How I Will Shape the World through this Pandemic: Bill Gates

How the pandemic will shape the world: Bill Gates” is the actual title of the YouTube video above this article is based on; but he clearly has his hidden agenda. With so much work to do at home and online, I felt this article deserved to be published not only for the personal or domestic repercussions it presents but, more so, for the national and global significance that Gates and his foundation embody.

I listened to the video while washing dishes (which I have left undone in order to write) and the article practically wrote itself. Not because I already had a bias against the person but because what he said clearly proved, as well as reinforced, what I had suspected he has been doing all along. As the saying goes, we heard it straight from the horse’s mouth. And indeed, Gates showed his impatience many times as his voice cracked and made him sound like a whining lad or a whinnying horse. I did watch the video at times; but only because I was looking at his eyes to find out if he was reading a script. But he seemed ready and prepared to answer all the questions. Only once did he falter; and that was when he was asked about his involvement in a conspiracy. He seemed in pain or quite embarrassed to be asked the question, hemming and hawing, and never directly denied or admitted anything. So much so that Anderson had to take over and sort of patted his back, saying, “It’s alright. I don’t believe you’re in a conspiracy.” But we will deal with this particular point more in the light of the entire interview.

For it is obvious that this TED interview by Chris Andersen (in spite of fielding questions, supposedly) was a set-up, as the questions and their intentions were meant to portray Gates as the leader, the hero and the healer at this hour of crisis. When asked what he would do if he were to coordinate all the efforts of the US government to deal with the COVID 19 “pandemic”, he said “he and his foundation are the only ones having the expertise” to deal with the crisis and that the whole world needed a leader who knew as much as he ( or “they”, whoever they are) did and who had the technology and logistics (not counting the support of governments and groups whom he was clearly addressing in the interview) to resolve the ongoing crisis.

In fact, he complained about the present US government not helping in the global effort to address COVID 19 and other issues, perhaps, including the Climate Change issue. He even points to the Bush administration as an instance when US policies were more globalist-oriented. We can imagine, therefore, how this statement will reflect on the coming US elections and how the billions of Gates and his “friends in Europe” will be used to further his agenda for the US and the world. If anyone thinks this is a far-fetched conclusion, then big bucks has nothing and never had anything to do at all with elections and running governments and the world economy from the sides or from above.

And so, Gates even admitted his alliance with WHO on this pandemic and clearly proved his previous point that he, in reality, through his foundation and through WHO, is acting as the ad hoc leader who is coordinating the efforts of doing research, financing and manufacturing the vaccine that will address this “pandemic”. In the meantime, he predicted that the coming fall and winter will bring in a rise in COVID 19 patients – TAKE NOTE – in developing countries and much higher than what Europe and the US have experienced or are experiencing. If that does not make you tremble in fear, then you have not been listening.  

And yet, he and his foundation had started their research on finding a flu vaccine as early as 2018 when the Bill and Melinda Foundation set aside millions of funds which were released the following year. Since then, they still do not have the expertise (which he earlier on admitted they had) to deal with a “new” virus. Or is it because they had not foreseen the logistics of manufacturing a vaccine that would be used on billions of people and that having a real pandemic reach its present level first would then give them the opportunity and credibility of using existing resources and technically-capable companies under Gates’ expert oversight to coordinate and put on stream the much-awaited-and-needed magic potion at just the right time when its impact will be such that he will truly be hailed as the leader, the hero and the healer he had dreamed of becoming. Who better to save the world than he who donated half of his wealth to healing the world’s ills? Today, a virus; tomorrow, climate change, overpopulation and beyond!

Gates needs a badge of honor to assure him of the credibility he badly wants. Granted that he does not realize that what he is doing, through his association with other globalists, is an evil conspiracy, thinking it is for the good of humanity and a noble use of his expertise, time and money. So did Saul who persecuted Christians, thinking he was serving God – that is, before Christ appeared to him and made him an apostle. So did Judas who thought he was serving the Pharisees and the Jewish nation by preventing Christ from finishing his ministry, until he realized he was wrong and hanged himself. So did Peter who denied Christ because he was too proud to admit in public what he admitted in private, especially in front of Christ when times were convenient for him and did not demand giving up his life. No, Paul, Judas and Peter were not involved in conspiracies! They had acted alone according to their personal beliefs, duties or agenda. But what or who led them to commit their shameful deeds?

