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  • Jesus — Mighty Rule-Breaker

    The greatest irony regarding Jesus Christ is the fact that, having clearly begun His work upsetting and exposing misdirected beliefs, burdensome institutions and pretentious leadership, He has been reprogrammed by those very same discredited structures and promoted as the source and defender for establishing old or recycled rules already abolished. Thus, we see many of […]

  • EJK — What Hollywood and the Philippines Have Plenty in Common

    In spite of the hundreds of articles, memes, news, sound-bites and programs on the issue, mostly in the social media and the media networks, I have hesitated to write anything in reference to extra-judicial killing (EJK) since it became quite a buzz six months ago. Then there are the many discourses, chats and arguments that […]

  • DAPL and LNMB: Standing on the Rock

    Something’s going on in and with the world. Well, in truth, this has been happening since the very beginning. Remember the Fall, the Great Flood, the Tower of Babel, the Exodus, the Fall of Rome, the Russian Revolution, the American Civil War, WW1 and 2, Desert Storm, 9/11 and Typhoon Yolanda/Hayan? Those will not be […]

  • Why People Will Always Be Divided: Denominationalism Revisited and Reversed (Part 2)

    For centuries, people have accepted and held on to the almost indelible mental meme that there are many pathways toward Heaven and to acquiring the knowledge of divine things. Corollary to that: There is only one God but many ways to know Him. Sounds sensible and logical enough for millions and millions to swallow head […]

  • Why people will always be divided: The Roots of Division (Part 1)

    To bury or not to bury; that is the question. Should the late President Ferdinand Marcos be buried at the Libingan ng mga Bayani or not? Was he indeed a hero deserving honor? Or did his 14-year authoritarian rule disqualify him? The issue has divided the Philippine nation for years. As with many other issues […]