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  • Guess Who Else Attended the Last Passover? (How Leonardo da Vinci Got into the Picture)

    Putting his compositional skills to work 110% on the “Last Passover” required Da Vinci to use his extensive grasp of Mathematics, Science and Literature. As a visual artist, he possessed an almost magical, mythical or mystical comprehension of physical nature, human nature and even divine nature. Blending all three into a seamless illustration of one […]

  • How Do You End Violence?

      Posed with this question while watching a docu film, I had to pause and think if I had an answer worth sharing online. I had none – so, I kept thinking some more. But then, I had to pause again because ants were coming in and out of my PC keyboard. My fault! I […]

  • “Be Perfect, Just as Your Father in Heaven is Perfect”

    “Be perfect, just as your Father in Heaven is perfect.” (Matt. 5:48) Majority of people do not really take this statement seriously. Why? Perhaps, because majority of people rarely take the words of God seriously enough. When we are reminded of Paul’s pleas for believers to be “one in mind and spirit”, our response is: […]

  • The Kingdom of God Exists in Perfection Because Christ Established It (The Fall of Human Kingdoms and the Rise of Religious Denominationalism in Prophecy)

    Introduction From the very time God planned to establish a Kingdom (Daniel’s prophecy) to the time that that Kingdom was established, we will review the fulfillment of a divine plan and a divine promise. This will help us see more clearly what was happening during the time that the Kingdom was  in preparation or in […]

  • What Technology Did Jesus Use?

    We can define technology as the knowledge or application of efficient machines, methods or techniques “to invent useful things or to solve problems”* — that is, apart from the use of natural or human facilities, such as that of muscle power or the senses minus any tools. Hence, breaking a branch using our hands, for […]