vile and corrupt elite class to save as many as He can. Today, we face such a real war that requires us to rally behind Yah in order to harness His Power and Command to undo the works of wicked spirits.

We cannot be as powerful and wealthy as Solomon. In fact, the ones we are supposed to face in this war are the ones who follow his steps to selfish vanity and ultimate world dominion. These are people who will lose their souls to gain the whole world – even our lives, if they could. Do we have time to doubt the Power and Command of Yah? To question whether He will unleash His might through our own lives in order to undo the corruption of this world? Or do we dilly-dally from preparing for His return with His angels in the final battle to regain His authority over all Creation and all people?

By the Power and Command of Yahusha, Saul transformed from a murderer to a servant of Yah. Yes, he trained for 3 years or so. But with anyone who has had at least 18 years on this Earth, and with all the resources we now have, do we have the luxury to make excuses and say we can never be ready to face off with the demons that are destroying our freedom, our rights and our communities? Still do not see who these demons are and how they operate?

We watch movies of ghosts, monsters, mutants, ETs, humanoids, robots and sub-humans and do not think angels and demons are real enough and are indeed influencing us directly today because they have Power and Command from their respective commanders? Yes, Satan also has power and command over his angels and demons. He learned from Yah and caused all this mess in the Universe. The animés or games played online are strongholds of Satan where he plants corrupt values that divert the youth and also adults from engaging in the real war for our lives. Spending our time wisely by arming ourselves with the right values and weapons will serve us and our family much more greatly. So with all the porn videos, inane variety shows and mindless telenovelas – demons lurk behind them, enslaving the gullible youth mostly. We say this with concern and love, not in judgment; for Yah wants to save lives and recruit souls to the real fight for His Creation. If He fights for our happiness and salvation; would we not want to fight for the happiness and salvation of others as well? If we are saved, would we not reach out to the unsaved?

How do we begin? Use the Power and Command of Yah to finally drive away demons from your life and surroundings. Just as He said, “Get behind Me, Satan”, tell demons to get behind Yahusha. Beware! Not behind you, because he can still outwit you from there. But behind Yahusha, Satan and demons are powerless. Keep your eyes on Him. And if we do face demons, a stare or a wave can be very powerful, through faithful prayer. Uttered in sincere faith and with strong conviction, the Word of Yah applied in any situation can help us turn around things in life. With a solid and united front of believers marching with Yahusha against Satan and his wicked spirits, we can overcome the world and triumph against the powers and principalities that rule in heavenly places.

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