52 Weeks in the Ark with Noah and Family (WEEK 10) – Time: The Greatest Enigma of Life

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“…neither Time nor Space could exist without Light”

WEEK 10 (21-27 Tammuz, the 4th Month in the Hebrew Religious Calendar)

Why Do We Measure Time?

We count seconds, minutes, days, weeks, months, years and even generations in order to measure Time. Or do we also measure Life? As we said, Noah counted only days, months and years. We call him the 10th patriarch from Noah – 10 generations away from Creation, the beginning. There must be those who can count the Time and the number of generations since the beginning; and thanks to, Enoch and Noah – and Adamah, perhaps — we owe them for having kept records since Creation. No one else has the honor of having done that for humanity, although not all accept the veracity and accuracy of the records they passed on. Certainly, not all scientists, in general; and not many physicists, in particular.

How important is the practice of keeping track of Time? How important is your birthday? Or your child’s or parents’ birthday? We may get bored reading the chronicles of the ancient people, especially the “begats” listed in the Torah. However, the genealogy records allow us to trace the lineage of many important personalities in the Bible. In particular, we refer to the genealogy of the Blessed Savior, Yahusha. His  genealogy, according to Luke’s Gospel, goes all the way from Adamah, to Noah and, finally, to Joseph, husband of Mary. (Luke 3:23-38)

We even celebrate His birthday, rightly or not. And even His death and resurrection, properly or not. Although we will not deal with them now, our series leads to them. For we now know that He sits at the right hand of Abba Yahuah in Heaven. He created all things, as part of Elohim along with Abba and Ruach. Hence, it seems literally immaterial to “count His days and years” or to “mark His birth, His death and resurrection” on the calendar when His essence surpasses and transcends the measurements we impose upon ourselves as humans. Of what use or benefit are monuments or rituals we make to those great heroes who now dwell beyond the boundaries of Time and Space? Nothing; and nothing to us, as well, if we do not mark our own lives according to their standards. And we have no better model to follow than the One Who made Time itself and Who lives in us to help us understand, measure, use and nurture Time.    

Birth and death anniversaries are understandable; but Resurrection Day is an entirely different thing. In fact, it should make the previous 2 irrelevant. It would do us more good if we celebrated our own coming resurrection, and on a regular basis. And many do, in fact, in so many ritualistic manners; for it is certainly an event worth celebrating and giving honor to the One Who made it possible. However, the real intent for such a wonderful event is for us to experience and celebrate it in every tiny, immeasurable bit of Time. Not every year or every week but each moment, awake or asleep, in pain or in joy. For Resurrection means Time has been conquered, not just death. Knowing and understanding Time itself will then help us understand Life more. And so we proceed.

Practical Value of Time-Keeping    

Yes, we were given numbers, clocks, calendars and tools to record the passage of Time; but for what practical purposes? Let us count them:

  1. To record the passage of important events in history.
  2. To serve as final authority of the chronology and details of those events: peoples, places, deeds done, laws passed, and the various related facts.
  3. To provide a narrative of what, how and why people acted as they had done and what specific events transpired, big and small, that affect us in the present.
  4. To provide a record of places and the people who dwelt in them, and, by inherent right, who has the right to possess and reside in those places.
  5. To provide a record of things and their origins or to whom those things belong, such as treasures, cultural artifacts and literature.
  6. To help us understand Time itself and what its true nature is.
  7. To provide a record of how all things began, why they exist and what will happen to them in the future.

The last item, undoubtedly, is the most significant of all purposes; for Yah Himself had willed that even His works should be recorded, revealed and recognized by all humans. The same persons He had called and qualified to make records of His words and His deeds, from Adamah to Enoch to Noah to Moses and to the apostles, took great care that their records remained faithful to the actual events or facts. In this series, we have tried to show that that goal has been achieved, although we see controversies and doubts on the authenticity and interpretation of those records themselves.     

