52 Weeks in the Ark with Noah and Family (WEEK 3) – What Real Climate Change Looks Like

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Mountains of Ararat erupt under the Great Flood while the Ark floats safely (Painting by vmr)

WEEK 3 (24th day of Iyar, the 2nd month, to the 1stday of Shivan, the 3rd month of the Hebrew Religious Calendar)

How Much Rain Fell During the Flood?

The unceasing rain fell upon the Earth and upon the Ark for another week. How much water had fallen since Noah and his family entered the Ark? Is there a way for us to calculate? Most likely not; but we can compare with the highest rainfall ever recorded by meteorologists. The record belongs to the Indian Ocean, near the island of Madagascar, at 1.825 meters (71.8 inches) within a 24-hour period.1 After 3 weeks or 21 days, that would be 38.325 meters. In 40 days, that would be 73 meters deep. The Ark was 30 cubits high or 16 meters high. Assuming that rainfall occurred worldwide, it might have been sufficient to drown all life on Earth even on the third week alone, or even earlier. But there could have been some who could have survived by floating for a few days or weeks; but after forty days without food and all the cataclysmic events, no life would have survived except marine and plant life.

However, that record rainfall was only caused by precipitation and does not include the Water Canopy falling down and the underground rivers of the Earth flowing up and over the Earth’s surface. The Flood could have risen to as high as 3,000 meters or 3 kilometers deep. We will show later on that this could have probably been the case, as speculated on by geologists.

Rainfall is not evenly distributed. It could be pouring arks and logs in India while it is totally hot and dry in the Sahara Desert or dusty and barren in Arizona. Only a combined geological and meteorological process of cosmic proportions could have brought about the judgment meant by Yah to accomplish, as well as to renew the Earth and prepare it for a new and refreshed generation of His chosen people who will inhabit the New Earth and New Heaven He would create out of the destruction. We know that that New Creation would not last either. It would end because of the events at the Tower of Babel.  

The Eruptions of Thousands of Volcanoes

The eruption of thousands of volcanoes all over the world during the Flood, and yes, there are thousands of extinct and hundreds of active volcanoes as well today, helped release not just magma from the belly of the Earth but also huge amounts of water trapped there since the time of Creation. Remember that before the Creation of light and humans, water covered the entire Earth. Even geologists and physicists accept this primordial condition of the Earth. For the fossils of corals and marine life can be found in all the small and large mountains of the globe. Which means, those hills and mountains had been under water for a substantial period – as part of the oceanic basin — and which supported marine life and were lifted up eventually to form the continents and islands.   

The official website of WHO presents a very dire picture of volcanic eruptions:

Volcanic eruptions can also cause secondary events, such as floods, landslides and mudslides, if there are accompanying rain, snow or melting ice. Hot ashes can also start wildfires.

Volcanic eruptions can impact climate change through emitting volcanic gases like sulfur dioxide, which causes global cooling, and volcanic carbon dioxide, which has the potential to promote global warming.

True, volcanic eruptions can be deadly occurrences. However, the US Geological Survey posts these benefits of volcanoes on its website:

Over geologic time, volcanic eruptions and related processes have directly and indirectly benefited mankind:

  • Volcanic materials ultimately break down and weather to form some of the most fertile soils on Earth, cultivation of which has produced abundant food and fostered civilizations.
  • The internal heat associated with young volcanic systems has been harnessed to produce geothermal energy.
  • Most of the metallic minerals mined in the world–such as copper, gold, silver, lead, and zinc–are associated with magmas found deep within the roots of extinct volcanoes.

Even in His judgments and through His infinite wisdom, Yah delivers goodness and benefits for humans in mysterious ways. Understanding His ways, particularly through the Story of the Great Flood, will help us differentiate the really good from the really bad. Was Yah also preparing the world as a more conducive and more fertile place for billions of humans in the far future from the time of Noah when the surface of the Earth had not even experienced rain, hurricanes, thunderstorms and eruptions that we know all help to distribute life-sustaining sustenance and produce rejuvenation to plants and animals in their various ecosystems? Obviously, he was. So, why are we so afraid of Climate Change if it comes from Yah and not from scheming humans?

The Burdens and Blessings of Noah

The Ark served as a capsule that would protect and preserved Noah and his family from all the forces unleashed by Heaven from the time the rain fell and the whole Earth went through a chaotic period never before seen or experienced by humans and will only be surpassed by the coming judgment by fire to come. We do not wish to be so dark-minded by always referring to the doom that we will all face. However, Noah had no choice but to be also dark-minded then when he warned his relatives about the judgment to come. His faith and his job were to do exactly those things: build the Ark and convince as many to join him. Otherwise, he would have been so disobedient and uncaring.

