52 Weeks in the Ark with Noah and Family (WEEK 11) – Light and Water and Their Mysteries Revealed through Scriptures and Science

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WEEK 11 (28th Tammuz- 5th Av, the 5th Month in the Hebrew Religious Calendar)

Noah’s Glowing Eyes

We read an incredible passage in the Book of Enoch which describes Noah’s appearance at his birth:

After some days, my son, Methuselah, took a wife for his son Lamech, and she became pregnant by him and bore him a son. And his body was white as snow and red as a rose, the hair of his head as white as wool and his eyes beautiful; and as for his eyes, when he opened them, the whole house glowed like the sun—(rather) the whole house glowed even more exceedingly.

1 Enoch 106:1-2

This no longer surprises us, as Noah, like his great-grandfather Enoch, had a quite special mission pertaining to the preservation and the restoration of Creation to its original condition. Water, Light and Time became the raw materials for creating the Universe; and it would be the same elements that would allow Noah to finish his work. Thus, Water served to judge the wicked sinners who had polluted the Earth and to save the Ark, the Light of Ruach, as in the beginning, became the purifying and guiding force that accompanied Noah and his family through the Great Flood, and Time became the foundational and transforming element that would provide a longer year for the New Heaven and New Earth Noah would inherit.

Moreover, shortly after Noah’s generation, the lifespan of humans greatly decreased; and he was one of the last few people who lived to almost a thousand years. We will have to rename our planet as the Rebuilt Heaven and Rebuilt Earth, since it no longer sustained long lives for humans. And we now live in the final moments of this highly-degraded Rebuilt LifeScape. And what about the whole year Noah and his family stayed inside the dark, dark Ark? Could Noah have provided the Light they needed through his glowing eyes which Enoch described so graphically? If at his birth Noah brightened the “whole house”, could he have done the same thing to the Ark and his companions? Most probably. However, those who still consider 1 Enoch is “uninspired” do not think so. That is because some “powerful theologians” (sic) decided it was below their “inspired” opinions. And yet, Enoch received his revelation from angels who had written them in golden tablets (1 Enoch 93:2), just as Moses derived the true telling of Noah’s works from the Angel of Presence sent by Yah. (Jubilees 2:1)    

Which Came First: Time or Light?

We have already seen how Elohim brought into existence Light within the dark, primeval Waters that presaged the creation of the Universe through the active Presence of Ruach, and how They established the standards of measurement for Time, beginning with the First Day (First Evening and First Morning). We also saw how that Global Time of 24-hour Day could have been the equivalent measurement of the Time it had taken for Ruach to traverse the outer limits of the Universe in terms of Universal Time of 1,000 years.

Whether such a view helps us clarify or simplify our understanding of Time or not, or just makes it even more complicated, we leave for the reader to ponder and decide. Our task is simply to try to fathom the apparent mysteries many have tried to unravel as well, but using the “keys of the Kingdom” that the apostle Peter had received from our Savior. However, if the way we turn the key still does not appear to open any door for some, we leave for Yah to judge. People may choose either to enter or to remain behind even though we have provided opened doors for them to enter.

So, while others may still debate what we present here, we move along and continue our search by trying to unravel the nature of Light, the twin-sister of Time. We say this for we assume that although the “Waters” existed prior to the creation of Light, Universal Time had not yet commenced, as the narrative seems to suggest. For we said that Ruach could exist in both Eternal Time and Universal Time; however, prior to Light’s existence, what existed were primeval Waters containing only a void and formless Earth. In that case, some might think that Time then had already begun before Light existed. Yes, that dark duration of Time when Ruach hovered over the deep could have been the First Evening indeed. That is why Hebrews believed that the Day begins with Evening, not Morning. Well and good. Nevertheless, that would still put Time within 12 hours ahead of Light, making them still twins, although not so impressive for a mighty Creator. We need a better point of view.  

Nevertheless, we will postpone the issue of which really came first and deal only with Light itself. Just as people will never agree on which really came first – the chicken or the egg – we will save Time by not arguing between Evening and Morning. We have the Day and the Night; and we have chickens that lay eggs. Let us just enjoy them. Truth will out eventually.

The Eastern and Western Concepts of Time

Here is a lengthy quote from an article entitled “The East, Time, Eternity, the Universe and the Origin of All Things” which hopefully supports our idea that Time and Light (which we used to compute Distance) are essentially twins:

The eastern mind is not obsessed with time as the western mind is. Anyone who has lived and worked in the near or Middle East knows that they are event oriented rather than time oriented as we westerners. Their lives are not ruled by the clock. The tenses in Hebrew and Arabic and as well in the Greek are not primarily concerned with time but rather flow or type of action.

