Zombies are Real!

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Zombies are Us!

The word “zombie” is a 19-century word that has been given a major push into the modern mind’s psyche through images of the “living dead” — a dead person that has regained physical life or, more precisely, a murderous monster’s life. As usual, Hollywood loves to put on the “blood and gore” to highlight the zombie’s frightening image and evil character.

The word comes from an African word “nzambi”, meaning “god”. In its original meaning, therefore, as well as in appearance, zombies are much more glamorous, more seductive and extremely smart. In short, they are usually respected, given honorable positions in society and idolized by their many followers. Just like real “gods” who are worshiped or adored by multitudes.

Zombies are real. And in a perfectly real sense, they live out their lives through a higher spirit manipulating their minds and their spirits to commit vile deeds only wicked monsters are capable of doing.

Again, this is not an allegorical description of what is happening in society, rather a factual, truthful and real-time phenomenon not merely imagined but occurring in the spiritual world only seen and revealed to humans by God and angelic beings living in the heavenly realm. We see living persons who, in God’s eyes and in reality, are dead and already condemned. Unless they realize their sins and repent.

So, who are these zombies living among us? How do they operate?

First, these gods or zombies work under a higher god who rules and controls them to wage war against the true God.

Second, these zombies aim to make zombies of others, that is, converting others to be like them, promising them life that seems good but is actually worthless, imperfect and ultimately leads to destruction.

Thirdly, they obtain followership by showing people that they alone have the authority to give life or to raise the dead from the grave. Their self-proclaimed power to give life to the dead – actually death to the living – is presented as coming from God Himself. They pretend to honor God but, in truth, they work to undermine His work of saving souls.

Fourth, very ceremoniously, they go through a morbid and gory ritual they love to display to the world and boast as the gateway to eternal life and salvation for the millions of their followers. Although it does not appear so because they have appropriated (or stolen) a landmark event as their tool for recruiting and maintaining followers, they effectively hide their real abominable character and purpose, which is to glorify death. They eat real flesh and drink real blood, which they themselves and they alone proclaim as real physical objects, although what you see and eat are not. It is magic! Hypnosis! Self-deception! Just as their life is in itself a self-deception. Nothing is real in their lives, in effect; but they believe deeply in what they are (gods) and what they can do (give life).

Fifth, in the most ironic act of all in human history, this ceremony involves putting to death AGAIN One Who had risen from the dead never to die again. They relish the act of remembering in detail the bloody and agonizing sacrifice of the Lamb day-in and day-out, week-in and week-out, year-in and year-out and leading people to forget that the Lamb already reigns in Heaven and has no more desire for humans to dwell on or even think of His grievous sacrifice but on “living abundantly” and “living victoriously” continually.  [For in the original Greek, He said “Do this to think OF ME”, not “Do this to remember (sic) My death”.] A feast is for rejoicing; but these zombies turn feasts into funeral wakes! They commemorate His death with all the fanfare of Hollywood, parading the image of the dead Savior and forcing that pall of death into the innermost beings of the masses as the resource of fear and submission to their ultimate goal: DEATH. Yes, they keep the fear of death alive in their followers, thus, making them as pliable as plastic, as obedient as dogs. And even their feast to commemorate the resurrection is a continuing offering to their pagan goddess of fertility, Ishtar or Ashtoreth.

Thus, they show piety through somber faces when all that God desires for the poor and the suffering is to rejoice in His victory every moment. They even tolerate those who inflict unnecessary pain through self-flagellation or mortification to achieve their higher end of keeping people in their control. For what practical reason? To collect money.  And so, millions remain impoverished while these zombies live in luxurious comfort. Yes, they are literal gods ruling over the dirt-poor, as well as the wealthy, people.

And so, these zombies minister on the altar in order to keep their followers always aware of the power of their Supreme Zombie to give life through them as his ministers and to mislead people to think they have no right and no freedom to approach God directly in sincere faith and humble prayer. They intentionally keep people’s minds continually focused on “sin and death” to make people dependent on their presumed power and authority to “forgive” and to “give life” through their many so-called priestly acts. They place themselves between God and humans to keep them subservient to laws and traditions that God abhors. And they hide behind costly garments to instill awe and respect among millions of naive and meek followers.

Things that only God can do, these zombies claim for themselves – because they are clones of their rebellious Zombie King. It is a case of the dead promising the dead they are alive. The blind leading the blind. It is the greatest lie being bought by millions as truth. This is how their Supreme Dark Ruler steals souls from God. It is the biggest hoax in all human history. And those who fall into the hands of these zombies have put themselves in danger because they fail to obey the living, written Word of God and have instead heeded the empty words of zombies.

