52 Weeks in the Ark with Noah and Family (WEEK 29) – BAYBAYIN: The Prophetic Language of Creation

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52 Weeks in the Ark with Noah and Family (WEEK 29) – The Prophetic Language of Creation

“In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with Yah, and the Word was Yah. He was in the beginning with Yah. All things were made through Him, and without Him nothing was made that was made. In Him was life, and the life was the light of men. And the light shines in the darkness, and the darkness did not comprehend it.”

John. 1:1-3

WEEK 29 (11thto 17thKislev, the 9th Month, in the Hebrew Religious Calendar)

Have we given enough evidence of where Noah built the Ark and where it landed after the Flood? There will never be enough evidence for those who doubt or disbelieve. But for those who already believe, there can never be an overdose of proofs for something that occurred ages ago. When we began our review of the Creation Week, we gave tons of biblical, scientific, geological and archeological evidences of the work of Elohim. And yet, in spite of such overwhelming support for a miraculous beginning of the Universe, there remain scores of people who adhere to the millions and millions of years supposedly required to produce the physical world. Whereas the Creation story was the most prevalent belief and the proven origins of the world before the advent of modern science, each one of the evidences given in scriptures has been taken down one-by-one from its elevated spot within academic and social circles and replaced by new theories or suppositions proffered by highly-respected thinkers of modern civilization.

The children of Adam knew the origins of the world they lived in; yet, they also forgot the early lessons they received from their ancestors. By the time of Noah, the knowledge of and belief in Yah had been replaced by knowledge of and belief in demonic entities and principles. And thousands of years away from the time of Noah, we can hardly picture the reality of his life experiences through the thick cloud of scientific and humanistic beliefs and practices that have become the norms of our so-called progressive way of life. Myths, fables and fairy tales are for kids. Even scriptures belong to those who lack the sophisticated intellect derived from formal education. Truth belongs only to those who have been trained and honed in the deep and insightful scientific analysis of the inner workings and the complex interplay of material processes and physical phenomena. The role that miracles or supernatural realities in the Universe plays remains a matter of personal curiosity or just another possible worldview for those who give no absolute faith and dependence on science.

We have amply shown that the Flood story did not run counter to scientific principles. On the contrary, we used as much science to prove the accounts of Noah were real and credible. But what about the latest anthropological and cultural evidences we presented as to where the Ark landed? Are those myths that had long been carried by oral traditions of the natives any reliable proofs of our conclusions? As we keep saying, the reader ultimately decides what to believe. The writer writes because he already believes. And yet, the Giver of the Truth and of the Word would want us to convince one and all that He,  the Final Arbiter of Truth, alone deserves the final honor and offering of our heart, mind, soul and body through acceptance of His Spoken Revelation, without disregarding His Written Revelation, Created Revelation and Living or Lived Revelation.

In the beginning was the Word; and in the end will be the Word. John confirmed where he received his Book of Revelation with these words spoken by the angel:

Then he said to me, “These words are faithful and true.” And the Lord Yah of the holy prophets sent His angel to show His servants the things which must shortly take place.

– Rev. 22:6

We know Who made and Who sends angels to His prophets. He speaks His Word and relays it to His servants. We cannot invent Truth. The Word created all things; and for Truth to remain, it must be constantly confirmed by Him through His angels. Even today, the Truth needs to be vigilantly confirmed as being “faithful and true”, not just through the Written Revelation, Created Revelation or Living Revelation but through the Spoken Revelation. And Who speaks Revelation other than Yah Himself through Ruach and His angels?

Do we begin again to commend ourselves? Or do we need, as some others, epistles of commendation to you or letters of commendation from you? You are our epistle written in our hearts, known and read by all men; clearly you are an epistle of Masshiak, ministered by us, written not with ink but by the Ruach of the living Yah, not on tablets of stone but on tablets of flesh, that is, of the heart.