Many of those who eschew the idea of a conspiracy are mainly thinking along political, military, economic or social dimensions. They fail to realize the phrase “conspiracy theory” arose from a political event, Kennedy’s assassination and, therefore, any mention of it or reference to the phrase or even the idea of it labels a person a conspiracy theorist. Those persons we just mentioned were used as tools of Satan or the devil himself to prevent Christ from pursuing His work. Ironically, Judas’ betrayal “helped” fulfill the Lord’s death. But if Judas had truly repented, he would have benefited as well from Christ’s resurrection. We wonder where he was when Lazarus resurrected. The point, however, is that many of the people who rule over us think, speak and behave as tools of Satan without being aware of it or, at least, suspecting it. But whether they prevent the Lord’s work of saving souls or somehow help in fulfilling it, Satan is God’s “minister” to accomplish His plan for humanity. Satan is the cosmic or global Master Conductor orchestrating the deaths, sufferings, poverty, violence, plagues, divisions, wars, chaos and corruption of the world. Just as the nations around ancient Israel conspired to destroy it, nations today do likewise against the children of God. Often, Satan and his angels do it by masquerading as angels of light or miracle-healers, giving relief or cure to ills Satan himself brought about. COVID 19 is deadly, to be sure. But mainly because people have greatly-diminished immunity brought about by improper diet, unorganic living and unnatural lifestyles. Bacteria, germs and viruses attack mainly weak living beings. Corpses are captive preys of worms and corruption. And some indeed are already festering with worms and corruption within them while they still breathe.

Not fully recognizing your or anyone’s role in the overall scheme of Divine Creation, salvation and judgment is a result of not having spiritual discernment, an ability that can only come from God. It is not a special gift given only to a few but to all who ask. God is not a grudging or limited giver. He opens our minds and spirits according to the faith that we put in Him, His word and His Spirit dwelling in us. As Christ said of the Pharisees, in so many words, “The truly blind are those who see only with their eyes.”  

So, is Gates, along with other wicked globalists, an uncanny or an uncunning tool of Satan for fulfilling God’s work of shaking and purifying the world? That is, are they at all aware that Satan – the Grand Conspirator with his legions of demonic angels — is using people as his minions to pursue his evil objectives for the world?  They are for God to judge and condemn. We can only judge based on the fruits of the lips and the lives of people. Otherwise, if we do not judge accordingly, we would also fall into their traps.

Spiritual discernment may sound like a weird cop-out for many people. How sure are we that any person has it, or even knows what it is, let alone knows how to use it according to God’s wisdom? Even Paul had to use so much ink to defend himself before his detractors. Any writer then would not lose any opportunity to do likewise for readers and listeners. The funny thing is that a lot of people do not also realize that so-called conspirators also espouse and practice occultism, Spiritism or some form of psychic or cultic knowledge, symbolism and rituals. So, let us test Gates on this point to drive home our point.

We read so many trolls and detractors of Gates accusing him of being a part of a reptilian race out to victimize people. This lot of critics tends to make Gates appear more as a victim and not as a prime player in some form of cosmic scheme he limply denies and yet strongly proves by his claims, his goals and his deeds. Or maybe he is simply a filthy-rich brat who thinks the world is his Play Doh – which is even more sinister.