We need not prove the qualifications of Enoch or Noah as witnesses and chroniclers, although some would want us to do so. Let us just say, it was all in the family – and for the benefit of the family, of which we all are a part. Apes, certainly, could never be expected to keep records. Hence, theories on the origins of humans could never compare to the revealed and written testimonies of these people who were specifically given the task of making records for posterity. It is still and will always remain a matter of faith. But with enough science, we have shown that the records have stood the test of accuracy, of reliability and, well, of Time.

Time to Understand Time

Yet, the matter of Time itself, as a human concept, deserves to be explained or considered as a purely objective idea, as philosophers and physicists are wont to do. Doing so will help us realize that even the Creator gives all humans, faithful or not, the chance to ponder the subject of Time without Him having to stare into their faces. Or as Millennials would say: In your face!

No, Elohim created the Universe and tasked people to record Their acts and allowed readers to make up their minds to accept the recorded testimony or not. Note though that the first person He tasked to reveal the Creation story was Enoch, who passed it on to Noah. Moses, many years after, read the accounts of Enoch and Noah; however, while he also talked to Yah who revealed many things to Him, he basically quoted Noah. Many claim that because of the Babylonian Exile, Moses only borrowed or used some of the myths of the Chaldeans. Except for his use of the week in telling his narrative in Jubilees and Exodus, we know this is not true at all. How could a prophet who talked to Yah face-to-face ever make up a false testimony? He followed the primary rule of becoming a reliable witness; He had 2 to 3 primary sources – Enoch, Noah and Yahuah. If one of them was a liar, Moses would have been unreliable. 

In our cultural and historical context, Moses would have been a highly-educated and privileged citizen in a rich, developed nation which had adopted him. Growing up then in a wealthy, influential family and being given the rank of a minister or administrator made him no ordinary person who just wasted his privileges telling fairy tales or scamming nations. We know his life story and his deeds. Yah made him a great prophet because he was given a great task, in the same way Enoch and Noah were great prophets because they did great things. A great Creator deserves nothing less than great chroniclers and witnesses with unassailable integrity.   

The writings of these prophets have endured throughout millennia. Time itself serves witness to the veracity of their stories. Still, Time remains an enigma to us humans. Why? Before science became the main and only standard for testing truth, even biblical truths, people read and accepted the testimonies of the prophets as primary truth. It is like saying “demons believe in Yahusha” because they know Him as Lord and have even talked to Him at one time. And they tremble in His presence. Angelic spirits recognize the Supreme Spirit. Sadly, human spirits no longer do so, in general. We have lost that connection somehow.

Painting of Hourglass by Surrealist Hawaiian Painter Blake Flynn (c/o Pinterest)

Today, we even see Time as a linear or materially-dependent concept that can be measured. It can be gained at a certain point but lost eventually. In fact, we see Time as water in a container given to us at birth and which we see dripping slowly – one drop at a time – just as we use or lose seconds and minutes browsing our cellphones or counting money. Nevertheless, we can trace back Time through reading books, watching films or listening to music that virtually carry us back to the past. Or to the future, as when we plan a vacation in Europe to the minutest detail: what we will do on a particular day at a specific place, and what to wear, what to bring. We effectively control our Time and our Life, like gods being good stewards of precious things.

Yes, we are never limited in the present anymore. Physically, we live in the present; but we could be bringing up past emotions, memories and visions that could bring us happiness or, sometimes, pain. Religions and other like beliefs do this, in fact. They recall events in the past to bring back people’s minds and spirits closer to their adored deities or idols at those moments they did certain heroic deeds or suffered great trials. The wide variety of cultures, doctrines and enterprises have spawned many worldly pursuits and allures that lead multitudes to spend their Time like a flock of swine falling over a cliff. In so many ways as well, we waste so much Time.

