The Death of Truth, the Lie of Death (Part 1)

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Little Red Riding Hood and the Wolf (Gustave Dore, 1832-1883)

Truth died a long time ago with the first lie. Ever since, even the Creator has exhorted us to seek and ferret out the truth from the forests of lies that now encompass the whole globe. 2020 saw the global elite literally and practically locking down truth and suppressing the earnest search for it through the massive and deceptive campaigns launched by media and with a lot of help from industries, governments and its agencies. Science itself, the most vaunted champion for the so-called objective investigation of the whole Universe to unravel its secrets, became nothing but a tool for propaganda.

The auspicious role that Social Media played in creating greater awareness even became dubious with the discovery of Big Tech’s own connivance with the elite to maintain its agenda for a New World Order, a utopian dream based on eliminating truth itself and replacing it with the most elaborate and sophisticated form of a lie since Eve fell for it. That lie is that the truth belongs to no one else but those who have the power to control it and dispense with it through the imposition of protocols concocted by the elite themselves. No matter what anyone says about truth or does about truth, the ”final truth” is the one that mainstream media approve for publication and dissemination by authority of the human institutions that hold the reins of any and all societies.

Based on this scenario and program that is in full swing even as we speak, read or sleep, we can conclude that the “truth” will always have at least 2 major sides: the one MSM reports, in general, and the one that floats or rises above all the other possible views one can find in SocMed. Truth becomes, then, a jigsaw puzzle that one has to still search for or figure out from the many pieces of information and news out in the grapevine or ether.

It has always been that way with respect to philosophy or speculative thought. Schools of thought had their corresponding schools where their views were propagated. Same with political ideas: They have their parties and factions that strive hard to promote their agenda. And before we forget, theological teachings which have their own churches or denominations that vie for attention among the people. The only thing new with the 21st century is the speed at which we can espouse our ideas and the facility with which we can garner followers – and even make tons of money while doing so.

Hence, truth, while it may levitate toward the 2 or more of the most popular versions of it in the minds of people through all forms of media exposure, will no longer be the sole property of the Creator Who once claimed the He is the Truth. The “truth” now belongs to anyone who has enough power and means to make converts of his or her version of it, each one as confident and as vocal as the other. The whole world is practically a Babel of Multitudes of Truths. Yah’s Truth even has a thousand or more permutations, depending on the church or religious leader who has taken it upon himself to maintain for millennia or centuries through missionary campaigns.

We are not being cynical of present conditions or being insensitive to those who sincerely hold on to their ancient beliefs and traditions. Culture has always been a great determinant of greatness in history in terms of the triumphs of societies and civilizations. But it has also been the root cause of many descents into the dark chapters of history. We only need to recall the Mayan civilization and the religious wars that have bled nations then as they still do. For culture, by itself, is the search for truth in terms of its applications in life. Coffee and chocolate were once medicinal concoctions that gave people relief from certain physical deficiencies until they became beverages that are vaunted for their nutritional and calorific values, among other benefits. Fruits were originally eaten fresh from the tree or ground but now have so many applications in modern culinary practices. That is, food and drinks have become not merely for physiological use but also for spicing up social events (as against the simple “breaking of bread”) or for cultural enhancement (variations of the basic fried eggs or sandwiches now abound) or for culinary entertainment (enticing food shows and cooking shows flood networks), but also a great source of commercial and industrial enterprises (the tiny burger stand has become a global conglomerate).

But have people become healthier in the process? On the contrary, the search for more organic or essential dietary habits has taken over the sophistication we have endeavored to achieve. And all these are equally done in corporate or industrial-scale dimensions, as well as in the small home-based or online entrepreneurial ventures. The search for health moves in step with our search for the truth, if not merely for the common perceived truth that would make us live longer and younger than humans have even done so before.

