52 Weeks in the Ark with Noah and Family (WEEK 20) – The Nephilim: A Question of Height or of Character?

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Statue of Fallen Angel in Madrid, 1878, Ricardo Bellevar (c/o Mysterium Tours)

“The Nephilim were in the Earth in those days, and also after that, when the sons of Elohim came in unto the daughters of men, and they bore children to them; the same were the mighty men that were of old, the men of renown.”

Gen. 6:4

WEEK 20 (2nd to 8th of Tishrei, the 7th Month, in the Hebrew Religious Calendar)

We can see, at least, 3 ways of understanding this passage in Genesis 6, as itemized below:

  1. That the word Nephilim exclusively means “giants”, nothing else. Hence, the passage is saying there were “giants” when the “fallen angels” mated with women and that there were also “giants” after they had mated with women. How long do women bear children? We know it is 9 months. Hence, when the angels mated with women — that is, 9 months before they bore the children of those 200 rebellious angels — there were already “giants”! Does that shock you? Apparently, that is what Moses wanted to convey. He was giving us a hint somehow; but we just missed the implication of that statement. For that further connotes that their (fallen angels’) children were also “giants”; however, not the only “giants” on Earth. That should be clear enough; although not many have thought of that scenario. This will lead to a surprising truth we will try to prove with enough evidences.
  2. That the word Nephilim exclusively means “fallen ones”, nothing else. And, to many, it appears that this is the right and only translation of the word. Those who take this view give no credence to the “apocryphal” Book of Enoch, which the prophets quoted. (Moses, obviously, did so many times.) They do not accept that the “sons of Elohim” (bene Elohim) were angels. But if it only means “fallen ones”, where did the idea of “giants” come from? Did they really exist as the preponderance of historical and archeological proofs seems to say? And if it was not the angels who produced the so-called gigantic hybrid-humans, where did they come from? It seems there were indeed giants; but this view would deny they were the children of “fallen angels”, making it an untenable view. The next point will try to resolve that problem.
  3. That the word Nephilim means both “giants” and “fallen ones”. That means those “giants” were also the “fallen ones” who were the children of the “fallen angels” who mated with women. Further, it means all the “giants” of that era before the Flood were half-humans and half-fallen-angels and that the name Nephilim describes only the whole depraved fruit of what the rebel angels accomplished in mass-producing a new generation of wicked hybrid-beings in the form of despicable human flesh (not created by Elohim) which had access to dark, heavenly secrets that allowed them to create ungodly things and perform abominable acts. This view is likewise a widespread view, which, in part, could be true or viable; but, in another part, incomplete, meaning it does not cover the whole reality of things. We need to widen our perspective even more.   

Indeed, if the Nephilim (whether they were giants or not) were on the Earth “when” and “after” the “sons of Elohim” (fallen angels) mated with women, then Enoch and Moses were telling us something most scholars and preachers have missed and, therefore, not told us. In the first place, the common interpretation that the Nephilim were “giants” does not stand on solid ground. Nephilim means “fallen ones”, from Hebrew naphal, “to fall”. The Hebrew word for “giants” is refaim (rafah, singular), according to the Jewish Encyclopedia. Another Hebrew word for giants is anakim; however, this is used only later in Deut. 9:1-3, not in the Genesis account. So, whoever equated the 2 words nephilim and refaim to mean the same, did so far away from logic and from history. There is clearly no compelling reason to do so.

Moreover, the Hebrew word for “mighty men” is gibborim (from gibbor, for strong, mighty). That word has nothing to do with size or gigantic humans but of character. And they were described further as men “of old”, suggesting they were “ancient” or “lived way back in the past”. In relation to Moses, they were not as “ancient” as in relation to us, although 1,000 years is a long time. But was Moses referring to how long ago they existed or the length of time they had existed as beings? Meaning, they were “old men” or “aged men” – that is, “men of great age”. The Hebrew word meowlam for “of old”, however, has the root olam, which means “long duration”, “antiquity”, futurity”, “eternal” and “continual”. That conveys the idea of “living for a long period” and not necessarily a “long time ago”. Was Moses describing them as eternal beings, having been born of angels? Most likely, yes; the same way Adam and Havah were eternal beings, having been created by Elohim. But their sin led to their death – the return of their bodies to the ground while their spirits went back to Elohim’s place called Abode of the Dead. Could the Nephilim have been the same, although they were conceived and born in sin and out of sin committed by the fallen Watchers? They could die as well; but will their spirits also go to the same place or somewhere else?  

