52 Weeks in the Ark with Noah and Family (WEEK 13) – Day 4: Sun, Moon and Stars

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Creation on Day 4 – Engraving by German painter Julius Schnorr von Carolsfeld (1794-1872) – (c/o Google.com)

WEEK 13 (12th to 18th of Av, the 5th Month in the Hebrew Religious Calendar)

Why Noah Lived to 950

The life of Noah, and his work, for that matter, parallels the history of the world. He was 480 years old when he began building the Ark. He took 120 years to build it; hence, he was 600 when he finished it. Noah (Rest) rested for exactly one year inside the Ark; and he was 601 when he and his family came out.

We said the Earth is about 5,784 years old, based on the Hebrew Calendar; and that we assumed that for each day of Yah is equivalent to 1,000 human years. This tells us the Rest promised through Noah which did come when he was 600 (the start of his 7th-century mark on Earth – his and the Earth’s Rest from sin) will also come when the Earth reaches 6,000 years, when the 7th millennia begins. From the numbers, we have a good 216 years remaining, it seems. (No wonder the fallen angels and their wicked minions are agog in trying to prolong their stay on Earth where all the only living, human resources they need dwell.)

The 6 days of Creation, therefore, point to the 6 centuries of Noah’s life before the Flood and Judgment, and to the 6 millennia of the Earth’s projected life before the Fire and Final Judgment. Creation took 6 days and Elohim rested the day after, the 7th day. Keep your eyes on the number. The Recreation of the corrupted Earth took 600 centuries – the entire life of Noah, announced beforehand by Enoch when he prophesied that the birth of Noah (Rest) will give Rest to the Earth. Likewise, the Final Rest for the Universe will come when the Kingdom of Heaven will be taken up by the returning Masshiak and presented to Abba at the Final Jubilee: the 6,000th year of the old Creation. By then, the New Heaven and New Earth will have been fully completed for the redeemed to receive from Elohim in Their Holy Presence.

The patience of Yah manifested in the life of Noah. He could have waited for only 6 years or 60 years after the Watchers rebelled and corrupted the Earth with hybrid humans and animals. However, the judgment would not have been total. He waited till no one, except Noah and his family, remained as the only ones worthy to be saved. Remember, Satan almost had his hands wrapped around the whole Earth. Praise Yah for Noah and his family!

Years Centuries
0 – 991st century
100 -1992nd century
200 – 2993rd century
300 – 3994th century
400 – 4995th century
500 – 5996th century
600 – 6997th century
700 – 7998th century
800 -8999th century
900 – 95010th century
Noah’s Life in Years and Centuries

Looking at the table above, we can see the actual counting of years and centuries in Noah’s life. And how he would live a full and amazing life even after building the Ark and surviving the Flood! He was given 349 more years after the flood. Why? What would and what could you do in 350 years?

In the case of Noah, his task was to renew the cleansed Land. He and his family would repopulate the world with faithful humans, while replanting the Land with good seed as well for human and animal nourishment. And yes, they would also release the animals from the Ark in order to reproduce and fill the Land with their kinds. These plans must have filled the conversations and minds of those in the Ark while they waited patiently for the Flood to subside. Imagine the amount of work to be done when their ordeal was through.

While it spoils the whole story to reveal it now, Noah, in his final years, would divide the Earth among his sons and his sons’ children. In the days of Peleg, the son of Eber, who was the great-grandson of Shem, Noah would give instructions to Shem, Ham and Japheth as to how to divide the Land among themselves. (This gives circumstantial evidence for the Earth’s expansion; as the one-continent in a smaller planet had no demarcating geological features, such as the oceans, continents, valleys, rivers and mountains we have today. In the Book of Jubilees, Noah would give detailed boundaries of each of his 3 sons and gave strict instructions against violating them. Many of the great wars throughout human history and until now are results of disobeying Noah’s command from Yah. Watch the video below for a full explanation.)