The ancient Hebrew words that are used to describe distance and direction are also used to describe time. The Hebrew word for east is qedem and literally means “the direction of the rising sun.”

The implications of this statement are astounding. This is because time, as defined as the distance between two physical events, is not a physical measurement in and of itself. Yet in ancient Hebrew, time and distance refer to the same thing and literally to “the direction of the rising sun,” (which we as human beings call the east direction). One implication of this association would be that the origin of all things could have come, does come, and will come from the east.

We could visualize the East then as both the moment and the birthplace of Time and Light, or what we called LifeScape. Looking at the illustration below, it seems obvious to us now that the moment Light came into existence, Evening and Morning also began, simultaneously; likewise, the idea and reality of Time came into existence simultaneously with the concept and presence of Light. Yet, along with the two, the concept of Distance also came into existence. The lack of order or substance in the primeval Earth and primeval Universe was, therefore, being gradually eliminated with the birth of LifeScape or the fundamental infrastructure of the Creation. We saw how the idea of Time and Distance became intertwined when we measured the length of the Day, of the Evening, and of the Morning in terms of hours, as well as the distance that the Ruach traversed in terms of the length of Time (1,000 years) and the Distance (1,000 light-years).

Since the Earth, as a planet, remained physically unsettled on the First Day, we could not yet provide measurements of its size and descriptions of its motion. Hence, we said that all the calculations were based on a “static Earth”. Light, Time and Distance came before substance or form could be established. We merely said that with the assumed presence of Gravitation in the primeval LifeScape, we could visualize the Universe as one spherical, Universe-sized, mass of Water which we represented with a circle partly-lighted and partly-darkened.

We must then take qedem or the East as originally and basically “the direction (as well as the location) of the rising Sun”. Time and Light have to start from Sometime and from Somewhere for order to be established before anything else is added to complete the final and whole Universal structure. In “establishing the Morning”, Yah also had to establish directions from where Motion starts and proceeds. As we measure Time from 6 AM or 6 PM to start the Morning or the Evening, we also measure Distance with respect to where the Time starts. We also mentioned that each hour the Earth rotated corresponded exactly to 14° of its entire 360° rotation on its axis. Yah is the Great and Original Surveyor Who laid down all these basic parameters for humans to use. We do not owe mathematicians or physicists the elementary wisdom that brought all these things into being; only the certain depth of understanding they have deduced as to their significance, how they function, and for what practical purposes. And even the best geniuses among us do not know the whole complex design and the real intentions of Yah within His Creation, least of all, His Timetable. Yes, He has put Eternity in our hearts; but “no one can find out what Yah does from beginning to end,” as Solomon said. (Eccl. 3:11)

What the East Means to Human Existence

It was in the East that Yah placed the first humans to dwell in His Creation, on the 6th Day – the base number the future beast would assume in the end-times in his ultimate effort to destroy humans and Creation, as John tells us. (Rev. 13:17-18) Today, each Day begins and ends with the number 6, while for the ancient Hebrews, they counted from 1 to 12, beginning from sunrise or sunset. Noon and midnight were, thus, called the 6th hour, and so on to 12. However, the modern practice of starting the Day-Time Count at 6 AM has become the global standard. Looking at the illustration above, the bottom point of the circle marks 6 AM which we know moves counterclockwise through 7 AM up to 12 NN, then from 1 PM till 6 PM – a whole Morning or Daytime. It then continues on to 7 PM to 12 MN and finally returns to 6 AM of the following Day. That is why the Eastern Hemisphere is at the left or the dark side; because the start of the Morning (6 AM) is the farthest boundary of the East (the Far East) where the “rising of the Sun” is first seen. The opposite side is the nearest boundary of the East (the Near East) where the Sun sets. Note that the adjectives “far” and “near” where invented by the westerners who used their location as the point of reference. However, the real point of reference should be Ruach, Light and Time — and eventually, the Sun.

But there is a deeper significance to the the word East (qedem also connotes “antiquity or the past”, “the former estate”, “the front”, and “ancient”). The words Orient and gold share the same root word. Orient derives from the Latin oriens, for “east” or “rising”, while gold (aurum in Latin) is from the Greek goddess of dawn, Aurora. These words actually point back to the First Day of Creation when Elohim said: YEHI OWR! LET THERE BE LIGHT! The Hebrew OWR (Light) gave us Aurora, aurum and Orient! In establishing the East as the beginning of Light and Time, They also placed the birth of humanity there, creating Life that would contain Their Glorious Divine Nature within Creation. Moreover, Elohim also crowned His magnificent work with the finest gold in that part of the world. (Gen. 2:11-12)