– 2 Cor. 2:1-3

The written Word indeed contains and gives life; but only because of and through Ruach living in a person. The Written Word becomes the Living Word when a person acts and lives according to the Truth in the Word. We are, as Paul says clearly, like “living letters” being seen or read by humans. What they see is essentially what they will also read and find written in scriptures. More so, as contained in the original Spoken Word of Yah. First, the Word had been spoken a long time ago and then written; but it is again spoken, heard and believed by the person as it is spoken again by Ruach within the heart and mind of a person. Like Light that is received by plants and then transformed into edible food, as produced through photosynthesis, and then eaten in order to break down the proteins and minerals into biochemical energy (light in another form of energy) to give sustenance and life to a person, the Word also follows the same path through faith and obedience. Hence, to “be perfect” is to know how to “be perfect just as your Abba in Heaven is perfect” by reading or learning from the Word. (Matt. 5:48)

As food sustains us physically; the Truth sustains us spiritually. This world – no, the entire Creation – undergoes intense corruption through demonic spirits acting physically and spiritually in many areas of human life. Only Truth from Yah’s Revelation can prevent corruption within our lives as well – as long as we eat the right kind of spiritual food. And that proper food can only come from Ruach revealing Truth to us through the 4 channels of Revelation we discussed previously.

And so, the Word lives today as it has always lived in the beginning and will do so until and beyond the end of all Creation. But the question that arises is: Does the Word of Yah come only from Spoken, Written and Created Revelation in order to become Living Revelation? Yes. And does it not follow, therefore, that Living Revelation includes not just the lives of what modern believers refer to as the “born-again”, “baptized” or the “sanctified” people? That is, did not Yah reveal His Truth to those who did not have the Law or the Good News preached to them through their conscience? (Rom. 2:12-16) Are ancient cultures totally pagan, depraved or corrupted because they did not come directly from angels, from prophets or from Ruach Himself? Did not Yah also make and give one language to the ancients and then make many other languages from that one tongue at Babel?

It must mean, therefore, that the languages of all nations today contain part or even much of the potent seeds of Truth that Yah once revealed to all humans in the beginning. The very words or letters of any language must, therefore, speak and represent bits and pieces of truths that humans were able to see, discern and derive from interacting with Creation and with other humans who use language as a way to search out principles in Creation, as the ancient Greeks effectively did. That is what poets, writers and chroniclers have all endeavored to proclaim in many places, under various circumstances, and through many artistic styles that allow humans to fathom the depths of truths, emotions and meanings of everything that exists and happens in Creation. Like the corrupted ground that feeds all humans with good and bad elements and substances that enter into and pass through our bodies, the truths and the lies of all types of word-bearers (a.k.a. teachers) make us whole or broken humans as well.

Noah was a bearer of the Truth, as were his ancestors who preceded him. As a scribe, he merely passed on what he had learned. The same is true for the rest of the prophets and the apostles. The language and the letters we use today, no matter what nation you live in, contains ancient truths and the original message that Abba Yahuah revealed at the beginning to Adam and Havah. The seed of Truth is the Word; for the Word is the Truth Himself. When the Word became flesh, He spoke Himself into existence into Creation – His Own Creation. Of course, with the Presence of Abba Who sent the Word to become part of Creation, and the Presence of Ruach Who conceived the Word inside the womb of a virgin.

So what was the Word in the beginning? We mean the literal Word. We already dealt with it through the Creation Week: “And Elohim said, ‘Let there be Light’; and there was Light!” But Creation spoke the Word when it came into existence. That is why we looked at the Revelation that is contained in Creation: the Light, the Time, the Life, the Waters, the Land, the Sun and the stars. They all speak the reality and the fact that Elohim created them. Every Word they uttered became reality; “Light” became Light, “Land” became Land, and “Sun” became Sun. Those who cannot comprehend this remain in darkness.