The disbelief of many – no, all of the people around them – made Noah and his family somehow sorrowful and desperate on behalf of those condemned people. A messenger rarely feels hatred or wishes to condemn sinners, although many preacher may sound that way. It is Yah and His ire that bring about judgment; and it is His justice that moves Him to do something to preserve those who love and follow His will. When you love people, you wish the best for them. But when you receive no reciprocal love or respect from such ungrateful people; you feel your love unappreciated and wasted in spite of the goodness you give them. And Yah knows how to do good and give great gifts to humans. Life itself is the greatest gift He gives. And when that gift is abused and even destroyed by those who receive it; Yah has all the right and power to claim justice by reclaiming the gift.

Death is the punishment for sin and disobedience. (Rom. 6:23) All humans back in the time of Noah knew this. Everyone knows this even today. Mass death and destruction occurred during the Flood by Heaven’s decree, as it happens so often today through disasters, wars, plagues and massacres because people have chosen the path of sin and disobedience. Judgment, in a parallel way, occurs every now and then because the world has merely remained the way it was before the Flood came and after the Flood; and the judgment had been forgotten – or supposedly given solution by human ingenuity. The pride of the people of Babel and of the people who would later on also desire to become equal with Yah would lead to the use of old and modern science and technology and humanistic ideologies to imitate His power over Nature and over sickness and death. And this continues to wreak havoc over the Earth and over humans.

Yes, again and again we say: We are in “the days of Noah”! (Matt. 24:27-39) People will continue doing what they are doing in spite of the warnings of a coming judgment. When Yahusha comes, it will be no different. And we see it happening as it happened then — even worse.

Significance in our Modern Times

Allowing a Living Planet to Thrive Vs. Killing a Living Planet

Since the time the fallen angels intermarried with women, the Earth has been on a rapid decline from being a Living Planet to a Dying Planet. All the systems and processes in Nature were created and sustained by Yah, through the wise stewardship of Adamah and his descendants up to the time of Noah. Nevertheless, The wickedness of hybrid humans practicing dark knowledge taught by fallen angels led to humans inventing perverted ways to destroy life and the environment. This has been an intentional and calculated plan to wrest power from Yah in order to control humans for Satan’s evil purposes. Manipulating the genes of humans at that early stage in history was merely the start, a trick still being used today at a faster and more efficient rate. Climate manipulation has also come of age.

The Tower of Babel was designed to escape any more disastrous flood. Once the people were scattered, they continued building those towers, which they used to build thriving civilizations centered around the worship of the Sun and other forces in Nature. Pleasing the Sun was their way of keeping it always shining and driving away the dark, rain clouds. But they needed water to water their farms as well and, therefore, worshipped the Moon and other spirit entities to help them get good harvest at the right season. Today, with more sophisticated science and technology, the weather can now be manipulated for human advantages. Cloud-seeding is now a common practice. Building well-designed and efficient cities allow populations to escape the consequences of “bad weather or climate”. And if the rumor is true, which probably is, even hurricanes and thunderstorms can now be manipulated in order to target areas intended for economic and political conquest. The technology does exist. Tesla had it all along; until he was sidelined and practically forgotten.

Is there Bad Weather?

I had decided long ago to stop using the phrases “good weather” and “bad weather”. All weather is good, whether it is rainy and flooded or dry and barren; it is just not conducive for humans to live in such conditions or areas. But we do adapt to such conditions. However, it is humans who actually cause flooding and many of the disasters that beset us, not Nature. It is people who choose to dwell in places they are not supposed to live in.

A flood plain is a part of a river system which gets flooded during heavy rains. Human settlements are not meant to be built on it; however, we have made infrastructures to control flooding and discharging rain water through deep and wide channels to direct floodwaters to the sea. But engineering does not always accompany the desire to settle in such areas; so human build homes haphazardly and suffer through the flood seasons.

Likewise, humans have succeeded in conquering the desert and introducing agriculture and living in rejuvenated barren places. Bedouins have lived for millennia in desert areas, living in tents; and they have never tried to tame the wilderness but moved about according to the availability of water and food. Do you think they often complain and say, “The weather today is bad”. Or wake up and exclaim, “The weather today is good!” It has practically been constantly dry and warm in the day and dry and cold at night, period. “What is so good about the desert?” Many of us would ask. Sandstorms are common occurrences and the Bedouins have learned to live with them; just as the Asians have learned to live through annual typhoons with destructive winds.