Fallen Watcher and Daughter of Humans (c/o Exploring for Truth)

Jubilees 4:15 states that it was during the days of Jared, Enoch’s father, when the Watchers were sent to instruct humans to “do judgment and uprightness on the Earth”. (Apparently, some renegade Watchers were distracted by the beautiful women.) Between Jared’s birth and Noah’s birth were 596 years; and Enoch was born when Jared was 162. It could have been around the time Jared already had Enoch that the Watchers came; for Enoch wrote about them, giving us a window of about 400 years before Noah was born for the Nephilim to have existed on the Earth. By the time Noah finished the Ark at 600, those Nephilim would have been about 1,000 years of age — certified “men of old” like Methuselah! Take note of those figures 400 and 1,000; for they will have great significance as we proceed with our analysis.

Furthermore, the Nephilim men were also “men of renown”, from Hebrew shem, meaning name, another trait having to do with nobility. The question of height appears to fall away finally from the narrative. Moreover, the popular theory often promoted is that the “fallen Watchers” did experiments on humans and animals through interbreeding, an ancient form of genetic engineering using secret, dark angelic knowledge which those wicked beings probably stole from heavenly chronicles meant only for archangels to read. And we know an archangel fell from grace and may have been the one who passed it on to his co-conspirators, that is, the same Watchers who mated with women who bore the Nephilim. But were they really “giants” or only children of “fallen angels” and were, therefore, also fallen (“fallen ones”) but had such superhuman traits and characters that placed them way above ordinary humans in abilities, intelligence and skills? Does this, therefore, mean there were no “giants” during that time? Not at all.

Choosing or Forming the Best View

So, which of the 3 possible views should we accept as the final truth and endeavor to teach? Is there a way to resolve all of them into one, cohesive, alternative view?

If we take Option # 2 and understand them to be “fallen angels”, then they were not necessarily giants. They bred mighty children because they were angel-humans, not necessarily giants but beings with superior skills and outstanding character – not necessary wholesome or upright but worthy of admiration and having great influence upon others. But if angels could breed giants; why could not Elohim, Who Are definitely far more superior than angels, also create gigantic humans, as They may have indeed done so? Where would angels get such capability to breed “giants” if it was not a power Elohim originally possessed and utilized as well? Obviously, there is another way of looking at this enduring mystery of the ages.

What if humans were meant to be giants when they reached more than 300, 400 or 500? This means Enoch was also a huge human (not just tall) by the time he reached 350. And Adam may have been a bigger giant at 500 plus. Giant humans could have been indeed multi-centenarians who lived beyond 120 or 200 years and over 400 (thus, “men of age”) that when Elohim decided to limit human lifespan, They were not only doing it to prevent humans from living so long but also to prevent them from continuing the giant human race He had meant to create in the first place. It also means by the time Noah built the Ark at 480 he was huge, robust and capable of making the Ark without so much difficulty. Noah – not to mention his father Lamech (who died at 777) and grandfather Methuselah (who died at 969) – could have truly been, according to the original plan, a huge human being at 600 and, perhaps, even bigger when he got older and died at 950. Would that not make Noah and his ancestors also “mighty men of old (of long duration)” and “men of renown”? And we know they were, without any doubt. They were not nephilim (“fallen ones”) but they could have been giants. Do we see this 4th view as the most viable one?

Why would Yah allow humans to reach 900 and yet keep them as small and puny as 80 or 100-year olds that we are today? Why would Yahuah pit Noah against a generation of supposed Nephilim “giants” if he himself were not of comparable height, strength and ability? David was a lad when he killed Goliath. Noah was 600 when he finished the Ark. NBA never had an exhibition game against the pygmies of Asia for obvious reasons. And yet, we have all foolishly imagined Noah was an ant fighting elephants! Well, Yahuah can deal with a million giants using a normal-sized Noah as His champion, we would say. However, He did command Noah to build a gigantic wooden vessel for 120 years. Poor Noah! He had, at least, 200 to maybe thousands of gigantic enemies; and he had to build a huge vessel — and save all land animals in the process — as a puny human trying to preach to those hybrid-giants and, perhaps, other humans who were thick-as-thieves with the giants. That probably explains why he convinced no one. Or was it the extreme depravity of those people that kept them from repenting in the face of a mighty man of Yah who was their equal in all respects, except for his excellent and noble character? The fact that Noah survived that contest and triumphed through Yah’s might somehow shows us one man against the world can overcome through faith and diligence. Nevertheless, Noah did not face those enemies without being fully-equipped to do so.

