52 Weeks in the Ark with Noah and Family (WEEK 31) – Biblical (Bookish) Faith versus the Spiritual (Ruachish) Faith

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“However, we speak wisdom among those who are mature, yet not the wisdom of this age, nor of the rulers of this age, who are coming to nothing. But we speak the wisdom of Yah in a mystery, the hidden wisdom which Yah ordained before the ages for our glory, which none of the rulers of this age knew; for had they known, they would not have crucified the Yahuah of glory.

But as it is written:

‘Eye has not seen, nor ear heard,
Nor have entered into the heart of man
The things which Yah has prepared for those who love Him.’

But Yah has revealed them to us through His Ruach. For the Ruach searches all things, yes, the deep things of Yah. For what man knows the things of a man except the spirit of the man which is in him? Even so no one knows the things of Yah except the Ruach of Yah. Now we have received, not the ruach of the world, but the Ruach Who is from Yah, that we might know the things that have been freely given to us by Yah.

These things we also speak, not in words which man’s wisdom teaches but which the Ruach Ha Kosdesh teaches, comparing spiritual things with spiritual. But the natural man does not receive the things of the Ruach of Yah, for they are foolishness to him; nor can he know them, because they are spiritually discerned. But he who is spiritual judges all things, yet he himself is rightly judged by no one. For who has known the mind of the Yahuah that he may instruct Him?’ But we have the mind of Masshiak.

1 Cor 2.:6-16

WEEK 31 (25thto 1st of Tevet, the 10th Month, in the Hebrew Religious Calendar)

We often meet preachers, teachers and believers who love to support their beliefs with a chapter-and-verse citation for a particular theological doctrine or principle. Avid Protestants and Catholics anchor their foundational and denominational tenets with endless biblical proofs; yet the two remain as far apart from each other and from ever getting to see eye-to-eye on so many plain passages of the Gospel as they were. And they are merely 2 of the thousands of denominations espousing numerous versions of the One True Message of Ruach Ha Kodesh (Holy Spirit). Hence, our title: the choice between being bookish or being Ruachish.

First of all, all believers have the inherent need to refer to the text for the things they espouse and adhere to. It is the default “mother-told-me-so” appeal to authority. Even the prophets quoted scriptures. The Word is both spoken and written; yet we have also presented our belief that the Word is also both created and living or lived. That is, the Word created all things; hence, Creation itself is technically and truthfully the Word in material or palpable form. You touch or see yourself, you see a product of Divine Creation. As the psalmist would say: “The Heavens declare the glory of Yah.” The essence of the Word in Creation manifests through light, colors, sounds, movements, forms, smells, tastes, beauty, design, power, intelligence, organization, order, complexity, elegance, and so many more. Nature would not exist apart from the Word commanding it into its powerful reality without which life itself could not begin to exist. Light brought Time; and Time brought Matter and Physical Life. But Light came only because the Word spoke it into existence in the beginning.

What would then stop us from proving the meanings and purposes of the Word though Physical Creation? Why cannot atheists perceive Divine Power and Wisdom from the beauty of a flower or the innocence of a child? Why cannot unbelievers accept love as the expression of the supreme desire of the Creator to bestow upon humans unlimited abundance, perfect joy and eternal life? Because they have bookish dependence on determining truths which they have derived from hearing words of humans alone. Human words and creations are mere derivatives of the original Word and Creation.

Secondly, all humans have the natural tendency to record experiences or events in life as convincing evidences of real experiences that contain both the natural processes as well as the realities that arise form unnatural or supernatural events and experiences. It was only in recent times that science and humanistic thinking sidelined the assumed or accepted role of spiritual or invisible phenomena that directly affect and purposively influence the thoughts and behaviors of humans. Humans live not merely by the dictates of the created Word manifested purely in physical reality (such as waking up to the rooster’s crow or reproducing their kind merely through sexual instincts), but by their conscious and willing participation in Creation’s ultimate intention of reaching eternal existence and blissful abundance in the Presence of the Creator. Not recognizing the reality of the Creator does not prevent His Creation to work as it has been designed to function. Atheist live through the food Yah created. Creation is not a car we receive as a gift and simply decide not to use but just keep in a garage because we do not believe in the value or purpose of a car. We live on a created planet that takes us to where it will, whether we like or believe it or not. We see sunshine, rain, tornadoes, floods and earthquakes – all part of the Word’s intentions through natural occurrences. Not to see the intentions through supernatural occurrences is to reject the power of the Word.   

