52 Weeks in the Ark with Noah and Family (WEEK 12) – Day 3: Land, Sea and Plants

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Land, Sea and Plants along Ragay Gulf, in Ragay Town, Camarines Sur

WEEK 12 (5th to 11th of Av, the 5th Month in the Hebrew Religious Calendar)

Then Elohim said, “Let the Waters under the Heavens be gathered together into one place, and let the dry Land appear”; and it was so. And Elohim called the dry Land Earth, and the gathering together of the Waters They called Seas. And Elohim saw that it was good. Then Elohim said, “Let the earth bring forth grass, the herb that yields seed, and the fruit tree that yields fruit according to its kind, whose seed is in itself, on the Earth”; and it was so. And the Earth brought forth grass, the herb that yields seed according to its kind, and the tree that yields fruit, whose seed is in itself according to its kind. And Elohim saw that it was good. So the Evening and the Morning were the Third Day.

Gen. 1:9-13

Whereas the Earth was formless, void and dark in the beginning — that is, during the first 2 days — with the Light of Ruach and the voice of Elohim, it took form, became visible and was no longer void on Day 3. Before we proceed and explain what actual changes Elohim made on the 3rd Day, we must clarify that Moses’ narrative was written from the point of view of the Creator Himself. However, Moses could have either written what Elohim spoke in describing the Creation or what he himself saw and heard during the 6 days of Creation through a virtual presentation granted to him by Yah on Mt. Sinai. We say this because all our discussions will only make sense if the original narrative is seen from the point of view of the Creator Himself, or at least, an eyewitness. For we can imagine how great a prophet Moses really was to have been given the privilege to face Yah and to receive revelations, laws, powers and duties nobody had never been given before or after Him. And here we are recounting one of the tales he had written: the story of Noah and the Great Flood, although in only a few short chapters. We, thus, continue our weekly travelogue of this epic tale while pondering on events during the days of Creation.  

On Day 3 then, Yah appears to have finally “given form to the Earth”, so to speak, perhaps, as it should be: a globe that has a crust, a mantle and an inner core that it is today. We have no reason to believe otherwise. How can He proceed to separate the Land from the Sea if the Earth were not completed as a Land-topped planet although initially submerged in water? Thus, when He said “Let the Waters . . be gathered in one place, and let the dry Land appear” (obviously, in another place), He was already carving the surface of the Earth and providing deep trenches or valleys for water to collect into. Otherwise, Water would have remained on top of the Land. In fact, He called the dry Land (Yabesh) Earth (Eres) and the Waters (Mayim) Seas (Yammim), making the Earth visible (appear out of the deep Waters), with form (a sphere), but still quite empty. The Waters had always been visible and formed (which we assumed was a sphere) since Day 1. (See this video to appreciate how the Ancient River System eventually became the Oceans: Video clip c/o Neal Adams)

Light and Time Paradox

When Moses uses the word “see” or its past-tense form “saw”, who was doing the seeing? We know he referred to Elohim. Everything They created was “good” in Their sight. Many take that to mean perfect; and we have no reason to believe it was not so. Only a Perfect Creation can come from a Perfect Creator. Nothing less could have been expected. Why would He make a second-rate Universe? Or less-than-perfect living creatures and humans? Just because we see so much bad or evil today does not mean Creation had some imperfection as well. Moses would have made Yah a liar for saying all things created were “good”. In the vocabulary of Genesis, “good” (towb, for good, beautiful or agreeable) is the opposite of “bad”; and “life” (inside Eden where the Tree of Life stood) is the opposite of “death” (outside of Eden where the curse was at work). What could be more perfect than to live without dying? But why some cannot accept the idea of a Perfect Creation boggles the mind.

The other question is: Where was Yah viewing Creation, from the surface of the Earth, from the edges of the Universe where Ruach hovered, or somewhere beyond in Heaven, far, far away? We ask this because scientists have the right to ask how Light travelled from the objects seen to the viewer. Let us explain further below.