Noah divides All the Earth c/o God Culture

The genealogy of Shem briefly mentions this act of dividing the Earth. (Gen. 10:21-31) By then, Peleg was, more or less, 30 years old and mature enough to have learned the history of the Earth and humanity from his ancestors, as was his brother Joktan. For them, perhaps, being able to speak and ask questions from Noah himself, along with their great-great-grandparents who were in the Ark, must have given them firsthand knowledge of what had happened since Creation and what was supposed to be done with the inheritance they were receiving from Noah. We will deal with what will happen to these brothers in the future, as we highlight the important roles they will play with respect to Shem’s valuable inheritance.

The reason we chronicle the days of Creation along with the retelling of Noah’s story and that of the Flood is to allow us to appreciate the transition from the very beginning to the Great Flood, and from the Flood to the present, which we now regard as the “Days of Noah Part 2”. We then return to the amazing recap of the Creation Days.

Day 4

Then Elohim said, “Let there be lights in the firmament of the heavens to divide the day from the night; and let them be for signs and seasons, and for days and years; and let them be for lights in the firmament of the heavens to give light on the earth”; and it was so. Then Elohim made two great lights: the greater light to rule the day, and the lesser light to rule the night. He made the stars also. Elohim set them in the firmament of the heavens to give light on the earth, and to rule over the day and over the night, and to divide the light from the darkness. And Elohim saw that it was good. So the evening and the morning were the fourth day.

Gen. 1:14-19

Let us dissect these verses for what it can reveal about Yah’s intentions for humans.

  1. Yah set up “Lights in the firmament of the Heavens” in order “to divide the Day from the Night”. It is Day 4 and Ruach, as we said, had provided Light for the first 3 days. This seems to tell us that Elohim were now creating permanent carriers of Universal Light; that is, no longer providing their Eternal Light through Ruach as the temporary or initial Light provider, to maintain the original separation of Evening and Morning. As we said earlier, Ruach’s Light is not different from the Light from the Sun and stars. Only the sources are different and how their Light might have been perceived by the Creator. That is, Ruach’s view was instantaneous and encompassing even though the Light He created may have travelled at a certain speed. For no one was there to see what was happening, except Elohim, Who were not subject to Universal Time. Yet, that Light was used to establish the fundamental design of the Universe as it now operates. This should be very clear and obvious from the narrative. An infinitely powerful Creator knows beforehand what to create before something is brought into existence by His spoken Word. So much like a magician who can make a flower appear from thin air, Elohim already planned the complex design of each part of the Universe before it was brought into reality. Light, along with Water and Time, served as the other prime element in Creation that allows everything else to possess meaning and reality. Seeing produces understanding and awareness of existence and reality. Hence, the darkness was separated from the Light, the Evening from the Morning on a daily cycle until now. Each dawn we see replays Creation. We can even hear the cock announce the coming of the Light, crowing, “Yehi Owr!” Let there be Light! With the Sun now finally up there in the Sky, the Land and Seas embraced its brilliance, and the Plants greeted its life-giving warmth; and Morning rejoiced even more.
  1. Yah also intended for them to “be for signs and seasons, and for days and years”. We already said that signs and seasons referred to the functions of celestial bodies as timekeepers (signs and seasons) to help us tell night from day, planting from harvesting, and for us to measure the durations of the movements of the Sun and Moon and of human activities tied to the movements of those Heavenly Bodies. Note that the 4 seasons did not exist in the beginning as the geologic conditions did not allow for them to operate; however, later on, during the time of Enoch until Noah, sinful humans would use those Lights to guide and even to dictate the beliefs and practices of ancient civilizations, which led to Yah’s anger. “Signs and seasons” are simply those: visible markers on high to serve our needs, not acts or manifestations of divine beings we must worship and who should rule over us.
  2. Yah willfully intended the Lights to “give Light on the Earth”. As important as the first 2 functions they served, this third function surpasses them in terms of value and significance. Whereas Ruach had provided the Light on the Earth previously, the presence of the Universal Lights meant Ruach may have ceased from hovering upon the face of Deep Space. The Evening and the Morning of the Day 4 then were made possible by created objects emitting brilliance and heat in Deep Space and not by Ruach, the Creator. He had given Light to dispel the initial darkness and establish Time; but He made Universal Lights to do those works on Day 4.
The Solar System (c/o Ohio State University)

