52 Weeks in the Ark with Noah and Family (WEEK 6) – Forty Days and Forty Nights

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40 Days and 40 Nights of Rain and Updrain (Painting c/o Earth Flood Collection)

WEEK 6 (16th to the 22nd day of Shivan, the 3rd month of the Hebrew Religious Calendar)  

WEEK 6 would end on the 42nd day from the time Noah and his family entered the Ark from the 17th day of Iyar. However, it did not rain for 7 days; and we surmised that they had spent those “rainless” days to bring in the animals and all the things they needed for their journey or lockdown. This means the rain and the springs would only be stopped on the 47th day since the time they entered. That would still be in WEEK 7, not WEEK 6. Hence, by then, it would have had rained and flooded for 40 days and nights, as told by Yah to Noah.

What did Yah mean with “after 7 days it would rain”? Did it start raining on the 8th day or after “7 days and 6 nights”? That would still be on the 7th full-day but not on the 8th day already. So, if they had entered on the 17th of Iyar, it then started raining by nighttime on the 23rd day, as we had said earlier in this series. Counting 40 days and nights from that moment would give us the 27th day of Shivan, since Iyar only has 29 days in it.

Based on our highest rainfall record, the depth would have been 75.6 meters by the end of this week. But this is nowhere near the actual depth of the Flood, as the waters from the skies and from the abysses of the Earth would definitely overwhelm the Ark, even if it were to stand on its ends. Its length of 150 cubits or about 78 meters would strongly suggest that Noah used logs at least 80 meters long and of even thickness in order to make a strong vessel without splicing halfway of even less than the length of the Ark.

There was certainly not a lack of gigantic trees 200 or 300 feet high (70 to 91 meters) high. The Sequoias may be rare, tall and old; however, plants during ancient times were far more tall, immense and lived long centuries. That would tell us that by the 6th Week, there were still so many trees visible on the top of the hills or low mountains around the Ark, based on a Flood height using our record rainfall parameter. But not when so much water came down and came up at such great volumes that we can safely assume the destruction of the Earth and all life upon it was so sudden and cataclysmic as to stagger our minds.

Yah’s Anger Would Completely Change the Earth and Life

How angry can Yah become against a rebellious world? Would He do it slowly, softly and gently as if He were spanking innocent infants or would He bring it on with the greatest might and rapidity that only He can possibly accomplish?

Yes, He created the heavens and the Earth in 6 days. How fast is that? The time it took Him to destroy it would be about 60 times longer — 365 days. But if you believe it and even tremble at the thought, all things will be burned ultimately in fervent heat in a “twinkling of an eye”. He was not merely condemning sinners and wild beasts but rebuilding the Earth and the Heavens as a new habitation for renewed humans. It would require 40 days and 40 nights to cleanse the world and over 350 days to reconstruct Earth by providing it with abundant, rich, organic minerals and life-inducing substances in such magnitudes that it could support life and ecosystems for another 7 millennia, at least. Not to mention readjusting the Earth’s movements and positions in the cosmos such that His former perfect system would become a degraded version that would no longer support humans ideally as it had before.

Noah would be the last in a long line of patriarchs who would enjoy life for a millennium or so. His grandfather Methuselah lived to be 969 while he lived up to 950 years. It was not only the food or the way they Earth produced it that had been devitalized. It was also the way light arrived upon the surface of the Earth to accomplish its work of sustaining life and providing the energy for its multifarious processes in Creation. Let us look at some of the resulting geophysical changes (a genuine Climate Change) and how life would be affected.

