52 Weeks in the Ark with Noah and Family (WEEK 14) – Day 5: The Sea and Flying Creatures

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Day 5 of Creation (Painting by Julius Schnorr von Carolsfeld, 1794-1872, c/o Meisterdrucke.ie)

WEEK 14 (19th to 25th of Av, the 5th Month in the Hebrew Religious Calendar)

Then Yah said, “Let the Waters abound with an abundance of living creatures, and let birds fly above the Earth across the face of the Firmament of the Heavens.” So Yah created great sea creatures and every living thing that moves, with which the Waters abounded, according to their kind, and every winged bird according to its kind. And God saw that it was good. And Yah blessed them, saying, “Be fruitful and multiply, and fill the Waters in the seas, and let birds multiply on the Earth.” So the Evening and the Morning were the fifth day.

Gen. 1:20-23

Day 5: The Day Animals Breathed in Earthly Life

Many of us have failed to realize that Elohim devoted one entire and special day (Day 5) to create “great sea creatures” and “every winged bird” to fill the “Waters” and the “Firmament of the Heavens”. More so, we have failed to appreciate how this fact puts into doubt, at the very least, and totally puts to sleep the evolutionary view that life began as simple organisms that became sea animals, then amphibians that literally crept out of the seas and eventually developed into reptiles and other more-complex living organisms, including all the living creatures that inhabit the Land and the Air.

Let us not forget to mention that the sea creatures were formed or made from the Waters, just as the Earth and the Land were made on Day 3, as well as the Sun and stars on Day 4. They breathed Water, literally! Or is this telling us the Sea is also one with the Firmament? For they were one originally. Thus, on Day 5, we again see Elohim creating living creatures out of the Waters. But where does it actually say the birds were made out of the Waters? Yet, that is what the text actually says: “Let the Waters abound with an abundance of living creatures, and let birds fly above the Earth across the face of the firmament of the Heavens.” If Elohim used the Waters as His material for making the Earth, the Land, the Sun and the stars, then it follows the fishes and the birds also came out of the same material. 

Hence, for those believers who still cling to the shaky view that the eons-long evolutionary process was indeed part of Elohim’s process in Creation, here then is the “anomalous gap” that cuts down the “Tree of gradual Natural Selection” that serves as the framework for Darwin’s Theory of Evolution or the “ascent of humans” from single-celled organisms that initially grew out of the “soup of life” or “in some warm little pond with all sorts of ammonia and phosphoric salts – light, heat, electricity, etc. – present”1. Darwin pioneered the idea that all varieties of species evolved through a long process of adaptation by lower forms of creatures in their environment to produce more complex species with traits suitable for survival. But we realize adaptation has limits and using it to explain the variation among species stretches reality. The shape or size of a finch’s beak may change according to the environment, as Darwin correctly observed. But what caused them to prefer seeds for food and not krill which penguins commonly eat? Variation is an independent property, like gender, not necessarily subject to adaptation. But we know Darwin’s ideas would throw Creation and divine principles into a wild spin, as we shall discuss.

Charles Darwin’s Sketches of Finches’ Beaks – From Darwin’s Book On the Origin of Species, ca. 1830’s (c/o Cove Collective)

For one, before fishes supposedly acquired legs or feet to allow them to adapt on the Land, it appears they first thought of growing wings in order to fly. Perhaps, the flying fish is the “missing link” we need to show that before Land beasts evolved, they first grew wings and became flying creatures. But for what compelling, life-preserving reasons would fish grow wings first if they already adapted to the Land by growing four legs (frogs and salamanders) and had enough food on the Land? Just to experience the sheer joy and challenge of flying and catching small flying insects, such as butterflies and locusts, which were probably still on the verge of acquiring wings and learning to fly at the same time? Perhaps, then the insects first learned to fly with wings and taught the birds to follow their invention? But this chance-based concept bursts out into flames because simple organisms would have to have had enough intelligence and adaptability to comprehend and harness the vital benefits that plants possess (which were now existing) to sustain life. Or else, the Plants had to evolve as the same time — no more, no less — to nourish evolving-organisms on-the-fly (pun intended). And so, evolutionists claimed Plants began as weeds in marshes along the banks of the Sea. All this complex, synchronized but accidental production of living organisms made the Earth and life on it as they are.    