Our main task, as laid down by Yahusha, is to live well within the “evil or trouble of the day”, that is, the present. Tomorrow and yesterday have troubles we do not need with us in this 24-hour, one-day Time duration. The numbers 1 and 12 or 24 are crucial counting numbers Yah gave us to live abundantly. We have dealt with thousands or millennia to show how all other numbers began with One Day, One Morning, One Evening. As Hosea wrote: “Let us know, let us pursue the knowledge of Yahuah; His going forth is established as the morning.” (Hosea :6:3)    

TIME: Philosophical Puzzle or Mathematical Enigma?

Yah works in mysteries or enigmas. He does this not to hide Himself but to reveal His purposes to those He calls to work with Him. If you tell all people your intentions, the evil will subvert your plans before you could attain your goals. So, for instance, if you build a house for the homeless, you only want those deserving to reside in it. The opportunists will try to avail of the charity by deceiving you. Once discovered, you eject them. And those poor who end up prospering but continue benefitting from your generosity need to vacate or pay rent. Yes, you can announce your purposes, but only to wise and good-hearted people.

Yah knew His Creation was good in the beginning. He did warn humans that death is a consequence of sin. But He never said He will curse the Earth itself, make childbearing more painful for Havah, and that the one who will lead humans to sin will become our enemy forever. Or how disastrous that enmity will be.

When He created the Universe, it was perfect. Time itself was in excellent condition — its workings, its passage and its availability. Yah intended Time to serve as an efficient medium for Life to exist, not just for plants and animals but, more so, for humans. A corral for 10 sheep that will not allow them to move about but only to stand and barely lie down would be constricting and unhealthful. Like Time, it must be boundless as the open fields. Unlimited Time is Perfect Time. We call it Eternity.

The movement or transit of Time must also be measureable. Yah meant it to be so. In fact, after humans sinned, He also set a point when Time would expire for those who will not work with His plan to “redeem time”. He redeems humans by also redeeming Time. For Time is an essential component of Life. If you gain back Time, you gain back Life itself. For all humans had a beginning which He had revealed to this prophets. That glorious beginning we have explained through Noah’s story. Redeeming it is one of our main goals. Yah never does a thing without telling His prophets about it, and often in mysterious ways. (Amos 3:7-8)

Time is measured by means of wisdom and tools given to humans. His revelation to Moses includes His basic units of measuring Time we discussed previously. He also made Time and its benefits available to all. For all who are born into this world possess the gift of Time, which can be either Universal or Eternal. We mentioned Universal Time to be measurable and limited due to the curse, while Eternal Time is beyond human comprehension. Yet, as Solomon said, “Yah put Eternity in our hearts.” (Eccl. 3:11)

Yes, we die, but Time remains a reality for the spirit or the breath we received as our gift since Creation. We did not only inherit the world from Adamah and Havah but also the Time and the spirit that allow us to savor Life. The spirit gives Life to the dust-based body we also received as children of Creation; and that spirit is the image of Yah, not of this world which belongs to a fallen spirit (the breath of death or the anti-breath). Compared to it, bad breath is not lethal.

Light and Time Produce LifeScape

Light and Time do not produce Life — to be clear. They provide the infrastructure, so to speak, for Life to exist. Just as tones, rhythm and melody provide the basic elements for a composer to make a song, or colors, hues and lines for a painter to make an art work, Light and Time are building blocks which an Intelligent Being uses to produce Life.

It is the Ruach Hakodesh Who gives Life. When Yahuah breathed into Adamah’s nostrils, the LifeScape produced by Light and Time had already been created and functioning for 5 days. He even had to mold Adamah’s body out of the elements that came from the active physical processes and only needed the biochemical processes to commence, as that body was essentially lifeless or breath-less. Once Adamah’s spirit was given or united with the body, the spiritual, emotional and other attributes of a human being formed in the image of Yah also commenced.

