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  • Holy Week Blues (Part 2): Perfunctory Tradition vs. Perfect Freedom

      Holy Week always gets me started — and startled! Just yesterday, I again had that “holy week” feeling. And when I read this article by a Catholic archbishop asking if we should “blindly follow those Holy Week traditions” and making defenses and excuses for their traditions without actually saying why this or that act […]

  • Science: What is it all about?

      Before there was science, there was mythology. Lightning was not a mere natural or physical phenomenon but only one act among many acts of angry gods dwelling on a higher plane of existence than that of humans. Today, we still proverbially hike up Mt. Olympus, although we no longer believe that from its peak […]

  • Why Global Warming is a Myth

      US President Trump is notorious for many things and one of them is his stand (at one point, at least) that the Global Warming phenomenon is a myth. Whatever gave him the idea? We do not know; but I have my own reasons. Many world leaders and scientists have declared and defended Global Warming […]

  • All about Watersheds, Mines and Better Environments

    The word “watershed” has been mentioned quite often in the ongoing Senate hearings for the confirmation of Sec. Gina Lopez as head of Department of Environment and Natural Resources (DENR). What does it really mean? Should mines be allowed inside watersheds? Or should they be prohibited, as Sec. Lopez claims? We will leave the legal […]

  • “Jesus Wept”

    Twice, Jesus wept. Once, before He raised a dear friend who had just died. And once for Himself, before He died and rose from death. We all know that death brings on tears; but study the events closely in order to understand what was truly happening. (John 11) The first time, Jesus had intentionally allowed […]