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  • Ang Alamat ng Maya-Maya at Lapu-Lapu

    Noong unang panahon nang napakasagana pa ang ating mga karagatan sa iba’t-ibang uri ng isda, may mag-amang namingwit habang sakay sa banka nang di kalayuan sa baybay. Habang naghihintay na may kumagat sa pain nila, biglang may nahuli ang ama na malaki at mapulang isda at ang anak nama’y nakahuli din ng isang malaki at […]

  • A Bird’s Only Song

    A bird sings its one song in the morning and every morning; Though it is but one boring chirp, it rings and rings for all to hear: DoROthy, DoRothy, DoRothy!!! or God WITH thee, God WITH thee, God WITH thee!!! A guileless native would hear it as Doh-WIT-dee, Doh-WIT-dee, Doh-WIT-dee!!! And leave it at that, […]

  • Philippine Independence Day: What Does it Really Signify?

    More than a century ago, our forefathers fought against one of the most powerful empires of that era, Spain, to gain freedom after having been colonized for 333 years. After 121 years, we once again celebrate on this day, June 12, the declaration of independence by the then newly-established Philippine Republic under President Emilio Aguinaldo […]

  • PSHS Photo Scandal: The Loss of Innocence

    The ongoing controversy regarding certain Philippine Science High School scholars has hit social media, and our society in general, like a shower of hale on an extremely hot, dry day. Surprisingly entertaining, at first glance, but it can be hurtful and even dangerous. And like kids, many are having a field day gathering a harvest […]

  • Judgment: Now or Still in the Future? (Thoughts on the 7 Woes of Christ)

    Last month, I was discussing with a fellow-student of the Bible Matthew 23 which contains the “7 Woes or Curses” uttered by Christ, publicly judging or condemning the false-teachers who ruled Jerusalem in His time. Which of the two (judging or condemning) applies, assuming there is a difference? For we could argue that the Lord […]