The new generation has so much to catch up with in even trying to understand where human civilization came from and where it is now. Their own search for truth will have become an even more formidable challenge than for many of us who embarked on a personal search for that truth. Many people, of course, have remained in their “inherited truths” and spent much of their lives flowing within their unique cultural or religious milieu without any great dramatic transformations or challenges. But, in the face of apparently chaotic political and social changes at hand, we can no longer refuse to look at the issues that now need to be addressed by the globe as one community or family, if we are to survive as an entire human race.

For whether we like it or not, the Truth left by the Creator for us to know, understand and uphold in our lives remains, whether we know or believe it or not. That Truth will and can never die. We will all have to die first before that Truth can even be made a lie. Which is what came out of our entire human history, to be honest about it. For death is the violation of that Truth. The lie that led to our death remains at work; and many live not realizing this is so. The power of lies is almost as compelling as that of Truth.            

Adam and Eve lost the Way, the Truth and the Life when they sinned, in that order. They came near the forbidden fruit, gave up the Truth for a lie, then died. The promised Seed revealed to Eve had to come in order to outdo their great loss. Today, millions still refuse to walk the Way, accept the Truth and, thereby, gain access to Life. And they are led astray – away from the real path – by taking away the bridge, that is, the Truth, between the Way (how we live) and the gift of Abundant Life (eternal salvation).  

The death and the continuing corruption of Truth through lies can only be avoided by killing lies on sight. Even on hearing it. But it takes, well, clear vision and a disciplined mind. Many call that discernment; but the important requirement for achieving it is training ourselves to see, speak, hear and promote Truth at all times. Easy enough to offer that advice but difficult in our widely-webbed world. One would think it was all planned to offer us a vast window into all possibilities and opportunities available in the Universe. The prophesied scenario of “increase in knowledge” and “people running to and fro” has come about when the first computer program started running and exploding information all over the tiniest corners of the Earth. (Dan. 12:4) There is not a square inch on the face of the world that does not have a set of coordinates, altitude and even weather parameters that at any time a camera or drone cannot reach, whether in the light or in the dark. Yes, one day, anyone can just tap on a phone – or even command a robot – to order pizza and, in minutes, it will come flying down on one’s doorstep or into one’s bedroom at two in the morning, prepared, pre-warmed and pre-paid.

We do not need to be a prophet to say that will happen because it is already happening somewhere. Before the internet came out, I saw it already at work in the early 1980’s in a diplomat’s home. I could not tell what those flashing lights and weird beeps that came out of two or more monitors. I stared amazed at those old, familiar dot-matrix green fonts we saw in the first-generation word-processing programs like Wordstar, looking at exchanges of short paragraphs and messages, reminiscent of the first-generation internet. No, I was mesmerized, but did not realize I was looking literally into the future.

So, if you think the above scenario of drones, robots and goods flying to and fro and in and out of our homes and offices seem farfetched or crazy, think again! In a few years, we will all see cars flying above our heads.

But what do these all have to do with Truth?

Yahuah said, “Be still and know that I am Yahuah.” The Creator gave the Truth – and nothing but – once for all a long, long time ago. What we see and hear today is not new. He has seen and foretold all these things, but we are only realizing that today – and seeing it with our own eyes what He means. He never keeps us in the dark. The prophets saw them in their own time and in their own culture and vocabulary. The swords and chariots then are our automatic weapons and fighter jet-planes today. But their wars and carnage are the same wars and carnage we have today. The angels that flew and appeared to them are the same angels who work beyond our senses today. Some seers may have seen the future as it is, such as Ezekiel and his vision of flying machines. If we want and need the Truth, read Yah’s word.

The truth (or lie, to be more precise) of science has blinded us from the “real” realities that completely define His Truth. The only way Satan can destroy Truth is through a lie. And the only way to make many people believe him is to make so many lies that the Truth gets lost in the wilderness of modern civilization. None of the great, ancient civilizations have survived in our times. Not!!! Actually, the enemy of Yah merely recycled the same false principles he had planted all over the world and dressed them in various cultures and teachings. What Enoch called sorcery, astrology and alchemy we now call medicine, astronomy and science. Yes, many today teach alternative versions of Yah’s Truth. They are the same devouring wolves in varying Little Red Riding Hood costumes waiting to eat our cakes — and us as well.

