52 Weeks in the Ark with Noah and Family (WEEK 5) – The Waters Below the Earth

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The Earth as it would appear if drained of its ocean waters. Where would Yah hide the water if He were to do this today? (c/o Facebook)

WEEK 5 (9th to the 15th day of Shivan, the 3rd month of the Hebrew Religious Calendar)

 Noah was six hundred years old when the floodwaters were on the earth. So Noah, with his sons, his wife, and his sons’ wives, went into the ark because of the waters of the flood. Of clean animals, of animals that are unclean, of birds, and of everything that creeps on the earth, two by two they went into the ark to Noah, male and female, as God had commanded Noah. And it came to pass after seven days that the waters of the flood were on the earth. In the six hundredth year of Noah’s life, in the second month, the seventeenth day of the month, on that day all the fountains of the great deep were broken up, and the windows of heaven were opened. And the rain was on the earth forty days and forty nights. (Gen. 7:6-12)

When the Flood Came on the Earth

From the log of Father Noah above, we clearly see that they entered on the 17th day of Iyar and that it was only “after 7 days” that it started to rain from Heaven and gush forth water from the Earth. There seems to be a bit of contradiction since they “went into the Ark” on the 17th day of Iyar (verse 7) and then in verse 11, on the 17th day of of Iyar, on that day all the fountains of the great deep were broken up, and the windows of heaven were opened“. Perhaps, the rain fell slightly from the sky, giving them enough time (6 days exactly) to enter the Ark and that the major release of water came after a week. But that would have given many people an advance warning of a coming flood, if so. Unless it showered only where the Ark was. Remember: No clouds were present; so, it was as clear as a summer’s day when water may have first started falling from the Water Canopy. Perhaps, in the form of a mist. Whatever may have occurred, our intrepid family and their zoo were safely in the Ark when water finally came upon the Earth.

It is our 5th week with Noah and his family inside the Ark. Have we felt the oppressive feeling being cooped up like pigeons inside a dark and musty gigantic box without ever seeing sunlight or moonlight, and even breathing cool, fresh air for such a long time? Lockdown has never been this difficult for many of us, although there were many also who felt so frustrated that they just had to do something, like escape and hike to the mountain or to the seashore.

But there was nowhere else for Noah and his crew to go. Water was simply the only other possible place you could see, touch, hear or go to. And life did not exist where there was plenty of water. The Flood was Death itself. Our brave crew must have seen dead birds, animals and humans floating by, along with flotsam and jetsam of broken trees, dead branches, tangled weeds, lifeless sea serpents, gigantic dinosaurs and even mangled whales and dolphins caught in the cataclysm that occurred in the small, shallow oceans that had now been inundated by more than a kilometer-deep Flood.

Our conservatively-assumed 63-meter Flood by now, brought by a non-existent rain in the ancient past, would now be overwhelmed by the great amounts of water dropping from the sky when the Water Canopy broke from its stable state and poured down upon the Earth like rivers of torrents. Or like waterfalls breaking out into misty veils of tiny diamond-like droplets and falling like rain upon the land. This is true for Victoria Falls in Africa which is over 100 meters high that when the water drops, it turns into a rainbow-splashed mist carried by the wind. Watch a short clip from BBC’s documentary “Our Planet: Fresh Water” below and imagine a thousand thousand times more water falling from the skies upon the Earth and you can approximate how it was during Noah’s time. Click this link: (https://youtube.com/clip/UgkxjxQ1LeV_cAJMQM0Fr7p3NlNNKsOKuNhD?si=N3II5QkSeZQhFana)

Water is considered a fluid material, just as air is a fluid material. And since water is more dense than air, once it drops from a high altitude, its molecules merges with the molecules of the atmosphere gases, like milk falling into water, and swirls and mixes with the gases. Since water molecules adhere to one another, they form droplets that can easily break through the air and fall as rain.      

But that is half of the story of the Great Flood. The other half comes from the deepest parts of the Earth – the springs of water hidden there since Creation.

