• Organic Faith: Is there such a thing? (Podcast in 3 parts)

  • 1521 – 2021: Past Forward to the Present and Beyond

    Three main events that occurred in — or developed before and during – the year 1521 must awaken us to the realities that brought about those events which continue to influence and, in fact, to rule over our lives today. Mark these events and the things we see today that may seem ordinary or harmless […]

  • God’s Tools and Human Tools: How We Messed Up the World

    The Word Detective defines “tool” as an instrument or implement: taken from the Old German towlo, defined as a thing that is used to make or prepare something. And so a pan is a tool we use to make or prepare a pancake or fried chicken. The word “implement”, according to Google, derives from late […]

  • Principalities and Powers, Conspiracy Plots and Plagues

    Our opinion or belief about a certain subject matter will depend largely on our understanding of the thing, particularly — and essentially — with respect to the definition of the matter itself. The old proverb says it all: Two persons cannot argue, at least, intelligibly, between apples and oranges. And sometimes, they could be talking […]