C.O.M.P.U.T.E.R. Exposed!

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In the late 1980’s, the personal computer invaded ordinary homes and offices, becoming the newest tool for many applications and consigning typewriters in museums. Previously in college in the late 1970’s, my classmates and I did the same thing to the slide rule with the introduction of the scientific calculator. Later in the late 1990’s, the internet began to accelerate the flow of information and communication on a global scale, signaling the demotion of the Postal System. When the late 2010’s came, it was already possible for the PC, the cellular phone, the internet and biomedical technology to Control, Occupy, Medicate People Using Technology, Economics, Regulations (COMPUTER). A virus – whether real or virtual — made it all happen.

So, within 4 decades, we have seen the transition of the family, the individual and the local community from being relatively independent, free-willed and productive units of society into potential centrally-controlled, socially-regulated and economically-restricted entities through retrofitted governance systems conceived not by themselves (as free agents with inalienable rights) but by a privileged elite who had long ago decided that a globally-linked infrastructure run by a few people would be the best chance for humans to survive pandemics, natural disasters, wars, environmental decay, and economic crises. Armed with the latest and finest technology, these self-proclaimed saviors are now on the verge of launching a Great Reset that many, especially those who benefit or hope to benefit financially from such a plan, find harmless, while many others consider it disturbing, if not outright Satan-inspired.

Why the stark difference in views? The past 3 years or so clearly served those who gained materially from the health crisis, along with many who were led to accept the science, the protocols and the crisis-management steps taken to address it. But many more suffered inordinately and unnecessarily in many ways from the failed experiment done on the whole global population. Accept it: The untested cure has caused more harm than the disease itself until now! And those who never took the supposed cure are much better off (especially the children) than those who took it.

Just to review or to remind ourselves again: We were literally and physically locked inside our homes, our movements totally controlled and monitored, and our right to provide for ourselves and our families limited and even destroyed for those who lost or closed down their businesses and livelihoods. Through the internet, however, we were ostensibly and practically occupied right within our own domiciles and allowed to be satisfied with living like guinea pigs in cages running on treadmills daily, while being forcibly medicated like contaminated sheep through intimidation and fear in order to eventually reset our lives through regulations according to a master technological, social, economic and legal restructuring plan. All this is to allow the ruling elite to eventually control the production and distribution of goods and resources in any and every part of the globe.

Before the present decade ends, Artificial Intelligence (AI) will become so common we will consider robots as actual humans who can do easy and difficult things for us, think for us, work for us in the shops, factories and offices, entertain us, pamper us with an easy life, and make life like it has never been before. They can even be our homebound doctors, nurses and guards who will care for us or protect us while we sleep. And eventually, they will be so intelligent and efficient, we might even wonder if there is any use for humans at all! The Eloi and Morlocks in H. G. Wells’ sci-fi novel The Time Machine will have become true and humans will have become so weak that all they ever do all day is have fun and never work at all. (The past 3 years were but an experiment along the same line but without actual robot-servants. Why? Because we were the proto-robots and our brains, our bodies and our DNA will eventually serve as the medium for AI to totally put on line the ultimate plan to dehumanize us. And to do that, they have to destroy our mind first, as well as our spirit.

That is where technology comes in. For all intents and purposes, the technology already exists but the process of stealing our minds and spirits has only begun. The smartphone now serves as the vital link through which the reset plan will rapidly progress. Yes, technology can bring humans some good benefits; but it has its limits because humans also have their own limits, as far as the artificiality and unnaturalness technology brings to human lives. Consider systemic diseases: They have multiplied and seem to increase with time as a result of technology itself, producing a robustly lucrative medical and hospital industry that is totally dependent on the applications of mainly artificial or synthetic drugs and intrusive medical procedures. In fact, the ancient and effective beliefs and practices relating to organic or natural immunity became the first and continuing victims in the past pandemic till now. And do not think the jury is still out on that; there was never a jury but a butcher-judge presiding in the court all the while. WHO made sure its tentacles moved as it orchestrated them to move. (Still in disbelief?)