Ancient and Present Axes of Rotation of the Earth (Photo of globe c/o HotCore)
  1. With the Water Canopy gone, Yah put up a new way of blocking cosmic rays and preserving life processes from its original state. From the thick, glass-like, protective water-shield (H2O), He formed the Ozone Layer (O3). Which is more efficient? Probably the same; however, we could have lost a lot of the advantages that the former canopy had provided.
  2. Whereas the ancient atmosphere had not been made to be conducive to the formation of water vapor, through the clouds and the meteorological conditions familiar to us today, it now allowed the Water Cycle to begin, as higher solar energy, allowed in by the Ozone and the absence of the Water Canopy, substantially energized the abundant water now covering the surface of the Earth to evaporate and condense alternately to constantly produce precipitation. Besides, the water vapor in the atmosphere now also provided ample protection against cosmic radiation as well in the form of clouds. But we all know it can get so hot under the Sun at certain times in certain regions of the world; whereas, Noah’s time was way much better than ours, although less so than Adamah’s time.
  3. Water has a high heat-absorptive quality, as well as good solvent capability. It can dissolve many minerals and substances that allow life to grow and regenerate through various chemical processes, as in dissolving minerals for the use of plants and animals and the reduction of harmful substances to create mild conditions for organisms to thrive in. And many more. Hence, it appears that water in the atmosphere and in the oceans helps to balance temperature on the surface of the Earth and to preserve and sustain life, although not as perfectly as the Water Canopy once did.       
  4. With so much water covering the surface of the Earth, the weather in many regions of the globe became diverse, depending on the latitude or distance from the Equator or the Poles. Meaning, whereas there was only one long and continuous springtime then, there were now many seasons during a year’s cycle around the Sun. We will explain why this is so in future articles.
  5. Whereas the time cycle of the Earth was perfect then, the pattern changed entirely during and, more so, after the Flood. From a globe that once spun around the polar axis (North-South Axis) in a vertical manner, it now tilted by such a magnitude that allows one pole to face the Sun half-a-year at a time and hide for the rest of the year. This means that before, given the Water Canopy that kept a perfect warm climate globally, the poles also had sunlight all-year-round which prevented snow or ice caps to form. (Besides, rain was still absent then.) Therefore, not a single part of the Earth in the past was not exposed to direct radiant light before the Flood. In fact, the poles where always in the sunlight! That explains why it was always springtime worldwide and plants had all the light they needed to grow – and grow big. No winter, no fall, and no summer – all spring! Cool and comfortable as a dip in a shaded garden pool.
  6. The yearly seasonal cycle would only come a little later. For now, the erupting volcanoes — in the hundreds or thousands in number and in tumultuous fashion – would spew so much molten materials and pyroclastic debris that the Sun would have been totally obscured and plunged the Earth into a virtual black-hole or a deep-frozen ball where life could not survive for a week or so. Thanks to the heavy rain that brought down much of that volcanic outflow and cooled down its fiery materials. Otherwise, the darkness produced by a thick, global cover of volcanic ash would have brought about an unremitting Ice Age that would have killed all life on Earth even before Noah could have finished a month or so inside the Ark. Perhaps, enough dust could escaped into the atmosphere and blocked off the sunlight, enough to cause a short Ice Age that produced the polar regions.
  7. The Earth underneath is a boiling furnace. The sky above is a seething microwave oven. We exist within the thin space of a cooled, spherical atmosphere on top of a warmed-down, solidified magmatic-crust that allows life to exist because Yah had created it and then redesigned it for His purposes for this present age we can rightly call Noah’s Age (Part 2). Water serves as the substance that saved life, preserved life and sustained life until now. Noah saved the world. He saved us to be his extending family on Earth. His “myth” is a cute Sunday-School story as well. But the reality and science of Noah’s story is, beyond doubt, makes a most-compelling narrative and truth that we can ever find, next to the New Testament narrative. But that is why Noah survived the Great Flood; so that we can also survive the coming Great Fire.

