52 Weeks in the Ark with Noah and Family (WEEK 39) – Shaking the Kingdom and Rocking the Boat of Worldly Kingdoms in the Last Days

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Dove with Olive Leaf (c/o Craiyon)

“Now if anyone builds on this foundation with gold, silver, precious stones, wood, hay, straw, each one’s work will become clear; for the Day will declare it, because it will be revealed by fire; and the fire will test each one’s work, of what sort it is. If anyone’s work which he has built on it endures, he will receive a reward. If anyone’s work is burned, he will suffer loss; but he himself will be saved, yet so as through fire.’”

1 Cor. 3:12-15

WEEK 39 (29th to 5th of Adar, the 12th Month, in the Hebrew Religious Calendar)

The previous week (WEEK 38) found Noah sending out the dove again on the 25th day of the 11th month of Shevat. We know that the dove came back with an olive leaf to signal the appearance of land and the hope of renewal of life upon it. Surely, the family rejoiced at the great news. Dry land had finally appeared and brought out the seeds of life, reminding Noah and his family (including us) of Creation Week. (Gen. 8:6-12) For the next time Noah sent out the dove after 7 days, it did not return and must have found sustenance on the land as a free creature of Yah, as we all are.

This somehow explains why the dove is used to symbolize and even visually image Ruach Himself, not just for the bird’s gentleness but also for its part in the work of Earth’s renewal. Just as Ruach hovered upon the face of the deep on the First Day of Creation, the dove also hovered upon the floodwaters over the recreated Earth and was later on tasked to pluck out a leaf to give hope to the remaining uncorrupted humans on the planet. And when the dove landed and stayed there, we remember that Ruach also would remain upon the Earth to finish the work of Creation and, later on, the task of saving humanity. We have seen how Ruach has done this complete divine work, physically and spiritually.  

Hence, WEEK 38 brings Noah and his family closer and closer to seeing once again terra firma or the solid, stable foundation of the Earth and not the fluid, wobbly surface of the flood waters. As the Ark stood on the peak of the mountain, the surface of the Flood descends as the surface of the submerged Earth also ascended through the gradual expansion of the globe. We reiterate our proposed geologic mechanism from Day 3 when the Earth initially expanded and formed the one-continental land, Pangaea, out of the waters that surrounded it. The Earth, of course, had to be smaller in order to do that. By what cataclysmic force we do not know. We leave it to Yah to do and know what He alone can. He created all things – that, we do know.

Imaging the Earth’s Expansion (c/o Google)

Apparently, the same mechanism happened when Yah flooded the Earth AGAIN. There was water above the Earth and underneath it. Much of the water flooded the Earth in Noah’s time. And that Flood gradually receded or subsided with respect to the now-stationary Ark and its passengers. Geologists say, in general, that water receded into the Earth. We say the Earth expanded and broke up the single continent into many pieces without substantially deforming the oceanic plates other than through folding and mountain-building and as accompanied by volcanic eruptions all over the boundaries of the Earth’s cracks. In the process of expansion, water “thinned out” or was distributed according to the new configuration of the Earth’s surface.

Shaking the World: Then and Now

The breaking or shaking of the Earth in ancient times happened and still happens but to a lesser degree through a violent and destructive mechanism, often at a greatly-diminished frequency and magnitude of seismic and volcanic activities. However, it can also happen slowly and silently through extrusion of substantial amounts of molten rocks or magma from the Earth’s core at the mid-oceanic ridges and unto the Earth’s surface or oceanic basins. This process led (and still does so) to the so-called Continental Drift, that is, the slow separation of the continents from each other. Expansion causes this, not Plate Tectonics.

This “peaceful shaking”, therefore, happens in active seismic hotspots, such as San Andreas Fault in California, and in active volcanoes, such as those in Hawaii as well as geothermal vents. Moreover, unseen and unknown by many, it also happens within the gigantic oceanic trenches which originally formed the ancient, shallow rivers from Adam’s days up to Noah’s. Those rivers disappeared and never reappeared after the Flood. Yet, they remain underneath the oceans while flanked by high mountain ranges that dwarf Mt. Everest. Today, the Earth continues to be shaken and expanded for Yah’s purposes. The Flood of Noah drowned the wicked hybrid race of angelic origin. Yet, it also cleansed and reconfigured the Earth for a new generation of good human, animal and plant seeds. A New Heaven and a New Earth would await Noah and his family after the Flood.