From 1,000 Years to 120 Years to Live

As a sperm cell grows and matures into a human adult, that human has the capacity to grow with limitless resources in a perfect Paradise where Elohim placed the first humans. Adam — and Havah, perhaps — lived to almost a thousand years as well because of their innate capacity to live beyond the 120-year spiritual and physiological limit set just before the Flood. (Is it not suspiciously revealing that Elohim’s decision to limit the life span of humans to 120 years was made after the time the Nephilim appeared and multiplied on the Earth and before They sent the Flood? And is it not quite telling that after the Flood, the life span of humans gradually decreased to only 150 and then 120 or so? And it also appears that giants disappeared as well, except later on during the conquest of Canaan. But we lost the old ideal world and the curse included limiting our capacity to savor a perpetually-growing and abundant life to that of a bare minimum. Otherwise, a world full of greedy giants would deplete resources, as even now puny but greedier humans are destroying the Earth.

List of the Years of Birth and Death of the Patriarchs (c/o Kurt Clement)

Consider the Sequoia trees that are of enormous heights and have existed for over 1,000 to 3,000 years. Is not that proof that there is an indefinite capacity for growth in lower biological organisms or life forms? Dinosaurs and other creatures found in the past and present defy our perception of size and growth. And there are fossil remains of trees as big as sequoias found in Asia and other places.

Tallest and Oldest Trees (c/o Pinterest)

The valid question whether plants were not meant to die in Paradise is by no means preposterous but rather contains possible insights into divine intentions in Creation. It does bring up the issue of decomposition and how plants would grow without bacteria producing mulch to serve as natural fertilizer to sustain their growth and life. And that could also mean trees would not shed leaves at all but only grow more branches and leaves indefinitely. Sounds unreal indeed. But it does not necessarily mean trees do not shed leaves. Or that decomposition did not occur in the beginning. The process of perpetual growth, whether for plants and humans, could have been a divine secret taken away and hidden after the curse in order to prevent humans – and angels – from “acting like gods”. Remember what caused Elohim to scatter humans upon the face of the Earth when they built the tower of Babel? Elohim said, “Indeed the people are one and they all have one language, and this is what they begin to do; now nothing that they propose to do will be withheld from them.” (Gen. 11:6)

The Tower of Babel: A Work of Giants? (c/o Ancient Origins)

It was only the “beginning” of what humans would have been capable of doing: “. . .(T)his is what they begin to do . . . .” Building a tower was only a first step toward challenging the wisdom and rule of Elohim upon the Earth. Imagine what other kinds of knowledge they acquired after the Flood when the people rediscovered the dark secrets the Nephilim had possessed and must have hidden and then recovered by wicked humans through the help of demons – the spirits of those Nephilim who had perished during the Flood. The 200 Fallen Watchers had been imprisoned within the Earth. It appears that the spirits of the Nephilim did not go the the Abode of the Dead but remained on the Earth, roaming and causing havoc among the children of Noah and among humans today. Read how his children complained one day about those demons who harassed them, “leading astray and blinding and slaying his sons’ sons.”. Noah, thus, offered a prayer for protection upon his children from the evil spirits. (Jubilees 10:1-3) Thousands of years later, Masshiak would be driving demons out of humans who had been possessed by those wicked spirits. And they continue to roam and destroy societies and humans today.

What made the Nephilim before the flood and the Refaim and Anakim, the recognized “race of giants”, after the flood, “mighty” and “men of renown”? Yes, even the Israelites feared them for they had overrun the whole Sumerian and Babylonian civilizations, as well as the other surrounding nations, including Assyria, Persia and Egypt. They had secret knowledge which allowed them to develop technology that gave them the power to control the forces of Nature and to manipulate humans to serve their needs and purposes – even as slaves and as food. Fast-forward to the present: What makes the wealthy elite of the developed nations possess such power that allow them to be “mighty” and “renown”, that is, respected and followed by other nations and admired by billions of people? They have the secret knowledge and superior technology to control the resources and wealth of the world in order to control Nature and the behavior of human societies. They may not be “giants” that we expect these fallen souls and spirits to appear; however, their fruits point to their progeny and their roots back into ancient history. They may not have had unraveled yet the secret to eradicating the ageing process and the 120-year limit to the human lifespan; but with Genetic Engineering, AI and robotics, they will soon be able to download the human mind, human personality, and even the human soul or spirit and utilize the innate energies they possess to create deathless beings with superior intelligence and abilities.