How Noah Knew What to Write Down in His Ark Chronicles

Hence, this WEEK 6 inside the Ark shows us Noah and his family still unaware of what was happening out in the world. Or perhaps, they knew what was happening. For how cold Noah write that the water fell from the sky and water came up from the abyss? It is easy to count 40 days and 40 nights of rain, and even how long the flood stayed on the Earth and how deep the water may have covered the Earth. (He had roosters and birds which kept count of the days and nights.) Noah could have easily found some of those facts; and even gotten them from an angel or Yah Himself. Who knows how close he was to Yah? His grandfather Enoch did speak with angels and revealed much of what he knew of the Flood to Noah as he was growing.

By the way, Jubilees 10:12 mentions a book that Noah had written and which is non-extant – or perhaps, hidden away somewhere. It is a complete book describing all the herbs in the world that humans can use to heal all forms of sicknesses. Whoever has that book must be so selfish as to deprive the whole of humanity for millennia of Yah’s healing gifts. But even now, we are slowly rediscovering these herbs through organic medicine and other alternative methods. How did Noah and Enoch know or get all their seeming supernatural knowledge? They communicated with Yah in ways we cannot comprehend.

Today, we have lost that connection. We do not even believe Noah was real and that his writings – and those of Moses – have supreme value. So many, in fact, seek to find the remains of the Ark if only to convince people that the Great Flood really did happen and that all scriptures are true. Science has come so close to unraveling all the facts in the Bible, through archeology and other fields of knowledge. That includes astrophysics, microbiology, genetic engineering, and natural medical practices. Yet, we have failed to reinstate the supremacy of divine wisdom in our collective mainstream life. On the contrary, there is, in fact, a global trend to denigrate and remove biblical or divine realities in many societies.

The Modern Global Flood and its Ark of Doom

A global lockdown to keep Noah and all he represents contained in an anti-Yah, diabolical Ark of Doom has been unleashed through the ongoing gradual return of the demonic practices that once caused Yah to destroy all humans. It was because of humans who had practiced the dark secrets of fallen angels that Yah destroyed the world by a Flood. It will also be because of the same practices, more sophisticated and more efficient but coming from the same fallen angels, that will cause Yah to bring on the Great Fire in order to save those who will remain faithful to His word.

Sickness, chaotic weather, sin, corruption, wars and criminality were the main concerns that Noah and his family faced when they were building the Ark for 120 years. They were dealing with actual hybrid humans who served demons though their wicked ways and their idolatrous religions. Today, they are the same concerns we face and which are coming from the same spiritual forces in the world that established them in ancient times. Yes, we are facing and will be facing more and more of these transformed or hybridized or transmuted humans who use modern technology to attain their corruptive desires and who seek to erase any resistance against their evil plans. They have the means – economic, technological, organizational and political power and systems – to achieve their sinister goals. This is no longer a theory or myth we keep throwing pots or stones at each time we hear it. This is as real as the ground we stand on. As clear as the air we breathe in.

Mainstream media will not show you the reality of the present and the future. They are, in general, paid mouthpieces of the powers that rule in the air. The truth had been written and told and foretold for millennia. We merely explain or clarify what it says in the hope that we can refresh our spirits and our minds of the gravity of the situation today. Noah and his family prayed and experienced joy, comfort and grace in the confines of the dark rooms of the Ark. They had to learn to live calmly and comfortably inside the Ark for weeks now. We can also do the same within the danger and gloom that we may experience today in any part of the world. What matters is where the story will end. Do you know? Or do you even believe any part of the story at all? We will provide more hard evidences.  

How the Waters from the Belly of the Earth Arose

For a crucial question remains for us: How did the water — so much water — come out of the Earth’s belly? And what caused thousands of volcanoes to erupt violently and simultaneously, while bringing so much water? And, for that matter, why do volcanoes erupt at all? Finally, where did all that water come from?

These questions may seem impossible to tackle for any person; but answering them will give us some valuable clues.

Where Did the Water Come from in the First Place?