Remember that on the day Yah created the Earth, it was already flooded. How deep it was, we do not know. We know now only some things about the water above – the Water Canopy. But where did the water that once covered the Earth go to when Yah brought out the land? (Gen. 1:4) It had to go somewhere. And perhaps, later on, it had to be retrieved by Yah to do damage when He needed it, as in during the Great Flood. What mechanism would be able to hide so much water and bring it back again in torrents to create the chaos it was meant to inflict? Or maybe, that huge amount of water was still hidden.

Job, obviously a prophet of Yah, gave us an inkling as to where Yah hid so much more water than what was mentioned by Moses in Genesis. He refers to it as the “rivers of the sea” in Job 38:16. Well, it is actually Yah speaking and revealing to Job the presence of these supply of water under the sea, meaning “under the Earth”. Which further means that it flowed from the fountains deep in the abyss of the shallow oceans then. In fact, this has been proven by an oceanographer from A&M University who did discover these “rivers of the sea” after reading this bible verse. They are still there for some reason. Is it because the Earth is still expanding and releasing water? Could they be causing the so-called “Global Warming” effects due to “Climate Change” of rising seas or melting snowcaps? And if the Earth is indeed expanding and more water is coming out from underneath, then, the zero-sum effect is, well, zero, nada!

Classical or academic Geology does not have an answer to the question of where water of the primeval flooded-Earth came from. It does not even ask that question at all. But some geologists have proposed theories and have shifted to more viable mechanisms that are still suppressed or sidestepped in favor of the so-called party-line. Of course, the party-line is the one that supports the eons-long evolution of the Earth, as well as that of life – Theory of Evolution. Catastrophic Geology, demeaned and sidelined for being superstitious as it supports biblical history and principles, is looked down upon as founded on myths and unproven suppositions.

Since, we cannot decide who is right between the two views here and now, we will only present some conditions that Evolutionary Geology proposes (that the mountains and continents took millions of years to form through the slow, gradual process of weathering-sedimentation-subduction-and-mountain-building cycle. We call this the Plate Tectonics Theory or Continental Drift Theory. Simply saying, the Earth had always been of constant size and that the ancient single-continent called Pangaea (all the land masses that ever existed and which mainly remain today) was on one face of the Earth while the major part is one giant ocean. Perhaps, we can call it Panmare (One Sea). How Pangaea and Panmare came about we know not clearly, according to Plate Tectonics.

The only way we can resolve the issue has been proposed by the Earth Expansion Theory. In a much smaller Earth, having half its present radius, the water that once inundated the Earth in Creation would have been breached by land coming out of the depths during the initial expansion to form the Pangaea we know existed in the beginning by Yah’s will. Yes, many scientists will not accept this as a scientific fact. And yet, they say Pangaea did exist in ancient times but do not have a viable mechanism how it was formed.

The only way the land can breach the water is for the small Earth to expand. Remember that the theory says the Earth expanded and, thus, formed small seas, rivers and a giant continent that almost covered the whole face of the Earth, which was still smaller than it is now. Consider that there was much water above and much water over the surface – say, 50-50, to be fair and square. Expanding slightly, the flooded Earth in Creation would then expose the land and allow the water to thin out and form river systems and small seas that will contain the once-blanketing flood. The Water Canopy was never affected, added on, nor reduced.

A smaller Earth that nearly covers the globe would be a more viable geological model as it would create balance in the orbital mechanism of the Earth, whereas an asymmetrical Pangaea would create a wobble and even irregular spin and erratic precession of the Earth. This is not viable as we shall now show the advantages the former model provides, as follows:

  1. No wobbling in the Earth’s orbit for a wrap-around Pangaea.
  2. The absence of large oceans and seas is consistent with the perfect jigsaw-like interconnection of all the major continents and islands.
  3. As a result of the previous, there existed an ancient river system that encircled the whole Earth which served as the means for water to be conveyed upon the whole of Pangaea. (At least, this was the plan of Yah, He had meant the whole young Earth to be peopled by humans who would enjoy the same perfect Paradise that Adamah and Havah had enjoyed, fed by ample water and having pristine weather conditions and abundant food produce.)
  4. This huge river system, still visible but now under the great oceans, were produced, most probably, by an extraordinary force which broke the crust of the Earth and which formed cracks that would then serve as the early river banks (then later on to become the continental shelves), prior to the emergence of the deeper oceanic basins. Contrary to the Plate Tectonics view that the Continental Shelves are products of deposited sediment from geologic past, we can see more logically that if we were to connect the shelves of the American continent with those of the European-African continents, we see that the resulting merged shelf forms a huge river bed that once served as part of the ancient global river-system. Hence, from cracks to river beds to shelves and to oceanic boundaries, these ancient geologic formations have helped in the dynamics of Earth’s final transformation.
  5. The global river system was divided into the 4 main rivers mentioned by Moses in his account and which watered the Garden of Eden though a mist, namely: Pishon, Gihon, Tigris and Euphrates. (Gen. 2:10-14) Today, this ancient river system 80,000 kilometers long now forms the global oceanic-ridge system that surrounds the world, forming an actual seafloor mountain system up to 2,000 meters high. The trenches in the oceans are so deep that they can even submerge Mt. Everest at one point. So, we can imagine how much water could have been contained in them, while keeping a big portion still underneath for the Great Flood.

Note that in a generally-flat Earth with no high mountains and deep oceans, it would have taken only a much smaller amount of water to cover the whole Earth with a flood out of which the land would appear on the 3rd day. That same amount of water would have been the same volume contained by the river system and shallow seas. More water, much more, lay underground for Yah’s future use.

And so, we can see how the dynamics of the Flood can be explained by a proper mechanism that accounts for everything that other theories cannot account for. Hence, when the time came for the Flood to come (the Second Flood, in reality), all that was needed was to break the Water Canopy and to let loose the underground water through breaking the Earth’s crust and opening up underwater springs, as well as so many volcanic vents through simultaneous eruptions. Also, it is most likely that monstrous meteoric showers also aided in breaking certain parts of the Earth’s crust, such as that in the North Pole which could have initiated the longitudinal cracks that now produced the Mid-Atlantic Ridge and the Mid-Pacific Ridge. These 2 main ridges or oceanic trenches now serve as the main sources of all young magmatic materials that formed and still continue to expand the oceanic basins and, most likely, the Earth itself. And as a result, the continents drift apart, not because they are “spreading” but because the Earth is “expanding”.

Huge Crater formed long ago by a meteor whose impact could have caused great damage by creating cracks in the Earth’s Crust (c/o Google)

It is the intense internal dynamics of the Earth fueled by enormous forces, not the supposed surface dynamics of the Subduction-Continental Drift (fueled by the supposed “descent” of denser sediments into less-dense magma and causing collisions of land masses to produce mountains and volcanic eruptions). The eruptions are the intermediary causes but the real cause of the past and present expansions are the combined thermonuclear, electromagnetic, and electrochemical processes that are aided by or further aggravated by other cosmic and geophysical forces due to solar energy, meteor impacts and the Earth’s orbit, electromagnetic field and gravitation.  

We may seem like grasping at scientific straws to explain what scripture simply states as Yah speaking His word, “Let the land divide the waters!” And it was so. What divided the waters? The land, to form rivers system and shallow oceans. And when He said before the Flood, “Let the water from above fall and the water below spring forth, and flood the whole Earth!” It was so!

The waters above poured down and the waters below rushed out. And the waters flooded the whole Earth. It is the 5th week, and the Ark alone floats with precious life in it.

Sadly, Classical Geologists do not believe a Great Flood occurred. But the mechanism we just presented allows us to explain what happened during Creation and after the Flood, that is, when it abated. Without this vital mechanism, a global flood is difficult to conceive. For how could the present amount of water flood the Earth, as some may ask? And how could such amount of water that covered the globe subside? A constant-sized Earth will not let you do that. But we will answer that later on. Also, we will share some historical and archeological evidences that prove the Great Flood did occur. For while geology is one evidence, history and archeology, as well as other contemporary geological findings, will bring home the point completely.