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  • Organic Faith (Part 5): Satan’s Fallacy of the Ages 

    Is there a way to trace the origin of erroneous faith, belief or teaching? Does the Bible – or more specifically, the Holy Spirit, our Advocate and Helper – have something to say about this? It goes without saying; but how did it exactly begin or develop; and what is the basic character of the […]

  • Organic Faith (Part 4): How the Word and the Spirit Form Creation and the Kingdom

    After having gone through a circuit tour through how life, in general, has progressed after the Fall, we need to go back to the ideal beginning and see what it really was, what it signifies to us now in the un-ideal world of fallen humans, and what is in store for those who will inherit […]

  • Organic Faith (Part 3): The Ideal vs. the Practical, the Spirit vs. the Flesh, the Spiritual vs. the Material

    The seeming esoteric idea of this article series came to me about 30 years ago; but it was only recently that I decided to simplify, clarify and make it more reader-friendly. A ripe idea, after all, deserves harvest time.   When Paul wrote that no one can know a person except the spirit of that […]

  • Organic Faith (Part 2): How the Holy Spirit Reveals Truth

    Richard Feynman, the noted theoretical physicist, relates his personal insights into the Manhattan Project on YouTube and how the group tasked with the job of creating an atomic bomb made crucial decisions. Each scientist, engineer and military officer involved was given a chance to give suggestions and the chairman chose the most efficient and feasible […]

  • Organic Faith: Is There Such a Thing?

    Organic has various meanings, depending on the subject matter or the context. Generally, however, it means: derived from living matter, living, animate, biological or natural, that is, in the sense that it is not human-made. It could also refer to something that is chemical-free or nonchemical, hence, unprocessed or unaltered. The opposite word, inorganic, means: […]