Ruach Gives Life in Abundance but Will not Remain Forever in Human Flesh

And Yah said, “My Ruach shall not strive (abide) with man forever, for he is indeed flesh; yet his days shall be one hundred and twenty years.”

Gen. 6:3

When Elohim said those words, They meant that in creating humans, They had intended to remain FOREVER in human flesh from the beginning. That was the Plan! But sin took that privilege away. Thus, when “fallen angels” (who were ruach‘s or spirits) planted their seed in human flesh, it not only violated the supreme authority of Elohim, it also added an abominable seed that would further corrupt the already cursed Earth. And They were right because those Nephilim filled the Earth with flesh in which Their Ruach would never abide in for its abominable character and its potential to commit despicable deeds of greed, murder, destruction, sorcery, lewdness, bestiality and ungodliness. As we see, the Nephilim were given more or less a thousand years (one divine day) to dwell upon the Earth before they were destroyed by the Flood. Sadly, the whole of humanity suffered from that judgment through a much reduced capacity to survive on Earth. When sin overruns Creation, Elohim can only do so much good for a world in which only a few choose to accept Their goodness. Otherwise, the Earth will grind and groan under so much burden of human depravity. Today, the short time left for Earth to last is due mainly to Ruach abiding in a few human flesh still worthy to accept and receive the promise of Eternal Life. The harvest of good fruits diminishes as time runs out. Each one is called upon to plant good seed that Elohim might send Their angels to gather the good harvest in the end. We must begin to plant that good seed within us and let the Yah of Harvest give the increase.

The Tree of Life and its Life-Giving Fruits and Leaves — the Secret to Abundant and Eternal Life

Consider the Tree of Life in New Yerushalem. Watered by the River of Life, its leaves are meant to be for “the healing of the nations”. Would a tree designed to give Eternal Life shed its leaves only to decay and disappear? The “Living Waters” flowing from the throne of Elohim sustain its life while the holy ground defies imagination, being apparently gold-based or some crystal-based mineral instead of ordinary, cursed soil, gleaning from the fact that the Holy City’s foundations are precious gems, its streets are crystal-clear gold. and the gates are whole pearl! (Rev. 21:9-27; Rev. 22:1-5) This preview we are given of the New Eternal Creation portrays an entirely different and far more superior world beyond our scientific knowhow or human intellect to comprehend. It is easy to disregard, as many often do with prophetic realities. But, go ahead, disregard or reject at your own pleasure and your own risk! Choose what life you wish to live after this earthly life. A lie from the Deceiver-Destroyer or the Truth from the Creator.  

Were Adam and Noah Giants? (c/o Bible and Studios)

Whatever Yah intends for us in New Yerushalem, He also intended to do in Eden, were it not aborted by sin. Why are trees so tall, much taller than us humans? Why do they survive up to a century or more; while humans hardly go beyond a hundred anymore? Did Yah intend for humans to make ladders or cranes so we can reach their fruits? Or did He also intend for humans to grow taller accordingly as trees grew taller? It is not a question of philosophy but of science. What would stop man from growing taller if there is nothing to stop him from living on? Perhaps, there will be limits to such growth, such as gravity, agility, muscular functions and other organic constraints brought about by environmental and geophysical changes we have discussed here. But why 120 years to live after the Fall? Why 5 or 6 feet tall as the maximum height? Why not 1,000 years, as the early patriarchs did? And why not 9 or 10 feet tall or more, as Goliath and his brothers, and other unnamed giants whom we readily assume as hideous monsters? Why not see them as plain humans possessed by demonic spirits and sired the race of Refaim or Anakim tribes after the Flood and, thus, fell from grace, but who were of “abnormal size” since they grew up to 10 feet or more? How they achieved such stature after the Flood we can either ascribe to the presence of the same dark knowledge they recycled and used, or just a physiological fluke induced by dietary or environmental conditions. But that is another story for another day.

Magellan’s Crew Imitates the Dance of Patagonia Giants (c/o John Sailors)

We demonized giants because we take nephilim to be “giants” and that Yah sent the Flood to destroy “giants”. No, He destroyed the “fallen ones” who were hybrid beings who had no place in Creation. Why then did He commission a gigantic Ark if Noah was a man of ordinary stature, not as mighty and renowned as the hybrid Nephilim?

How Big was the Ark?