If Ruach’s Light provided the Evening and Morning of the First Day and that He was hovering at the limits of the Universe 159 Light-Years away, then that Light heading toward the direction of the Earth had to be instantaneous or in real-time. Otherwise, the First Day would have happened 319 years after it really happened in the eyes of Ruach. Twice the radius of the Universe, if we assume Ruach was seeing the Light reflected back to Him and that it travelled at the speed of Universal Light. Can we see the absurdity of it all? This is the same rationale or foundation upon which Physics will judge Creation: The Light of distant stars travel at the speed of 300,000 m/sec; thus, what we observe is nothing but Light that had taken Light-Years to cross the radius of the whole Universe.  The only conclusion we can derive then is that Ruach or Elohim was not subject to the constraints of the Universe or Creation. That means, Ruach saw Deep Space using Eternal Light which travels instantaneously. Or we can say, in the Present, which is His Present. For Ruach or Spirit is not subject to Time; hence, Past, Present and Future merge into Eternity. If that is hard to imagine, here is a video which may describes 4-Dimensional Reality (Please click to watch this YouTube video.)

Video Grab from Neal Adams’ Expanding Earth Theory Vlog Showing the Ancient River System or Seas in a Smaller Planet Earth

Prior to creating the Sun, Moon and stars, therefore, all Light must have been instantaneous. That is, it was not like solar energy or electromagnetic force that had to traverse through matter or the Ether. It probably gives us a hint of that perfect moment when we behold the face of Yah and we ourselves are like the angels with spiritual bodies who will not die or melt in His Presence. We see Him in His glory because we have been transformed into His glory. Like a drop of rain falling into the Ocean and becoming one with it, unlike a pebble that sinks into the depth and darkness. Or liquid Water that evaporates and rises to the Sky, leaving behind the heavy and untransformed ocean Waters.

The Present, the Past, the Future are One in Eternal Time

In short, Moses is telling us Elohim looked at what They were creating and did so in Real-Present-Time and not subject to the limiting speed of Light as we know it now. As things happened, the narrative gives us the picture of actual events. And this is what we normally take the story to be: an actual, literal narration of what Elohim was doing and saying and what the results of Their deeds and words were. This provides us with a deeper level of understanding the words of the prophets beyond saying we “read them literally”. We see things as Yah sees them! For there is really no reason why Moses would write the story of Creation and mean it figuratively. What did he mean with “Light” when the First Evening and Morning on the First Day were made? Although we said it was the Light from Ruach, it was essentially the same Light that makes all other Mornings ever since Day 1 up to this day.

When Ruach descended upon the apostles in the form of “tongues of fire” or Yah appeared to Moses through the “burning bush”, was the Light or Fire different in appearance from real Light or Fire? No, but in another sense, it was entirely different because it did not burn or hurt. Yet, it was literal Light and Fire in the eyes of Moses then. And remember that the fire from Yah on Mt. Sinai carved the stone-tablets, as He wrote the commandments for humans to read. What made Light or Fire different in spiritual or divine sense, we do not know. Light is Light, whether Ruach or Yah is the source or not; and He uses it to help us understand things according to physical reality, as well as in spiritual reality. The only danger or problem is when we take His words or His deeds only according to the physical reality we recognize or some scientific theory that rejects Revelation.

Our job then is to explain all aspects of Creation as much as we can in order to comprehend more clearly what may have happened. Whether we succeed or not in our goal will depend on how we can approach the Ultimate Truth according to Revelation. But with the assurance that Ruach dwells in us and is with us, we must fear no misinterpretation or misinformation to occur. Clarity is Yah’s gift to those who seek in sincerity and in humility.   

