52 Weeks in the Ark with Noah and Family (WEEK 30) – The Division of Creation

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Division of the World by Noah as Inheritance to His 3 Sons, 1671 Map by Joseph Moxon (c/o NSW State Library)

“To Eber were born two sons: the name of one was Peleg, for in his days the earth was divided; and his brother’s name was Joktan. Joktan begot Almodad, Sheleph, Hazarmaveth, Jerah, Joktan begot Almodad, Sheleph, Hazarmaveth, Jerah, Hadoram, Uzal, Diklah, Obal, Abimael, Sheba, Ophir, Havilah, and Jobab. All these were the sons of Joktan. And their dwelling place was from Mesha as you go toward Sephar, the mountain of the east.”

Gen. 10:25-30

WEEK 30 (18thto 24thKislev, the 9th Month, in the Hebrew Religious Calendar)

By the end of this week — that is, after 210 days — the Ark would have hosted the last remaining good seeds of Creation: Noah and his family. It would take much later in the future when Noah would bequeath the whole Creation to his descendants. However, we have to consider the significance of such a momentous event in his life and in the history of humankind now, before he and his family leave the Ark and inherit the Renewed Creation, as Adam and Havah had done in the beginning.  

A fundamental question must be asked, although the answer is quite obvious: What authority did Noah have to “divide” the Creation? First, he was a descendant of Adam and Havah, the 10th generation from Creation. Second, he was chosen to build the Ark in order to save his family and the animal gene pool.  Third, he was a faithful servant of the Creator, Elohim. Fourth, like Adam, he was given “dominion” over Creation. Fifth, he saved not only his family and the animals he brought inside the Ark; he also saved the whole of humanity. (What better qualification can anyone would have had than to be the savior of practically the whole Creation?)

The Hebrew word for “divide” is niplegah, from the root word palag, a verb which means “to split or divide”. Psalm 55:9 uses the Hebrew word palag in reference to the David’s prayer for Yah to “divide their tongues (language or counsel)” of his vicious enemies who cause “violence and strife in the city”, “iniquity and trouble”, “destruction”, and “oppression and deceit”. He seems to be alluding to the dividing or the splitting of the “one language” at Babel in his own desire to defeat his enemies. How relevant this is indeed, with respect to the dividing of Creation after the Flood. The division into many languages is generally dated in 340 after the Flood, while the “division” mentioned in reference to Peleg’s birth is placed before the Babel story, from 140 to 200 years post-Flood. (Visit this link for a study on this issue: “Dating the Tower of Babel events with reference to Peleg and Joktan”. This seems to uphold the idea that the “division” in Peleg’s life refers to the dividing of Creation to Noah’s sons.

It must, however, be mentioned that Yahuah intended to divide Creation to Noah’s sons and their families in the future in preparation for the rebellion that would transpire at Babel. Which could mean that by the time Yah divided the one language that Noah and his descendants used pre-Flood and post-Flood, that original language remained until 340 years after the Flood and beyond. Meaning, you divide fresh water into so many parts but a small part of the fresh water will remain, while much of the water will be separated into other parts with various forms of contaminants. And since Babel was just one of the many cities that had been established by the descendants of Noah all over the world, the divided languages that arose from Babel must have been scattered while the one language spoken by the rest of the world remained to be spoken over predominantly the entire surface of the world. Through the passage of time and the results of global conquest and interaction, it was eventually diluted and practically superseded by other languages and dialects..

Note that Noah Died (2018) 60 Years after Abram was Born (1958) (c/o Google)

When Noah Divided the World

Moreover, since Noah lived another 349 years after the Flood, our timeline means that the division of language occurred just before the death of Noah. This is a surprising revelation! Noah must have seen the gradual descent of his descendants into rebellious living. Father Noah saw it all: the rebellion of angels and their hybrid children, as well as the rebellion of his descendants into idolatry and confusion. He had given to all his children and their children and grandchildren what he had labored hard to save. Yet, he saw the gnawing corruption destroy his descendants, and the whole world as well, because of their pride and rejection of Yah’s authority. He had given the best he could offer as a servant of Yah; but even his best could not prevent his descendants from following the way of sin. He knew the Nephilim were back.

Noah, of course, knew it would happen since he had read and kept the Book of Enoch, as well as passed it on to his children. The gradual descent of humanity into depravity had already been seen and recorded by Enoch until the very last day. And we all, believers or not, already know that prophecy exists. We know, in general, and yet we refuse to change the course of our path to destruction as a global family. The rulers of this world have destroyed Creation, along with themselves and the rest of humanity. What Noah saved and passed on as his legacy to humanity now deserves to be cleansed again, not by floodwaters but by fire. We all know this – whether we think of a nuclear holocaust, a meteor’s collision with the Earth, or a divine fire that “will melt all things in fervent heat”. But do we believe this will really happen? And why? Because some people possessed by demonic spirits want it to happen in the way they propose it would happen: to destroy Creation.. Yet Yah has another plan: to renew Creation.         