That is why Yahusha is called the “last Adamah”. Adamah was the first to be “resurrected” from a dead body – that is, to receive the Breath of Life. In chronology, that is. Satan seeks to take away that Breath of Life. Why? Perhaps, that is the only way he can gain Time and Light, precious resources that give us Life. There is no other more viable reason. A lion devours because it seeks to live by getting sustenance from the Life of its victims produced by Time and Light also given to them since Creation. The so-called Circle of Life is a bloody cycle founded and maintained by the death of living beings; but it was not so in the beginning. The food we eat is Light that gives us Time to live. Starve and you die. But food is only useful and can only be eaten by the living. For the Eternal, Light is the only and pure food needed. Hence, Adamah and Havah ate fruits produced by Pure Light — unstained by sin or the curse.

But could we also be like Adamah and Yahusha — as “ultimate Adamahs” formed in their images? For in Yah’s plan, every person who believes and receives Eternal Life will be transformed according to Yahusha’s perfect image and lineage and, by His will, will never die or lose the Breath of Life (again).

Dispelling the Enigma of Time

How then is Universal Time related to Eternal Time? If Eternity is in our hearts, we must somehow be able to see some similarities, differences or parallelisms, at least, between the two. Remember: We said Universal Time is measurable within a shallow level; for we still do not know much about the Universe as it is. Eternal Time is hidden, except for a blurry glimpse of heavenly realities, using our familiarity with Universal Realities.

There is a River of Life in New Yerushalem whose “living waters” flow from the throne of Yah. We know the meaning of river, life, flow and throne; but Yah and what that vision truly means only brings up mental scenes from fairy tales or movies. The visions of the prophets, for many scientists, do not fall into things observable, measurable, replicable and provable. Ergo, they do not exist, except in the mind.

However, we will prove the visions of the prophets are real, true, provable and measurable. As sure as we can measure the length of a day, a month, a year, or the age of a person, we can measure Eternal Time in terms of Universal Time to a degree that will allow us to understand and accept the fact that “Eternity in our heart” is a reality we can accept with complete assurance. Science proves we have the truth through observation; faith proves we have the Truth through Revelation. The Word is mightier than the senses.

Poetic Enigma versus Mathematical Enigma

Note that the word “imagine” contains all the letters of the word “enigma”, and almost in reverse: IMAGINE <> ENIGMA. Thus, when a woman hears a suitor imagining himself flying to the sky and plucking the stars and laying them of her feet, she either believes his use of a hyperbole or a poetic enigma or not. He may be willing to do anything to prove his love; but a woman who imagines him not being to come close to a star and carry it back just to burn her feet will either laugh or feel doubtful. Often, our concepts and expectations clash. Yah proved His love for humans by creating the Sun, Moon and stars. Who believes His words and His love? Are you already emotionally-attached to Him or not? Anyone can reject a suitor, even Yah.

But a poetic or metaphorical enigma can be more. It can be a mathematical or spiritual enigma in reality. That is, you can view a statement of principle as a mathematical truth and a spiritual reality. As we shall see.

The First Day (Evening and Morning)

When Yah created Light, He also created Time. More than that, He measured Time and even divided it into 2 distinct periods. Gen. 1:1-5 reads:

 In the beginning Yah created the Heavens and the Earth. The Earth was without form, and void; and darkness was on the face of the deep. And the Ruach of Yah was hovering over the face of the Waters.

Then Yah said, “Let there be Light”; and there was Light. And Yah saw the Light, that it was good; and Yah divided the Light from the darkness. Yah called the Light Day, and the darkness He called Night. So the Evening and the Morning were the first day.

The first day marks the beginning of the whole Universe. Yah established from the start until the end of Universal Time the basic standard for the day. But do we accept His words as one enamored woman talking to suitor, or as children to a Supreme Creator Who uses words (which He invented and taught) and the Universe (He made as well) to establish Eternity in our hearts? Or are we scientists or philosophers with preconditioned minds using a different vocabulary?