Those who feel constrained by “One Day” in Global Time in the Creation Story will find assurance with the alternative “1,000 years” in Eternal Time. That does not mean He could not do it in 1 Day (which He did!) but that His Time is not comparable with our own Time. This paradox we said was explained by Apostle Peter. To our benefit, taking this paradox into consideration will help us understand more what was truly happening during Creation. On the 3rd Day, therefore, we still assume that Ruach’s Light was shining upon the newly-formed Earth and the Sea in the absence of the Sun and stars. But if this still causes confusion, remember that “The fear or reverence of Yahuah is the beginning of knowledge”. (Prov. 1:7) Without that awesome respect for His power, we cannot fathom Creation.

Where the Land Came From

So, where did the dry Land come from? We can only say from within and from Water itself. The Time it took for Ruach to hover around the Ether, in one day or 1,000 years, allowed Him to form dry Land out of Water. Water is made up of Hydrogen and Oxygen, the most stable elements in the Universe. Hydrogen has 1 proton and 1 electron and fuels fusion to power the Sun’s light, with Helium as byproduct. Oxygen atoms have 8 protons and 8 electrons and exist naturally as gas molecules by creating a strong Covalent Bond (O2). Oxygen comprises 49% of the Earth’s crust (the thick, solid surface of the globe, and 21% of the Atmosphere. Hence, even before the Land appeared, O2 was already present in the Atmosphere and must have come from Water, just as the Land did. We know that Water (H2O) is made up of molecules of covalent-bonded 2 Hydrogen atoms and 1 Oxygen atom. Is it any wonder why Water is “invisible”, “formless” and “empty” by itself? And yet, it gives Life, sustains Life and contains Life — literally, scientifically and spiritually.

The blood of the average human body has 95-100% O2, as well and 9% Hydrogen. Water takes up about 70% of the body, which is about the percentage of water on the Earth’s surface. We and the Earth are twins in that regard.

Without Water, Life on Earth, nothing would exist. It becomes clear now why on the same day that Yah would create plants right after creating the Land, even without the Sun yet; but using the Light of Ruach, plants germinated and grew upon the new, fresh Land that appeared out of the Waters. The Earth finally became visible, had form, and no longer empty, but flourishing with primarily-green vegetation displaying a harmony of colorful flowers, leaves and fruits.

Let us not be misled by the meaning of the word “Sea”. The separation of the Waters into the Sea and the Land should that be seen as merely horizontal, or merely upon the surface of the Earth. Besides, there were no huge seas or lakes but merely a network of winding rivers and, perhaps, small Seas. The bulk of the Waters lay hidden beneath the Earth to serve as the hidden source and reservoir of the surface Waters which watered the plants and other purposes for Yah’s Creation and His plans. We know much of that volume of Water was used to flood the Earth.

All the other heavy elements that exist in the Universe were formed out of the Waters that once remained in darkness before Day 1. When scientists say the Universe came from exploding stars, they basically reject the testimony of Ruach and the prophets regarding the days of Creation. Yes, we are all made up of the elements that form the Universe. However, the process involved in forming humans required Water, Light and Time, as we have said, through the mighty Word of Elohim providing creative intelligence and the divine will to form a perfect Universe in the beginning.

And on Day 3, the Sun, the Moon, the stars and the planets did not exist yet. Only the Earth did. It is now clear why Elohim made the Atmosphere on Day 2 in order to allow plants to grow and begin to produce food, as well as to stabilize the amount of gases essential for higher forms of living creatures to thrive upon the Earth. It may have taken just 24 hours for the Earth to “rotate”; but we know the equivalent 1,000 years in Ruach’s dimension of Time must have allowed the fine-tuning and development of biochemical and physical processes we have somehow come to decipher through science. Imagine then Day 3 as a 24-hour time-lapse photography of seeds germinating, growing, branching out with their verdant leaves, and becoming a whole orchard or forest of tall, fruit-bearing trees surrounded by luscious fields with blooming flowers that carpet the wide fields and valleys where meandering rivers gently flowed.  

How Humans Work v.v. How Ruach Works

The difficulty of appreciating the story of Genesis lies on the fact of Time being seen as a linear and constant measurement of reality. We have clocks to use to measure the movement of Time. Each day has 24 hours, no more and no less. But we sleep 8 hours or so; however, we have no consciousness of those hours, except in timeless dreams. Yet in our wakeful hours, we can do so much. With a hundred workers or less we can probably finish a medium-sized house ready for occupancy in a day.

