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  • “The Kingdoms of this World are Become . . .” (Part 4)

    Finally, we must talk about medium or media. In the beginning, God’s sole medium was the Spirit. Through Him, He gave life to humans and spoke to them even after the Fall through prophets whom He inspired. No effect; the Flood came anyway. Then Moses came along as the visible medium for a chosen nation. […]

  • “The Kingdoms of this World Are Become . . . (Part 3)

    Anyone can apply one’s hermeneutical expertise or skills in the art of deciphering Scriptures; but can your plain, simple common sense see clearly that 2,000 years-or-so of history has failed to produce a level of status where we can say God’s Kingdom is truly reigning as it should? Even by the lesser human standards, much […]

  • “The Kingdoms of this World are Become . . .” (Part 2)

    Corollary to Jesus Christ’s prophecy to “rebuild” the temple in Jerusalem or “raise it up” after its destruction, the real and fundamental teachings on faith and worship He had begun imparting and eagerly wanted to instill in the lives of His disciples as the New and Living Way, as later on described and discussed in […]

  • “The Kingdoms of this World are Become . . .” (Part 1)

        The statement, in Old English, does not say “are becoming” or “will be coming as” – let us make that very clear at the start. No matter what you were taught or what you believe in, please read first and find out the rest of the statement and the story. “Are become” is […]

  • Anamnesis: “Remembrance” or “Putting to Mind”? (Holy Week Blues 2018)

    There is a Greek word that many of us have not yet met (until now); but so many people, all Christians for that matter, have eaten a meal by it or through it. How is that? The Messiah spoke Aramaic, not Greek. His name in Greek is Iesous and Jesus in English; but we rarely […]