Yah could not possibly be referring to a 24-hour day because it takes so much Time and so much energy to create the Universe and Time, is He? His words will surely mean nothing if Eternity were not our perspective as well. We can never understand “one day” if we do not accept Eternal Time exists according to His terms and His alone. Why then do we not accept Universal Time according to His terms as well? Why should He doublespeak and say “day” and mean something else? He is the source of both, is He not? We made nothing; yet, we do not believe the Maker of all things!

Ruach Moves and Sets the Universe into Motion

Genesis 1 obviously starts Yah’s unraveling of Time with the picture of the Ruach moving “upon the face of the Waters”. Yes, there is movement for Ruach even before Universal Time began, as He simultaneously exists in Eternal Time. He was hovering “upon the face of the deep”. Now the Earth was “formless and void”. The Hebrew word for formless is tohu, meaning “confused or unreal”. “Void” in Hebrew is bohu, meaning “empty”. Hence, the Earth existed in chaos and had no order or substance; not even air was present. It was also “indefinable”, even for Elohim — in chaos. All that we can perceive through the narrative is a deep and dark essence of primeval Waters which defined what we call the “ether” or “space” itself. Like a blank piece of paper in front of a writer with a pen in his hand.

Then, there was Light! Note that Ruach was moving before He created Light. He was the Eternal Light that created Universal Light. And, it appears that when He moved on to where He had started, Elohim said, “It was the first day, an Evening and a Morning.” Apparently, with still a formless and void Earth, the passage of one day was thus marked or established. The movement of Ruach must have established the duration of a 24-hour day we know, using the new Light created. How can Light and Time move apart from Ruach “hovering upon the face of the waters”? Who else was there? Most certainly, Elohim, of Whom He was a part, and the ministering angels.

There is no poetic enigma here but a mathematical enigma containing numbers, physics and real human experience (also called common sense). From the drawing above, we can easily see why Yah started counting with Evening, then Morning. The Darkness of Night existed only because THERE WAS LIGHT. Besides, the Morning can only begin once Evening ends. Note that when Light shone, the face of the primeval Waters (lighted half-circle) was technically also the Morning, including Noon and Twilight. We can see that the First Day actually had 2 Mornings or Daytimes and 2 Evenings or Nighttimes. Point is, the Day started and starts with Morning; but the counting began with Evening. If this is confusing, it is because THIS IS THE ORDER OF YAH IN THE BEGINNING WHICH ESTABLISHED WHAT REMAINS TODAY. Nevertheless, the illustration below may help to explain what we wish to impart.

One (1) day, the “first day” (the birth of Math), was made up of “Evening and Morning” (the infancy of optics, physics, and language). We know what a day is from so much experience. This was the birth of Universal Time. But what is Eternal Time?

Elohim do not exist or live in Universal Time but in Eternal Time. We can then accept this spiritual mystery as a mathematical enigma. In creating the Universe, Ruach had to interact with it in His terms (as Eternal) and in the terms He established for the Universe (in His physical design). That is, in order to interact with the Universe, He needed not to be IN IT or be LIKE IT. The Universe needed to be IN HIM and be LIKE HIM. Only later would He (through Yahusha and Ruach) decide to be IN IT in order for it to become LIKE HIM.

When Ruach then hovered upon the face of the deep, did He do so at the edge of the immense ether or Deep Space? He would have been at the boundary, not immersed in Waters, but immersing the Waters. So we see Ruach as the golden flame shining His brilliance for the First Day. And assuming gravitation was at work and all the Waters formed a huge sphere, He would have gone around the deep still contemplating the next things to create. But let us stop at the end of one day.

