How to Wage War against Spiritual Powers – Part 1 (Achieving Salvation from Wicked Spirits)

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Paul Gustave Dore’s painting of the Fallen Angel being Driven Out

This new series of study hopes to introduce readers to the concept of “waging spiritual war” which is a greatly neglected and unappreciated subject. We all need to become familiar with this real and present danger often taken for granted and explained away as mere psychological or emotional distresses, if not as purely physical or biological processes easily addressed through drugs or some form of therapy. And even for many who believe in the concept and who engage somehow in its practice, the means or motivations may neither really conform to the way the ancients practiced it nor include the proper knowledge and tools needed to assure them of success.    

We must emphasize, first and foremost, that waging spiritual war is not for the weak or the beginner, and even those who may deem themselves to be veterans may fall prey to the wily tricks of the enemies. Just as it takes many years to master the study of any field of science or a difficult musical piece, it will also take a long period of engagement against wicked spirits before we can come close to even face a Legion of about 2,000 demons that Yahusha once sent screaming down a cliff inside a herd of swine into the Lake of Galilee. (Mark 5:1-20)

While many of us may never come to deal with such blatant display of demonic power face-to-face, it still requires us to have much strength and maturity to deal with humans who may display manifestations of demonic or evil character in seemingly innocent or common situations, such as driving in heavy traffic or even in more stressful situations, during medical emergencies or calamities. We all need a good measure of courage and fortitude to face certain trials in life now and then. (1 Cor. 15:58)

We define “salvation from wicked spirits” then as being free from their power or influence to destroy or cause destruction in our life and our overall well-being, It means we can experience the benefits of being free and being alive without fear and danger. The phrase can also mean, ultimately, “spiritual perfection”. Hence, we attain spiritual perfection as a result of waging a triumphant spiritual war against forces of darkness that are poised against God and His kingdom. We may encounter trials, pain and setbacks; but we stand steadfast in our faith in our Divine Champion to lead us to ultimate victory. (2 Cor. 2:14)

The “wicked spirits” we refer to are invisible beings who have rebelled against God, including angels cast out from Heaven, terrestrial entities dwelling in the underworld and even living humans who are possessed or controlled by such wicked spirits. Against these fallen beings we wage a daily war or a constant struggle within us and outside of ourselves in various forms and occasions through diseases, failed relations, work-based issues, violent conflicts or social-political restrictions and impositions.

To understand the nature of these spirits, we need to read the Book of Enoch. In doing so, we will see how the book became displaced as an inspired and dependable record of history even before Moses wrote the Pentateuch. For the Book of Enoch contains not merely human history but divine history even before the Universe was created, before humans were placed on the Earth.

The Dead Sea Scrolls included a complete version of the Book of Enoch in Aramaic, Adam’s original language (Adamaic); but it was bought by someone (or some organization interested, perhaps, to keep it hidden from public scrutiny and to keep it classified as “uninspired”). The truth is that by going to Bethabara or Qumran to be baptized, Yahusha Himself attested to and affirmed the inspiration and veracity of the Dead Sea Scrolls as accepted canon, as they were, in fact, the treasured library of John the Baptizer and the rest of the Temple priests who, as the former authorized Temple-keepers of the Torah, were driven out by the fake Jews who took over the Temple. For John was the son of Zechariah, a priest, and of Elizabeth, a descendant of Aaron, Moses’ brother and the first High Priest of Israel, and was, therefore, a holy priest of Yahuah. (Luke 1:1-17)

The scope of the Book of Enoch precedes and overarches the writings of Moses. When this book was excluded from the accepted canon, we missed a vital part of God’s revelation and have, therefore, developed a myopic or incomplete view of spiritual realities.

Here are some specific points we have missed from not reading the Book of Enoch:

  1. The ancient people recognized angels as living, actual and real entities as equally as they accepted the physical realities they experienced.
  2. We gain a better view of how angels participate in the workings of Nature.
  3. We gain a better view of how God structured the Universe.
  4. We gain a better view of how angels rebelled and how God punished them.
  5. We gain a wider view of the story of Noah and the Great Flood.
  6. We gain a deeper appreciation of how spirits became part of God’s Creation and how humans were caught in the conflict that existed between God and wicked spirits.      

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