52 Weeks in the Ark with Noah and Family (WEEK 36) – “Hidden Ocean” within the Earth Discovered?

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A “Hidden Ocean” beneath the Earth? (c/o WECB)

And it came to pass after seven days that the waters of the flood were on the earth. In the six hundredth year of Noah’s life, in the second month, the seventeenth day of the month, on that day all the fountains of the great deep were broken up, and the windows of heaven were opened. And the rain was on the earth forty days and forty nights.

Gen. 7:10-12

WEEK 36 (8th to 14th of Shevat, the 11th Month, in the Hebrew Religious Calendar)

After 36 weeks of chronicling the epic journey of Noah and his family through the Great Flood, with related side-trips through several geological, historical and anthropological events, we have made various discoveries and interesting possibilities in the grand rebuilding of the Earth during that epochal event. Yes, many others today stumble upon new principles, structures and processes that help us to understand more clearly how Creation used to function and how it functions today. Differentiating the two can lead us to a better and more accurate perspective of the past as well as of the future. Science has done so much and will continue to present valuable insights into many areas of human concerns. And now, we present one of its latest astounding propositions: that of a “hidden ocean” twice the size of the volume of water we know exists in the Earth. (Please click this link to read the article: A Gigantic Ocean Discovered 700km Beneath The Earth’s Surface.)

How does this discovery affect our initial conclusions regarding the Earth’s transformation during the Great Flood? Is it consistent with the evidences we have gathered or not? Assuming this new discovery is, more or less, correct and precise in its measurement of the “hidden ocean”, it could mean several things, namely:

  1. “(T)he significance of this reservoir: without it, the water would be on the Earth’s surface, and mountaintops might be the only land visible.” This seems to tell us that the water underneath used to be on the surface of the Earth and seeped down eventually while leaving some water behind. If so, what caused the water to go down; and what kept the water we know exists from going down? is this “hidden ocean” tightly secured underneath and, therefore, confined within a sealed or contained beneath an impenetrable rock layer 700 kilometers below the Earth’s surface? If not, what separates the “hidden ocean” from the water that is directly below us? Should all the water be then one big, contiguous “ocean of water” whether visible of not? In the first place, the article fails to define its use of the word “ocean”; hence, it seems to mislead the reader to think of it as a conventional ocean we are familiar with.    
  2. This “ocean” could be pressurized to such a high degree that some of it could rise to the surface of the Earth; hence, continuously augmenting the amount of water that is in the underground water table and the surface waters within rivers, lakes and oceans. How fast or how slow the seepage is might be imperceptible as a result of the proposed Theory of the Earth’s Expansion which would offset the addition of water and the rise of water levels. It is like filling a bucket with water at a certain rate while the bucket expands proportionately, maintaining the water level constant.
  3. This “hidden ocean” must have provided some of the water that caused the Great Flood, as the scriptures tell us. If it did, it is quite unlikely that the Flood, or part of it, descended back into this deep ocean; otherwise, all the water of the Earth (that is, the third making up all the Earth’s water we know, as claimed) would have also seeped back and left the Earth’s surface totally dry! The total height of water that exists will not go higher than 2,300 kilometers if it were to cover a flattened Earth surface. And yet, this “hidden ocean” is found 700 kilometers below the Earth surface!
  4. One possible reason for the presence of such amount of water 700 kilometers below the water upon the Earth could be that it is a remnant of the water that had long existed from the first day of Creation and which had remained after so much water above it and beneath the Earth’s surface (all 700-kilometer-deep volume of water) gushed out and flooded the Earth during Noah’s time. Furthermore, it would mean roughly a third of the water on the Earth came from that “dry space” underneath us, while the other two-thirds came from the existing shallow seas of ancient Eden and the Water Canopy that fell from the sky. (Please refer to our previous discussions on this Water Canopy.)
  5. This “hidden ocean” is so deep it could not possibly be the source of the Flood waters or where the Floodwaters went to later. Why? If the water is essentially “rock sweat” that is 700 kilometers underneath and spread within and throughout the mantle layer, and even if it were a literal ocean in a hollowed-out Earth, what cataclysmic force caused it to gush out in torrents to cause the Flood without breaking apart the whole globe? Perhaps, through the thousands of volcanoes that erupted simultaneously, as we had proposed. But what force, much greater than gravity, caused a huge part of the Floodwaters to recede or seep down into such an abysmal region? Most of the volcanoes had subsided or collapsed upon themselves, leaving no vents for water to drain into. Only an expanding Earth will allow water to subside – or recede, not relaly migrate — as we had illustrated previously.
  6. Finally, is water the only material of element that caused the seismic waves to supposedly slow down? (By the way, the photos used in the article seem to suggest the “hidden ocean” is a literal subterranean space that contains an underground ocean and sky; when all it is is nothing but “rock sweat”.) Moreover, the science is so weak, incomplete and so untenable that accepting the findings as a viable conclusion throws all other evidences into the air.