The royal cubit used by Noah measured about 20.6 inches, making the Ark 15 meters high x 26 meters wide x 157 meters long. On the average, the Ark would have had 10.8-feet high living space for each of the 4 storeys.1 Why would Noah waste 4 to 5 feet of ceiling space unless he was much taller, perhaps 8 or even over 9 feet tall? The animals could not have been placed in vertical cages since the disposal of poo and cleaning the cages would have been so hard and messy. That is, in a 10-foot high room, housing young animals would have only required at most 2 levels of cages each 5-feet high, easy enough for tall humans to access and clean. Except for baby giraffes and elephants which could be 6 feet tall at birth, thus, requiring special rooms, we see no problem with height limits inside the Ark.

We can attribute the ceiling height to attaining better air exchange and cooler indoor temperatures. The body heat of all those animals would have raised temperature to such uncomfortable levels under crude conditions. No windows, no air-conditioning, no airflow and no means to keep themselves cool with showers. We can say that it would have required a miracle to sustain life inside the Ark. But it did serve its purpose. We know that now; otherwise, we would not exist today. Those who believe otherwise delude themselves. As we go on, we will delve into certain design features of the Ark to make it a viable “living mall” in other articles.

Imagining Normal-Sized Humans Entering the Ark

One advantage a huge human would have in the Ark is that of caring for so many animals on a daily-basis. Imagine feeding them and cleaning their dirt on a 50 cubits by 150 cubits floor space! About 85 feet by 515 feet space, an area of 44,200 sq. ft. or 4.4 hectares per floor. A farmer and his family can hardly manage a 1-hectare orchard or garden. But 4 times that area full of noisy, restless animals in a virtual zoo?! It must have been so difficult for a couple to manage that area even with Noah and his wife helping each of their sons and their wives only for 3 to 4 hours a day.

Noah and his son’s would have to have been as huge and strong as Hercules to do such a formidable task daily for a year in a virtual cave. And they could have been indeed – yes, literal Titans, as the myth tells us. Except that Noah’s story is not myth at all. And so, the fact that they too were giants could neither be myth. Each couple had one floor to their care, and Noah and his wife gave guidance and assistance as needed with the capacity of “mighty and renowned” beings as well.

But we only talked about taking care of animals and not the more difficult 120-year task of building the Ark. Would Yah have given the task of building a 150-cubit long vessel to a human of less stature? How do you cut a wide tree 350 feet long, carry it and trim it down into a square lumber and nail it with other lumber with wood dowels if you did not, at least, have bulky muscles to use an axe to do so? Or huge hands to handle such bulky materials? Or the heft to position those logs in precise manner to finish a huge, wooden mall for animals? The Great Pyramid of Giza took less than 30 years to make; and yet we still do not know how it was made or what it was exactly built for. And yet we see it and believe it was built by humans. We have not found evidence of the Ark and do not agree on how it could have been built. Yet, we know who built it and why it was built. Moreover, we know so many things about it: its dimensions, its occupants, what it was made of and made for, how long it was used, where it was built and where it landed. But do we really know what kind of people were commissioned to build and use it? We continue to investigate into its many mysteries.

Jubilees says angels helped Noah. So, with angels, Noah did not even have to work at all. So, why take 120 years to build it? How did angels help? We do not know; but Noah built it as commanded and took much time with or without angels’ help. We know angels are our “guardians”; perhaps, they provided a security cordon for the Ark and its builders against wicked spirits and murderous humans. And we know the dimensions of the Ark came from above, giving us the hint that other aspects of its design were told by angels. For instance, how did Noah store clean water on the Ark? That, we will discuss much later on.

What clearly appears to us is that with so many other humans, such as Methuselah and Lamech, including their children, who could have been as huge as Noah, the task of building the Ark was much, much easier. And they had so much time to spare to build it into completion. Were Noah and his sons of less might and renown than any of the Nephilim? Certainly, there was no comparison. They survived the Flood; the Nephilim did not. Yes, the Flood obliterated the hybrid Nephilim.

How Noah and His Sons Grew so Big

How then do we explain our supposition that Noah himself was a giant? Browse any of the YouTube videos linked beneath dealing with the Endocrine System of the human body and, in particular, the Pituitary Gland (the so-called Master Gland). We will find out that hidden within each one of us is the capacity to sustain life for a limited time – from 70 to 90 or a bit more for some. But what appears clear is that the potential to grow and to slow down the ageing process also exists within us. Both science and medicine have made great strides in discovering hormonal replacement to arrest the ageing process and prolong human life-spans. If that potential did not exist, how come with science and technology we can somehow utilize or recover those benefits? This is, in fact, proof that we had it all along but that the decision to limit our life span had been set by Yah. By faith and by science we can now categorically say that. The “code” or “program of life” contained in our genes an chromosomes already existed in the cells of Adam and Havah in the beginning. What science tries to do today is unravel what Yah hid from humans and to even tweak it for its own selfish, humanistic purposes. Our motivations and fruits will decide whether He will honor our work or not.

