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  • Why People Will Always Be Divided: Denominationalism Revisited and Reversed (Part 2)

    For centuries, people have accepted and held on to the almost indelible mental meme that there are many pathways toward Heaven and to acquiring the knowledge of divine things. Corollary to that: There is only one God but many ways to know Him. Sounds sensible and logical enough for millions and millions to swallow head […]

  • Why people will always be divided: The Roots of Division (Part 1)

    To bury or not to bury; that is the question. Should the late President Ferdinand Marcos be buried at the Libingan ng mga Bayani or not? Was he indeed a hero deserving honor? Or did his 14-year authoritarian rule disqualify him? The issue has divided the Philippine nation for years. As with many other issues […]

  • The Conscience: How it works in our life – (Part 2)

    Where the conscience dwells Let us look at conscience in a more comprehensive way: The human person has at least four components – body (physical structure, senses), mind (knowledge, memories, etc.), soul (personality, emotions, passions, etc.) and spirit (life-force, spark of divine-character, etc.). Where does the conscience dwell among these components? Many would say it […]

  • The Conscience: How it works in our life (Part 1)

    Defining conscience – The conscience is not the spirit We come now to a subject that we can describe offhand as, well, neither here nor there. Of course, I am making a pun based on how the Lord Jesus Christ describes the presence of the Spirit: “The wind blows where it wishes and you hear […]

  • Is anybody crazier than Filipinos? (Part 2 – The revenge of the poor)

    Finally, the electoral process has ended. Well, almost — we still have the vice-presidency on the balance. True to our previous statement, one candidate who lost the count accuses his opponent (and her ruling party) of cheating. The issue has further divided supporters of both parties, each claiming the right to the contested position. If […]