Based on the above, we can conclude through deduction the following:

  1. The Waters above the firmament or in Deep Space and out there at the edges of the Universe could have been the building block used for creating the Sun, the Moon, and all the stars (or galaxies) we see in the Skies. For if Elohim could create the Earth our of Water, then They could create all other things in the Universe out of the Water that remained in the Ether. And perhaps, Water could be at the edges of the Universe serving some mysterious purposes.   
  2. It is also clear and apparent that Ruach made the Earth to be the center of His attention and acts during Creation. And, it follows, He intended the Heavenly Lights to provide Light on the Earth exclusively. Stars and galaxies do not require Light for themselves, obviously. All the planets and moons, except for the Earth and the Moon, in Deep Space do not need Light to sustain created Life, until and unless humans would have colonized them for Yah, as we said. The statement ascribed to physicists about the great waste of matter and energy in the Universe if there were no life in other planets arises from ignorance of Yah’s intentions. Yes, angelic beings could reside in any planet or moon in Space, as it appears; but they would need created humans to help them produce Carbon-based living beings (or AI-run robots) who will do their wicked bidding. Hence, the ambitious plan to colonize the Moon and Mars, as well as the resurgence of UFO phenomena, which is nothing but propaganda for humans to embrace uninspired acts to subvert Creation for Satan’s final attempt to rule in the place of Yah.
  3. In verse 16, Elohim created the “greater Light” (Sun) and the “lesser Light” (Moon) to Light the Earth. We know that these 2 bodies provide various functions for the Earth’s existence, as well as for all the things that the Earth would contain. Firstly, we can now finally say that at this point, with the presence of the Sun and the Moon, the Earth started to rotate on its axis and to revolve around the Sun according to the measurement of Time that Ruach had established during Day 1. Earth now had reason to rotate as well in order to maintain the Circadian Cycle of Evening and Morning with the Sun taking the place of Ruach, but this time, at the center of the Solar System with all the planets revolving around it.

Secondly, the Moon also revolved around the Earth as if tied to it, while the Earth revolved around the Sun, in a 3-part celestial dance. Aside then from the Day and the Year, Yah established the 30-Day Month to be established. Year, Month and Day became a synchronized Universal Law on Day 4, not before then. They began the Universal clock that would guide all of Creation from that day. All earthly and heavenly records will be ultimately reckoned according to that clock.

Finally, the millions of galaxies, including the Milky Way where our Solar System exists, came into existence to complete the work of Elohim above the Earth. Scientists may consider our Blue Planet as vitally important but not at all that unique or exclusively special the way that theologians and religious people take it to be. This way of thinking arises from ignorance of Genesis’ Creation as Supreme Truth and Total Perfection. Understanding origins otherwise leads to total blindness to Revelation as the only True Source of Pure Enlightenment we need for wisdom. Everything else is falsehood and darkness.

Week 13 in the Ark

91 days would have passed by at the end of this week inside the Ark. Certainly, Noah and his family, and, yes, the animals, would have wanted to go out in the sunlight or the moonlight if they all could. But all they could do to assuage their Light-homesickness would have been Noah’s glowing face, perhaps, or a retelling of the Creation Story as they read Enoch’s book or remembered Enosh’s stories told to him by Adamah and Havah. But unlike Noah and his family, we are millennia detached from the reality of Creation. Having a father who regaled us siblings with his exploits during the last World War and how he survived provided us an indirect connection with the realities of a violent conflict. However, we could never relay to others with the same enthusiasm and first-hand experience the same stories. Reading may bring back the truth and realities vicariously; but without the Ruach and His ability to literally divine the experience and place within our minds and souls, faith and trust in the Divine Truth would never happen.