Ruach needed one day only to create plants ready for harvest for humans in a couple of days. The thousands of angels working to make that possible would boggle our minds. But we keep on dwelling on atoms, protons, electrons, quarks and quantum energy to explain the magnificent design of the Universe. And so, we miss reality entirely.

3-D-Printing Edible Food (c/o YouTube)

We see a finished product and are amazed at its beauty or usefulness, as when we unbox a newly-bought laptop, guitar or Armani bag. But we hardy think of the intelligence, effort and Time required to make that thing. Today, anyone can 3-D-print a hammer, a pair of sandals, and even edible food in seconds.

Time has given us the power to create things through the developments of technology. Yet, all of that requires the elements that were created on Day 3 and made available through the appearance of the Land as the place upon which humans would spend their entire existence. Yes, for over 6 millennia, humans would live, establish civilizations, and make history while utilizing all the gifts the Land alone could offer and provide for us.

Have we used the Land to benefit humans with abundance and freedom? Do we share the bounties and the opportunities given by the wealth from the Land with our fellow Earth-dwellers or do we seek to own as much as we can and forget others? Noah and his family saw the Earth and how its blessings were being misused and abused; hence, Yah decided to recover and cleanse the Land with the use of the same Waters He had created at first in order to start over with Creation.

12 weeks and going, the Land lay in the deep darkness, all the Life it once nourished now gone. The erupting volcanoes beneath the deep Waters overturned the once-pristine Land that had nurtured vegetation, animals and humans. Yah was creating new sources of energy with the Carbon-based life-forms being recycled though the geologic convulsions occurring. Along with the expansion of the Earth, a bigger world was in preparation for new generations of humans who could write a better history within a more abundant Earth. We know that with technology, humans would build cities and towns but not to give glory to Yah but to their celestial gods: the Sun, the Moon, the planets and the stars. The Land, once again, groaned and wept from the corruption it endured, as it still does today. We are back into Noah’s days, literally, as we said. A bigger Earth with longer years but days with greater corruption brought about by those who have not seen the power of Elohim in Creation and who only value the things made by their own puny minds and bloody hands.

Why Does Water Have Memory?

We talked about the memory of Water earlier. Through the first 3 days of Creation, we saw the presence and participation of Water as the building-block of the Universe. If Water then can create all the elements of the Universe and that it retains the memory of Creation, does it then carry the same power it had to recreate a New Heaven and New Earth? Of course! But more than that, it serves as the witness and living record of what has happened from the beginning.

Peter’s Life as Read from the Book of Life1

Just as a computer can store information and then command a printer to create a 3-D image of a human head, the angels can read out the chronicles of Creation’s history or, perhaps, the life story of any person written in the Book of Life and reconstruct into reality what happened in Time. And all that through the information or memory  carried by the Water, the Blood and the ruach or breath of a human who once existed on Earth. But this time, the reality will be in spiritual or virtual reality where one can re-experience Life in less than a second or 1 nanosecond. It is like watching a movie but you are the one actually acting, no, living the story all over again! Not in 3-D but in 4-D or 5-D reality.

Multiple dimensions of reality are scientists’ way of explaining the invisible spiritual world. It is based on a reality using Euclidian Geometry which defines physical reality into x, y, z dimensions (3-D). 4-D, then, includes Time as another dimension; and 5-D some other higher dimension beyond our scope now. This mechanistic or materialistic view may not truthfully describe nor necessarily violate spiritual truths. In fact, it might even help us see how Elohim can create so much in One Day in which we can even hardly finish reading a chapter or 2 in His Revealed Word. We see ourselves as being so unlike Yah; yet, we were made so much like Him. We just do not accept or understand it.