Yes, all that the prophets have spoken will happen, not because wicked spirits will it; but because Elohim had decided to replace fallen Creation with a New Creation that is Eternal. This Creation is cursed and does not deserve to remain as it is and as it further corrupts. Like Noah’s Old Earth that had to be rebuilt into a New Earth, this Degraded Earth will be eliminated and in its place will be given a New Eternal Earth. Omega will end what Alpha had begun. This is the ultimate Creation that will offer to sanctified humans a Creation far better and more beautiful than what Adam and Havah had received. Not even our first parents had received a better gift. Not even our first parents had seen and experienced the New Creation that is in preparation.

Degradation of the World through Consumerism and Materialism (c/o Conservation Institute)

How the Goodness of Creation Diminishes

Beloved, it is time to finally realize that Yah means serious business with each one of us. He did so with Noah and his family a long time ago. He still does to each one of us. Water. Fire. Can you see and feel the difference? The similarity? Do you see the purpose? The outcome of each? And do you believe in what the final consequences will be to our response to His Word and His Acts?  

Yes, Creation also rejoices, as we awake to the morning light. Creation groans as well. Which sound do we listen to or prefer to hear? Rejoicing or groaning? We all do both at various moments in our lives. There is a time for every act and purpose. Yet, like Noah, we need to see the final destination of each step of life’s journey we take. We can leave our much-earned wealth to our children and hope they would also savor the blessings we experienced and be spared from the hardships we went through. The end of every generation appears to be constant: Each one seems to add more to the previous one in terms of population, wealth, knowledge, power, efficiency, progress and general well-being, in spite of the ravages of violent conflicts. But do all these accomplishments really provide true goodness or lasting benefits? Has science and technology really improved the experience of life and the quality of living for the human family? Or do we only feel we live more happily or have a better experience of life than previous generations – and, admittedly, less-desirable life-experience than the coming generations? Or do we wrongly think we live better than the previous generations did?

The goodness we see and experience today may not be the best we should see and experience in this Creation. Until we walk on golden streets, we have not really seen and experienced what perfection means. The prophets do not lie. The True Creation meant for beloved creatures of Yah is beyond comprehension by human minds. The angels gave a clear vision of what it is like. Maybe not clear enough for us in our very-limited ways; but still clear enough for us to make a decision if it is true or not. Noah saw it all and now savors the rewards of his labors in Paradise. Compared to him, we have seen nothing yet. Not by the tip of the pinky finger of his mighty hand.      

The Present Division of the World

Today, the world is once again being divided by wicked rulers possessed by demons, not just into their distinct languages and territorial designations that violate the designated boundaries set by Noah of old but also by their unique cultures, economic status, political affiliation, military prowess, ethnic characteristics, ideological orientation, and material wealth. These rulers, as in the days of Noah, care little to nothing about the original plan of Yahuah to bless all of humanity with everything that Creation can offer. On the contrary, they want to perpetuate their primeval plan to use Creation itself as the material to establish an order that will eliminate belief and worship in the True Creator. In the process, they wish to introduce a hybrid form of humans that will replace the “weak humans” reproduced through the seed of Adam and Havah and through Noah and his family. Yes, the same fallen hybrids that were drowned by floodwaters that were able to somehow reproduce after the Flood and once again overturn Creation with their despicable deeds in defiance of Yah. Noah’s Day Part 2 is as real as Part 1. Never forget that! We all see it happening and getting worse by the day.

But in the end, there will be only two divisions that will prevail in the eyes of Yahuah: the good and the bad, the pure and the impure, the saved and the condemned. Noah gave a chance to both clean and unclean animals. Both kinds are with us today. So with clean and unclean humans, those tainted by spiritual lies or not. Truth from Revelation is the final determinant in the final battle of Creation, as it was also in the beginning: to eat or not to eat of the good or the evil fruit, The choices have remained essentially so simple. But the heart of humans have been so divided into so many variations of lies that the Truth has been lost so long ago in the confusion of languages and ideas. Social media are the New Tower of Babel and we are all the New Citizens of Babylon. But like Father Abraham, we can all choose to go back to the old language or wisdom of Father Noah and leave the idols of Chaldea and dwell in the Promised Land.

Nothing is new; only the New Heavenly City of Yerushalem that is coming down from Heaven in a little while.