The World on Fire (c/o Google)

The Final Shaking

Yah’s way of “rocking the boat” of the Nephilim led to their annihilation. But somehow their spirits remained and have now recovered dominion over the world. It becomes apparent to us now that this Noah’s Days Part 2 will require another and final shaking of the world in order to destroy Yah’s enemies and save those whom He calls His children. Yah created good and pure seeds of Creation, particularly that of humans. We talked of humans today being heirs of “unclean seed” planted by Satan and his demons. Hence, the necessity of being born again of water and spirit in order to enter Yah’s dominion and leave the wicked earthly dominion of Satan. What believers commonly refer to as “generational curse” applies to all humans by virtue of the vile works of the fallen angels in Noah’s days. Breaking free from the deadly tentacles of demonic powers requires a kind of shaking only Yah can accomplish for those who seek His help. The Flood and the Ark typify the spiritual process we must go through to be cleansed and redeemed. (1 Pet. 3:20-21; 2 Pet. 3:1-7)

Noah did his part. He survived a real and cosmic shaking of the Earth and its diabolical kingdom of despicable creatures. And we also mentioned that many of the unclean animals and plants live with us today, along with the clean. Thanks to Noah! Yet, we continue to reject the lessons he passed on to his children and grandchildren, including Moses. Even Peter reminded early disciples of this lesson while allowing concession to believers how unclean meat can benefit us. However, for Noah and many of his descendants, only clean and organic meat was allowed. Imagine how much devitalized and unorganic meat and plants we eat today. That should explain why the world is so sick. And why the descendants of the fallen angels’ hybrid children (demons) would enslave the world again though their pharmakeia or sorcery now applied through the dispensing of modern, synthetic drugs that further spread their uncleanness and corruption, both bodily and spiritually.

Seeing how technology and sophisticated political-and-economic manipulation have totally enslaved the world-at-large, a more massive and intense shaking would be expected. No, not by water or by geological catastrophes. Climate change, as a false-science, tries to coopt divine power by using the Creator’s geophysical mechanisms to deceive humans and to enslave them. Just as the fallen angels were able to transform the world using occult powers or angelic secrets that transcend physical and natural processes, such as sorcery, alchemy, psychic abilities and astrology. Angels can cross dimensions as heavenly messengers to serve humans. This ability gives them access to the physical realm and possession of great advantage over humans. But that ability is meant to achieve Yah’s righteous purposes.

We know the stories of Michael, Gabriel, and other archangels through scriptures. But we have almost totally neglected the other side of angelic history. That is because the false spiritual leaders banned Enoch’s book to blind humans to the reality of the Nephilim and their modern descendants who have taken control over the world systems, both material and spiritual. Hence, part of the present shaking of the world will be to awaken it or make it fully aware to inspired historical and biblical narratives the ancient believers deeply knew and believed. Reimagining or reimaging Noah and the Flood is a quite tedious literary process for both winter and reader. But it must be done because the intense shaking that will come will involve fire, not floodwaters. Not even the Ark would be able to survive the coming cleansing of all things. Only souls and spirits with remain, clean or unclean. After that, it is up to the Creator how to deal with spirits in His heavenly dominion. (1 Pet. 4:17)

Noah Building a Boat and Rocking the People’s Boat (c/o Google)

Did Yahusha Rock the Boat?

We all hate to “rock the boat” we ride in in so many areas in our lives. But is our hesitation or refusal to do so because Yah desires it or human leaders demand it? Yes, it requires balance and diplomacy to “keep the peace” in our neighborhood, town, province or country. We cannot be too radical because even Yahusha lived for 30 years in contemplation and serenity. But the time does come when the servants of Yah must stir up the dust or shake the dust off their hands. Unless you call out to warn people that the forest or their houses. are burning, they will die in their beds asleep. Rocking the boat was not Jonah’s desire but Yahua’s. We know why. So many precious souls had to be saved from sin and death. Storms, earthquakes, floods and eruptions can indeed be wake-up calls from Heaven for people to finally listen and heed the warning.