The Telomere and its Human Genetic Sequence TTAGGG (c/o Young Genome)

The potential to grow beyond the average human height, which we have accepted for centuries, also exists within the Pituitary Gland. Notice that almost all of these videos claim that the secretion of hormones by the Pituitary Gland (which controls growth, stress levels, pregnancy, and reproductive functions, among other things) “decreases with age”. They all seem to be saying that ageing is essentially a disease! Yes, they recognize the presence of senescent cells that limit the growth and function of normal cells, thus, triggering the ageing process. So, these cells within us are essentially built-in “viruses” or “foreign bodies” our own bodies produce and nurture to keep us from living longer! It is like a self-limiting mechanism to keep us from growing taller and living longer. Is it then producing a cureless ailment we call “ageing” or is ageing the result of the normal function of cells within our body to limit the life of a human person? Either way, we grow old and die — all due to the curse on humans.

The “curse of ageing” (which leads to death) appears to have been placed in telomeres, which are DNA structures at the end of our chromosomes (TTAGGG Sequence) that function to allow cells to divide and replicate into new cells. Thus, after 50 to 70 cell divisions, cells eventually die, causing and aggravating the ageing process until we lose the optimum vitality and health that active and productive humans possess. These telomeres, therefore, reach their so-called “programmed cell death”. Guess Who was the Programmer? And why did that program come about?

This scientific review seems to reveal to us the inner workings of Gen. 6:3: Humans will live only to 120, according to Yah; but by the time of King David, 70 was the upper limit or 80, “by reason of strength”. (Psa. 90:10) This is the diminishing limit of “human good health”, brought about mainly by the effects of sinfulness, the environment that has been corrupted or polluted by toxins and other stress-inducing stimuli, such as devitalized foods, noise, non-native electromagnetic radiation from appliances and power sources, and lack of clean, fresh air and mineral-rich water. 60 years is a good shot for many people today, although many have access to health sustenance and modern life-enhancing medical procedures to prolong life beyond that.

The Unrecognized Connection Between Age and Height

However, growth has eluded humans for some reason. We grow rapidly in height from 12 to around 18 and taper off at 20 or so. One-third or one-fourth of our lifetime allows us to attain our maximum height. What about Noah or Methuselah who lived to and over 950? One-fourth of that is over 250 years for them to have grown into their full height, if we are to use the same ratio. In fact, if we read their genealogy, those guys did not marry or bear children until they were way past 70, 80, 100 or 180 or so! Yes, they were probably still adolescents at around 50 or even at 100! For Noah, he married about 100 years before he began building the Ark — at 480 years old! Talk of dedication to one’s calling! Noah must have had so much to learn for 5 centuries before he could find time for his own personal needs. And it even appears that Ham may have been below 20 when the work began. The only work the boy probably did was to fetch water or make wooden dowels. Only a tenth of the way to finishing the Ark was he able to work on more strenuous tasks as his brothers. And yet, he could have been still diminutive compared to his father and his brothers.

So, assuming the rate of growth of modern humans is 4 feet within 10 years from being a child of 2 feet height, Noah could have grown twice that much during his adolescence of 250 years or so, making him the 10-foot tall man we envisioned him to be who was living for a year inside the Ark. We see no reason why Noah’s Pituitary Gland would have been like ours that shuts off at 18 or 20 years of age when he still had 700 years to live after he had attained his maximum height. Or maybe, he continued to grow after that. He was not living in an Ark that limited him to 11 feet! Noah could have reached “official old age” at 800 or even later. That would mean his Endocrine System could have been only shutting down at that time. Imagine him disassembling the Ark after the Flood at 601 in order to build houses and boats for fishing and for travelling. With only his family around, how could they have done that job by themselves, along with planting to provide food for themselves and the animals in a post-apocalyptic world, if they were puny humans no taller than Steve Curry or Elon Musk? And all the while we thought building the Ark was hard enough! No, dismantling it must have taken many years and by new generations who needed ready materials for dwellings and other purposes.