Gates, in stark black sweater, sits near what appears to be a black, slithering, serpentine sculpture, like a serpent coiling up into the air behind him over his left shoulder. An innocent or meaningless prop? Or is it part of the psychic process he is into? He wants to be recognized as a healer, not just a hero or leader. And there it is: his symbol of being the healer he aims to be – the serpent of Asclepius, the Greek god of medicine. Do you know whose son he was? APOLLO and CORONIS! Apollo, the son of Zeus, top god of the ancient Greeks, fell in love with Coronis, whom Apollo killed because she had an affair. As she was pregnant then, Apollo performed caesarean on her to save Asclepius. Asclepius had daughters connected also to healing: Hygeia (hygiene) and Panacea (cure-all). The ancients built a cult around this myth known as the Asclepian cult. Therapy came from the Greek word “theraputae” which referred to the healers or doctors of Asclepius. Their original Hippocratic Oath started with “I swear by Apollo the Physician and by Asclepius and by Hygieia and Panacea and by all the gods . . . .”  For another view of the strange sculpture at the Gates’ opulent home, see this link: Gates’ sculpture.

Asclepius, Greek god of medicine, healing and physicians

Is our modern would-be hero then an Apollo who ends up killing his once-beloved Coronis (coronavirus) in order to save his son, the healer (vaccine which will come from COVID survivors)? There is life in death and sacrifice – a Hebrew and Christian theme adopted by ancient and modern occult practitioners to pursue their own agenda. Remember Moses raising up a bronze serpent in the desert to heal those who were bitten by venomous asps in the desert? Whoever looked at the sculpture was healed. (Num. 21:6-9) Later on, certain Israelites used that bronze serpent as an idol they worshiped, prompting Hezekiah to destroy it. (2 Kings 18:1-4) Who then is reviving the god Asclepius today and using him to provide the world with a potent drug to kill CORON(av)I(ru)S? Knowingly or unknowingly, people today are being used by Satan to still worship idols and gods through their deeds or their healing crafts.

Are we saying western medicine is greatly influenced by or even a direct descendant of ancient Greek cultic medical practices and rites? Judge for yourself. Even the word “pharmacy” originated from the Greek word “pharmakeia”, meaning, “the use of drugs, medicines, potions or spells”, hence, it directly means sorcery or witchcraft. Today, Big Pharma is the great purveyor of drugs, medicines and vaccines. It is a multi-billion-dollar global industry partnered with or supported by WHO and many government health-agencies beholden to the art of healing through synthetic and unorganic products instead of the natural and organic immunity-enhancing diet, practices and lifestyles of our ancient ancestors.

And so, if Gates is not the modern hero Apollo he wants to be and appears to be headed on the throne, if he is not yet seated on it, he is definitely campaigning against those who do not support his agenda. And he badly needs the support of the most powerful leaders of the world to fully claim his throne. Fear is his greatest weapon right now. And so, he and WHO keep counting bodies and never really giving clear and definitive defenses or cures for the masses, except telling people to hope for a vaccine – Gates’ own favorite refrain. And everyone else joins the chorus: Vaccine be praised! It is the healing serpent on Asclepius’ rod, effectively displacing Christ, the One Genuine Healer and Savior, who took away our sins and sicknesses on the cross. People merely look forward to the vaccine to stop this pandemic. In the meantime, they are told to stay home, be un-normal and learn how to follow the rules.

And guess what or who is WHO’s logo mascot? We rest our case . . . .

If the conspiracy or Satan-engineered cabal is still not obvious to you, then let it be so for now. Post your comments below and we will judge after the US elections and then after 2020 is over and see how things pan out with this plandemic or pandemonic. As we keep saying, “For we do not wrestle against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this age, against spiritual hosts of wickedness in the heavenly places.” (Eph. 6:12) Satan works in secret — no, while wearing a mask!

Are you arming yourself with a vaccine or with the armor of God? (Eph. 6:10-20) Knowledge is power. True! But spiritual discernment is divine power accessible only through the Holy Spirit. We cannot fight this war with scientific knowledge and technology. No, not even with money and political savvy. Drugs and medicine may look like the panacea and therapeutic answers we need today. Hygienic practices may appear as part of the protocol we need; and, to a certain extent, they help. After all, washing and cleansing are also spiritual processes to purify ourselves from sins. But we look for total victory over Satan’s schemes and forces – particularly death, which drugs will not cure or prevent. Who then shall we listen to and call on to keep us from the gates of hell? If you do not know the answer, you have not been watching, listening and thinking with your spirit.

The body profits nothing. The Spirit gives life.

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