Hence, from Creation and from Spoken and Written Revelation, humans have the capacity to manifest the Word though their own words as well and through their thoughts and their actions. Even the dumb can be as clear and precise in expressing the Word though living a life that is humble and excellent. Moreover then, the interpretation of the Spoken Word and the Written word though caring for the Physical Word in Nature by leading a life that manifests the Truth in the Word is the ultimate test of the foundational validity of Divine Love and Power.  

Looking at the Words, not the Essence (Photos c/c Google)


What is Bookish Faith?

We come then to the clear delineation of what we called “bookish” adherence to teachings that stand opposite to the meanings and intentions of the Word, as seen in Nature and in the lives of those who lived the Word and were found pleasing. Ironically, we do have to cite chapter and verse as to why Father Abraham was the Father of Faith by virtue of his unwavering faith in the Spoken Word of Yah. Yet, here is the key to this dilemma: Abraham did not have to cite a chapter and a verse. He only heard the Word spoken to him. He simply believed what he had heard. Today, we can also be like him if we read and believe what we read in scriptures. But why can we not believe the words of those who lived beyond the scope of biblical history? What makes us refuse to accept the testimonies of 10th-century or 19th-century believers? Some do, as many do believe and follow Calvin, Luther, Lenin or Mao. Being bookish extends beyond reading the inspired or Ruach-breathed Written Word. For humans have the innate power to use the spoken word to sway others to live for and die for a cause or a belief.

Bookish faith enslaves us to the law and all the requirements of religion. Yahusha freed us from that. All contentious talk about worship tied to ritual or ceremonial purity hinges on understanding the material form (such as type of bread, wine, musical style, day of gathering, etc.) of the written text, not the heart of the humbled soul before Yan’s invisible and limitless majesty. As such, temple-based or building-locked worship is bookish faith. Pleasing offering is a living body (Living Word) sacrifice. (Rom 12:1) Moreover, bookish faith divides people by name, doctrine, allegiance, territory, culture, preference and personal bias. Ruachish faith unites people in love, peace, truth, fellowship and liberty.

What is Ruachish Faith?

What Yah expects of us is to be Ruachish. By this we mean that we must think, act and live according to the Word of Ruach in us. And this involves not just in reference to the Written Word – the letters we see printed in books or the words spoken from the pulpit. It involves the Spoken Word coming from Ruach Himself acting dynamically in our lives at every minute of our lives. Not many can accept or adhere to this kind of awareness; many consider Ruach as inactive and as only a passive force that many merely call upon when they turn to scriptures. Beyond the written text, Ruach does not live or exist. He speaks only when one reads the Bible or listens to a Gospel message. The book has become essentially Ruach. Hence, at the office or on the streets, Ruach is absent from the mind and the heart for many who take this form of dead religion. In fact, this is the case for so many who practice a religion that depends primarily on rituals and ceremonies as an expression of worship or devotion. Outside of the temple or the church, most of these people are led by their carnal or natural desires, not by Ruach. In fact, they are neither bookish nor Ruachish – only selfish.

Noah was privileged to hear the Spoken Word as well as to read the Written Word and to see Created Word. although in its depraved condition. More so, he was privileged to be guided by Ruach Who was given as his indwelling gift, a privilege given to only a few prior to Pentecost Day. The reason so many do not accept or believe the reality of Noah’s story is that they have not seen the Presence of Ruach in his life and works. And yet, in Creation, we saw Ruach actively at work; why should it be any different during the Flood — or today?

