How to Wage War against Spiritual Powers – Part 4 (How Humans Commit Sin through the Machinations of Evil Spirits)

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Paul Anka’s “Adam and Eve” (In the Garden of Eden), 1960 (Courtesy of YouTube)

I must have first heard the story of Adam and Eve from this song by Paul Anka in 1960. Only some years later did I read the first few Genesis chapters and, much later on, the whole Bible. Today, people must have probably heard and read the story a thousand times or more. But do we really know what it means?

Enoch and Moses were faithful and true witnesses of the story, as Yah Himself told them the story and, perhaps, along with some visuals (visions, that is) to help them appreciate the reality that once was and the future generations to come. Words are enough for the wise, yet, as unwise as we were in our early age or even in our mature years, we could use a lot of concrete proof in the face of so many other possible scenarios of the Universe’s origins.

Adam and Eve needed no faith; they only needed to open their eyes and what they saw and Who they talked to make up their reality – their whole world view, literally. If you were the Creator, how would you have done it? Use a state-of-the-art, Windows-run, 3-D printer? We know many who would use magic or sorcery, along with some tech tools. Many of them do not even believe Eden existed – or, at least, that is the lie they would tell you. But Yah did what was best for humans and made them as Enoch and Moses had written. Likewise, those who thought Creation was not good and needed revision did what they had done then in the beginning and continue to do so until now, using science, sorcery and magic to lead as many people away from the Truth.

We have seen how the fallen angels taught sub-humans dark, secret arts that have corrupted humans and the Earth till now. Adam and Eve’s fall from grace caused Yah to set up a plan to save them and their children from further corruption through the coming of the Promised Seed or Masshiach. It is an ongoing spiritual war between Yah and wicked spiritual powers manipulating humans and the physical world, one we cannot escape from being engaged in and which we can only win by being on the side of Genuine Truth and Real Power. Everything else is False and Pretentious, particularly when we talk about human teachings, human governments and grandiose worldly schemes. True, it is a difficult task to tell which is which and, more so, to avoid the dictates of corrupt governments and many false doctrines. Many of us were after all born or trained to believe and act certain ways.

But in a state of war, where your life is clearly on the line, drastic measures and intense discipline are required to know how the real enemies work and, most importantly, who the sure victor in this conflict is. Still not easy? History has proven time and again that the Father in Heaven has always hated falsehood, immorality and rebellion in His dealings with all humans. And even if you live in a communist country where the narrative rejects spiritual realities and highlights corrupt or distorted values, the innate power of the conscience to determine right from wrong has given people many new possibilities based on universal principles that have worked during the darkest chapters of human history. Which nation does not have selfless, noble and true heroes?  

Enoch and Moses could not have been mere copycats or cunning fictionists who began a hoax that the ancient world bought wholesale; for they were, in fact, faithful servants of an all-loving Creator Who knows how to engage in a war for the mind and the soul and not an ignorant commander or a non-existent figment of the imagination of smart swindlers and manipulators.

The first and final confrontation in any conflict or war arises from the question of who should have power or command over a person, a family, a community, a population or a nation. Yes, it all started with one person questioning who she would obey – the Creator or the serpent-deceiver. Eve knew the issue all the while and gave the right response: the command, the action and the consequences of doing right and doing wrong. Do not eat or eat, live or die. (Gen. 3) Was Yah to remain the Master and the Owner of one’s life or not? If not, death eliminates the relationship and the benefits of that relationship. Adam followed suit and put the curse upon himself, his family and the whole world. The same process happens for a city, a people and a nation. The leaders, therefore, of cities, of a whole population or of the world will either surrender their power and allegiance to Yah or to someone else, along with all the people.

What happened to Eve and Adam also happened to Yahusha in the wilderness. Up to the point of temptation, that is. If we also resist the temptations of evil spirits and invoke the power of the Word of Yah, the demons will depart from us. (Matt; 4:1-11) Power and Command can only come from the mouth of Yah, and we live and exist by them, nothing else. Not bread, not gold, not money, not political power and certainly not wicked spiritual power through sorcery, magic or corrupt, technology. Eve and Adam only had to say NO in the face of tasty food, as we all should in the face of so many delicacies and delights in the world. David said NO in the face of a wretched giant who was cursing Yah, as we all should in the face of demons who want to deny us of the organic healing power of Yahusha in our bodies through faith in Him. Daniel said NO in the face of a fiery death, as we all should in the face of imprisonment or being locked inside the home.      

Yes, Eve only had to say she had enough good food and good life in Paradise and not eat the forbidden fruit. But the serpent was indeed a cunning or subtle animal for it knew how to entice woman and man. Let us study more closely.

What did Eve know, in the first place? She knew Yah created and gave them all they had in life, the goodness and the joy. She also knew the fruit would cause her death. But did she know what death was? Not as an experienced knowledge but as a future possibility based on her actions. Yes, she knew she had the power over her own life and her own death. What she did not know was how the serpent was using what she already knew into something she did not have to follow. The serpent said she would not die, even if she knew she would die. But he went beyond that. He said Yah knows that when you eat, you will become like Him – that is, knowing good and evil. Or having the power of Yah Himself to know all things and yet not be subject to death. One small step at a time, he led Eve away from her divine, common sense – it was what she, Adam and Elohim all had in common. Next time you define “common sense”, use that scenario.

