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  • Mayon Volcano

    (Restive Mayon Volcano suddenly reminded me of a poem I wrote several years ago. This majestic product of geologic design never ceases to amaze me. During times of her fiery fury, I long to be near her to see how she gives us a glimpse of what she is really made of — super-heated, red, […]

  • The Real Da Vinci Code (Throwing Away the Bread of Lies)

    (This article is taken from the latest publication available at You may download a free PDF copy at this link: The Agape)   We have heard of Dan Brown’s controversial novel, “The Da Vinci Code”, romantically linking Jesus Christ with Mary Magdalene. (Although I read it, I did not watch the film – I […]

  • The Agape: How Christianity Began and How it Lost its Essence

    (Click here to get a free PDF copy of this book)

  • Guess Who Else Attended the Last Passover? (How Leonardo da Vinci Got into the Picture)

    Putting his compositional skills to work 110% on the “Last Passover” required Da Vinci to use his extensive grasp of Mathematics, Science and Literature. As a visual artist, he possessed an almost magical, mythical or mystical comprehension of physical nature, human nature and even divine nature. Blending all three into a seamless illustration of one […]

  • How Do You End Violence?

      Posed with this question while watching a docu film, I had to pause and think if I had an answer worth sharing online. I had none – so, I kept thinking some more. But then, I had to pause again because ants were coming in and out of my PC keyboard. My fault! I […]