Lastly, these zombies living among us are so numerous that they have control not only over the religious lives of the masses but also over their political and economic lives. There is nothing that they have not put under their power and control. These “living dead” have been amply trained to produce more zombies in the world population. In fact, the extent of their insidious work has become so widespread that complete submission of the whole world is about to be accomplished through its final and most despicable act of presenting to the world the Prince of Darkness or Anti-Christ as the returning Messiah. This is the resurgence and final judgment of “Babylon Mystery Religion” of old, the Mother of Harlots, foretold by John in Revelation 17. Zombie Apocalypse may be a movie; but it is based on divine prophecy.

Reminder: This is not a plot for a movie but an ongoing drama and history that began shortly after the Son of God established His Kingdom the very moment He went up to Heaven to claim His throne beside the Father. It was then that the Deceiver and Father of Lies unleashed his power to seize God’s throne upon the Earth – for he could not reign in Heaven. Today, the Supreme Leader of zombies sits proudly on his throne ruling over millions of souls subservient to his hidden, mysterious ways – for deception is his offspring or invention way back in the Garden of Eden.

Yes, many people love zombie movies not realizing they could be one of these zombies enslaved by the false doctrines of a false religion that the Prince of Darkness uses to win souls. Unless we open our eyes to the reality of these things we think are fictional or imagined, we will never free ourselves from the “living death” we are in. Only Christ, through the Holy Spirit declaring the pure word of God – not the impure, diluted and twisted word of the “angel of light” Lucifer – can lead us to the fullness of His perfect and eternal life.

This may seem unbelievable – and it is. For that is how lies propagate. They stand as replacements for the Truth. Except that death replacing life is the apex of all lies there is. For two millennia, it has been that way. The Philippines was subjugated under the same teachings for 3 centuries and has remained as clueless as before under this cloak of death – a veritable Zombie Land where zombies fight one another for supremacy in politics, business, religion, military control, media control, worldly entertainment, ownership of land and assets and high-priced education. It is so easy to recognize who has the greatest stake in all of these spheres. Find where the money flows to, that is, who has effective control of the money and the means of creating wealth, and you will reach the seat of this Supreme Zombie.

Why do these zombies remain with us? Because they have power and the uncanny ability to look alive. The One they killed in the beginning (and continue to kill and resurrect to prop their legitimacy) called them “whitewashed tombs”. They look alive on the outside; but inside they are “full of dead men’s bones”. Clean on the outside, filthy on the inside. Righteous in appearance, repugnant in substance. They proclaim their teachings in the most elaborate and expensive buildings of the world. What better way to shepherd people than to blind their eyes with the “lusts of the eyes” and the “pride of life” when in truth they themselves are “blind leaders” and have aided greedy colonizers for centuries in dealing death and destruction to hapless nations.

What makes these zombies reprehensible? They use their “sanctuaries” to reenact their predilection for “eating flesh” and “drinking blood”. Yes, they are continually drunk with the blood of the innocent and fattened with the meat of slaves. They are ravenous and carnivorous cousins of Dracula and his vampires, a glamorous version of zombies, made in Hollywood. But Hollywood is child’s play; what you see in front of you is as real as they skin on your face, your cheekbone and the taste-buds in your tongue. In front of these zombies, you yourself are meat for their feasts. They make a show of making you, their unknowing pawn, their sacrificial offering to their Zombie God. As willing victim, you feed the unquenchable fires rising up in hell.

Whereas before they used God to position themselves in respectable places before the people, they now use the Risen One as their tool to deceive people. Whereas they themselves had killed Him once, although He overcame that death, they now kill Him over and over again and raise Him over and over again to showcase their importance and their power to give life to people.  And people, sadly, become easily blinded, as the Pharisees had blinded so many people before. Instead of going directly to the Risen One for their salvation and to gain true life, they submit their will to the “living Zombie” who now calls himself the “Holy Father” and sole representative of the One they had killed, making himself even higher that the Son. Can anyone still stomach such pride and arrogance — unless one is so blind and so deceived? But it is not surprising. For as long as the Risen One lives, the ancient Pharisees will also be there living through the zombies they had released to the entire world. The Pharisees were the original zombies and they still walk among us making converts of the masses.

This cannot be any clearer and more obvious to our minds and our eyes. That is, for those who still think clearly and use common sense. For most people have given up their right to think for themselves and have allowed these zombies to think for them. They have lazily surrendered their right to claim the Truth of God in favor of so many lies. They have, ultimately, submitted their lives to the Ruler of All Dead, thus, becoming as dead as him.

Zombies are real. You could be one already.

(Photo above: From “Game of Thrones”, courtesy of www.google.com)

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