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  • The Holy Spirit in Perspective

      The Holy Spirit in Creation “. . . the Spirit moved upon the face of the waters” (Gen. 1:2) We often imagine the Holy Spirit to be like a dove or a tongue of fire; however, these metaphors are New Testament pictures which we may have grossly misrepresented or misinterpreted. Consider these other possibilities: […]

  • Light = SpaceTime

      When God created light (even before He made the stars and planets, apparently), he also set time into existence. Along with time, space also came into existence. For our purposes then, let us use Light to mean Spacetime, because neither time nor space could exist without light. And, perhaps, vice versa. Could it be […]

  • What Lawmakers and Politicians Can Learn from Ms. Gina Lopez: Creative Force vs. Negative Force  

      At first glance, Ms. Gina Lopez does not appear to be an artistic or creative worker. Generally shy, she shows no obvious flare for drama, except for her spontaneous singing spells. But no other media personality portrayed so much common sense, personal freedom, grace and boldness at the same time. She has passion and […]

  • Holy Week Blues (Part 2): Perfunctory Tradition vs. Perfect Freedom

      Holy Week always gets me started — and startled! Just yesterday, I again had that “holy week” feeling. And when I read this article by a Catholic archbishop asking if we should “blindly follow those Holy Week traditions” and making defenses and excuses for their traditions without actually saying why this or that act […]

  • Science: What is it all about?

      Before there was science, there was mythology. Lightning was not a mere natural or physical phenomenon but only one act among many acts of angry gods dwelling on a higher plane of existence than that of humans. Today, we still proverbially hike up Mt. Olympus, although we no longer believe that from its peak […]