Noah Saved Earthly Life through the Ark (c/o Google)

Noah’s Ruachish Dominion over Life

Noah understood Life and Creation, much more than any modern scholar, doctor or scientist does. His book on herbal medicine documented the essential principles of optimum health through Nature’s life-sustaining bounties. He certainly was an authority on that subject, having also lived up to 950 years. Besides, what we call “optimum health” came from eating the right food, getting enough rest, living a wholesome lifestyle and being a useful member of the community. Beyond that, he had a close and meaningful relationship with his family and, more so, with the Creator Who sustained his faith and life.

The Nephilim, on the other hand, had an opposite paradigm. Their science produced a corrupted form of creation that allowed them to experiment and produce strange, alternative life-forms and lifestyles. For instance, they used make-up to enhance and hide real, organic beauty. Make-up does not allow skin to breathe, making it unhealthful. Yet, it has become a normal practice. Why? Because we follow history that is acceptable to us, even if it is uninspired or not Ruach-breathed. Meaning, it is history not spoken or created by Ruach. He moves people to do righteous deeds today; anything not according to His Word of Wisdom does not lead to life. And He leads by speaking the Word effectively into our hearts, not just into our minds as a result of reading the text. We must live the Word; otherwise, it remains as dead letters, and our hearts, empty vessels that feed no life-giving blood through our veins. The power of the Word remains untapped, unused and unproductive because of bookish faith.

Ruach breathes the Word to those who not just listen but also know how to listen. We may read or hear but  will not understand if we do not have the proper key to the Truth – the Advocate and Gift of Yahusha: Ruach Ha Kodesh. Ruach is not read or heard. He is breathed into us upon our belief and birth into the Kingdom (the same way Elohim breathed Life into Adam); and it is either we breathe Him daily or not. Either we are totally and constantly immersed or encompassed in His Presence and Power or we are not. (John 20:22; Acts 2:38) From that point onward, we hear Him speak the meaning of the Written Word or Created Word as if He is speaking the Word itself to us. We need not struggle to understand, He makes us understand. That is how His Word becomes the Living Word in our life.

We become the virtual books that people see and read. Lived Word is the Living Truth that will blind people from the world’s sinfulness and, thus, open their minds to holiness. We may not see Ruach; yet He becomes flesh just as the Word became flesh in Yahusha. Once we reach this stage in discipleship, the world will turn upsidedown through our witness. The flame of Ruach’s compelling love will engulf the world and burn down the strongholds of the enemies in out midst.

Noah’s witness was sure and firm. His failure to convince one convert is full proof of the depravity of that ancient world. It could happen again in spite of our complaisance in our bookish beliefs. The books of the hybrid humans taught them many effective methods that led them astray. Today, many are led by many distractions and pursuits that draw them away from Truth. They do not hear Ruach at all. Not even supposed believers have appreciated this. Their bookish or denominationally-dictated paradigm or thinking cannot help them break through the thick blanket of clouds of errors and mistakes strangling their daily lives.

In Ruach is Truth and Life. In bookish faith is lying and dying.

The Challenge Before Us Today

We come to this point in the story of Noah that compels us now to pose a challenge to the reader and, most especially, the believer. What stops you from believing the witnesses of Creation, the Written Word and the Lived Word, both in the life of Noah and his family and in the lives of those who have now inherited his material and spiritual promises he had bequeathed and who dwell in the land where he had lived and where Adam and Havah had also lived in the beginning? Do we not have enough evidences to make the ultimate step in accepting the precious gifts given through the blood, tears, pain and sweat of those who remained steadfast in their faith and lived by Ruach’s leading in order to pass on this legacy we now possess and yet do not recognize as such?

