A Bird’s Only Song

Published on by Vincent Ragay under

A bird sings its one song in the morning and every morning;

Though it is but one boring chirp, it rings and rings for all to hear:

DoROthy, DoRothy, DoRothy!!! or God WITH thee, God WITH thee, God WITH thee!!!

A guileless native would hear it as Doh-WIT-dee, Doh-WIT-dee, Doh-WIT-dee!!!

And leave it at that, a song that a bird alone and its God understand,

Knowing he’s been blessed to hear the worship of a grateful creature

To its faithful Creator at a moment we often spend doing something —

Reading a tweet writing a text, brushing our teeth browsing the tube —

Unmindful of the healing music and incessant rhythm of Nature

Beyond our driving desires and livid lusts for life’s empty promises.

. . .

One song can make a difference to one who sings or hears with the heart.

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