• Principalities and Powers, Conspiracy Theories and Plagues

    Our opinion or belief about a certain subject matter will depend largely on our understanding of the thing, particularly — and essentially — with respect to the definition of the matter itself. The old proverb says it all: Two persons cannot argue, at least, intelligibly, between apples and oranges. And sometimes, they could be talking […]

  • Organic Faith (Part 12): The Spirit of Fear and Death vs. the Spirit of Love and Life

    The root of fear is sin. And since sin is violation of God’s law whose fruit is death, fear is also rooted in death. The surprising thing is that humans today fear death more than sin; and so, most of us keep sinning until we realize too late in life, if ever, that our sins […]

  • Organic Faith: The Seed of Eternal Life (Part 11)

    It goes without saying that faith is indeed the seed of Eternal Life. Without faith, there is no salvation and no assurance of heavenly glory. As Paul explains in Rom. 6:20-23, the seed of faith produces “holiness, and the end, everlasting life”. Although almost everyone knows and believes this gospel cliché, we need to review […]

  • Organic Faith (Part 10) – Humans and Human History Are Judged and Will Be Judged by the Truth of the Spirit 

    Contrary to common belief, Truth is never a gray area. Truth is not inherently subjective and, as presumed, dependent on circumstances, conventions, traditions or prevailing conditions. The Truth had been established even before there were humans or there was even anything to see in the Universe. What we think is truth today is generally what […]