Here then is a checklist of evidences we have considered so far that we must ponder upon in order to come to a decision regarding the biblical, historical, spiritual and eternal testimony of the Word we have presented:

  1. Noah indeed heard the call of Yahuah and built the Ark and survived the Flood, along with his family and the animals he brought inside the Ark. By virtue of this fact, humans and animals exist today – including YOU. You live because Noah saved the pure seed in his loins he was meant to bequeath to his descendants, most especially, the Promised Seed, Yahusha, and many other generations to follow until now and after us. Without Noah, the Promise would have failed and you would not exist. Your very existence is proof of Noah’s historicity.  
  2. Noah lived in the land he received from his grandparents and parents, from Adam to Lamech, and continued to live in the same land, which he also passed on to his son, Shem, until he died. This land is the same land where the children of Eber and Yoktan, that is, his grandchildren, went back to and dwelt in when the 10 tribes wee scattered, as prophesied by Isaiah and as recorded by Ezra, namely: Havilah, Sheba, Ophir, Jobab and their relative Tarshish. (Isa. 41:1-7; 2 Esdras 13:39-50)
  3. Moses and the rest of the prophets knew the goings-in an goings-out of the descendants of Noah and recorded their sojourns for us to identify and prove that the present geological and geographical features of the world had traceable roots that Yah intended to be preserved in the Written Word, as well as the Lived Word of the people who followed Him. (This series has traced the cosmic process substantially.) That is, if Isaiah said the people of the “coastlands in the sea” at the “dawning of the light” (East) will “glorify Yah”, he indeed recognized that the descendants that came from Noah and Shem did dwell in their inherited lands and remain there until the fulfillment of the promised return of Masshiak on the last day. (Isa. 24:15)
  4. The division of the Earth according to the inheritance bestowed by Noah stood for a while, in fact, within the remaining days of Noah after the Flood. But the wrath of Yah fell upon those who rebelled and built cities that challenged the authority and majesty of Yah. The resulting confusion of languages and diversification of cultures, it follows, continue to cause and create further divisions among the children of Noah to this day. The colonial era that followed the Age of Navigation and which culminated during the period from the 15th century up to the 19th century all but threw down the boundaries laid down by Noah and caused the enslavement and exploitation of the peace-loving and freedom-loving descendants of Noah among those colonized nations.
  5. The Colonial Period manifested the resurgence of the fallen hybrid children of the Fallen Watchers before the Flood and who had returned after the Flood in order to continue their plan of conquering the pure seed of Noah and, thereby, destroy or reduce the fruits that Masshiak and His prophets and followers had labored to gather into the glorious Kingdom He had established during His earthly ministry through the apostles. The present neo-colonial state of affairs is but a continuing program that is poised to complete the original agenda of creating trans-humans that will replace divinely-created humans with demon-designed hybrids. Modern science, medicine and high-technology are but tools originally concocted by the fallen angels who had given such forbidden secrets to the Nephilim and which have been developed to make us all accept their hidden, nefarious schemes. Without Ruach opening our minds to their plans, we will all fall into their insidious trap.
  6. The Age of Exploration eventually succeeded in tracing back the route to the source of Solomon’s gold with which he decorated the Temple in Yerushalem. Columbus missed his desired destination; however, Magellan succeeded, although he died doing so. Spain spent 3 centuries ferrying gold of Havilah, Sheba and Ophir and silver of Tarshish. The wealth of Europe came from this lucrative global trade it maintained during its height as a conquering realm, all the while bearing the banner of a corrupted religion based on the Gospel. History books, for those who are bookish, document how those powerful countries searched for take-away wealth and stake-away territories. Noah and the Promised Seed worked to bless all humans with great abundance within their designated regions, along with peace, freedom, security and open trade. Up to the time of Solomon (circa AD 9th century) and that of Marco Polo (AD 13th century), global trade was generally unrestricted. Israel, Greece, Phoenicia, Egypt, India, Japan, China and Malaysia traded their goods with gold from Shem’s land and called it Chryse (Greek for “Golden Isles”),      
  7. During the decline of the European colonial powers, USA took over and has essentially dominated the world to the present. Moreover, it inherited Spain’s position in Shem’s inherited lands, establishing its unchallenged military, economic and political control over it and the rest of the world through its allies in Europe. All the past, present and future events that comprise “Lived Word” throughout history, both good and evil, are mentioned in the words of the prophets. Enoch already knew and saw all these things would happen. So did Daniel and John. Nothing is new. Even Satan knows it, including his minions. But people, even believers, do not quite know or understand the realities as they ought to know and understand. It is because of their patent bookish faith. People know only what they are told by other humans. Ruach frees us by telling the Truth.
  8. As a result, the Roman Catholic Church, through its participation and direction of the colonization of “unexplored territories” under its umbrella, garnered much power and wealth throughout the centuries. It made use of Shem’s wealth and the rest of the world to establish itself where it presently stands and sits among the powerful nations, pulling strings over a big part of the globe. It remains one of the most-respected and much-sought-after purveyor of religious indulgences and favors to the poor and to the rich in many nations. Along with the other powerful denominations in the world, their standard bookish faith that falls short of the pure and organic faith through Ruach has enslaved millions and millions of people, making the supposed “Kingdom of Yah” on Earth the most-divided and most-confused group of diversely-branded followers of Masshiak. Only Ruach, as He had done on Pentecost Day, can set things right when the time comes.
  9. While Spain ferried gold and riches to Europe for 3 centuries then, America also did the same for practically a century thereafter, filling up its own coffers of gold at Fort Knox and establishing a global currency that now dwindles as the bullions disappear into thin air. For another gold-rusher has long been mining and claiming the territories of Shem with or without the knowledge or consent of the clueless descendants of Noah living in Havilah, Ophir and Sheba. It will remain that way until they finally recognize they are the direct descendants of Noah and an abundantly-blest nation in the world, then and now, even after all the stolen wealth had been ferried, by virtue of its divine legacy prophesied recorded and attested to by Ruach in the Written Word and Lived Word.
  10. A neighboring powerful nation that has awakened from its centuries-long sleep already has its heavy boots on the islands of Havilah, Sheba, Ophir and Tarshish, working through the greedy politicians and businesspeople wanting to have a piece of Shem’s pie. Noah now looks down upon all of us as people drowning in the Flood of demonic attacks. He knows the only salvation we have is to take hold of the hand of Ruach so that we can all be safe in His hands, as he himself felt safe in His Presence for one year inside the Ark. Maybe we have another century or two before all these demonic attacks will be erased by the coming conquering Savior and King of Kings. For now, we observe many manifestations of the Word being lived by both unbelievers and believers. We end this checklist with this admonition: Ten fingers in your hands number the graces and warnings of Yah in the present dispensation. All these things and events are true and faithful because Ruach revealed them to us in His Spoken Word, in the Written Word, in the Living or Lived word and in Created Word. The Word of Yah resides in our own fingers of our right and left hands.
Manila-Acapulco Galleon Trade Routes (c/o Google)

