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I do not oppose the law allowing same-sex marriage or deny people’s rights to enter into it. I oppose ideas and thoughts that change the fundamental design, meaning and purpose of marriage. We all must answer for our beliefs and deeds.

The original design is of a man and a woman joined in marriage. The original meaning is of a union of two distinct persons becoming one – physically, emotionally and spiritually – in a relationship that nurtures both. The purpose is to reproduce other humans in order to create and protect the family and society and propagate God’s total plan for humans. We cannot cut the root of a tree and hope to enjoy its intended fruits.

Same-sex marriage cuts at the root of not just marriage but of the whole structure and stability of the human environment. History is full of proofs pointing to this principle: Sodom and Gomorrah, Herculaneum and Pompeii (Mt. Vesusius) and, in recent years, Angeles City and Olongapo City (Mt. Pinatubo). (Btw, the last happens to be connected to, if not the primary result of, Filipino-American immoral excesses.)

This whole issue goes way, way before anything else we can think of: family, birth, religion, government, laws, senates, courts, civil rights, taxes and death. For us to debate this issue without going back to origins is like eating an apple and expecting to see orange seeds inside it which we wish to sow and harvest oranges from. It won’t happen; and that is what we want marriage to do: produce other forms of unions other than what it was designed to be and to produce, which is the union of male and female who will reproduce males and females as well.

We may have the technology and the freedom to change the genetic make-up of a plant or an animal; but to play around with the “genesic” formula of marriage will bring the whole structure of this Universe and society down. The designer of the cosmos and the giver of life will forgive our ignorance on certain things such as romance, weather, business, geology, math or economics; but not knowing and not respecting His laws and requirements about marriage is close to unforgivable, considering how He has dealt with such sins in the past.

No, the morality of marriage has nothing to do with religion, politics, emotions, culture and personal choice. Yes, there may be exceptions due to certain physiological conditions; but they do not change or affect the whole concept of the divine law. We, whether individually (by personal choice) or collectively (by judicial action), simply do not have the right to twist a divine and universal law to suit our caprices and whims.

We can build planes and rockets to overcome gravity; but we can never escape the effect of its force upon us. We will have to land somewhere and constantly deal with its ubiquitous action. We may go ahead and enter into a gay union; but the Giver of the original law of marriage will continually hound us and those who supposedly gave us the “same-sex right”, in order to see if the fruits of our union will be worthy to become part of His plentiful harvest of goodness in the field He had prepared for us all to live in and enjoy.

It is all about goodness and un-goodness. Forget about rightness or legality! Humans can change the standards or rules to make the ungood good and the good ungood. There will be a price for working against our own best interest. Choose wisely what you hope to reap at your life’s end. Or even right now while we still have the sense to know what is good and what is not.

But if the good in you is ungood, then make sure you can defend yourself before the Great Judge Who came way, way, way before there were lawyers and supreme court justices.

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