Now, we said water covered the Earth in the beginning. It did not say “there was water inside the Earth”, initially. Perhaps, Earth was all water at the start. For Peter said “the earth was formed out of water and by water”. (2 Pet. 3:5 NASV) The Koran even contains these words: “Do not the unbelievers see that the heavens and the earth were joined together (as one unit of creation), before We clove them asunder? We made from water every living thing. Will they not then believe?” (Al-Qur’an 21:30) So, when the land was created on the 3rd day, it does not necessarily mean it had already existed long before it appeared and divided the waters on the surface. For it says in Genesis, “Let the land appear.” The Hebrew root word used for “let appear” is raah, to see. Elohim may have created land out of water and did not show us how (only the angels saw it happening); but it seems land indeed “came out of” and must have been “made out” of water, as Peter implies.

In the same manner, light was created, it appeared and it dispelled the darkness. It was not at first; then, it was – it appeared to Elohim and to the angels, and called it good. And the land was created, it appeared and it divided the waters. It did not exist at first; then it existed – it appeared out of the water. Now, whereas the fishes “appeared” in the waters, the land animals “appeared” on the land. And we know Adam was formed out of the dust. In a way, we can say humans, animals and plants also came out of water; for the land came out of water. WATER FORMED ALL THINGS – the Word is indeed Truth.  

So, what else remained beneath the Earth where there was still much water hidden for Yah to reveal during the Flood and, perhaps, in the future still? It could mean much water had remained underneath the land that appeared above, as the narrative seems to prove itself. Land did appear and remain on top of so much water – as it must still do. There, then, is the water we have been looking for and how and where it came from. What caused it to come out again in torrents a second time? Remember, the Great Flood of Noah is the Second Flood; the first was in the beginning, although it was technically “all flood” or “all water” before it became a “flooded Earth” as well.

It is obvious then that whatever forces caused water to arise out of the Earth during Noah’s time could not be compared to the creative forces that brought land out of the waters during Creation Days. The seemingly-valid question whether water was being created during Noah’s time and even now falls away from this biblical principle that water formed all things. We assume matter is formed through the accumulation of protons, electrons and neutrons in varying quantities. Hence, the various elements have increasing atomic weight. But that is assuming that Hydrogen (1 proton and 1 electron) is the building block of all matter. That is how the Sun produces energy, fusing hydrogen atoms to form Helium atoms as by-products. However, that is not the creation of matter but the production of energy and light. Water formed even the stars and the Sun, many hours after water had already existed.

Is Water Mere Matter?

We think of water as matter; but is it? If all things came from water, what was it before it became matter that we think it is? Why is the voice of Yah like the “sound of rushing waters”? Why is Yah and Ruach the Fountain of Living Water? Why is the Word fully thirst-quenching like water but will not make you thirsty ever again? Why is there a free-flowing River of Life in New Jerusalem which waters the Tree of Life? Are we talking about material things? If these are all metaphorical, then why should Moses or Peter say all things were formed by water? For we know that in the beginning Ruach hovered upon the “face of the deep”, showing us the spiritual connection that He had with water as the Prime Agent in Creation. Can we say that water itself is the very “breath” or “spirit” or “ruach” of the entire Creation and not just of the Earth, which until now is blanketed by water on over 70% of its surface?

Could water still be being created or produced inside the Earth to drive its expansion and continuing dynamic geological processes? There is no way to fully prove this at all, although some claim it is happening. But it does give us something to think about why and how water did spring up to flood the Earth. It follows the command of Yah and does its work to create, to judge, to save and to sustain humans without limits.

The unanswered question is how the water came up through springs and volcanoes. These two are not necessarily independent or distinct form one another. A spring has potential energy (under pressure) that causes water to seek lower pressure. That means there is intense pressure underneath which could be due to heat or other causes. In a cataclysmic event, we can surmise that the build-up of pressure has been triggered by something whose magnitude of energy is so great. And what that is must have also triggered the volcanoes. We assume volcanoes erupt because there is boiling magma underneath, suggesting a source of thermal energy. But why would many, if not all, volcanoes erupt all at once?