Conclusion: The Lived Word We Fail to Recognize

Everyone quotes the Spoken Word, the Written Word and even post memes, videos and photos of the beauty and majesty of Created Word – of Nature and the celestial spheres. Yes, we also cite and talk about the Living Word as lived by individuals we find in scriptures and in historical and contemporary times. With a few exceptions, however, we cannot detach ourselves from our bookish tendency to anchor our beliefs and teachings on our Bible, Torah, Talmud, Canon Law, Manual of Laws and various theological creeds from the “church fathers”. All these, of course, we uphold while invoking the name of Elohim and, in particular, Ruach. But to mimic Paul: Is Ruach divided? (1 Cor. 1:10-13) We know He is not.

Ruach corrected the rebellion and confusion of Babel by giving one, unified understanding of Yahusha’s message through the miraculous gift of tongues on Pentecost Day. Peter and the disciples did not read a book that day, although he quoted the prophets. In fact, he spoke by the power and guidance of Ruach (as Yahusha foretold they would when asked about their faith) at that moment. (Luke 12:11-12; 21:14-15) Was Peter a theologian who had facility in citing verses from the Old Testament? No. He had probably read the verses he cited or heard them from Yahusha; but at that moment he stood up while inflamed by the tongues of fire from Heaven – Ruach Himself; nothing was beyond his understanding and ability. This was Ruachish Faith in perfection and in motion. It started a great fire of conversion in Yerushalem from that day onward.