For Noah and his family, cloistered inside the Ark, the reality of the Great Flood was never an issue or a fluke of Nature. Nevertheless, for a writer like Velikovsky, the reality of a Global Flood was tied neatly with the evidences he saw from the many sources he found; thus, he derived validation upon validation of the basic truth that presented itself in his face. The Flood was true, whether it happened last year or millennia ago. To miss that Truth because a theory or assumption does not validate it turns the Universe on its side – it remains as it is; but our oblique view changes the entire picture. We have manipulated its laws according to our whims and, guilty or not, we end up lying to ourselves. And we have real proof this is happening all the time.

JWST Retells the Story of Light

NASA published in July 2023 photos taken by the James Webb space Telescope (JWST) of galaxies “so-old”, “massive and well-structured” that they were formed supposedly even before the Earth existed, that is, 13.4 billion years ago from the “edges” of the Universe. These confirmed findings put into question previous conclusions derived from the Big Bang Theory (BBT) that only young, prototype galaxies should have existed 200-400 billion years after the Big Bang event. (Watch the videos below for more info on JWST1 and JWST2.) Astronomers also reported to have found proof of galaxies “merging and forming larger galaxies”.


Does this mean the BBT is not correct; or are these photos anomalous observations? BBT theorizes that the Universe is about 13.8 billion years old. Genesis tells us it is less than 6,000 years. The ratio of those numbers amounts to about: 2,300,000 to 1. Such a discrepancy that seems to tell us that the physical evidences derived using our senses and our tools provide a widely disparate age of Creation. Of course, we must clarify that all these scientific figures are all based on theories and assumptions, not Revelation.

We have no fundamental quarrel with science and the scientific method it uses to come up with science-based facts, as much as we admire and respect the discipline and diligence put into arriving at these conclusions. However, we would rather believe and accept the Divine Revelation of the Creator Himself, not only because the evidences we have seen so far in this series are consistent with historical and scientific data; but, more so, because the Creator Himself has taken the necessary steps to declare He had created it and when He created the Universe. In short, seen through Revelation, the figures we have derived are not subject to guesswork or doubtful processes using mathematics or astronomical observations. For instance, when Elohim said “Let the Light be divided into Evening and Morning”, He did something both proven by the Mathematics (12-hours nights/12-hours days) and Physics (presence and absence of sunlight) of the reality of His acts. Meaning, what we see today as Evening and Morning, or the Light and the Dark we see and experience, are ultimate proofs of His words and His deeds.

That may sound like a reversed way of proving the past by what we observe in the present. But that is exactly what science does. Just because what we use as evidence of the past is in the form of words written in old manuscripts and not evidence from Nature does not make our conclusion faulty. In fact, the possibility of error in coming up with a valid conclusion of the Universe’s age by using observations of phenomena we also derive from the Universe is so great that the whole practice itself must not be trusted. JWST proves this tragic consequence is not uncommon. Besides, the rejection of inspired scriptures as solid basis for Universal Truth arises from not accepting that the testimonies of Elohim and the prophets in ancient manuscripts were diligently and meticulously confirmed and recorded with faithful adherence to Universal Truth itself, not to mention facts.