Some or many might say all the evidences we have presented are mere circumstantial evidences and lacking solid biblical, historical and archeological proofs to support our dubious conclusions. Whether we believe it or not, this mystery has been intentionally hidden in plain sight in the scriptural references themselves; either by divine design or human intervention until such time when the truth will be released. The “hiding” of vital parts of Torah as being “uninspired” or “apocryphal” was done by humans precisely to prevent people from solving the mystery of Yah. Otherwise, many of the narratives linked to these mysteries would have made sense to millions a long time ago. For instance, the previous revelation we presented as to when Yahusha actually arose would have remained unsolved without the historical, archeological and scriptural evidences, particularly from the Book of Jubilees and the Book of Giants, we presented.

The story of Goliath is a nursery tale we love to hear and tell children, as well as being a sermon illustration we often use to inspire people that great obstacles mean nothing to our great and powerful Creator. Amen! But, even at 9 or 10 feet tall, Goliath was not that far away from the celebrated “giants” in our times, such as André the Giant who was 7 feet 4 inches (2.23 meters). And there are documented reports that hundreds of excavated remains of giants have been discretely kept away from the public view in the warehouses of Smithsonian and other museums. Yes, we also have many historical documents proving the existence of giants and even recent revelations of some still living in the mountain caves of Afghanistan and other places. And all of these are borne by first-hand eyewitness accounts of soldiers who had encountered these giants who are said to have coexisted peacefully with villagers for centuries.

The one telling and suspicious thing that somehow proves the intentional hiding this “tall tale” about giants is the early decision by ecclesiastical authorities to label the books containing stories about giants as “apocryphal” or “hidden”. However, these same books, such as 1 Enoch, Jubilees and Book of Giants were kept and read by the Temple priests who lived in Bethabara near Jordan River and considered them as Torah. Yahusha and the apostles even quoted or referenced some passages of these books. Now, why would the “ancient canon” of the Temple priests, who saved, protected and preserved the library of the Temple Levites in the wilderness while Yerushalem was being occupied by foreign colonizers, be suddenly proclaimed by latter religious leaders as “uninspired” and not be accepted as “official canon” of “the Church”? What and who gave them that right and authority? Were they, in fact, hiding something from the people? More specifically, were they keeping people in the dark about the existence of giants in order to create and maintain the fear of those giants as a whole? That “all giants were evil and ate human flesh” in order to preserve the impression that Nephilim were “giants” and the “only giants” and that, therefore, “all giants are Nephilim and are all evil”? But for what practical purpose?

“Brood of Vipers!” (c/o Jesus Walk)

One primary reason is the availability of resources. We know how the great appetite of greedy giants for animal and human flesh wreaked havoc on the ancient world. It abhorred Elohim. The Creator could provide for the needs of humans, no matter how huge they may grow, as long as they remained faithful to His laws. The Land could produce the food they needed with their diligence and compassion for others. There was enough for all who lived righteously. But when they were totally led by wicked passions and desires and pursued their inordinate taste for flesh and unclean things, destruction became the only solution. Today, the same motivations compel the wealthy elite of the world to control the production and distribution of resources to favor certain nations. In the process, many nations remain poor while being continually controlled politically and economically by the rich and powerful nations. Drastic plans to arrest the rapid growth of population of what rich nations consider non-productive or environmentally-challenged nations entail the use of measures to reduce the world population by a sizeable portion. Follow the trail to how the Math came up with a “viable population” which will be allowed to live on the Earth; and you will also discover the many sinister plans already launched and still to be launched within this decade. The Nephilim are back! Yahusha called them “brood of vipers”. Social media call them the “Reptilian Race”. Adam and Havah simply knew the original fallen seed as the “serpent”.

Perhaps, the bulk of ancient knowledge contained in scriptures, of which gigantism, interbreeding, sorcery, alchemy, occult medicine, and psychic powers are but a few, had to be kept away from most people in order to allow some powerful rulers to keep for themselves and use to control others. Keeping others ignorant is one of the best tools of effective colonization. And the practical applications of knowledge and crafts (what we call science and technology today) give the possessors of such wisdom great advantage over the masses. But now that knowledge is exploding through social media, we can glean what has been happening throughout the millennia. Connecting the dots of this ancient mystery gives us a less-blurred but clearly decipherable picture of physical and spiritual realities that influence our lives on a daily basis.