Yet, we read only of Peter speaking and being moved by Ruach. And many bookish people take it to mean he was the leader and the only aiuthorized source of Truth and Doctrine. No!!! Ruach was the power behind all that happened that day. All the rest of the apostles were also moved and used by Ruach to convert 3,000 souls that day and 2,000 more after a few days or weeks. We always sidetrack people and distort the Written Word by assuming things that come from our own sense or paradigm and not from Ruach Who is the Source of Perfect Truth and Wisdom. As Advocate of Yahusha and Recaller of all His teachings, He alone can impart what came directly from the seated King of Kings and Savior in Heaven.

Ruach is the Book we must read — the only Book that contains the Living Word. When we believe and live His Word spoken to us in our mind and heart, we become the Living Word in flesh. Our lives are what we have been calling Lived Word, the manifestation of Ruach’s Truth and Wisdom as He continues to live in us and guide us daily. Remember that the apostles never had the New Testament with them. They were the New Testament spoken by Ruach. What we read and see written is what Ruach commanded the Gospel writers to write or print into letters. To cite chapter and verse is the crude form of saying what Paul said: “Ruach speaks to us by comparing or combining spiritual truths with spiritual words”. (1 Cor. 2:13) A more proper way of transcribing that would be: Ruach speaks to us by combining Ruach’s Truth with Ruach’s Words. Every true principle or teaching coming from Yahusha and recalled into our mind by Ruach (Who is living or dwelling in us, not just through reading or hearing), He speaks as one united expression of His Truth and Word. It merely repeats the miraculous process that occurred on Pentecost Day. How?

Outpouring of Ruach Ha Kodesh on Pentecost Day (c/o Herbert R. Sim)

Ruach moved the apostles to speak and they were understood by all the gathered people in Yerushalem in their own language. The words they heard in their own language (or the printed word in any language) did not matter; the message of Truth was one and the same. Ruach delivered that Truth directly into the mind: Ruach-breathed (inspired) Truth and Word – one, single, delivered Meaning. This is how Ruach imparted Truth on Pentecost Day; and this is how He still imparts today. Is this miraculous? You better believe it! He dwells in a believer and can perform whatever He wills according to what a believer allows Him to do. Who can limit the power of Ruach? Only a person can. The apostles were special because they received special roles granted by Ruach. But if we have Ruach in us, are we not then special as well? Are we mere temples of flesh or of Ruach?

Finally, Lived Word contains both faithful response to the Word, as well as unfaithful response to it. When Yahusha told the Parable of the Tares and many others, He presented both possible reactions to His message. Hence, those who reject the Gospel are like tares that the devil planted and now live among believers, strangling them and causing troubles to destroy them, if possible. These people also live the Word as a result of their unbelief. Like Adam and Havah who chose to eat or not to eat the Bad Fruit, we may choose to accept Ruach’s Truth or not. Humans live the two sides of the Word of Truth, resulting in Life or Death, Salvation or Condemnation. Elohim created and planted the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil. They did not create evil; we produce evil by our wrong choice. We eat or live the good or the bad. We are either good seed or bad seed. The Word grows according to the kind of seed we are. For the seed of goodness and of evil is ours for the taking, planting and growing.    

The testimony of history, written in scriptures or not, all pass before the watchful eye of Ruach. Remember how He hovered over uncreated Creation in the beginning? The story of Noah is one epic work of Ruach, as we have chronicled it. He may be unseen or unrecognized in our stories of the past (Flood, Exodus or Crucifixion) and in the present (Colonization, World Wars or Pandemic); but He is ever in the world, dwelling in the hearts of believers, perfect or not. Think not that He is not able to perfect His work in any individual He chooses to do His work. For the time has come when His work must now abound even more in the lives of Yah’s people, as He had done in the past and throughout history. With the fire of judgment coming, His saving fire must burn more gloriously so that more may find the way back to Abba.

The Armor of Yah (c/o google)

Ruach Ha Kodesh is our only Ever-Present and Abiding Way to Yahusha, Who now reigns in Heaven beside the Father: the Way, the Truth and the Life. Throw away your human-made books; read, hear and live Ruach alone. And be the Living Book people will read.