• 1521-2021 (Part 4): The Mess that Was 2020 – and What to Expect in the Near Future

    Being positive keeps us happy and healthy. Many achieve that by counting their blessings as they start or end each day. Still, part of attaining a realistic and proactive outlook requires facing and learning from our mistakes, from unexpected misadventures and from hurtful fall-outs. While it serves us great good to acknowledge our roles in […]

  • 1521-2021 (Part 3): The Kapuluan (Archipelago) with Many Ancient Secrets

        Have you ever wondered how this archipelago which Columbus and Magellan had both set out to “discover” has been historically and traditionally called Kapuluan (a chain or group of islands, archipelago), purportedly from the root word pulô (Tagalog word for island or islet)? But do we know where pulô or other words similar to […]

  • Organic Faith, Episode 2, Part 2: The Key of Truth (Podcast)

  • 1521-2021 (Part 2): The 500-Year Reign of Greed and Terror

    Events in the Year 1521 that shook the world When the Spanish explorers arrived in 1521, the natives of this Kapuluan (archipelago) lived in peace and abundance and traded with the surrounding lands nearby, such as China, India, Japan, Malaysia and Indonesia, as well as with far flung regions, including Egypt, Phoenicia, Greece and Israel. […]