• Parable of the Delayed Wedding

    A teacher once told his students a parable. “One day, a rain of strange, wicked dust fell on a town and covered it in darkness and chaos. Many people got sick and those who survived remained indoors for fear of getting infected. Now, the marriage of the sole heir of the richest family in town […]

  • 1521-2021 (Part 6): Revisiting Enrique’s Role in the Exploration of Kapuluan (Choosing a More Intuitive Approach over a Purely Evidence-Based Approach to Interpreting History)

    Before we end this series, let us take another look at the real significance of Enrique of Cebu’s role to Magellan and his expedition. In doing so, we need to take a wide detour as to how we have approached each historical narrative and how that approach differs from the generally-accepted methods used in religious, […]

  • Now Available: Organic Faith: Rest and Refreshing in the New and Living Way (2021 Edition)

    (A guide to attaining the original and essential message of Jesus Christ delivered once for all by the Spirit through the apostles. To order your copy of Organic Faith, please see below) “To whom He said, ‘This is the rest with whichYou may cause the weary to rest,’And, ‘This is the refreshing’;Yet they would not hear.“ –Isaiah 28:12 “Therefore, brethren, having boldness to […]

  • 1521-2021 (Part 5): Celebrating Points of View

    500 years make a rare milestone for a nation or the world; and for a planet that has been populated for only about 10 millennia or so, that calls for great celebration. But it depends on where you stand or whose point of view you take: the conqueror-victor’s or the conquered-victim’s. In a world history […]