We Are Essentially the Land

Consider how Elohim created the Land on Day 3. That Land would become the source of our bodies, along with the 70% Water, of course. While Noah floated over the Flooded Earth, we imagine him trying to recall how beautiful the Earth was when he was 16 years and talking to Enosh, the first-grandson of Adamah, who was 655 years old by then, who was sharing how Adamah had described Eden and the perfect, beautiful Earth before the Fall. Certainly, Noah must have also thought of Day 2 as well and how on Day 3 the Land appeared. And most probably, he was looking forward to the day the Land would appear again. Opening the Ark’s door and seeing the Land, the Sea and the Sky for Noah was inordinately like us wanting to unbox (no pun intended) an expensive online purchase.

Like Ruach hovering over the Waters, Noah, his family, the animals and the Ark hovered upon the face of the deep Flood, awaiting for the Rebuilt Earth to appear and for them to descend upon it. As a boy travelling home from Manila to Dumaguete City for 2 days with nothing to see but the Sea and the distant mountains and islands, setting foot on dry Land was the most welcome relief from seasickness and land-homesickness. Forty years after having lived in Manila, on my return to Dumaguete, I kissed the Land.

Yes, we take for granted our affinity to the Land and how much we owe it for our existence. Today, we hardly even stand barefoot on it to harness its life-giving benefits. If we are dust indeed, we must get sustenance from the Earth as well, not just through eating food but through being connected to it and its electromagnetic energy we need to sustain our body and mental health. For aside from being the Land and the Sea in essence, we are also the food we eat since Plants come from the Land.

Adamah and Havah never wore shoes and clothes; nor did they sleep on beds but upon the ground or the grass. Yes, the Earth is so polluted we prefer to be inside our homes and sleep in beds. But plants and animals have remained connected to the Land; and through them we maintain only an indirect connection to the Land, to our own detriment. But why is it so important to be connected to the Land?

The creation of Land established the generating energy that would set into motion the dynamic infrastructure of the Universe. We said the Water Sphere that Elohim created was motionless from Day 1 to Day 2. On Day 3, it must have remained static. The Land that appeared must have also remained motionless. Why so? Well, the Earth still had no Sun to revolve about, and, perhaps, also had no reason to rotate either on its axis. And so, it might have begun to rotate only later in order for gravitation or the magnetic poles to establish the Earth’s orientation in Deep Space.

In that case, when the Earth finally rotated, did the Ruach also cease hovering? Perhaps He did so in order to maintain the cycle of Evening-Morning through another mechanism. If so, Earth must have also been set into its angular rotation relative to the Waters above that remained motionless. Like a spinning top in the center of a table, the Earth must have gained rotation to maintain the established flow of Time through a cosmic mechanism which secured its place without the active participation of Ruach. Elohim were at work still on Day 3. Until the Universe was fully established, Their work had to go on before They rested on the 7th Day. More on this in the coming weeks.

The Visible and the Invisible

The main reason many humans, particularly those learned in human philosophies, sciences and humanistic teachings, reject the Creation Story is the wall we have built between the “seen” and the “unseen”. When Ruach hovered upon the face of Waters, He saw an unformed, disordered and empty Earth. This is a picture we can never paint because forms and colors come from what we see and know to be beautiful and orderly, such as flowers and sunsets. How do you paint and empty room other than a room that is empty? But you cannot paint the emptiness. You cannot paint loneliness, only tears or a solitary figure.  

But Ruach or Elohim, as Divine Beings, created the Heavens and the Earth in their embryo stage. What we do not see within the female Womb of Water (but which we now try to picture using ultrasound) as incomplete and in darkness, parallels what Ruach was seeing from the face of the Waters. The Big Bang Theory defines the beginning of the Universe in terms of matter so dense yet so tiny or practically “invisible” that it explodes and expands as it evolves into the Universe we know today. Yet this theory is nothing but a reverse of what we see – or, at least, what we think we see in Creation.

