How to Wage War against Spiritual Powers – Part 3 (What Forbidden Dark Secrets Did the Wicked Angels Teach Humans?)

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If there is one thing we need to realize these days, it is that during the days of Noah, before Yahuah finally executed His plan to destroy and cleanse the world, the fallen angels had sired hybrid humans, who corrupted the world and who further dehumanized it through interbreeding with other humans, just as the angels had done, producing other various sub-human creatures who all practiced the forbidden secret arts of the fallen angels. (Consider the many distinct kinds of diseases, frailties, depravity, immorality and manifestations of evil possession Yahusha dealt with and we will see how those creatures operate till now. Examples: dumb spirit, spirit of infirmity, lying spirit, spirit of pride, spirit of adultery, etc.) (Rom. 8:38) Knowing and understanding this will show that the present use of genetic engineering and other advanced technology to alter many aspects of human life and the whole geophysical environment to usher in a world order that is completely different from Yah’s original Creation will also bring about the final cleansing of this world through fire, not water. These demon-possessed people are unwittingly asking for it.

We, therefore, need to familiarize ourselves with the forbidden secret arts Enoch divulged and which today are still being practiced, refined and disguised into an accepted secretive science only a few highly-placed and elite individuals and corporations have access to (as they finance it for their own hidden agenda); and they alone know as to the ultimate goals. The scientists, researchers, investors, employees, workers, citizens, officials and governments who unknowingly promote the wonderful promises of those angelic knowledge (the “power, signs and lying wonders” of Satan – 2 Thess. 2:9) serve wicked spirits which now rule this world through lies and who keep themselves hidden by eliminating Enoch’s testimony of their monstrosities.

The fact that these wicked spirits have succeeded in overrunning the world with their many teachings, ideologies, philosophies, theories and doctrines in all fields of studies from primary to post-graduate levels, makes it difficult to convince 1 or 2 persons as to the gravity of the situation we find ourselves in today. And this includes religious leaders whom millions follow, readily forgetting that Satan has always used religious leaders to entrap the lambs into his fold of lies, pretenses and hypocrisy. Beware, false, pious Pharisees, priests and teachers will lead you where sub-humans feed on literal flesh. Your body is the final battlefield where they plan to establish their final claim, for your blood is so precious that Yahusha Himself came to purify it with His own. So, if you cannot defend what He worked hard and died for to redeem and preserve, you are unworthy to bear His name.

And just as Yahusha found Himself alone facing the Pharisees and scribes in His holy calling to awaken the Israelite nation up to the point of being rejected by the leaders and the masses, anyone calling out people to the resurgence of the sub-human beings of Noah’s time in our times will suffer the same rejection and persecution. For Noah and his family alone had remained the only humans who had not been stained by the seed of the serpent and, thereby, remained pure in blood and flesh in order to carry out the promise to Eve that through her seed the Masshiach would come. Noah and his direct, pure bloodline all the way to Yahusha allowed Yahuah to undo the corruption brought about by those sub-human beings. And yet, they have remained and are today on a rampage in these final days. They can smell blood and are out to stain yours with their own. And this we mean literally. Knowing how they came about and what they practiced will help us in this ongoing spiritual struggle.   

Enoch means “one who initiated” or a “pioneer”. He was the first official prophet, scribe and visionary after all. There are 2 main reasons why the Book of Enoch was prohibited. First, those who did were practitioners or, at least, believers and defenders of the forbidden secret arts. Second, they, therefore, thought it best to remove the divine record prohibiting those secrets in order to protect their lucrative trade and their vast influence. But Truth has caught up with them and their many descendants today. The unraveling of Truth and the exposure of lies, false teachings and deceptive means have intensified today as we see wickedness also increase more and more. The Truth and Grace from God will abound where the Deception and Corruption of Satan increase. Light shines much brighter in utter darkness.     

In Enoch 8:1-4, we read the following:

8:1   And Azaz’el taught the people the art of making swords and knives, and shields, and breastplates; and he showed to their chosen ones bracelets, decorations, shadowing of the eye with antimony, ornamentation, the beautifying of the eyelids, all kinds of precious stones, and all coloring tinctures and alchemy.