The Spoken Word creating all things is the only true process of their origins, nothing else. But while Creation speaks, it does not utter the audible Word. It takes humans to verbally speak and to audibly hear the Word. It takes Yah and His creatures for oral language (Spoken Word) to be heard and understood. The first language must, therefore, already contain the history of Creation. Otherwise, what is the use of making language if it does not celebrate Creation and the Love, the Power and the Presence of Elohim? And what value does the original language have if it cannot be called upon to speak the moment when Elohim also spoke into existence Creation so that the angels themselves, as well as humans today, can rejoice and join in the exultation of creating all things by the Word?

Rooster Declaring the Light’s Coming (c/o Grit)

We already said that the crow of the first rooster echoed the first word spoken by Elohim: Yehi Owr! Let there be Light! Even today at every rising of the Sun, the roosters all over the world proclaim the coming of the Light in so many languages: Tik-tilaok! (Tagalog) Cock-a-doodle-doo! (English) Cocorico! (French) Kikiriki! (Spanish) Kko-kki-o! (Korean) How poorly it seems we have translated the voice of the rooster welcoming the Light. Is it a sign of our failure to unite on one Truth and one Word? Or are we imagining things that the rooster is not really saying? Is it saying something else other than the break of day or the sunlight coming? Is it waking up only its own flock of chickens and other animals and not humans as well? Or was it a freak of Nature or Evolution that roosters learned to mark time and the glowing and dying of the Light at specific moments of the day? We ask questions because we want to understand the meanings of words and why animals themselves speak a language we cannot seem to comprehend. And yet scriptures have said: Creation speaks. But more fundamentally, language itself speaks the Truth.

Baybayin of Ophir    

But speaking is one thing; singing is another. However, language is rarely monotonous because it carries emotions and the longings of humans. But whether speaking and singing are two separate and entirely different things or one and the same can be argued. Rap music has been rapped precisely because of that issue. Language can be also argued to be an exclusive divine tool for the use of Yah alone, which has been given to humans as well; or that it was created for the exclusive use of humans to communicate with Yah. For we are told that angels speak in an angelic language different from human languages. Whatever it is, we must find meaning itself in language as a channel through which we can find fundamental truths – if not the fundamental Truth.

If our premise is true and valid that Adam and Havah, as well as Noah, dwelt in the Eastern Gateway (the East1) of the Earth where the Sun began to shine (and the rooster first crowed), was the language used preserved in such a way that the dwellers of that land have retained the original language and, it follows, the letters? Dr. Robert Narag, a scholar and writer, has argued in favor of Baybayin as being older than Hebrew itself, the supposed language of Adam and Havah in the Garden. Furthermore, it has also been argued that Aramaic, an older form of Mid-eastern language, actually came from Adamaic, the language of Adam. He has gone on to prove that the shapes and other properties of Baybayin and Hebrew are so similar and that both are phonetic. Letters can be written or read as a syllable with different vowels. That is, B can either be BA, BE, NI, BO or BU. Moreover, the origins and shapes of the letters in Baybayin are recognizably related or connected to those of Hebrew letters, as illustrated by Ophir Garden in their series of YouTube vlogs accessible through this link: Baybayin Decoded.

To make a very long story short, we have hundreds of languages and thousands of dialects that the entire human population uses; but all of them came from one original language that the first families used until the Tower of Babel caused Yah’s anger and the birth of varying languages. This means the original language was the one Adam and Havah used in communicating with Yah and preserved within it the birth of Creation. It is the language of Creation and speaks of Creation in clear and simple terms even children can understand. Our first parents were created as young, innocent beings knowing the essential facts about Creation and capable of expressing and describing the beauty, glory and power of Elohim. Without publishing books or making long, great speeches, Elohim were able to impart a language that would relay the beginnings and the purposes of Creation.

