Welcome Back!

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2015 February 3


Hello, Dear Visitor!

This blog was out for a while. Thanks to my good friend, Matt Raymer, and his crew, we are back and eager to start all over again.

Yes, we practically begin a new phase in the work of carrying the light of the Gospel to all people and nations. I know it is a daunting task; but it can only be done one person at a time. This is my humble contribution.

I do hope you can share you own valuable portion in this wonderful endeavor. A rain starts with several tiny individual droplets of water that join millions and millions of other droplets to fill up a stream or a river that will refresh the land with cool, refreshing, life-giving waters to the land — all the plants and living creatures.

We will strive to keep this website engaging, up-to-date and worth your visit every now and then. And please let us know how we can improve it and how we can serve your needs.

Thanks for dropping by — your visit adds goodwill that renews our energy to do more for our Lord Jesus Christ.





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