How to Wage War against Spiritual Powers – Part 6 (Applying Yah’s Power and Command over Demonic Spirits)

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Yahusha casts out a demon from a dumb man, by painter James Tissot, 19th century.

If you were a martial artist, you are usually pitted against a similarly trained and classified opponent in terms of weight, experience and style, although extreme or mixed forms have taken away such boundaries. In street-fighting, however, you may encounter a stronger or weaker opponent, and end up winning or lying on the gutter. Measuring your enemy’s power requires wisdom.

In spiritual warfare, no boundaries exist, although many think it to be harmless and unimportant, for either they assume Yah takes care of everything for them or it is not part of their job description. Yet the enemy wants nothing more than to crush the Creation of Yah that we are. But he does not make it appear as so. He sweet-talks people to appreciate beauty, taste goodness and enhance their self-image in a bid to focus on a life that is better than what they have. In a cursed world, nothing can ever become better, because this world is fading away. Satan succeeded in his first sales pitch to Eve, who was thus tempted. But remember: Adam was not deceived by Satan to sin but Eve. (1 Tim. 2:14) Satan is the Tempter and Deceiver. Eve was tempted, was deceived and, thus, sinned. We can say she did not willfully tempt and deceive Adam but merely convinced him that the fruit was indeed delicious and desirable to know good and evil — and she did eat and found out it was so without dying! She was now acting as an apprentice of the serpent, passing on a wicked idea that had caused her to sin. The Power and Command of Satan were at work in her. She had been deluded and her excitement over her newfound knowledge simply flowed out of her mouth. So, she took the fruit and gave it to Adam. But Adam also took it from her and ate it. Likewise, we need not face Satan but his demons or demon-possessed messengers for us to also fall into sin. 

Because Adam “listened to the woman”, he was cursed. The corrupted Power and Command that Eve passed on, therefore, also worked on Adam. (Perhaps, that settles the eternal question who is the real commander in many homes today – no, not woman but Satan!) Yah had cursed the serpent, then Eve. The proof and admission of sin came from the very mouth of Eve; Adam’s report was not passing on the blame on Eve but merely telling what happened, as Apostle Paul seems to suggest. (Gen. 3:13) And so, the sentence of death fell upon them both at that moment.

After his initial success, Satan continued with his sinister deeds, bringing more people to follow his leading. Many merely assume that we are all helpless under his temptations. But that is a wrong assumption for 2 reasons. First, the curse has been undone and, for those of us who believe, we can be reset or refreshed into the same condition that Adam and Eve were in their perfect freedom in the Garden. In fact, we can be better off, because it appears that they had no angel or the Spirit to guide them in making their decisions. They only had one Command coming from the Power of Yah for they dealt with Him face-to-face. Their free will may have been absolutely their own, that is, perfect, original and unconditional, unlike ours which, although we think we can choose whatever we wish, carries with it the whole weight of Yah’s Truth, Power, Command, World History, human experience and the promise of Divine Judgment upon our shoulders.

It seems then that the Knowledge of Good and Evil that Adam and Eve passed on to us has, ironically, become a blessing we can harness to our advantage. How so? We now know and see good and evil in the world, do we not? TV and media spread that knowledge like lightning. Today, we know were demons keep busy entrapping souls – the Web. Yet, with all our advantages and education, humans remain unconvinced of Yah’s Power and Command. Satan now knows more fully how to work within a cursed world to promise a better life. We think phones are neat? Wait till we have ESP on-command — that will be power we will never wake up from or sleep out of.

Yahusha had absolute free will as well. While He had the Spirit in fullness, He believed and was in total agreement with the Spirit’s revealed Truth by His (Yahusha’s) own will. So with every person: When the will of Yah becomes perfectly our own will, we also attain that absolute will – just as Adam and Eve had at first. (Rom. 121-2) We attain a refreshing in Yah – always! For free will is not mere freedom to choose but the power to act. Having the Truth of the Spirit enables us; however, we make the final crucial step to move and act by His righteousness. We are not robots! Yah feels our weaknesses and gives us strength, but not the personal will to decide and the individual ability to act. True character consists of those two virtues. Our mothers had to teach us to eat and our fathers had to teach us to work until we could become fully independent. Yah alone can teach us to engage and succeed in spiritual warfare. Power and Command are His alone.