In short, there is much we do not know of this “discovery”; perhaps, it may not even be true after all, it being a result of indirect measurement of the Earth’s geologic foundation through seismic frequencies and not direct observation of the presence of water. But from scriptures, anthropological evidences and geology, we have proven the reality of the Great Flood and what might have transpired from the Creation of the Earth itself up till the time the Flood came. Water did come up from the depths of the Earth to cause the Flood; but to say that much water alone caused the Flood and recovered much of the water (in a constant-sized Earth scenario) would not be consistent with the rest of the evidences we have shown which uphold the Expanding Earth Theory. For one thing, the Earth was submerged in water on Creation’s First Day. For water to go down and be confined within the Earth’s outer core in order for the Land to appear, while some of the water remained as a Water Canopy above the atmosphere would certainly involve some amount of expanding of the Earth’s, while maintaining some pre-existing water within its subterranean regions.

What we present throws the entire Plate Tectonics Theory into disarray that it is no longer the most viable and logical paradigm we can still adhere to, although mainstream society and the scientific world still do so. This discovery, indeed, helps us prove this conventional view is untenable for so many reasons; however, since it supports the other unviable principles of Uniformitarianism and of an Old Earth (involving eons of geological processes) and, in turn, the Theory of Evolution, mainstream society will never accept the Expanding Earth Theory. Yet, the Earth’s expansion alone is consistent with the biblical account, although so many believers still do not accept that fact.

One of the many reasons believers do not deal with this proven principle is that it is not mentioned specifically in scriptures and, as often argued, that it has nothing to do with the salvation of a person’s soul. And yet, the Flood saved a family in order to preserve the pure seed that would sow the nation from which the Promised Seed would come. The Flood is a symbol of salvation, of rebirth and of renewal, as Peter and John wrote. No, the Great Flood is a story of rebuilding! So, understanding the structure of the Earth also requires that one understands how Elohim rebuilt the Earth (as we have chronicled here) and how the present configuration of this planet supports the narratives of the prophets, as well as the coming events that will transpire when the Maker of this Earth Himself will return to burn it and replace it with an entirely New Creation which we have just finished describing in the previous article.

Noah’s New Heaven and New Earth after the Flood — a Picture of the Coming New Heaven and New Earth in New Yerushalem after the Fire (c/o Google)

When the Hebrews left Egypt and their lowly homes as tortured slaves in Goshen, they must have imagined the beauty and bounty of Canaan and the new homes they would build in the “land of milk and honey”. They did not even have to build homes; for they merely took over the homes of the Canaanites, in general – including the vineyards, orchards and the wheat fields. That, in fact, also pictures what will happen to us in New Yerushalem. Yahusha and His angels are busy finishing the homes or “mansions” we will possess in the Holy City. Ready-made and ready-to-use homes along streets of gold near the-ready-to-pick fruits of the Tree of Life! What more could we want?