We can be almost certain that the “gold of Havilah”, also considered historically as a shared inheritance and stewardship with his brothers, Sheba, Ophir and their relative Tarshish, from their great-great-great-great-grandfather Noah, became available only after the Flood. It was only then that Noah would divide the Earth and bequeath the fine lands of the East to Shem and his descendants. We know that gold forms deep within the Earth, especially under great pressure and temperature, and could have been expelled through violent volcanic eruptions. And since, thousands of volcanoes erupted simultaneously during the Great Flood, we can recognize the hand of Yah in making all the precious metals and minerals He had made and prepared for a new, larger and teeming Earth through the cataclysmic events that accompanied Noah’s journey. Yes, the Earth was renewed and was also geologically reformed to enable humans to mine its treasures to serve their needs. The expansion of the Earth played a vital role in making that possible.

East Established as the Beginning of Light, Time and Life

It was no accident then that the East should not only be the “direction of the rising Sun” (Light) but also as the location for the start of the Day (Time), as well as the Breath of Ruach (Life). Thus, for the First Morning to commence, the First Dawn had to also come. Look again at the bottom of the circle in our illustration above, where the 6 AM mark lies. That is technically the dawning of the Earth when the newly-made Light introduced the First Day and First Morning. That boundary between Darkness and Light when Time began and where Light first shone was how Elohim set Creation into motion. And on His second trip around the Universe, Ruach went one step farther by providing the Atmosphere that would allow the divided primeval Waters to separate the Earth from the rest of the future parts of the Universe that would include the stars, the moons and the galaxies, all through the same raw materials He would use to create the Earth: Water, Light, Time and Gases. He would begin with a small amount of Water to form the Earth and all its components and leaving the bulk to form the rest of the Universe with so much variety and complexity we could not begin to understand no matter how we try.

As Job 26:13 states, “By His Ruach He adorned the Heavens.” The Atmosphere, though it still seems so empty and unappealing, set the initial stage for the coming heavenly lights that would provide their magnificent luminosity at night. The Deep Space or Ether we initially imagined as nothing but primeval Waters would soon explode into a dazzling display of cosmic brilliance on Day 3. But till then, the Earth still had no form and remained empty, as Ruach hovered around the Ether.

Water in Vacuum    

How did the primeval Waters behave during the first few days? What shape did it really take? Did it rotate at all? How did Light behave in and through the Waters?

It would enlighten us greatly to know and see how the primeval Waters behaved during Day 1 and Day 2. To gain some insight, let us watch the embedded videos below. Our initial assumption that the primeval Waters was rotating was not necessary after all, since Water forms a sphere in the vacuum of Deep Space. But that does not mean it did not spin later on during the 6 days of Creation. As we can see in one of the videos, it appears that if we imagine the tiny bubbles that form a spiral galaxy spinning in space were stars, then it would not be improbable that the millions of galaxies in Deep Space could have been eddies or cyclones of Waters given motion by Ruach and then turned into fiery stars using the same raw materials: Water, Light, Time and Gases that form the Earth. But we will deal with that on Day 3.

How Water Behaves in Outer Space

Bubbles in Space

How Sound Affects the Waters

Since Water is clear, we assume that Ruach’s Light penetrated all the way to the opposite regions of Deep Space, lighting up the huge mass of Water containing within its center the Water sphere where the Earth would be formed. Moreover, if we watch the video above where music is being played in order to see how Water reacts, we could probably imagine the powerful, divine voice of Ruach as well, causing the Waters to vibrate and respond accordingly as He separated the Waters to form the Firmament. If real Water is influenced by noisy or chaotic sounds to behave violently, and by soft, soothing music to move harmoniously, what can the powerful, creative voice of Ruach accomplish other than to form perfect order and movement within Deep Space as He had intended?   

This amazing property of Water somehow shows us Yah’s infinite wisdom in using it as the basic building block to create al things, as Peter had revealed to us. (2 Pet. 3:5 NASB) Yet, there is more about Water that will boggle our minds and convince us of the intricate and magnificent nature of Creation.   

The Memory of Water

What we see in those videos of Water in outer space, however, cannot illustrate the real value of Water and the role it truly plays in Creation. Many of us do not realize that Water has memory. What?! Yes, it is now a confirmed and established scientific fact supported by enough, solid experimental data that Water can retain memory or information, whether chemical, physical, emotional or spiritual in nature, for great periods of Time or, perhaps, permanently. (Watch this YouTube video of Japanese researcher and alternative healer, Masaru Emoto, and the one embedded below to get a working picture of the Water Memory Theory.) If Yah could have chosen a substance or material to serve as His repository or archive of His great works, He would not have chosen a much better alternative than Water. In fact, we can confidently claim that the very memory of the Creation of the Universe is contained in every drop of Water, and perhaps, every element that exists today, because they had been there during the very instant they were brought into existence by the Word of Yahuah.  All things were created out of and by Water. What then can we show — including our own bodies — that did not come in contact with and, therefore, carries the memory of Creation since Day 1 other than Water? Nothing! And because of that, no one can escape the eyes, the voice, the ears, the touch, the power, the judgment, and the Presence of Elohim in Creation.