But how can supposedly unrelated and completely separate organisms, such as plants and fishes somehow communicate and form a sophisticated symbiosis for the specific goal of evolving Land creatures – no, birds, first – wherein Plants can provide nourishment for birds so that much later on they can somehow have the desire to grow two more legs and become Land creatures? Of course, we can easily rationalize that birds have decided to stop evolving and that the amphibians and reptiles took it upon themselves to evolve into Land beasts, primates and finally into humans. Why then did not birds evolve into humans with wings? Perhaps, we should leave unicorns alone in fairy tales.

The simple answer is provided to us by the Creator Himself: “Be fruitful and multiply, and fill the Waters in the seas, and let birds multiply on the Earth.” Elohim now introduces the Law of Reproduction of “kinds” or “species”. Each kind is the end or branch on the Creative Tree of Living Creatures. Once you become a shark, you can only reproduce a shark; a whale a whale; and an octopus an octopus. And once an eagle, you can reproduce an eagle; an owl an owl; and a parrot a parrot. It was so; and it has always been so. We see no cross-branches or mixed-species. Yes, there are hybrids or mixing within species; hence, the different kinds of dogs, cats and even apples, for that matter. However, no in-between-species have ever been produced. Leave it to sorcerers to come up with that latter idea and plan. In fact, it will not surprise us to see many of these trans-species or trans-humans soon. All that courtesy of GEproduction (i.e., through Genetic Engineering), not REproduction (i.e., through Ruach-Elohim). These manipulators eagerly want to have their own “genesis story” and their own (servile) “creatures” made according to their own image. All the research done on human DNA or mRNA vis-a-vis Artificial Intelligence ultimately leads to that age-old goal of fallen angels.

Noah and his family knew the Law of Reproduction more than any other humans understood then and now. For all intents and purposes, they saw firsthand the original plan and eternal goal of Yahuah through the building of the Ark and through the Flood. Their very lives were inexorably tied to the plan of Yah, in fact. We can even assume that one of them had a favorite lion cub, cat or dog that had been born of Adamah’s or Havah’s favorite animals created on Day 5 (a day older than Adamah!). If humans could live up to 900 then, why not animals as well? Sea turtles and sequoia trees can survive for many centuries today. Our slight detour into debunking the evolutionary paradigm aims at emphasizing the crucial role that the Ark and the Great Flood play in affirming the Genesis account of Creation. In like manner, we retell Noah’s story in order to affirm the importance of Revelation in the coming final days of Creation – that is, the “Days of Noah Part 2”.

Fluid Animals

In engineering parlance, a fluid is any homogenous material that changes its form through external forces, such as solid objects moving against it or within it. Hence, while Water is the most common fluid, it is not the only one. Air, oil and other gaseous, liquid, or viscous materials have fluid properties as well, such as density, buoyancy and pressure. A boat can float on water because of buoyancy. A submarine or fish can float or swim in Water because of buoyancy, as well as its property to allow an object to move or travel freely within a fluid. Of course, the heavier or thicker the fluid is, the higher the density or the higher the pressure; hence, the lesser the ability for animals to move within it or exist under such conditions.

Because of the difference in fluid properties of water and air, fishes and birds have varying body parts to allow them to navigate. Since water has greater density and pressure, fishes have to have more streamlined bodies and special skins to allow them to slide or travel through water with the least resistance or drag (a form of friction in a fluid, such as a car’s drag against the surrounding air as it moves). An octopus, with its many tentacles, moves like a bullet or comet in water but uses its legs to propel itself and to control its direction, to slow down or to stop. Fishes wiggle to propel themselves, allowing their fins to push them forward.

A Giant Trevally Fish Crosses the Boundary Between 2 Fluids to Catch a Flying Tern (c/o YouTube and BBC)

A bird, on the other hand, enjoys less pressure but much lower buoyancy in air. A balloon, which is lighter than air, tends to rise up, as a ball would in Water. Since the air has no “surface” like the Sea, a balloon remains within the fluid confines of Air until it bursts due to its own pressure. A bird then must achieve lift in order to fly. This aerodynamic process which also applies in Water (fish use their fins to maintain their horizontal orientation – like flying in Water. Sharks can travel fast in Water because of their streamlined bodies and muscular power; but most birds can achieve higher speeds in air both by their muscular power and streamlined bodies, as well as with the help of gravitation.