COMPUTER has become the way of life for many governments, corporations and organizations. No, it is the fast way to death! A health program that locks down people instead of giving them sunshine and fresh air that could easily address viral infection could only be the product of a sociopath or a demon. The fact that the whole world practically believed it can only mean we are living again in the times of Noah when humans were so wicked that “every imagination of the thoughts of his heart was only evil continually”. (Gen. 6:5)

Smartphones can teach us, lull us to sleep and bring us to heights of joy and cheerfulness; but behind the mesmerizing ringtones, cool beeps and sweet tweets is a hidden force, a lurking spirit that has been with humans from the beginning of time. AI is no different from the artificial or replacement gods that humans worshipped in the past and even today. Whereas those idols and graven images were dumb, static and practically useless, robots will be fluent in any language, super-intelligent, agile, strong and so useful for a lot of things. They will even replace farmers, fishers, laborers, pilots and sailors. No doubt, life will be so convenient that technology will have become the new supreme god who will have his AI priests and ministers. And what will they offer as sacrifices? Humans, what else? The offering has already begun, if you still have not realized or recognized the truth in the past 3 years.

Yes, the time will come when the computer will become more than a mere tool but an autonomous being made in our human image. The danger in this scenario is not that a robot will eat the forbidden fruit like humans did in the Garden but that those who design such AI robots for nefarious purposes will be acting as servants and followers of the fallen angels who taught humans the forbidden secret knowledge that they taught to humans during the time of Enoch until Noah. If you cannot compute that thought, then read Enoch 8 where it says and proves that those fallen angels first taught essentially the same technology to humans: namely, making of weapons (military science and arms manufacture), pharmakeia or sorcery, along with the use of roots as medicine (pharmacy, Big Pharma, unorganic, high-tech medical practice aimed at replacing human organic functions), magic (occultism and worldly entertainment with all its fanciful, distracting and demeaning practices), cosmetics (as used for seduction, sexual promiscuity, and pornography), hallucinations (through drugs and mind-altering practices, psyche-ology, hypnotism and other paranormal phenomena), astrology (worship and guidance of heavenly bodies, fortune-telling, senseless and wasteful space exploration), and alchemy (the beginnings of modern chemistry and science, in general, that has unraveled universal secrets now used by wicked humans to pursue their agenda). (For a more thorough discussion on these forbidden arts, please read this article: How to Wage War against Spiritual Powers – Part 3 (What Forbidden Dark Secrets Did the Wicked Angels Teach Humans?).)

All these are now being undertaken in tandem with the introduction of a One World Religion (led by a descendant of the ancient Roman pontiffs) that may seem attractive to many, especially atheists, agnostics and even believers, but is designed to dilute and deny the power and the glory of the true Creator and Master of the Universe revealed by Yahusha Masshiak. (Too hard to accept because your religious leader is espousing it? Time to follow the True, Good Shepherd!)  

The computer is but a replica of the human brain that simulates the brain nerve connections using the semiconductor chip as the basic tool for producing more-and-more advanced artificial intelligence. Yet all throughout the advances in the past 4 decades, the computer has only tried to improve on the human brain, not the human spirit. That task belongs to those who practice Satanic worship, occultism and demonic rituals. However, not many realize it but the two — mechanical robots and human-possessing spirits or demons – are actually being integrated into one new life-form or trans-human being that will be capable of duplicating Yah’s Adam and Eve — physically perfect, supremely smart and immortal. (Incredible? Stick to Star Wars then.)

If fallen angels could breed hybrid humans (Nephilim) then in the time of Enoch, they could also create modern hybrid humans through the demons who now inhabit the spiritual dimension within Creation. (Believe it or not! Belief saves, you know.) We do not have time to prove all these predictions. Enough to point out that Revelation 9:6 refers to the time when humans “will seek death and will not find it; they will desire to die, and death will flee from them”. How can that be possible? Was John an apostle and a prophet — or a sci-fi writer? Try to compute that in your brain. Or Google it – you might find a hopeful answer, at least. It all depends on who is using the internet and how it is being used. It is full of deadly traps and mines, for sure. So be extra-careful where your tread. A computer can have a destructive virus. And it could cost you your body, soul and spirit as well as your divine birthright to Eternal Life.

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