We all march down into this spiraling route toward the valley overlooking Paradise. Yes, even wicked angels walk along, for they need to divert as many as they can to turn them back and away from a glorious destiny. Demons seek out dry places for souls that know not what and where Truth is. The widely-webbed-world is the best venue for deceiving demons and, boy, are they scoring a lot! The reason people run to and fro is because they see so many fine and attractive things online which they can have and enjoy immediately – or the following day after ordering it.

Schoolchildren have become the worst victims in this new economy. Teachers no longer spend real-time with their wards because modules – and parents – have taken over their former role as mentors. With the generally shallow and untrained guidance they derive at home, children and their parents depend  on the ether to fill the gap. The tutoring industry, online or not, has grown in leaps and bounds. China is, perhaps, the mother lode of this great enterprise. Hence, much more time and money now goes into educating a child than ever before, what with the required gadgets as well. But sitting side-by-side with such a child will prove that they have more distractions now looking into Windows than the proverbial window in the classroom. The amount of knowledge they have to keep up with and the pace at which they are expected to gain proficiency have become so disparate or unbalanced. This is because the module has set a standard and a limit for the student to complete, whether it has fully digested it or not and whether it or the parent answered it or not. Home-schooling has provided a more viabe option for many families.

And so, the frustration that was meant to be addressed by the teacher is now shared by parent and child, or by tutor and child. The teachers have somehow escaped the tediousness of teaching while retaining the other tasks of evaluating performance, all the while enjoying the freedom of not facing the student and all the challenges that brings within the classroom. But this is not something that came by accident. What we see and experience is intended to ease us into a new, more-efficient social and economic paradigm that will all be tied to a pre-designed technological structure. First, the module takes the place of the teacher and parent. Then a simple computer or phone or a robot will eventually take away both the teacher and the parent. The way Little Red Riding Hood lost her grandma is the same way our children will lose their families and schools. A New World Order continually requires fresh ideas (new truths) and fresh blood (new bodies). While grandma may be tasty enough for a hungry wolf, Little Red Riding Hood is great desert for the greedy. Be sober, be vigilant; because your adversary the devil walks about like a roaring lion, seeking whom he may devour. (1 Peter 5:8)

This is the only way truth can be captured and tuned to fit the Big Lie that Big Tech, Big Business, Big Pharma and Big State (One World Government) has sought  to accomplish. They have armed us with the technology in order to disarm us. They give us knowledge in order to make us ignorant. They want to care for our health in order to take away our health and make us dependent on their way of dealing with our own bodies. They now give us enough freedom in order to enslave us, if we are not already slaves.

The future stares at us because the truth of these “theories” can no longer be denied. The truly blind are those who think they see and know the truth. Truth alone is the Way to Life. The lie of death is that there is no longer life in death. Satan has sold this lie so effectively for centuries because more and more people believe the lie. And he is even more effective in using so-called “teachers of the truth and word of Yah” to preach other gospels that promise life but the end of it is still death. Here is where discernment, vision and discipline come in. Going back to where we started: The Way, The Truth and The Life all belong and rest upon Yahusha alone. (John 14:6) No one and nothing else. Not any angel, leader, ideology, technology or organization.       

But let us go even further back before Yahusha started His ministry. Listen to the One Who endorsed Him and sent Him to preach the Truth, the Way and the Life They both shared with Ruach as Elohim and Creator in the beginning. Abba said: This is My beloved Son in Whom I Am well pleased. HEAR HIM.

HEAR HIM, HEAR HIM, HEAR HIM. And yes, it truly takes discernment, vision and discipline to continually hear Him until we learn to believe and follow Him. Can He turn back the tide and stop the rushing waves of lies overwhelming us today? We answer that in the next article.