Pelicans Diving for their Meals (c/o YouTube and BBC)

A hawk can swoop down on a prey at an enormous speed, giving minimal chance of escape for the victims. Imagine how long the hawk had to evolve in order to develop its amazing ability to fly at high speed, as well as to acquire its sharp eyes that could clearly see minute objects from way up in the skies. The chances of that happening in 100 million years is so tiny, yet supposedly good enough to advance the Theory of Evolution; while the possibility of it happening at all within one day is zero and, therefore, cannot support the existence of a Creator. We are so glad Faith offers an alternative to Statistics and Modern Science. And one need not be proud enough to claim intelligence for one’s self. Just the humility to accept what common sense — plus enough solid evidences in Creation and Revelation — can support.

Why the Order of Creation as Written?

What prompted Elohim to create these “fluid animals” first? Why did They leave the Land for last? The only and the simple reason we can find is that fishes and birds are generally smaller in size than Land creatures and humans. Or was size not a factor then; for they could have been gigantic in size? The fish did not and do not compete with beasts for food anyway, do they? And birds eat fruits, seeds and leaves as animals and humans do, right?

We point to the fact that when Elohim created the Firmament out of the Waters, the Earth out of Waters, and then the Land out of the Waters as well, They then planted vegetation upon the Land. The Plants harness the energy of the Water, the Light and the Air, ALL TOGETHER AS ONE UNIFIED Prime Source for nourishment of living creatures. Food is basically Water, Light and Air that were first created and then sustained Life. All the minerals, metals, photons and gases living beings need to exist would come from Creation or Nature. Thus, Elohim created fishes out of the Waters and the Land (or soil) under the Sea, and also created the birds out of the Waters and the Land, along with the “breath of Life” from the Firmament (AIR). Note that that “breath” came from Creation, not from Elohim. From where all those living beings came from, they were to be nourished and sustained by the same source of materials they were made of. That is, food in the Sea and food on the Land served the fishes and the birds.

The “abundance” of those “fluid creatures”, as mentioned by Moses, allowed Life to multiply even before higher and more-complex creatures arose and multiplied. But we wonder whether a peacock or a nightingale is lower or less-complex than a rabbit or a rat, by any measure. Perhaps, Elohim left the Land empty before populating it with Life, just as He had made the Waters and the Firmament first before creating the Land out of the Sea and putting it beneath the Firmament. His order was consistent and served to show us the flow of His creative power into and within the creatures He made. As we can see today in this fallen world, larger Land animals now feed upon smaller or less-stronger creatures: bears catch salmon and lions catch birds drinking in watering holes. The flow of energy or the Life-Force, if you please, rises from the bottom up. Humans, ultimately, are at the top of the so-called Food Chain.   

Creation, in a sense, is merely a transformation of matter and energy into different forms but with varying functions or purposes. And they all serve to fulfill one and the same primary act, which is to build a proper and perpetual home for humans – whether still in its perfect state or not. More than that, however, that home would have beautiful and pleasant things besides to make Life desirable, abundant and comfortable. Goodness topped the agenda during Creation. Perfection does not evolve. It merely is. You believe it, you have it. And this applies physically and spiritually. (1 John 4:17-19)     

Vegetarian Diet

We might think that all the animal skills we described and portrayed were already at work on Day 5. Hardly! Except for the part where animal eats animal, all the rest did so. Remember that animals were all vegetarian in the beginning: the fish and the birds. The plants, planktons and sea weeds provided enough food for all those creatures. Yes, plants bore fruits the day after they were created! We know we make the evolutionists laugh out loud; but we speak the truth. We cannot mock Yah by saying His Word is a big lie and that Genesis is one big myth and not scientific truth. If it were so, Noah’s story was also a lie and a myth; all the words of the prophets, Ruach and Yahusha are false; and Velikovsky’s findings point to an anomaly in geological history that is beyond comprehension and devoid of validity whatsoever.

The credibility of the entire scientific paradigm hangs on the balance of whether Day 5 did happen or not. Well, that should include Days 1 to 4, of course. We took time to prove the very beginning in order to prove that what happened after has a valid, firm foundation. And the progression went all the way into the future – until the present – for the purpose of understanding the origins of what we have and what we see today. We understand that for many of us who were educated for many years within institutions and believing that living things evolved and that the Earth took eons to form, shifting to this view of some “magical and spontaneous generation” of living, complex organisms and magnificent creatures can be difficult and quite counterintuitive. Well, if Velikovsky and Einstein had heated debates, we can all have the same ongoing division of views. For even modern wars and plagues have become more like football or basketball games that have competing avid adherents and supporters debating and even clashing on who will win or who has claim to the right or the truth.