Measuring the Universe

If Ruach was beyond the outer limits of Deep Space, how far was He? How long did He then travel in terms of Universal Time? There is no sense asking about Eternal Time. One day in Global or Earth Time takes 24 hours. In Universal Time, it would be actually much longer. We refer to Peter’s statement in 2 Pet. 3:8: “. . . with the Lord one day is as (or like) a thousand years, and a thousand years as one day.” So, if the center of that Deep Space, which is Earth, went through a period of 1 day from the measure of Ruach’s Light, did Ruach also move 1,000 years at the edge of the Universe? He created Light; hence, He also applied Light to establish the boundaries of Creation.

“As” or “like” in Greek is hos, which can also mean “as long as”. From Geometry, this paradox becomes obvious. Ruach can travel the circumference of the whole Universe in one Earth-Day! But in terms of Universal Time He would have traversed the distance of 1,000 light-years – the distance Light travels around the Universe, which is equal to: 300,000 kilometers per second TIMES 1,000 years. That amounts to 9.33 x 1015 kilometers.

Further computing, the radius of the Universe is equal to the CIRCUMFERENCE OF THE UNIVERSE/2π = which is 159 light-years or 1.48 x 1015 kilometers. It then takes 159 years for Light to travel from the Earth to the edge of the Deep Space. We use Yah’s words and standards, not those of scientists. How this affects their assumed age of the Universe of 13.7 billion years is a topic for another article. For in the same way that Light helps us to understand Time, Time will help us understand Light. They are twin aspects that form the infrastructure of the Universe: “In the Beginning . . . and there was Light!”

But can you expect Ruach to move upon the face of the Deep Space for 1,000 years? Or even a day? How about 1 second? Is our Math application on spiritual narratives valid at all? Is this just a vain pursuit of esoteric and unfounded notions?

Peter’s Keys of the Kingdom

Peter and the rest of the apostles received the keys to the Kingdom. And that Kingdom would not have been possible without Creation or the Universe. Although we love to say “Let us go back to the Garden of Eden” or “We will dwell in the Eternal City”, we actually mean the restoration of Yah’s divine rule in perfect Creation. What we have been dealing with in this series pertains exactly to how He renewed the world through Noah and the Flood. But we realize it was a second-rate, stop-gap solution in preparation for the perfect solution — the Eternal Kingdom. And so, Peter received this revelation of Heavenly Math as prophetic wisdom which we merely apply to the narrative, in the hope that we gain a clearer perspective of Creation as it was and as it is now.

For in 2 Pet. 1:19-20, Peter declares:

And so we have the prophetic word confirmed, which you do well to heed as a Light that shines in a dark place, until the day dawns and the Morning Star rises in your hearts; knowing this first, that no prophecy of Scripture is of any private interpretation,

He confirms the essential unity and consistency of Revelation, from the moment Light was declared in Creation until we will finally realize and embrace the Light of Ruach Whom Peter also received in the form of a tongue of fire on Pentecost Day. Yet, he hints at the coming of the Morning Star on the Final Day, Whom John reveals in John 22:16:

“I, Yahusha, have sent My angel to testify to you these things in the churches. I am the Root and the Offspring of David, the Bright and Morning Star.”

Yah’s intelligent design we see in Creation completed the whole structure of Creation in 6 days. Our picture of the First Day does not yet show us a whole functioning Universe but the initial tiny working parts made one-at-a-time until the whole would come into completion. There is no evolution but a gradual construction of things through the raw materials He used: Water, Time and Light, all of which came through the participation of Ruach in the Creation. Elohim contained all things prior to Creation. For Ruach is the revealed Giver of Living Waters, Light and Eternal Life. And His participation spans the whole gamut of Old Creation and the New Creation, as we shall show. HalleluYah!!

Ruach is not affected by Universal Time. A biker sits on his bike saddle and travels for miles. Yet, the tires turn so many times without touching the biker. In the same way, Ruach remains still as He surveys Deep Space one day up to thousands of years. Universal Time moves but Eternal Time remains at rest, as we see it. Elohim remain the same today, tomorrow and forever. The promise of an Eternal Kingdom is clearly established and shown in the whole of Creation. Noah, like his first-father Adamah at the start, became a faithful steward of Creation. Those who likewise take good care of it and do not seek to destroy its components, its systems and its integrity will inherit the Earth and the Kingdom.