Universal Light v.v. Eternal Light

Hence, when we said Ruach’s Light in the first 3 days was not limited in Time and Speed but instantaneous, we based that on the fact that Universal Light had not existed yet in the absence of the Sun and the stars. But we must now conclude that with the creation of the Sun and stars, we must accept the fact that Universal Light was created to provide Light on Earth and that that Light took Time to travel, depending on the source of the Light. If so, our findings that the Universe’s radius is 159 light-years tells us the Light of a vast majority of galaxies has not even reached us in the very short Time that the Earth has existed. In that case, could we also doubt that the presumed speed of Light applies at all times and in all places in the Universe? What if Ruach allowed the distant stars to have provided spontaneous Light in the beginning, as His Light did, and only allowed them to appear like Light that we see close within the Earth? That is, Light may take a different speed to travel from the edges of the Universe toward Earth and different when it travels within our galaxy. Or, if Time can be warped by gravitation, why not Light as well, as the Theory of Relativity suggests? Could the Light we see from the skies then have travelled a circuitous path through billions of galaxies of such crunching-gravitations and only acquires a relatively straight path within our minute galaxy? We could even be seeing Light from a so-distant-galaxy at the edge of the Universe that has circled so many times around the Universe that the Light seems to have taken billions of years to take? Does this explain the “infinite” number of galaxies in the Universe?

These theories do give birth to counter-theories that are as equally plausible and even viable, depending on the amount of evidences one can muster to support it? This is not to say that we can use magic or miracles to explain scientific theories. But as we said, Creation itself is a huge product of a divine miracle. If we cannot even explain fully what we observe by our senses, how can we explain and limit the power of Creator Whom we cannot observe but do relate with intellectually and spiritually? The greatest challenge and obstacle of science is in observing an inanimate (or soul-less) Creation, which is, in contrary, full of evidences of Divine Power, and not giving credence to Revelation of the Creator Himself. The two varying views spell the difference between finding Truth or not.

Spontaneous Speed of Light

While writing this series, out of the blue, the idea of “spontaneous speed of Light” came to mind. Nevertheless, it is actually a question already dealt with by physicists in 1905, including Einstein whose “Synchronization Convention” has become the standard two-way speed of Light, C, not one-way; since the conventional value of C is always measured using a mirror and, therefore, the average speed of Light in both directions is taken. But that is assuming the speed of Light from A to B is the same from B to A. What if the return speed is spontaneous? It will not make a difference, it is said; but it can mean that the Light Ruach “reflected” or “created” into the Sun and stars reaches us instantaneously but we have no way of knowing because we assume Light travels as a certain speed. Perhaps, Yah gave living things the “eyes” of Ruach to see Light from any source instantaneously but others, such as our tools or other inanimate matter observe or react to Light after a certain Time. This is a curious issue covered in the YouTube video below.

Is there Spontaneous Light? c/o Veritasium

This could mean then that we are seeing the Light of the Sun and the stars in real-Time, as they occur or happen and not after minutes or Light-years. This would turn everything we have discussed here upsidedown. How then do we know how big the Universe is? And why are stars “red-shifted” or receding from us and others “blue-shifted” or approaching us? Are these ideas useful to us at all or just concepts scientists love to deal with? Why do we spend so much time and money to understand things so distant from us when what really matter are the things that affect us here on Earth? For most of us, it is enough that we see the Sun and we know that it serves to sustain our life on Earth; so with the Moon and stars. Yes, all this scientific knowledge also allows us to have cellphones, GPS, satellites and airplanes; hence, they do have great value to humans. But our desire and fascination for discovery can go beyond a wholesome level that could endanger our lives and that of Earth itself.

A Way to See the “Infinite Number of Stars”

Before we leave these complex scientific issues, we propose a way of explaining the Light coming from the stars and the galaxies using the simple illustration above. The illustration is self-explanatory. What it ultimately projects (no pun intended) is that a single star or galaxy could be reflecting its Light an infinite number of times against the Water Layer that could be existing at the edge of the Universe. Hence, that makes us think the number of stars are innumerable when, in fact, we are only seeing so many stars through a double-paned mirror that multiplies their beams. Moreover, because each simultaneously-reflected beam that we see comes from different perspectives (from above, from the front, from the sides or from behind) or has varying sizes (depending on how many times it has bounced off), we will never realize they are all from just one source! And if the speed of Light is being warped or could be instantaneous, the conventional understanding of the physical laws of Universe can no longer stand on solid ground.