If Noah thought the weather had turned bad, it was because humans had become bad. Perhaps, we should think that way as well. We merely inherited Noah’s world. Our job is to keep his legacy of faith and obedience.

The Real Climate Change

“Adamah Climate” is the original, Yah-given climate condition. “Noah Climate” is degraded, Yah-imposed climate condition. WE NOW LIVE IN NOAH’S DAYS! Yes, even in terms of the climate conditions. Let us see the differences between the two. (See the table above.)

Can we see the complete climate change that Noah and his family went through and had to suffer through for the rest of their lives? Can we see how negligible the so-called climate change conditions many are promoting today to convince us that another catastrophic event is ongoing? And can we now see that when Yah decided to “destroy the Earth”, He indeed destroyed all unclean life and took away perfectly-conducive-for-humans climate conditions and replaced it with a degraded climate that includes so many challenges for human, animal and plant life and ecosystems? We can never go back to Adam’s days; we are stuck in Noah’s days.

This comparison also tells us that humans, animals and plants did not have to evolve in a perfectly-tuned world – a Paradise – in order to survive or to thrive. Why should they? Evolutionists formulated their ideas in a degraded and undesirable world, which should make us think seriously if they had all the facts considered when they came up with the theory. All of Creation was “good” in the beginning. You want good weather? Go live in Eden. Bad weather? It is part of our heritage as Noah’s children now to make the most of this degraded world we now try to subdue using science and technology that has but generally rejected this historical and biblical Climate Change. By the way, that explains many of what is happening in our morally-corrupted societies and in the degraded physical world being managed through a humanistic world view. The plans and programs being imposed are mainly directed at alleviating material or physical problems and not the more vital moral and spiritual roots of the problems.

If there is one lesson Noah can teach unbelieving scientists today, it is that he built the first gigantic engineering structure and floating vessel to save himself and his family and all of animal life, not because he had a choice about it or that he was so intelligent and powerful as to accomplish what he did. He simply humbled himself before the Creator, believed and did what he had to do and was blessed to become the Father of all humans that came after him, as well as the Savior of all life on Earth. Yet, Noah remains essentially a queer footnote of history often mocked and laughed at for some odd or illogical notion, like having cut all the trees to build the Ark, thus, causing the Flood. But defenders of Noah will have the last laugh, just as Noah had the last (painful) laugh when the heavy rain started falling.

The Coming Final Climate Change  

If evolutionists made a wrong proposition based on a wrong premise, then how could climate-change proponents today do any better? These people do not really know what they are talking about because they have rejected the truth that Noah once received from the One Creator, Ruler and Judge of the Earth and the Universe. If ever, the modern “Noah’s days” we live in now are but a reprieve for us to prepare for a much greater Climate Change. Even in a widely-accepted state of a fine-tuned Universe, we still grapple with the essential moral and spiritual issue that Adamah and his children, up to Noah and, well, up to Moses and beyond, had to grapple with: the Sin-Death Problem. The coming end-of-times will revolve around the same crucial issue, not about Climate Change or Economic Prosperity. You want to see how the new and final coming Climate Change will shift? See the table below.

This Ultimate Climate Change will require intense fire that will destroy the old and corrupt world in order to replace it with an eternal New Earth and New Heaven. Noah and his family saw a New Physical Earth and New Physical Heaven when they went out of the Ark. But those will be nothing compared to the Eternal New Creation to come. It is the Great Cleansing and the True Reset by our Mighty Creator. Are you ready for a heart change within you in order to be worthy to become part of the Final Climate Change? Remember: Gold is the most precious metal that survives intense fire. So with a golden heart.


1Highest rainfall recorded

*Note on the First Table of Climate Change: The word Moses used to refer to “seasons” in Gen. 1:14 is moed, meaning “appointed time, place or meeting”, that is, in reference to or particularly “for days and years” determined by the movements of the Sun, the Moon and the Earth, that is, the year, the month and the day. (Notice that there is no organic timekeeper for weeks.) Some scholars say “seasons” or “times” refers also to feasts which were timed according to the movement of the Sun and Moon; however, we will see that the seasons did not exist prior to the Flood. In fact, summer and winter are mentioned for the first time after the the Flood. (Gen. 8:20-22) We will discuss this aspect more fully later on. The 2 or 4 seasons brought about by the original climate change in Noah’s time came about through the geologic transformations that Yah caused during the Great Flood.