Proof for the Expansion of the Earth

The only rational reason would be the displacement of materials underneath – molten rock, water and fire – due to the gradual explosion within the Earth caused by gravitational, thermal, electromagnetic, geological or thermonuclear processes. We can call it simply an expansion. In the same way that scientists theorize the Big Bang which was a universal explosion that now results in continuing expansion of the Universe. Hence, the Earth could still be expanding as well.

If you leaven dough, it will rise. Some chemical reactions cause CO2 to form, leaving tiny holes in it and expanding the dough. But there is enough moisture and flour that it retains its shape, until it collapses somehow when some of the gases are released. But if you add more yeast and some sugar, the expansion will continue some more. This could be a similar process that is happening when water is being released from the Earth. But water is superheated inside the Earth (causing volcanoes to erupt because of the heat and pressure build-up) and in gas form that once it joins the ocean waters or exits on the surfaces, it cools down to form liquid water.

Moreover, once you bake the dough, it will grow some more as heat activates the yeast cells long enough before they are killed, causing the dough to dry up, to turn brown and even crack and burst in some parts. Same way that the pizza crust hardens and dries, while much of the cheese and fillings remain soft and gooey inside, just as magma remains under the Earth’s crust. That process happens to the Earth and its surface due to expansion and eruption of volcanoes. For sure, water, gases and materials were spewed out from the vents and the springs in the seas, as Moses wrote.

Are there scientific evidences of Earth Expansion? There are many actually. But scientists do not even recognize them. In the article below,1 findings show that the East African Continental Rift exhibits unusual phenomena never seen before. Why? Because all other rift systems cause spreading within vast and deep oceanic basins that provide plenty of room to move freely but not readily observable. Because of that, other mechanisms at work and their effects have never been recorded or recognized. However, the African Rift, which lies between several neighboring continents (Asia, Africa, India, Arabia and Europe), does not have that much room to move freely since the beginning of time and has not been markedly observed.

Artist’s Rendition of How the East African Continental Rift will Split Africa (c/o Somtribune)

Research results show now that these unusual movements portray puzzling movements of the rift system, which runs on a North-South line, specifically parallel, perpendicular, and also vertical to the rift line. The latter movement is tentatively explained by the differences in densities of materials underneath and above. As we concluded, densities count only for a minimal effect as far as cataclysmic forces are concerned. A cube of ice floats on water, as an iceberg does. Perhaps, if a gigantic iceberg were to rapidly rise from the abyss, it may crush and capsized so many ships on the sea. This is exactly what Plate Tectonics has predicted: Magma is less dense than the continental crust so that it rises and pushes the continents apart in a slow manner. Hence, what is happening in the mid-oceanic ridges is due to that density difference, as assumed by Plate Tectonics. We know that eons of the slow process of weathering-sedimentation-and-subduction of the crust would not be enough to cause all volcanoes to erupt in a globe that did not have even rain or wide oceans at the start. No heavy rain, no massive weathering, No deep, wide oceans, no sedimentation. No subductions, no eruptions.

Next Puzzle: Where the Floodwaters Went

So, where did all the floodwaters at the beginning and during Noah’s time go then? We assume they now form all the waters of the vast oceans covering the Earth. Did the Earth open up a giant hole twice to let that water go in for the Flood to subside? Or did all the excess water get thrown into space? A constant Earth theory cannot explain the Earth’s true geology and the two global floods in the past. Not even the latest findings that stomp researchers today.

Volcanoes erupt not because they must expel magma erratically or randomly but because there is constant expansion going on. The rifts keep spreading because of expansion. And since the circumference of the Earth continues to grow, it is also traveling more slowly around the Sun. We will discuss that next time when we talk about the calendar, the orbit and revolution of the Earth, and the varying seasons. 


1Scientists Uncover Source of Unusual Deformation in Earths Largest Continental Rift