Finally, astrophysicists will never find any evidence of the origins of the Universe because the so-called remaining microwave field left right after the Big Bang never occurred. Why? Because Ruach only created the Sun and the stars on Day 4. Therefore, whatever evidences they would need to explain the beginning of Water, Time and Light will evade them forever, unless they listen to Him, as we encourage the readers to do so. We keep saying that the Light we see in the skies is Universal Light subject to the laws of Creation. The true and life-giving Light can come only from Ruach. Not to mention that His Light gives us genuine knowledge and wisdom.

Astronomy Then and Now

If we read the Book of Enoch, we find that one of the dark secrets given by the fallen angels was Astrology, which is the precursor or even the infant-twin of Astronomy. Astrology literally means “study or observation of the stars to divine their influences and foretell events”; while astronomy means “star-arranging”, which is the study of stars and their physical characteristics, origins and functions. Although the 2 are not related in any way, there appears to be merely an avoidance on the side of astronomers from the pseudoscience nature of astrology. However, both do depend on precise observations and calculations of the positions and general behaviors of the stars but for differing applications.

Nevertheless, astronomers did inherit the ancient names given to the Sun, the Moon, the planets and their moons, as well as the stars and most constellations, all of which are names of ancient deities. This is similar to the common use of the Gregorian Calendar as the conventional standard for measuring the passage of Time. What we point to, however, is the attention which people put upon these distant celestial bodies that, in general, diverts them from the more pressing realities and even truths that have greater significance for human existence, as well as destiny.

Yes, the magi or wise men of the East did use their knowledge of the position of stars to determine the Time of the birth, as well as the location, of the Son of Yah in Bethlehem, along with written prophecy, of course. But did they? Were they astronomers, perhaps, who plotted the stars and studied the Moon and planets in order to serve the needs of sailors and farmers of their country? For if they were carrying much gold, frankincense and myrrh and that they lived in Tarshish and Ophir (descendants of Joktan), then they served their nations well; for those nations had wealth they sold in foreign nations using their ships, along with other products and agricultural goods. Moreover, the star they saw was no ordinary star; for it beamed a Light directly on the direction and exact location of the infant-King. It might have been an angel itself giving them guidance and protection in order to honor the Savior of the world Who had come.

Magi or Learned Men from the East (c/o Google.com)

The point is that those magi also had practical knowledge that had immediate application and value to those around them. Their learning and their services seemed to benefit not only those around them but also were used to honor the Creator that many people in various modern disciplines have failed to do. In fact, on the contrary, we have shown that the rejection of Creator’s power in His universal, creative work has led many to be deceived and led away from the liberating truths that should have benefited, as well as blessed, more people long ago. But the centuries of gradual departure from true and genuine wisdom and knowledge, particularly pertaining to Creation, has brought about the dumbing of many humans and the corruption of our societies in many areas of life. What we see and believe to be the “Days of Noah” are the direct results of those rebellious sons of the fallen angels who practiced divination through Astrology and who have spread the same beliefs in our times.


So, while Noah and his family spent their 13th week inside the Ark, they found comfort in the knowledge that the people who had practiced wicked deeds and taught false ideas through their ancient science, would no longer be there when they would go out of the Ark. But today, we both have the astrologers and the astronomers, for better and for worse. They may indeed have a part in our modern civilizations, because Yah’s Creation benefits both the faithful and the unfaithful. He gives the rain and “makes the Sun rise” for all humans; for He gives Life to all of them by His grace. (Matt. 5:45) But most of all, He gives Time for us all to consider His Creation and what He has done and is still doing to make our stay on Earth beneficial and pleasurable. All He asks is for each one of us to see the power He holds over all things: Water, Time, Light, Land, Seas, Plants, Celestial Bodies, Life and our own human bodies — not made of stardust, as supposed, but of vital, rudimentary elements from a Pristine Earth itself and from a Perfect Creator Himself.