8:2   And there were many wicked ones and they committed adultery and erred, and all their conduct became corrupt.

8:3   Amasras taught incantation and the cutting of roots; and Armaros the resolving of incantations; and Baraqiyal astrology, and Kokarer’el the knowledge of the signs, and

Tam’el taught the seeing of the stars, and Asder’el taught the course of the moon as well as the deception of man.

8:4   And the people cried and their voice reached unto heaven.

The names mentioned above are those of the so-called Watchers or “children of angels” who were born of beautiful women who had mated with angels in the days when people “began to multiply on the face of the Earth” before Noah was born. (Gen. 6:1-8). It was for those breed of sub-human giants (also called the Nephilim) that God decided to wipe the Earth clean in Noah’s time.

Note that those Watchers possessed secret knowledge of angels which they shared with humans, namely:

  1. Weapons of war, cosmetic and beauty enhancements, jewelry and alchemy (Azazel)
  2. Incantations or sorcery and magical and healing arts through making drugs and potions from roots (Amasras)
  3. Protection or negating effects of incantations or curses (Armaros)
  4. Astrology (Baraqiyal)
  5. Knowledge of signs or omens, that is, fortune-telling and the like (Kokarer’el)
  6. Astronomy, perhaps, as a pre-science and requisite for astrology (Tam’el)
  7. Observation of lunar motion in relation to occult knowledge used in deceiving or manipulating people, that is, hypnotism and psychic powers (Asder’el)

We will note that many of these, such as cosmetics and make-up, jewelry, drug-making and manufacture of arms, are now common artifacts and facets of modern life and are quite taken for granted, without us realizing how they all came to be. And perhaps, we may never admit to the reasons given as to why they were not meant to be known by humans from the beginning. Nevertheless, here are some reasons we now proffer and which, in essence, provide the proofs of how corrupt humans had become during Noah’s time and why Yah destroyed them:

  1. Weapons of war, along with the other craft here, had made humans murderers and in a constant state of utter violence and chaos, for “the wickedness of man was great in the earth, and that every intent of the thoughts of his heart was only evil continually”. (Gen 5:5) Moreover, alchemy, the precursor of chemistry, sought to apply magic and sorcery either to convert substances into gold and other precious metals, or to produce elixirs that provided supernatural powers to people. Mixed with other magical arts, this field has produced modern science and medical practices that are now being used to transform humans in corruptive ways.
  2. As a result, sorcery, magic and artificial healing arts took away Yah’s vital part in the natural processes and organic immunity given within the human body through proper spiritual practice and discipline attained through a wholesome relationship with the Creator, as Noah exemplified. (Note that the Greek pharmakeia, from which pharmacy originates, means sorcery, magic and drug use.)
  3. Humans began to use forbidden occult powers to influence others, thereby, rejecting divine principles.
  4. People began to look at celestial bodies as deities capable of providing knowledge and guidance, again sidelining Yah and His truths. Today, their names remain in use and continue to influence human minds consciously and subconsciously in many aspects of life.
  5. Humans sought to live their lives not by the guidance of Yah but by the movement of stars.
  6. They also sought guidance from other natural manifestations in their environment to the exclusion of Yah.
  7. Science, through proper measurement and observation of stars and other natural phenomena, began to dominate the focus of human actions and aspirations. Today, it is the main arbiter or driving force in most, if not all, of human activities.
  8. Psychic abilities and psychological discernment became tools for controlling people and the masses for selfish motives. The hidden and forbidden powers of the mind and soul have been in use for millennia in human societies, especially in cults and even in mainstream religion.

As we can see, while many of these are now well-respected institutions or state-of-the-art professions and income-engines for many humans, these were already well-understood and effective tools used by the ancient people who sparked the extreme wrath of God. Of particular interest for us now is #2 and how it is being effectively used by the descendants of the Nephilim to finally bring the world down to its knees.

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