All of a sudden, death did not make Eve fear the poisoned fruit. It gave her the potential of knowledge, of life and of power. To be like Yah. She was completely diverted from her own knowledge that came from Yah and the inheritance she had as a daughter of Yah. She was already like Yah – in spirit, that is — as well as in mind, IF SHE REMAINED IN AGREEMENT WITH HIS COMMAND. Humans easily forget what they are and what they have because the wily demons know how to manipulate their minds by twisting words and commands, more so, established truths they already know. The universal truths we mentioned have been mythicized or made into fables or fairy tales not for adult consumption but only for kids and the ignorant – if not, for scholars and academicians, many of whom do not believe the original story at all. The values that built societies have been distorted and replaced by new concepts and methods devoid of organic or natural foundation in Creation but in humanistic inventions and processes meant to deliver and enslave us to no one else but the serpent in the Garden.

Satan never changes his strategies, only his appearances and tools to keep his image as the professional, well-educated and science-savvy character that has the right answers to all the problems humans have today. Today, he uses a simple microbe to cause people to cower in fear and surrender their “common sense” of sanity and intelligence, not to mention organic faith in the Creator, and surrendering everything to the agents of Satan who come promising protection in exchange for their freedom, rights and life. For every time Satan promises life and security, he lies through his grin and breath. If you still do not know who Satan is and who he brings to your life bringing these lies, then you have not been inducted into the army of Yahusha. In fact, you may admit to knowing Yahusha, as many do, but you are, in fact, with a retinue of people who have been misled to follow Satan’s demons who teach another gospel. Again, each time Satan offers even a life of piety, holiness and salvation, he lies. Look at the fruits of the givers, not their promises. More often than not, they are poisonous.  

Religion is the best weapon of Satan. Yahuah, on the contrary, never taught religion but a New and Living Way. Eating poisoned food and using artificial, unorganic means are the religion of demons. We saw how Enoch proved that. For religion corrupts. Yahusha condemned the Pharisees and scribes because they had corrupted the Temple and Judaism. Religion kills. Yahusha called those men true murderers, in the ancient past, on Calvary, and in the present. (Matt. 23:29-36) On the other hand, the New and Living Way puts the believer in an intimate fellowship with Yah through the Ruach indwelling that person. Minus religion and its many burdensome requirements. Any priest or teacher who comes between you and the Ruach (Spirit) is a brittle glass pane of pretense or a shady wall of restriction that deprives you of the refreshing wind He offers freely to you. The Ruach Ha’ Kodesh (Holy Spirit) is sufficient to deliver the Power of the Word into your life and to enable you to harness the gifts that will allow you to overcome demons and negate all their wily tricks in and around your life.

Finally, religion controls through human or humanistic knowledge and methods. The only method of Yah is that which He Himself accomplishes through “love from a pure heart, from a good conscience, and from sincere faith”, and it is not even written in code books or taught in cathechism classes or seminaries. The Ruach teaches and writes in our hearts, nowhere else. (2 Cor. 3:3) You can fill all your eyes and minds with YouTube and online webinars or courses; but the heart will only operate at optimum peak when all true knowledge is expressed through pure agape under the direction of Yah’s power and command. Without that energizing supernatural burst of heavenly light, all human learning is like decaying dried leaves.

The spiritual warfare we engage is one where Yah will deliver His enemies to us by His might, not ours, as in the case of Joshua, Elijah and David. What caused Adam and Eve to fall but failed to affect Yahusha, He will fortify us against. The “lust of the flesh” we feel, through hunger or fleshly desires, tempts us to obtain power and command over things, or over Nature, to fulfill our uncontrollable passions and greed. The “lust of the eyes” we see, through wealth, luxury, glory or the beauty of Creation we observe, tempts us to acquire the power and command over all things and even evil spirits to fulfill our ultimate desire for selfish ambitions. The “pride of life” we nurture, through social, political, economic and religious control of others, tempts us to wrest power and command from Yah to own the whole Earth. All these 3 are at work today upon all of us. For the spirit of the anti-masshiach lusts for the Power and Command of Yah, and works through all humans using the same ancient formula. From Eve to me and to you, the equation is: Eat + Sin = Die. (1 John 2:16)

The Power and Command of Yah’s Word alone can save us from poisoned food and unorganic, artificial human teachings, dogmas, techniques and protocols. As Yahusha Himself had done, begin to speak the power in the Word of Yah directly to demons and to people controlled by wicked spirits and they will flee far from you. It works every time, whether you are sick or not, whether you are weak or strong, whether you are alone or with others. Yah’s Word is your only true weapon.

You can be a conqueror: Drive away demons from your life and from your home in the name of Yahusha. And to do that effectively, you must first learn to free yourself from the influence of demons.           

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