How Visible Light Reveals its Colors (c/o Udaiwal-SK.blogspot)

For when astronomers see distant stars in “red shift”, they mean that these stars are going away from us, the viewers. A “blue-shifted star”, on the other hand, is one that is approaching us. This is the Doppler Effect we also observe when an ambulance comes to us and we hear its siren at a higher-frequency sound then passes by at a lower frequency: do-mi, do-mi, do-mi . . . ti-ri, ti-ri, ti-ri . . . .

Blue Light has higher frequency than red Light. Yet the Light of the Sun, which we perceive as white, supposedly contains all the hues from red to indigo. And we are talking only of things we see and hear. However, the Creator not only sees and hears beyond our vision, hearing, knowledge and abilities. The fact that Elohim created all things in the fashion They are telling us should make us realize that what we see, hear, know and are capable of doing on our own is far from the actual and complete reality. 

The Light and Time we see and know are but lower types of the Light and Time of Ruach during The First 3 Days. The language and science we tend to understand and see during that embryo stage of the Universe are both simple and complex; simple if seen through Ruach’s eyes but complex through human eyes.

We do not see angels; yet angels do exist. Those who do not believe these spirits exist do not realize their spirit living within them is bound to depart their own bodies. Then they will realize angels do exist! And Yah as well! Hence, miracles or supernatural phenomena are, well, natural or normal processes in Yah’s Creation. While science rejects them, miracles occur, not because they suspend or violate physical laws but because these “earthly laws” were framed by “earthly minds”, not “spiritual minds” or “spirit-minded beings”.

Just as Water can be transformed into an entire Planet Earth, including all the heavier elements within it through the mighty (call it miraculous, supernatural or metaphysical) power of Ruach, all things in the Universe can still be subject to that higher mighty or miraculous action of Yah through His angels, Ruach and Yahusha.

Yes, Elohim created all the things in the beginning; but the Son came down to redeem fallen Creation and sent Ruach to prepare it for perfect renewal, eventually. The Ones Who created Earth also participated in its “physical processes”, even got born or begotten as man, yet performed “unearthly deeds”.

Hence, if Yahusha could walk on water (Ruach hovered on the face of the primeval waters), He was only doing what a Creator does in His Nature. If He can shine His Light from His face or His body (Ruach gave Light on the First 3 Days), He was only acting out what Divine Beings do commonly. If Yahusha could say ”Before Abraham was, I Am” (Ruach must have traversed the Universe 3,000 years in 3 days), He was merely showing Himself to humans in the way Eternal Beings do since the beginning.

The Testimony of Creation vs the Testimony of Science

We are given testimony by the Creator Himself as to the birth of the Universe; but we still choose to believe what myopic science tells us. Amos spoke of the self-destructive unbelief of the ancient Jews, which has crept upon the world into a similar form of unbelief among many atheistic, humanistic and science-based modern thinkers whose admirable hunger and dedication for truth and knowledge have uncovered numerous secrets of Nature. So much of what we can do through technology is proof of their fruits for which, in general, they give Yah no glory. Amos prophesied, thus:

“Behold, the days are coming,” says the Lord God, “that I will send a famine on the land, not a famine of bread, nor a thirst for water, but of hearing the words of the Yahuah. They shall wander from sea to sea, and from north to east; they shall run to and fro, seeking the word of the Yahuah, but shall not find it.”

Amos 8:11-14

The amazing advancements in rocket science now put us closer to establishing human colonies on the Moon and Mars. Yet, did we ever ponder how a long, long time ago we could have colonized the whole Solar System had we remained un-fallen children of Adamah and Havah who still would have had supernatural abilities and intelligence like them? You think Adamah, Enoch and Noah would have been content on just planting gardens, writing creation and prophetic history, and building wooden vessels after reaching 2,000 or more years of age? With their initial supreme level of intelligence, the advancement of knowledge and technology would have been geometrically much higher than what we, literally lesser-humans, have had in the few couple of centuries or more since the Industrial Revolution. 