For certain, Yah offers us this unraveling and awakening process so that the appearance of what we thought all the while to be mythical, impossible and unrealistic will prepare us for the eventual and final “abomination of desolation” in our times. (Matt. 24:15) What happened to Yerushalem as a fulfillment of Daniel’s prophecy will pale in comparison to the one that could present itself before the end of “Noah’s Days Part 2”. Imagine how the Earth appeared after Noah and his family came out? Can you hear the loud noise and the gleeful voices of people dancing and singing during one of their pagan festivities? Or animals wailing and roaring as they are being slaughtered to please their gods? Or the cries of babies and yells of the young men and women as they raise their hands in praise to their wooden and golden idols? (Attend a rock concert with hundreds of millennials in your local festivals and you will hear, feel and totally experience that worldly explosion of idolatry.) No, there was only silence and abominable desolation. A vacuum created by Yah’s righteous judgment to create a cleansed world made ready for rest, repopulation and refreshing.

Abomination of Desolation in Yerushalem, AD 70 (c/o WV4G)

When the coming New World rulers finally declare the beginning of their global dominion, no one — and we mean no one — will be able to utter a word of dissent or complaint without being silenced or locked down. Think of your smartphone turned-off forever, your bank account closed and your movement limited to within 2 miles from your home. It is the Sunday Law Redivivus – the modern version of the Sabbath Law for all humans who will be allowed to remain on Earth. It is a dark, terrible scenario. The phrase cannot make it any less dramatic and fearful than it is: Abomination of Desolation. But fear not, they will say; because the “Savior” who sits on the throne of Yah in the Holy City will protect you and provide for you. You will be happy, even if you have no phone, no wealth, no home, no car, no job and no property. You will be happy – because they say you will be. If you do not believe it, you will truly be unhappy in their world, albeit joyful and assured of the coming Perfect New Creation.

How will the New World Society be enforced? A police state is the easy answer. But imagine hybrid beings or what they call “robots” with Artificial Intelligence far superior than yours (“mighty beings”) who are indestructible (“deathless” or “perpetual”) and creatures of great power and influence (“beings of renown”) watching over you. Yes, the Watchers will be returning to restore their ancient world under their dominion before the Flood. “Noah’s Days Part 2” keeps becoming more real and getting closer than we think. To many it is a theory. Yes, like the tale of giants or Titans which they also think is myth. The hiding of the truth is complete. The reforming of reality is done. We essentially live a lie today. Thanks to mainstream media and the purveyors of fake news.


All evidences point to the Nephilim as “fallen ones” who were also “giants”. Let us disabuse our minds of giants, in general, as being wicked and as products of dark, angelic Genetic Engineering. Their stature was the planned heritage of all healthy, uncorrupted and faithful humans endowed with abundance and unlimited potential for growth, prosperity and reproduction without limits. As we keep saying, there are so many planets for humans to colonize and develop into New Paradise Planets after the model of the first human home in Eden. But our elementary education in Eden ceased abruptly and we stopped learning and growing to our full potential since then. Until we realize our missing eternal legacy, we will never see the perfect plan of Yah for us: to become “mighty humans of everlasting life” and “humans of righteous renown“. In truth, we can already have that promise and heritage right now. If you believe yourself to be a descendant of righteous Noah, then the promise is yours as well.


1Taking into consideration the thickness of the keel, the floorings and the roofing, the net space available for room space for each the 4 compartments of the Ark amounts to 10.8 feet or 3.3 meters. This includes the lowest level which served as cistern for the disposal of wastewater, as well as septic tank for human and animal waste. When Elohim essentially told Noah to “furnish the Ark with 3 decks“, They meant to divide a “box” (Ark) with “3 decks”, hence, “lower deck, second and third decks”, leaving another space for the waste disposal. (Gen. 6:16) Not many realize this; but Noah would not have been able to live in the Ark without a humongous septic tank for use by all the living beings with him.

2YouTube video-references about the functions of the Endocrine System and Pituitary Gland

3If anyone thinks the scenario we present here merely rehashes those “trashy” Conspiracy Theories, watch this fresh interview Carlson Tucker did with Alex Jones. These men and so many others risk their lives to bring out the truth that the elite class tries to suppress and hide behind such labels as “fake news” or “Conspiracy Theories”. It is the same ancient magic called Apocryphal Tag Trick. Decide for yourself; but watch and listen before you cancel the potential liberating truth. Yes, it is happening! Nearing the upslope of this global hegemony. No other way to describe this satanic plan. Politics aside, half of what is said will already shock us awake to reality. (Less than a day after, this video was taken down — made “apocryphal” or “hidden”.)