Jonah Preaches in Nineveh (c/o Beautiful Feet)

Nineveh was but a city and probably not half the size of Metro Manila or Los Angeles. The world is said to have 8.1 billion humans alive today, and about 6 billion of those do not call Yahusha — the coming Masshiak, King and Judge — as their Redeemer. They may have religion or some form of ideology; but they will have missed hearing and believing the greatest narrative in human history because the ekklesia has not united enough to prepare and accomplish the final harvest of the world.

The time has come to shake the Kingdom itself in order for divine cleansing and judgment to start becoming effective. We must judge ourselves, as Paul admonished, to discern whether our house is divided and sick. We cannot save the lost when are caught up in drunkenness and squabbles brought about by out pettiness, greed and complacency. How do we awaken a person sound asleep? Shake the bed? Shout out loud? Pour out water? Yah did and does all of these things. He loves His Creation and once poured out water and shook the Earth after having preached to humans 120 years during Noah’s days of building the Ark. No one repented. He did it again by teaching people, baptizing them with water and then destroying their Temple. Do we think the coming shaking will be mild and forgiving? Many hope so, perhaps, because they see Yah as a gentle and loving Father, which he is. What about for those who do not see Him as a Father at all or even forgiving and kind? It all depends on the condition of our hearts. Judgment and justice will be measured according to how we measured it out to others in our life; and that includes Yah Himself Whose Word we are given the privilege to judge or discern for what it is worth.

Yahusha Condemns the Pharisees (c/o The Torah)

Superman is pictured as being able to melt metal with his powerful vision. Yah, however, will speak Creation out of existence by His Word. For now, He is shaking His Kingdom. If you do not feel it, you are probably sound asleep or somewhere else. Meaning, you never knew Him and He never knew you. Like the condemned people in Noah’s days, thousands of people today do not care or believe if fire will blaze down from the Heavens and up from the depths of the Earth. This scenario is repulsive to many people because they hate the idea of a Creator Who will punish and destroy His own Creation. Many believers seem now to reject the idea of Hell because it is too cruel for them and for their Maker Whom they must certainly consider quite lenient to their many unrepentant sins. And that is because their religion or ideology pampers them instead of disciplining them according to the righteous leading of Ruach through the teachings of Yahusha. We already said that unless we fully know Ruach and His message, we will never get out of this world alive.

Nebuchadnezzar’s Vision of the Fallen Kingdoms (c/o Google)

The Rock that Shakes, Crushes and Builds Up

You know why Yahusha is The Rock? It is because He is the firm foundation of all Creation, physical and spiritual. However, He is also the Head of the Kingdom that will crush all other kingdoms so that He will rule over all things under His dominion. When rock melts underneath the Earth, it becomes magma. But the Rock in Heaven will burn up all things by His word and refresh all that He has done according to His New Creation to come.

Pluck out a leaf from a plant or tree and imagine what Noah thought upon holding that olive leaf from the dove. Did he, perhaps, remember Adam plucking a fruit from the Garden and wondering how beautiful and delicious it was? Or was Noah, who had not eaten a fresh fruit for almost a year now, so eager to munch on a fruit again once he got out of the Ark?

The Flood, apparently, did not destroy plants or the whole of Creation. Relief must have overwhelmed Noah and his family at knowing they would have a fresh start. When this world will have been totally changed and refreshed, what kind of plant would you plant or fruit would you eat? Would you be happy being like Adam and Havah living in a Garden and planting fruit trees? Or would you like cutting trees in a forest and bulldozing mountains flat to build highways and buildings for a modern city run like a computer and with all the precision, sophistication and intelligence of a soulless robot? In short, do you enjoy destroying Creation to make your own autonomous creation? You probably are already doing that today. For as the saying goes, we are like the Greeks who have a word or name for everything. For the wealthy elite running the world today, it is called One World Order. What do you call your own creation? How will you feel if one day it will burn down into ashes? Will you survive even if it does not?