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  • Anamnesis: “Remembrance” or “Putting to Mind”? (Holy Week Blues 2018)

    There is a Greek word that many of us have not yet met (until now); but so many people, all Christians for that matter, have eaten a meal by it or through it. How is that? The Messiah spoke Aramaic, not Greek. His name in Greek is Iesous and Jesus in English; but we rarely […]

  • Top Four Most-Misapplied Bible Verses

    A person can either take the name of the Lord in vain or misuse His word or message. In the first, we speak or call His name in inappropriate or even blasphemous ways. Why this displeases the Lord is obvious: We show disrespect for divine authority and minimize the value and importance of our Creator […]

  • Mayon Volcano

    (Restive Mayon Volcano suddenly reminded me of a poem I wrote several years ago. This majestic product of geologic design never ceases to amaze me. During times of her fiery fury, I long to be near her to see how she gives us a glimpse of what she is really made of — super-heated, red, […]

  • The Real Da Vinci Code (Throwing Away the Bread of Lies)

    (This article is taken from the latest publication available at You may download a free PDF copy at this link: The Agape)   We have heard of Dan Brown’s controversial novel, “The Da Vinci Code”, romantically linking Jesus Christ with Mary Magdalene. (Although I read it, I did not watch the film – I […]

  • The Agape: How Christianity Began and How it Lost its Essence

    (Click here to get a free PDF copy of this book)