The dominion given to Adamah was the apprenticeship for humans toward governing all of Creation, which he forfeited. Now, through Noah’s great sacrifice, we have inherited an Earth that once more requires a great cleansing. As he and his family remain cloistered inside the floating Ark for 10 weeks now, we ponder upon what transpired from the beginning and what is happening today. Time still turns, ticks and flashes everywhere we look, as Light shines, flickers and glows each moment we live our Life. Let us then invoke Moses’ prayer and song in Psalm 90:10-17:

So teach us to number our days, that we may gain a heart of wisdom. . . . And let the beauty of Adonay our Elohim be upon us, and establish the work of our hands for us . . . .

Yes, just us Yah established the works of His hands in the beginning, may He also establish the work of our hands.


If Yah taught humans to count days, months and years, counting Time must not only be important but must also contain hidden purposes and meanings. Just as we have seen that in Noah’s days, years lasted 360 days then grew to 365, all because Yah rebuilt Earth and removed the filth upon it. Also, we have seen that the additional 5 days have produced a cultural and historical reorientation of nations that essentially worked against the pure intentions of Yah. Leave it to humans for their tendencies to spoil the pristine, and the perfect.

If one Morning-Evening or Light-Night Day period is equivalent to a 1,000 light-year, cosmic tour around the Universe, then we can use the 6 days of Creation as basis for measuring the “6 days of Creation” in terms of Divine Math. That is, the 6,000 years of Creation, Alpha to Omega, when it will finally rest and be refreshed for the Eternal Sabbath or 7th Day — which is the Millennium Jubilee and inauguration of the New Creation. At that point, we will end our counting of Universal Time and begin our journey in Eternal Time.

We should not fear the closing of the ages or the end-times, but welcome it in spite of the suicidal deeds of Satan’s minions at work today. Being affected by the desperation of the evil spirits only leads us to feel in despair as well. Remember: Yah will shorten time for His people. While Satan strives to prolong his reign and strengthen his power over this world, he will suddenly realize the whole Universe will slip away from his hands. What shall he profit if he gains the whole Universe and loses his kingdoms in the end? And wicked humans serving Satan clearly gloat over the Earth, the Moon and the planets (named after their gods), unmindful of the dreadful judgment that awaits them as well.

Noah’s Days Part 2 will be worse than Part I, with fire being made ready for the final wrath of Yah. A supremely magnificent world that fallen angels once corrupted then renewed by Yah through the 52 weeks of the Flood has grown more corrupted than ever and supposedly being reengineered through modern technology, which, for all intents and purposes, is ancient sorcery!

Rev. 21:8 lists the dire offenses of those who will be judged in the Last Day which will effectively usher in the 7,000th-year Rest Day of Yah when this present Creation expires, at the end of the 6th “MillenYom” (1,000-Year Days). Yet, a tragic moment is reserved for those who will destroy the Earth, as mentioned in Rev. 11:18. They will be destroyed! Part of destroying the world includes corrupting human lives, subverting nations and manipulating the Earth’s environment. In short, changing the patterns of Creation and its basic principles (marriage, reproduction, worship, love and compassion for humanity) brings about ultimate Divine Wrath and Final Judgment.

Noah, our father, saw a fallen world, as we also see one today. What Yah will do this time to correct things has never been done before and will never be seen again. Be ready!

Caveat: The views presented above are the writer’s personal perspectives of revealed word and may not necessarily be the only possible views on the matter. As we gain more knowledge and evidences from Creation and recorded history, our views may change or improve accordingly. It is hoped though that this present discussion will open up conversations on this vital subject and encourage us to work toward a more unified and consistent understanding of the Word and Creation. Your comments are most welcome. Thank you..