The video below may serve as one among many valid scientific proofs of this theory that could revolutionize the practice of medicine, biology and related fields, and information technology, as well as enhance our understanding of how the Physical Universe does respond to Spiritual or Metaphysical Realities.

3 Witnesses: Ruach, Water and Blood

At the death of Yahusha at the cross, John served witness to the participation of Water also in the final solution given by Yah for the problem of sin and death. (John 19:34-35) The spear that pierced His side drew “blood and water”, reminiscent of His agony in the Garden of Gethsemane when His sweat became blood. (Luke 22:44) John would later on remind the disciples of the great significance of the role that Water plays in the plan to save humanity. In 1 John 5:6-8, we find a deep mystery being introduced by John:

This is He who came by water and blood—Yahusha Masshiak; not only by water, but by water and blood. And it is the Ruach who bears witness, because the Ruach is Truth. For there are three that bear witness in Heaven: Abba, the Word, and the Ruach Hakodesh; and these three are one. And there are three that bear witness on Earth: the Ruach, the water, and the blood; and these three agree as one.

How can any Being or thing be qualified as a faithful witness unless He or it contains information or record of things worth witnessing about? And we are talking not only about Creation but the salvation of humans and the ultimate refreshing of Creation. We have no questions about Ruach serving as faithful witness from the moment the Universe was created to the End of Time. But what about Water and Blood? We have shown that Water indeed has memory and is a primary source of life-sustenance and the instrument for the salvation and judgment of humans, as Noah’s story tells us without any doubt. With regards to Blood, the Blood of Yahusha Himself, we will deal with that in the future. We already mentioned that Ruach is the Giver of Living Waters, Heavenly Light and Eternal Time. He is also the Saving Blood that flows in the Spiritual Body of Yahusha on the Earth. All things we have dealt with come full circle in the completion of Yah’s plan to purchase humanity from sin and death through His ultimate sacrifice of His Son on the cross.

And the great benefit of Yahusha’s sacrifice must also be seen through the instrumentality of Water as medium for appropriating His grace and mercy. Bringing back Peter to lend us one of his “keys to the Kingdom”, we open the door to Yah’s Kingdom using Peter’s response to the convicted Jews, who had crucified Yahusha, on Pentecost Day, and what that signifies for a believer:

  1. As Water saved Noah and his companions, baptism now saves us as “the answer of a good conscience toward Yah, through the resurrection of Yahusha”. (1 Pet. 3:18-22)
  2. The response of Peter to the guilt-ridden Jews in Jerusalem was:  “Repent, and let every one of you be baptized in the name of Yahusha Masshiak for the remission of sins; and you shall receive the gift of the Ruach Hakodesh.” (Acts 2:37-38)

It seems apparent that Water has a vital role in the cleansing of our souls from the curse of sin and death. Moreover, it prepares us to meet our Creator and Savior with pure hands, bodies and consciences through the indwelling gift and power of Ruach Who, as He had prepared Creation for goodness and perfection, will also refresh and prepare us for the coming Perfect New Heaven and New Earth He will create.


What we have discussed here is to lay down the foundation for Creation and what that foundation will mean to all the rest of Yah’s dealings with humans through the completion of the 6-Day/6,000-year journey of humanity within Creation since the very beginning. We hope that the roles each of these building blocks of the Universe play will complete the whole picture of what Yah had intended for humans to know and understand. Every part of Creation has value, purpose and role in fulfilling the intentions of Yah for His creatures and His children. Light and Time established the infrastructure for all His works, which we have seen and have come to accept as true, glorious and wonderful beyond compare.

In spite of the complex science we presented and which we can only apprehend at a shallow level, we can still appreciate the magnificent power required to put of all these things into reality that we all can benefit from them. Most importantly, the love that accompanied all of Creation should convince us of the goodness of His heart for His people who now suffer the massive onslaught of those who wish to bring Creation down into utter destruction. May we then take courage and inspiration in all these truths and promises we have received through revelation. And may we strive on to contend for His cause that many more may find their way back to His life-giving mercy and forgiveness. Amen!

Additional YouTube Video of Water in Space