Good thing that we have referees to decide who wins in sports; but in wars and in beliefs, the Referee does not strictly impose the rules as the battle or conflict rages on. He certainly favors the Truth; after all, He first said it and promoted it. Yet, His grace allows Him to be fair to all humans. He made all things good; and in spite of things having turned bad, He allows all to enjoy His great blessings. As when He waited for 600 years while Noah was growing, until the moment when the allowed time for accepting His grace expired. The Ark or the Flood? Make your final answer! Eeeechhhh!!! Time’s up!

Why No One Else Would Survive

14 weeks into the Flood – 98 days inside the Ark – Noah and his family alone gave the right answer. They were, in fact, benevolent proctors of the exam, providing the only means to make a perfect grade and, thus, escape the Flood. How many people could have built smaller arks for 5 to 10 or even 100 people, even without animals as cargo, in order to survive for a year? In 5 or 10 years or so, so many such arks could have been made to house so many people. Just one of those would have made a difference in world history. “Noah’s best-friend built a mini Ark!” “Methuselah’s childhood pal and entire family survived the Flood!”

But there was a compelling reason why no one else survived. We will deal with that later on.

Noah did not have to build compartments for “clean fish” inside the Ark. Does this mean all the fishes in the Sea and which survived the Flood were clean? We have no way of finding out. What made animals unclean anyway? As many already know, humans began eating meat after the Flood. (Gen. 9:3-6) This means we can assume all the fishes on Day 5 ate plant-based food. Something happened that caused animals later on to become “wild” and started eating other animals. Whales, for example, have remained vegetarian because their mouths can only admit planktons and not fish or other large organisms. Imagine how much fish they could eat in a day if they could only do so. Sharks, as we know, eat smaller fish and even attack humans for prey.

The entrance of murder in human relations somehow greatly affected civilizations that it had become a way of settling internal and external problems. Cain introduced it early on when he killed his brother Abel. But the increase in murder was not a simple result of growing hatred and enmity between people. It was because of a more primordial reason. It was all about food, as it had always been. Which inadvertently leads us to Life (the byproduct of food) and the preservation of this precious commodity. Plants, first, then animals, second, and, finally, humans, as food. Not merely for physical survival but for spiritual existence and dominion over the world.

Hollywood Fairy Tale or Predictive Programming?2 – From “Jack the Giant Slayer”, 2013 (c/o Just Watch)

Elohim would give specific instructions as to what food was intended for His creatures. That was why They made Plants the day before the fishes and the birds were created. They themselves told those creatures to eat whatever food was prepared for them in their habitats: sea weeds and planktons for fishes and fruits and seeds for birds. What we call instinct Yah calls divine communication or Revelation in and to Creation. When the fallen angels bred human hybrids, they taught them to kill animals for food and even to kill humans for the same reason. But why? When angels mated with the daughters of humans, they produced hybrid humans who had insatiable appetite for glory and power over other humans. (Gen. 6:1-8) The dark secrets those hybrids possessed and received from their angelic progenitors made them want to procreate their kind and, thereby, rule over less-powerful humans. With all the knowledge and technology they already learned and developed (astrology, sorcery, weaponry, alchemy, root medicine and psychic powers), they found no excuse for sparing animals and humans from their devious schemes. Thus, the anger of Yah became so great that the Flood was the only solution.

Not only were the Nephilim able to produce other hybrid humans, they also produced hybrid animals which were as wild and murderous as their masters. Perhaps, we can surmise that most of the sea creatures were spared from such evil manipulation by the Nephilim; however, we know that many of the Land creatures acquired murderous habits. Some theologians claim that the remains of gigantic dinosaurs could have been those of a “reptilian race” bred by the Nephilim and which were intentionally obliterated by the Flood. Perhaps, those Nephilim had created and bred those dinosaurs as their tools for gaining power over humans. If you had guard dogs as huge as a T-Rex, who would dare oppose you? And what would you feed a T-Rex or a Raptor with?