If the Tree of Life (or Fountain of Youth to some) was available to all till now, would medicine be such a corrupt enterprise that it is today? Or will it even be necessary for humans who never get ill? Would we be spending billions to raise up armies to go to war? Or would we be so content travelling Light-Years across our galaxy to establish thriving habitations on distant planets?

And why do you think Elohim would create perfect beings and an infinitely huge Universe if not to populate it with all Their goodness and bounty? We can ask more questions such as this; but people will probably just shake their heads in unbelief. Like children, we do not only need scolding but relearning.

Hunger for Truth Remains Unaddressed by Mainstream Academia

Some of the hungriest scientists, and also the smartest, have been Jewish in appellation, which is both ironic and quite expected. Through they seek to decipher the clues of Yah’s creative power within Nature, they generally reject the in-your-face, glaring-as-the-Sun Revelation of the Earth’s origins through the testimonies of Ruach. Did we not say the Waters brought about all things in the Universe? And did not Yahusha say without Water and Ruach we cannot enter the Kingdom of Yah? (John 3:1-21) And that those who hunger and thirst for righteousness will be blessed with satisfaction? (Matt. 5:6) And yet we look for truth somewhere else and expect to be right and knowledgeable.

Velikovsky and Einstein and their Relationship Surrounding the Former’s Ideas Written in His Book “Worlds in Collision” (Edited by Luigi Cozzi. See description of book below2)

One of the closest friends of Albert Einstein was Immanuel Velikovsky, a Jewish-Russian writer of books on cosmic cataclysms that caused global floods and planetary events, who provided ample proofs of how the polar areas had been sub-tropical regions teeming with forests, fields and wild life. While he is often marginalized as practicing pseudoscience, he showed how the permafrost in Siberia and other parts preserved the fresh remains of mammoths, elephants, lions, rhinos and horses that seemed to have been killed instantaneously, mangled and stacked up on top of each other by a massive, violent deluge that froze their bodies in seconds. He and Einstein spent many nights taking about his findings. We have no proof Einstein believed Velikovsky’s ideas; but he admitted being bothered by his friend’s enthusiastic discussions. Two great thinkers of similar ethnic and religious origin who both used science essentially and, in the latter’s case, a lot of evidences from scriptures, ancient history, mythology, astronomy and geology, led them to espouse distinct views of the Earth’s origins and history. Whether Einstein believed in the Great Flood or not, we do not know; however, Velikovsky went as far as to say that during the Pre-Deluge Era, the Earth revolved around the Sun for only 360 days, as proven by ancient Egyptian and Mayan calendars. And also by Noah’s calendar!

Mainstream academia has rejected Velikosvsky’s ideas not as a result of their lack for hunger for truth but because of their rejection of the Universal, fundamental source of Truth: Elohim, Who created the Universe. While Velikovsky and other scientists may not necessarily accept scriptural principles and truths, he came close to deciphering the actual processes and historical realities, and even remained adamant that what he had written came so much closer to the evidences found in the physical world than what Darwinian evolutionists and uniformitarian geologists claimed. For academia supports an Earth that took eons to take form and produce life, while Velikovsky and other so-called “Catastrophists” believed it took but thousands of year for the Earth to grow geologically. As evolutionists studied sparse, petrified and even unconnected fossils which they say are millions of years old, Velikovsly was studying freshly-thawed remains of animals, some with their past meals still undigested in their stomachs within regions we had assumed to be uninhabitable throughout the eons-long period of the past Ice Age.

Thawing Permafrost in Yakutsk, Russia with a Protruding Mammoth’s Tusk (c/o rferl.org)

If you confine yourself within the dark, invisible and empty regions of the primeval Waters, you will never see the glorious Revelation of Light from Ruach who hovers upon the face of the Deep Space and unravels the majesty of His Creative Power. On Day 4, we will see even more amazing works of Elohim.

 And this is the condemnation, that the Light has come into the world, and men loved darkness rather than Light, because their deeds were evil. For everyone practicing evil hates the Light and does not come to the Light, lest his deeds should be exposed.

John 3:19-20


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