The second reason is that having taken away the curse and given us guidance and strength, we are more prepared than Adam and Eve to confront and not be easily swayed by demonic powers. In a corrupted world, while we may be reduced versions of our first parents, we are, in truth, refreshed and new creations molded in the image of the Ruach Ha’ Kodesh Who shares the same glory with Abba Yahuah and Yahusha Masshiach. Elohim living in us in this world already assures us of victory even now.      

Adam and Eve did face a great temptation, but ours is no less in magnitude. We have more tools than they had, more support from Heaven and a better promise for we are the first to receive pardon and access to the Kingdom. But we shall all meet Yahusha at His return. Yes, they faced the serpent and talked to it. Yahusha conversed with Satan in the desert. The Apostles drove out many demons that they met. Do we even consider the reality of demonic powers working in our lives today? How ready are we to face them? Or have we welcomed them into our lives and our homes where they dwell comfortably and securely from righteous angels wishing to deliver our souls from bondage?

Identifying demonic manipulations as we said requires using the Power and Command of Yah through our speech and actions. Yahusha often rebuked or condemned people who erred. Today, diplomacy and political correctness have given demons a way to lower our standards of truthfulness and righteousness for fear of offending people’s feelings. Group chats have self-appointed guardians policing grammar errors, dogmatism, gender bias, and all other socially-offensive talk. MSM, FB and YT have fact-checkers ready to censor and cut off dissidents. What is next? Well, after we have had doctors and officials telling us how to breathe, how to wash hands, and how to behave at home and in public, we expect some people with demonic Power and Command will tell us who can buy and who cannot buy, who will travel and who will not, who will vote and who will not. And, as prophesied, who will live and who will die, and, eventually, who will not die. Yes, your free will to face your Creator will even be denied. Yah knows all the tactics of Satan even before he does them; but who listens to His Word or follow His Power and Command?

Free will and freedom were the first victims the serpent targeted for elimination. Everything else follows. Twist humans to claim unguided, absolute free will and freedom and the whole Creation crumbles. That is, in simple terms, lead them to freely choose for themselves and, thereby, sin while they are unaware they are actually taking poisoned substances. We still live outside of Eden – the curses on of Eve and Adam still work for those us all but those who believe have the promise of release from satanic bondage.

But in order for people to unknowingly give up their freedom, they must first believe a delusion that convinces them their free will or their freedom is less important than the general good. “Concern for the safety of others and for yourself” is the new Golden Rule, except that gold is the hidden god (personified Mammon – their real master) that wields Power and Command over nations today. Compassion has not only been magically misdirected or misapplied but, more so, emasculated that it does not have any power at all other than to let people be led blindly by deceivers. By separating and confining people, supposedly to protect them, they lose touch with one another and the opportunity to inform and help one another to avoid the evil schemes being implemented. Yes, even the dead are readily disposed of. Go figure!

Delusion is the true, fatal disease and infection of the world today. Cancer has been medically and organically proven as not a disease but a condition caused by deficiency of nutrients and proper health maintenance. And so, it continues to be treated by chemicals and drugs, not organic nutrition and natural lifestyle. In the same way, pride of life is the inordinate love for self and the desire for temporal glory. And the wealthy elite and rulers, secular or not, who are gravely afflicted by it continue to be treated with respect, honor and even adoration as worldly gods, which they are, for many are demon-possessed who attract other demon-led followers. For demons in a person can indeed move to a herd of swine by the Power and Command of Yahusha. But who told them to enter the person, in the first place? Learn how the enemy works and you can avoid their tricks. Only when these wealthy, possessed people can receive organic healing and saving grace from Yah in their hearts will they be set free, with the rest of the deceived world.

Indeed, demon-possessed leaders now rule over us indeed. The only way to resist them is to claim the Power and Command of Yah to protect us and our families. As the Hebrews painted the blood of the lamb on their doorposts, we must also claim the saving blood of Yahusha to arm us with organic faith and organic love to remove demonic influences within us and around us.

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