Sci-Fi or Psych-Fac? – Jurassic Park Movie (c/o The Geek Games)

In makes great sense then to say that the absence of dinosaurs today could have meant that Noah never carried one of those wicked species bred by the Nephilim. And why Yah’s judgment included humans, as well as animals. But the so-called Reptilian Race includes more than a specific species of animals; rather, it includes a more insidious breed of beings who have ruled humans since they regained and even magnified their dark, secret powers long after the Flood had subsided. John, for one, recognized those beings and called them as such: a “brood of vipers”, even though the people saw them as the “respectable” Pharisees and Sadducees. (Matt. 3:7) Perhaps, he made a mistake? Well, he recognized the “Lamb of Yah” as He really was when he saw Yahusha come to be immersed by him. No, Yahusha confirmed John’s condemnation by calling them as “serpents, brood of vipers“! (Matt. 23:33) His condemnation included the destruction of their seat of pride and power — the Temple. Why do you think their reptilian descendants now go all out to rebuild the Temple by destroying anyone who stands in their way? They killed Yahusha; they will not hesitate to kill His followers. (Gen. 3:14-15)

The Question of Size and Power

Were not the Nephilim giants? Were dinosaurs indeed “farm animals” grown in order to rule over the Earth? And in order to sustain their diet, they had to breed “good animals” as food, including the flesh of humans? Hollywood would bank on this idea and call it sci-fi fiction; however, this is the hidden history that has been intentionally kept from generations of humans since the time of the early disciples. The descendants or followers of those wicked angels took over the reign of those condemned human hybrids since then; and if you could accept it, they have remained in control until today. “Noah’s Days Part 2” is literally a replay of what happened in the “Days of Noah Part 1”. But you need not believe it now. You can also wait for the Fire to come down, just as the people of Noah’s days waited for the Flood to come. As we keep on watching Hollywood films that contain “predictive programming”2, we become inure to the idea such that when the reality does arrive, we would still think that all of it is normal or innocent. On the contrary it is a lie or a distorted view that distracts us from the genuine truth. Propaganda aims to kill. And kill softly. First the mind, then the body.

But what about Noah? How could he have overcome those super-intelligent giants if he were but a puny person like us? What made him so special that he survived the presence of such wicked giants in his generation? What tools and weapons did he possess to remain safe for the 120 years he built the Ark? Did he have ways to ward off rampaging dinosaurs or murderous giants? How did he counteract the sorcery and magical powers of the Nephilim, let alone their efficient weapons of war and psychic abilities and machinations? Noah could not have been so powerful as to defeat all those godless unbelievers? What do you think? The same weapons and methods he used, we will also need and must use today.

“Noah”, the Movie (2014) – c/o Google

The latest blockbuster movie that retold the story of Noah depicted him indeed as a brave warrior pitted against such wily and sinister foes. Although many did question the Mad-Max-like treatment of the old, cute, nursery tale in Sunday School, it did raise the issue of what realities might have brought about the destruction of the Earth and the death of the entire population of humans, minus one family. We will leave the answers for a future article. For every “predictive-programming film” we see, we need a “prophetic-defogging pill” to reset our minds and spirits. Gone are the days when movies were more faithful to the biblical text and age-old values of old, stable societies. Today, titles and names of characters alone remain accurate; but the plots are outrageously wild and grossly twisted to suit some hidden agenda. Beware!

For the next article, we will finally deal with the creation of Adamah and Havah, as well as of the Land animals on the final Day 6 of Creation. As much as we eagerly want to know how to survive in the “Days of Noah Part 2”, we must also first understand what Elohim did in the beginning and why They made those things the way They did so, in the first place. And the only way to avoid the stark lies and the fake paradigms that abound today is to go back to the Original Creative Source. 


1Lewin, R. (1982), p. 92, Thread of Life. Smithsonian Books. Washington D.C.   

2Predictive Programming Defined: “Predictive Programming is theory that the government or other higher-ups are using fictional movies or books as a mass mind control tool to make the population more accepting of planned future events. This was first described and proposed by researcher Alan Watt who defines Predictive programming as ‘. . . a subtle form of psychological conditioning provided by the media to acquaint the public with planned societal changes to be implemented by our leaders. If and when these changes are put through, the public will already be familiarized with them and will accept them as natural progressions, thus lessening possible public resistance and commotion.’” (Wood) (c/o OSU.edu)