Hence, just like little children who enter school for the first time, Adam and Havah had to learn the rudimentary lessons of knowing, speaking and writing the basic elements of language – the letters of the ALPHABET. Checking several lists of world alphabets (visit link), we can see that most of them start with A and B. Moreover, there are compelling reasons “why written languages look alike the world over”, as discussed in the article linked. Was it by some strange coincidence or design-development process that the letters that are such vital parts of the organic function of communication, whether it involves a Divine Being and a human, a human and a human, a human and an animal, or an animal and an animal, should be efficiently produced by delicately-formed and precisely-tuned vocal and hearing organs perfectly fitted to complete the whole process of transmitting words that have immediate meaning and value. An infant, at a crude level in an early stage cries to express hunger or pain. It starts to recognize its possession of a mouth and a voice to catch the attention of people, until it learns to say “mama” or “papa” and to recognize the reference of such innocent utterances to real persons who respond to its words with words that it eventually picks up as its own. A dog yelps to express pain and appears to call for help from humans; and it calms down with grateful groans when the attention or help is given.

When Elohim created Adam and Havah, it must have been with great joy and pride that Abba Yahuah touched and caressed them with love and introduced Himself to them as He was, their Father Abba or Aba. And many languages have actually retained that word: Aramaic has “Abba”, Hebrew has “Ab” or “Abi”, Arabic has “Abun”, Greek and Latin have “Abbot”, and Ethiopian has “Abbaa”. Is it an accident that the alphabet of most nations begins with A and B and is pronounced Ah-Bah. In Baybayin, all consonants are pronounced with the vowel sound “ah”, such as Dah, Gah, Mah, and Sah. So, Abba or Aba is our link to our awareness of the Reality and Presence of the Creator in our lives, whether we recognize Him or not. The very letters, words and language we use came from Him and confirms His participation in our own lives. More so in the individual and national life of Kapuluang Ophir. In fact, and this is the most amazing thing ever, the whole complete alphabet of the archipelago we placed Adam and Havah’s Garden in has contained a message and story that tells the truth and the history of Creation itself.

Here then is a song of Baybayin and the hidden message it has proclaimed throughout all the generations of natives who have used it until now. And whether we accept its veracity, its accuracy and its ultimate purpose or not, it is there and awaiting the fulfillment of the promise given in the Garden of Yah’s desire to grant Creation to a free people. The first version requires a slight rearrangement of a few letters to form the sentence: Aba, kadaega Halamanang Paraiso tau waya. This basically means: Abba, overcomes or triumphs over the Garden of Paradise where humans have time or freedom. (Kadaega means to subdue or overcome and comes from daug or daig, meaning to win in Cebuano and Tagalog, respectively. Waya is an Ilocano word meaning time or opportunity; and waya-waya means freedom.)

“Awit ng Baybayin (Paraiso)” (Baybayin Song)

The second version is: Aba, kadaega Halamanang Opir sa tau waya. This basically means: Abba, overcomes or triumphs over Ophir given to humans who have time or freedom.

“Awit ng Baybayin (Opir)” (Baybayin Song)

Who could have imagined that this prophetic message would be hidden in the alphabet of Kapuluan? Yet, it is there. We should feel blessed that we have been given the privilege not just to have received the ancient land where the pristine Eden of Adam and Havah was placed, but also the future promise of its coming revival. What that revival is and how we can attain is we will deal with next time.


1East, primarily, as used in scriptures, connotes location and, secondarily, connotes direction. Although today, it is used more to point to a direction from any point. However, when the prophets wrote “East”, they meant it to mean “facing the Sun” or “toward the Sun”. And since the Sun appears to be moving constantly, both location and direction would shift or remain unfixed. East, North, South and West, ultimately must be used in reference to Creation when referring to location and the resulting direction. That is, East refers to the place where the Sun first shone, which is also where the Garden (or the place where plants, that had been created that needed the sunlight to grow and live, were put); for the plants came before the Sun existed. It follows that the North, South and West are reckoned in reference to the location of the East or the Garden. The shifting of reference has caused so much confusion because scriptures are often interpreted based on the assumption that the “East” is the “Middle East” and not in the real “East” which “faces the Sun”. Today, therefore, the “East” has become the “Far East”; which is far from the Truth.  


Great appreciation and gratitude belong to Ms. Ann Terante Lacsina for singing the Baybayin Song. Thank you very much.